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quick question: can u make that google doc public bc im interested


My google docs page is nothing but unorganized links, so I’ve taken the liberty to copy and paste everything here in a neat and orderly fashion:

Book Four 


  • Zephyrita is the now deleted tumblr of a former staffmember of the show. However, with the help of the handy wayback machine, all of the posts reblogged and made about Katara and Zuko originally being planned as well as info about book four can be found here

Zutara Endgame

Apparently, that piece of artwork was given out as a poster to everyone attended the official season 2 premiere in Korea. I’d sell every non-vital organ in my body for one of those posters. 

Besides the self insert promotions, those are all the links I have with actual quotes or ‘evidence’ backing the claims up. I may make another post in the future with opinion analysis posts, but for now 

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Do not repost or remove the caption please, reblogs are fine!

Some personal artwork :D (Though the last one is a gift to a friend).

First three are of my personal OC Zero Blackfire. He’s my main boy <3333

The first one is of his human form - it’s actually the cover for my comic too :D 

(If you wanna read it; it’s on Smackjeeves, you can message me for the link or you can find my account by searching the ‘other sites im on’ links found on my tumblr).

The next two after the comic cover are of Zero is his wolf form.

Fourth one is my OC Sketch Stonewright aka Sentinel, in his wolf form.

Then there’s some emblems I created for my species group :D. Next two after that is my DND character ‘doodly’, then my random buff redpanda-wolf.

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Do you have any good fic recs for those new to the fandom? Thank you!!

Oh geez I have so many faves it’s not even funny. Last year for Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day I made a post of all my faves at the time, though at the time I had only had this blog for a few months so I didn’t know a lot of the fandom writers. The post is here if you want to go read some of those. :)

Since then, though, I’ve read a ton more. Recs really kind of depend on your personal preference, but these are a few lot of the ones I’ve gushed over this year (all the AO3 or links because I’m too lazy to find them on Tumblr right now):


Evergreen by @shoedonym

Falling Slowly by @phiralovesloki

The Next Wounded Soul by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

Light of All Lights by @ripplestitchskein

The Darling Affair by @icecubelotr44

Roses in December by @justanotherwannabeclassic

A Fairytale Beginning by @pocket-anon

Hitched by @its-imperator-furiosa

What it Means to be a Savior by @like-waves-on-the-beach

Lethologica by @lifeinahole27

The M Word by @ohcaptainmyswan

Weeds and Cherry Trees (Lo Que la Primavera Hace con los Cerezos) by @this-too-too-sullied-flesh

Roots like Ours by @lifeinahole27

What We Wouldn’t Do by @sambethe

Another New York City Serenade by @unfolded73


The Masks We Wear by @katie-dub

Of All the Gin Joints by @abbadons-little-witch

Renegades (actually complete except for the Epilogue) by @mahstatins

Time Upon Once by @lenfaz

The Birds by @emmaspirate

Treacherous by @killians-sex-hair

Your Case or Mine by @blowmiakisscolin

Take me to Church by @optomisticgirl

Coming Home to You by @phiralovesloki

Okay I’m stopping even though I have so many more just because this post is getting long and I’m sure you weren’t looking for 100 recs at once. BUT SERIOUSLY. There are so many incredible fics and writers in this fandom and I’m consistently blown away by them.

Stolen Work on AO3

Hi guys!!!! A good friend of mine @jamisahivemind​ has had xer work stolen/reposted on AO3 without xeir consent and I would greatly appreciate if you reported it, because stolen work is obviously NOT tolerable.

the user of the thief is Melody_Howler [link: 

jamis’s stories that were stolen are And He Was The Sun, A Quiet Morning, and Hold me. Don’t Ever Let Go (all under the same title on that person’s page).

All the links that you require to show as proof (or if you need proof yourself) can be found under the cut

Here’s a link where you can report:

Here’s my report:

you can copy and paste my response into that report if you do not want to type up something in the “your comment required” [under the cut]


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My computer broke. The motherboard and the hard disk decided to not work anymore at the same time. I had to spend almost 300€ out of my university money to buy a new one that will get to me around the 13th if all is well. Then I have to put a system on it and fix it to be totally personal and secure.

