Today the Department of Impossible Cuteness is lunching on beautiful bento meals. Dorkly recently assembled an awesome collection of Nintendo-themed charaben (character bento) featuring beloved video game characters and even edible versions of handheld game consoles like the pink Nintendo DS. Each boxed lunch is looks like the perfect meal to snack on while playing your favorite game.

Also featured above are the Super Smash Bros. Brawl! bento by Anna The Red (previously featured here), Pikachu bento by @maysatch, Wind Waker Link and Princess Zelda bentos by mymealbox, Kirby bento by omgiri (previously featured here), Mario and Luigi bentos by Bento Monsters, Sonic the Hedgehog bento by Nanette Fernandez, and below is Mario Kart bento by sumomonga.

Head over to Dorkly to check out even more mouthwateringly cute, adorably geeky Nintendo bentos.


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16 addictive websites
  1. Console Living Room – Created by the Internet Archives, you can play 900 classic arcade games in your browser.
  2. Reddit – Reddit is the most addictive website for millions of people worldwide. According to traffic stats the site makes a little less than 1 million unique visitors every day and 90% of them are returning users.
  3. The useless web – Similar to StumbleUpon (which can also be addictive), but instead of useful and educational sites it shows you completely useless one.
  4. Mental_Floss – Random interesting and amazing facts.
  5. Plink – Make music with other people live.
  6. SNES Fun – Play SNES games in your browser!
  7. GeoGuesser – This awesome websites gives you a random street view location and you have to guess where you are in the World. You can also share your map and challenge your friends.
  8. Wonder How To – Learn impressive and useful things.
  9. 2leep – Collection of bizarre blogs and articles.
  10. Eyes In Space – Fly up to the space while you can look around.
  11. Uncrate – The ultimate gadget guide for men.
  12. Where Cool Things Happen – Daily resource for cool things.
  13. Cracked – Source of bizarre and interesting lists.
  14. The Onion – Satiric newspaper. Take nothing seriously on this site.
  15. Ovguide – Search for a movie you want to watch or discover new ones.
  16. Build With Chrome – Build anything with LEGO in your browser.