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Mom, I'm struggling. I'm trying to find a job in my field (btw, I graduated with a double major in bio and chem and minor in psych, which I thought was semi-impressive, but apparently it's not) and no one is hiring in my field without a masters degree. I can't get a masters degree without money. I've been working a part-time at a retail job for 2.5 years. No one else will hire me because I'm overqualified. What do I do?

Oh god honey…welcome to the struggle of my generation for the last decade and a half… and the one before it. I have a friend who graduated at the same time as me, and she has similar degrees to yours. She’s been doing admin work for the last decade, trying to work her way up to something higher paid because no one is hiring in her field. 

You just do what you can I’m afraid and keep working and trying to get where you need to be by any means possible. Look for internships apply for every and any job you can find. I know Linkedn is a bit of a joke but I know sometimes people will use it to network and find ANY work relative to their field that way.

For me, I always waited tables in between editing gigs, especially because editing on a contractual basis is so damn flaky, to the point where I was editing in between waitressing work. It was the only way to make sure I had money. It still would be if I could do that kind of work, ‘cause there’s no way I could live on what little I make from freelancing atm.

You’ll get where you need to be, not maybe in the way you thought you would, but yea…sorry, I wish I could be more helpful but we’re all in this sinking ship together…maybe the next generation will be different.

Congrats on being a clever cookie though, that is impressive and you should be damn proud of it.

Finding my father...Rafael Barba series

I have seen other Barba father stories and thought I’d try.  I always thought it would be an interesting concept if he discovered he had a daughter.  Here is my version, I may try again.  Thinking of making it into a series….stay tuned!

You sat on your bed scrolling through your laptop on Linkedn.  You knew from your birth certificate that your father’s name was Rafael Barba but that wasn’t the most uncommon of names.   However, you were nothing if not observant and you started to believe that it might have paid off.  

Your mother said she went to high school with him meeting at the tender age of 17.  Deducing from that he was like your mother, from the Bronx. They had broken up to attend separate colleges along with your mother hiding a secret.  You.  .  

She once mentioned he went to Harvard, then Harvard Law.  But still you didn’t know if he was still in New York City.  If he had lived in your hometown of Boise, Idaho he would have been easier to track down.  However, talking to a relative who lived in the city she once let it slip that he practiced in the city. Being a millennial you went online and typed in his name.  You went to Linkedn and spent hours a day after working a nursing shift.

You had just finished nursing school, everyone was so proud of you, especially your mother.  You just wished your dad was, if you knew him.  

However, one day you struck gold.  You had no idea he was that high up in New York society.  You realized this man, a man connected to a possible future mayor of New York was your father.  But the whole situation almost scared you. You were a simple girl from Boise, not someone highly connected like he was.

The information seemed to match  He was a lawyer, an ADA you found out, from the Bronx and around the age of your mother 41.  You found another name connected-Lucia Barba after a quick Google search you believed you found your Grandmother.  After a second, surprisingly easy, Google search you found her number.  With a rush of adrenaline and feeling so nauseous that bile was rising In your throat you called the number.  When she answered you almost hung up, but then you spoke.

“Hello, hello.  Is this a Lucia Barba?” You asked your voice almost shaking.

“Who’s calling, please?” She asked, it was so unnerving.  She seemed so familiar yet so foreign.  

“My name is y/n Sullivan.  My mother’s name was Lauren Sullivan.  I am 23 years old and am calling from Boise, Idaho.   I hate to ask but is your son’s name Rafael Barba?”  You asked, heart pounding.

“Yes!  How is your mother doing?  Is she ok?  Why are you looking for my Rafi” She asked pleasantly. You started to get nervous.  Maybe you were wrong or if you weren’t maybe she never approved and this would be nasty.

“Um.. well, I’m looking for my father.  I never had one and your son’s name is listed on my birth certificate.  I believe that you’re my grandmother.”  You rushed out all in one breath.  When she fell silent you couldn’t help but started crying. Believing you made a terrible mistake you hung up and ignored the calls back.

Rafael was sitting outside a courtroom waiting speaking to Benson when he noticed his mother coming up in distress.  He looked at his phone and noticed 12 missed calls.  What was going on? She rushed over to him barely saying hello to Benson claiming there was a family emergency that was too important to wait.  

“Family emergency?  Mami, we mainly have each other now.  Do you have cancer?  Are you ill?” He asked. He lost his abuelita, he couldn’t lose the rest of the family he had left.

Yes, yes I’m fine. Do you remember Lauren Sullivan?”  She asked frantically.

He had no idea what was going on. But did he remember her, of course he did. She was his first love.  Those sun baked afternoons and peppermint kisses shared on the roof of her family’s apartment building in the Bronx was the only thing that got him through high school.  He swore he would have loved her forever until she broke it off and then vanished…

How is she?” He asked, as emotions ran through him.

Your daughter said she was fine.  Rafael Barba, what is going on?”  Is mother asked on the verge of hysteria.

“Daughter!” He exclaimed.  He didn’t know Lauren had had a child.  Let alone it was his.  Why wouldn’t she tell him?   It’s not that he would have left her!  He would have stayed in the Bronx and helped raise his daughter.  He would have made things work.

Mami, the jury just went to deliberate we will sort this out right now.  How did you find out?”  He said after telling everyone a quick goodbye and a fast cab ride to his mother’s apartment in the Bronx.   His mother told him the short interlude and that she had been trying to call back.  Rafael breathed in heavily and dialed his daughter’s number on his phone.  Someone picked.


“y/n?  Is that you? It’s Rafael Barba.” He said.  He heard muffled talking then the voice returned.

“I’m her friend Izzy, she’s been crying hysterically for the past 45 minutes, wait she wants to talk.  …Ok, bye y/n call me if you need anything.”  The last part had been slightly obstructed and obvious meant for you.  Rafael heard some sniffling. Then you said in a small voice.

Hello, Mr. Barba?”

“Hi, what’s your name?  This is a strange circumstance for us to meet, don’t you think?”  He said, not knowing what to say.

Instead of hearing your voice he heard you instantly breaking out in tears and the phone shifting.  This time he heard a voice he hadn’t heard in 23 years.

Rafael? What are you doing on y/n’s phone?  How’d you find her?” Lauren sounded nervous, like she was about to guard you with her life.

What are you talking about she called my mother.  Lauren, what is going on?  We have a daughter together and you never told me!” He said sounding mad and hurt.  

Rafael, you got the letter.  I know you did.  Besides, other people knew.  I got your answer.  Don’t hurt y/n.  She’s a good girl, the sunlight of my life.  I don’t care how fancy or rich you are now.  I will kill you if you hurt her.  She is 23, if she decides to meet you I can’t stop her.”  Lauren said fiercely like a mama bear.
Rafael was a bit in shock, a letter?  Who knew?  Now it made sense why she vanished, she was pregnant.  He had to meet you.  

Get y/n on the phone.” He demanded.

Rafael, she doesn’t want to talk and even if she wanted to she can’t.  She’s was so worked up that she took a Valium and is starting to fall asleep.  But I’ll tell you about her.”

That night for the first time Rafael learned all about you.  What you were liked growing up, that you had become a nurse. More importantly, that Lauren had done a great job on her own and that he wanted to meet you more than he had ever wanted to meet anyone.