When I get it, I’ll start to take requests again.

In the meanwhile… I am truly ashamed to ask, but those money were needed to buy my university books and train tickets to go to the courses. I don’t have a job even though I am looking for one and I don’t really know what to do.

Could you please donate to my PayPal at the mail or at least reblog this to spread the word?

Since I really hate asking for money in exchange for nothing, if you want to request a fanfic or something, on my tumblr you can find a page with a link to my works to see my writing style and see if you like it…


Thanks to the person who linked the video. I wish we had these without the words but yay for Lavellan tragedy. Yay?

I drew this picture for @bunny-yams back when he was getting a lot of hate. I was going to post it to make him feel better, but I didn’t have an active tumblr at the time. No one deserves to be berated with hate like that. Especially, not in such a “lynch him” kinda way. I think Brice is a good person, he puts up with a lot and still seems to be able to come back here and do what he loves. I think that’s really admirable. Anyways, here it is (it’s based off of and inspired by his meet the artist post). I hope you like it Brice!

Fic etiquette question

It’s your pesky new fic author again, with more questions! This is open to absolutely anyone but is specifically related to the Check Please fandom, and I know there are certain things specific to this fandom than others.

I know not everyone will feel the same so I’m just trying to get a consensus and this is better than me bugging authors individually in that tiny little chat box. Also, if anyone wants to reblog and say ‘I hate when people do this please don’t!’ it could be handy to let me and anyone else who sees it avoid making that faux pas. (This isn’t apropos of anything, just something I’ve been thinking of lately.)

Coming into a fandom late, I’m doing a lot of catch up on content. A lot of the fic I’m reading on AO3 is from a few years ago now and it’s not always easy to find the author’s tumblr and then the specific fic post in order to reblog it. I always try to do that of course as the OP deserves to see the notes and the appreciation themselves.

But often times I can’t find the person’s tumblr or their fics are all in one tag and I don’t have time to scroll and scroll to find the right one.

In this case is it okay if I make a post to the AO3 link with my reason for recommending it and @ tagging the person’s tumblr if I can find it? Or is there a preferred alternate method, or a way to find a post like that that I’m not aware of?

My concerns are:

- a form of credit theft since I see the notes and reblogs on it because I made the post, even though it isn’t my content I’m recommending

- sometimes a person has left a fandom and they don’t want their old work to start getting passed around again

- the fic in question might be rated M or E and the author never wished for it to be on tumblr for certain reasons

- just generally making long time fans’ butts tired because everyone already knows about that fic and it’s tiring seeing a new fan dredging up old stuff on their dash

I am totally open to anything anyone has to say and I don’t expect everyone to perfectly agree. It would just be really handy to have the responses in the notes of this post so I can get a general feeling.

Thank you!


Waiting list is official open!

Please signal boost even if you can’t/want to commission me, is highly appreciated and loved!

Email me if interested -
Title - What kind of Commission you are interested in
Username - If you are from tumblr, twitter or istagram
Character references - pictures ONLY. No text references.
Add something about the character, personality, give them life for me! - No links to forums.
Paypal email - where I will send the Invoice!

What I won’t draw -
- Extreme Fetish drawings (tasteful NSFW is alright though!)
- High detailed armor
- Gore

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This was supposed to be a doodle…. damn it

Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

Anyway! This is a little fanart piece of a joke PPG Fan Character I saw on @bugeyedfreaks ‘s tumblr, of where in a chat she and her friends made this funny little cute character named Beau :D

I pretty much just emulated the og ppg style

I was a little bummed about stuff so I drew this character to cheer myself up a little bit

Hope you like it @bugeyedfreaks !

Link to original art of character

Playlist — 4th Week of September and 1st Week of October

DAY6 — When You Love Someone

Continuing with their video trilogy, ‘When You Love Someone’ provides a closure and deeper insight on what we have seen so far. With a Motown-inspired slow tune, it’s a calm and comforting song for anyone who misses someone. Speaking of, don’t forget to check out their b-side for this month; ‘I Need Somebody.’

