#EqualPayDay: It’s not a myth. Women are missing from the highest-paid jobs

If it’s a high-paid job, chances are you won’t find a woman in it.

That’s the conclusion of a LinkedIn analysis, prepared for Equal Pay Day on Tuesday, of how women fared in the top 100 highest-paying jobs in the U.S. On average, women make up less than 30% of employees in each role. Among the highest-paid roles, only three of them employ more women than men — all within human resource roles.

“Parity has been an uneven and slow progress,” says Paul Ko, head of economic graph analysis at LinkedIn.

The disparity is pronounced in the upper echelons of tech leadership, where females are underrepresented as chief technology officer (5%), vice president of engineering (5%) and director of system engineering (7%) roles.


It’s 2017, and women are still being harassed on LinkedIn

When Charlotte Miller accepts a new LinkedIn request from a man, she steels herself for the possibility that he considers LinkedIn more of a dating site than a professional network. Miller (whose name has been changed to protect her privacy), a certified career coach who runs her own business, uses LinkedIn to connect with potential clients. But over the years, she’s received several messages from male users that are sexual, romantic or generally creepy in nature.

Here’s one message she shared with Mic (emphasis ours):

Such knowledge, experience and portfolio in your field of work, I just can’t help but mention how fascinated I am. Your beauty on the other hand makes it all perfect. Beauty and intelligence are like two peas in a pod one needs another. The result, usually magical. It almost immediately reminds me of the Arabian nights when Aladdin strikes his lamp and something exquisite is being conjured into existence. Would be awesome to get to know you.

Miller is one of many women who have experienced unwanted sexual advances, unsolicited comments on their appearance and other forms of sexual harassment on career-networking site LinkedIn. She said she reported several of these inappropriate contacts to the company, but never heard back from them. Read more (4/28/17)

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Here are a tiny handful of pictures from The Oscars shoot I mentioned in my last post.

It was hectic but I really enjoyed it. Over 2000 photos were available in the end so that everyone had a few photos to pick from! 

It has been cool to see them pop up here an there over social media as people explain their specific roles on the show. Someone took my photo with it as well but I only had a small hand in helping on this particular show and wasn’t directly involved (you may have seen some making of interviews recently which I did, we also took some of the lighters on a physical lighting workshop to help their lighting development!).

Shot on a 5dmkIII+25-70 f2.8 and D7200+70-200 f2.8

Thank you.
For never forgetting me.
For always finding an excuse to remind me that you care about me.
For making me feel special.
Thank you for everything you do,
and everything that you are