WOW. This is huge news.

MG Siegler writes for Techcrunch that LinkedIn is now their number two traffic referrer, surpassing Twitter.

As I wrote a few months back on this blog, it’s the huge potential in LinkedIn Today and Signal, adding context and direction to the clusterfuck of info that is Twitter. To see it eclipse Twitter as a referrer this quickly for a news destination like Techcrunch is simply mind blowing though.

To better understand the web’s new unfolding discovery matrix, I highly recommend this read (also on Techcrunch funny enough) from Mahendra Palsule, who is a Techmeme editor, and self-described platform-agnostic tech geek.

We are entering the AGE OF RELEVANCE. Hurrah!

Our Top 5 Clips of the Week: LinkedIn, Anderson Cooper, WSJ, Beavers Football & Strombo!

From sports to finance to Anderson Cooper’s hair tips, we’ve got your current events coverage right here. Check out the best of the week below!

1 - LinkedIn Today

Post-Lehman Brothers collapse, are we safer than we were 5 years ago?

2 - Anderson Cooper

How does Anderson make his silver hair pop like that?

3 - Wall Street Journal - #TheExperts

With housing prices picking up again, are we in danger of a bubble?

4 - OSU Beavers Football

Top wide receiver Brandin Cooks shares his pre-game toenail painting rituals.

5 - Strombo

The famous Canadian DJ has an interesting theory on chaos… and socks.

LinkedIn Today


With the hopes of turning their site into a daily destination, LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Today, a social news product for business users. It’s a social newspaper that attempts at delivering unique insights about users’ business connections. It takes into account what industry professionals are interested in, what your connections are looking at, and what stories have been recommended or posted on social media sites i.e. Twitter and Facebook. It’s a service that attempts to combat information overload by picking out the most relevant stories and is not simply a news aggregator.

Users can search stories based on news source or by industry and can check their top headlines on LinkedIn’s iPhone app and on twitter feeds for each industry. LinkedIn today currently only touches on 22 industries as there is not enough information to build a good enough product on lets say the agriculture industry, but have hopes to keep expanding. 

The whole point of products like LinkedIn Today is to keep the pulse on what your network and industries are talking about, says Deep Nishar, LinkedIn’s Senior VP of Products & User Experience.

In the past it seems that most people used LinkedIn as a simple way to network, stay in touch with past colleagues, and even search for new connections to help grow business. Since notifications can be linked with a personal email, LinkedIn was most certainly not a frequently visited site for most and it will be interesting to see if LinkedIn Today will become another daily destination for the internet and news obsessed.

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