Bolbbalgan4 — Some

(unfortunately the video couldn’t be embedded into Tumblr for some reason, but if you click on the link above, it should open the video)

The digital chart sweeper are back with a new EP, and I have to say I’m liking it as much as ‘Red Planet.’ Though I personally prefer ‘To My Youth’ compared to ‘Some,’ this song has the lightness and sweetness from Bolbbalgan4 that we all know and love.

Stray Kids — Hellevator

As someone who likes a lot of music from JYP, I was curious to see what the ‘new generation’ of trainees would bring. I have to say, I’m not disappointed at all. From the ‘spit fire’ raps to the sharp vocals, this a promising group. Though I personally wish that the chorus could have been more than the repetitive ‘Hellevator,’ it is a good start nonetheless for the boys.

GOT7 — You Are

I have to say, after being let down slightly with the past two releases, this album caught my attention, in a good way. Mixing the somber sound from JJ Project’s ‘Tomorrow Today’ with the electronica sound of ‘Never Ever’ and smoothens it out with the house-themed ‘Fly,’ it’s a no wonder that this song is a winner with many people. It’s a nice song to enjoy for a drive.


Somehow, though this song may be lining with the current laid-back rap hip-hop trend, it’s still a catchy track. The four rappers in the unit does well in the song that you can just jam along too. 

What do you guys think of this playlist? Comment down below, and don’t forget to like, share, and follow this blog! Have a nice day everyone :)

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You never answer your fucking asks

chill, anon.

it’s as though some things come up and i don’t have the chance to answer everything, i’m on mobile so i don’t notice every message, and/or there’s certain things i don’t want to answer. didn’t know i was contractually obligated to indulge every single person when i signed up for tumblr.

If you feel so entitled to my time, anon, my ko-fi link is in my mobile header, and here for easy access. $3 USD per message. Until people start paying for my time, i owe you absolutely nothing xx

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I can definitely relate to the anon who’s still a virgin at 27. He’s not alone out there feeling that way. I find it hard to meet guys who aren’t turned off by my being a virgin (I’m 26). I even had a guy who I hung out with a few times tell me he wouldn’t sleep w/me because I’m a virgin, even though he thought I was attractive. It really fucked with my confidence. I really was starting to like him. And he was the kinda a hoe so I thought if he wouldn’t no one would. But I’m still looking

YOU GUYS. I need you two to link up together. Omg i hope the other person who messaged me sees this. Can you imagine if a relationship started because of my tumblr?! I would die. Show yourselves so I can make it happen. This is true love. 


A lovely dice box mom got me as an early Birthday present! She thought it was a dice tray, but OH WELL.

She got me the box partially because way back in middle school, I would draw dragons a ton; and I’d often write “do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup”. A teacher confiscated my drawings, and told my mother I was suicidal because of them. To this day, mom and I still joke about it.

I got the box from the Etsy store EtchedItDesigns. I got to choose two etchings (the name on the front and a quote on the back, and the felt color - plus a free Crown Royal bag). She is a very nice lady who works hard, and kept me updated on the box’s process. She’s on a road trip now with her family, but I recommend favoriting her store. :3

“Attor” is the name of my current DnD character, a dragonborn rogue. I love him to bits, and was dubbed “dragon daddy” by @yaboifrosty​ in like the first three sessions. XD The quote on the back is something I found floating around the internet, and considering Attor’s personality and story, it suited him terribly well.

Even though this is a Birthday gift for me, I want to thank @megilhirile for getting me into DnD, and @bumbeebell for being our lovely DM; and @miss-cole for the heartbreaking headcanons and drawings; @dark-as-night-sweet-as-sin for being a joy to play with, and @yaboifrosty​ thank you for making me laugh, and @galadnilien​, for being so creative.

Love my group. <3

EDIT: reblogging again because i forgot tumblr does not like external links, so i’ll be putting the link in the reply section! EtchedItDesigns deserves the attention.

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I'm sick of twitter and tumblr trying to bring down the Kommunity. Y'all are just jealous that's where Rhett and Link show the most love and that's not going to change even if you guys keep acting like gay people are oppressed in modern times. Grow up and realize that people are just sick of gayness being forced on us and then once everyone cuts it out y'all can come and have fun with the real fans too.

Originally posted by graveyard-whistler

The one where anon likes a fictional sex scene a little more than she should

I am so touched that you would actually want to know who I am after all this horrible reviewing but if it makes you feel any better, I don’t even have a Tumblr account. My friend just sends me all the memes and links. The bitch (whom I love dearly because I know she’ll read this and will figure out who I am) actually made me believe chapter 143 was the final one and that we should expect a third series in a few months. I was woken from my mourning by the new chapter and I am looking forward to reading this chapter in celebration.

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If you’re in the Homestuck fandom and haven’t read “Wondrous Adventures of Harley, English and Strider” yet, I implore you to go on AO3 and do so IMMEDIATELY.

I’ve made mention of EXCEPTIONAL fanfiction on this blog in the past and now I feel the need to make another mention.

This is literally one of the most fantastic pieces of literature I’ve read in my entire life. Not even counting the fact it’s longer than some novels, it could easily be a piece of fiction in its own right. The amount of world and characterization building are breathtaking. The author, spectralPhobia, managed to take names and characters and references and concepts any fan of Homestuck is well familiar with and make them into her own universe of a tale.

And I mean that quite literally.

I’ve read plenty of alternate universe fanfiction but never one so meticulously well-crafted and put together. As I mentioned, the story could be an original work of its own without the Homestuck elements. But for a fan, those elements just make it all so much more relatable and enjoyable. Even if you don’t like some of the characters used, or whom she chose as the main protagonists/antagonists, or the relationships that occur- I guarantee, you will still be enthralled with this story.

It’s been a long, long, long time since I could confidently claim a story left me on the literal edge of my seat. Gripping at it, my desk, my keyboard- whatever was within reach because of just how hard I was sucked in. The range of emotions I felt multiple times left me with an incredible experience. I cried, I raged, I exclaimed joyously and threw my hands around and would tug at my hair screaming “NOT THIS AGAIN JAKE FUCKING ENGLISH DON’T YOU EVER LEARN?!” (Read the story and you will understand, trust me, he gets better. They all do.)

I’m making this post because it took me far, far too long to find this gem and I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to read and experience it sooner. (Even though, blessedly, it meant I didn’t have to wait for updates, haha.) I want the world to know this work exists. I want everyone in or out of the fandom to know. It’s so beautifully written I think a non-Homestuck could read this, take the characters as they are and still be satisfied. That’s how good the story is.

Oh, and did I even mention? The fact it had lovely artwork accompanying it? The illustrations are wonderful and all made by the author herself, s-opal as she’s known on Tumblr. They add another layer of immersion into an already grand story.

I’m telling you, this is one piece of writing you DO NOT want to miss. Go and read it ASAP!!! I’ll even give you a link. Though I warn you, as mentioned prior, it is a doozy of a read. But worth every single day spent.

The Wondrous Adventures of Harley, English and Strider


Tagging because I’d like her to see my personal review and know her efforts haven’t been buried away with the end of the comic just yet. <3

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Hello! Your art is beautiful! But the link to your commission page seems to be broken on mobile - could you maybe supply another? :)

Thank you!! ❤ And awww I’m so sorry about that!! I’m surprised though… I just checked it with my own phone and it seemed to lead to the post, so I dunno what may be causing that. Here’s a more direct link to it:

If that still doesn’t seem to work, let me know and I can reach to you personally with the details if you’re still interested! :) Thank you for your wonderful support, love! ❤  



Thank you all for the encouragement and opportunity to make these posts, express my interest in this craft and broaden my mind regarding the culture of kimono. You have all made this journey very exciting and even though this is a niche subject, I feel that the community as a whole is very supportive of one another. Thank you for your likes, your reblogs and your asks. These are some of my personal favorite posts from 2014. 

(links open in new window)

  1. Owl Kimono
  2. Geometric Primary Color Kimono
  3. Brilliant Gold Obi
  4. Butterfly Kimono
  5. Men’s Red Formal Kimono
  6. Dark Green Furisode
  7. Two Girls In Seijinshiki Furisode
  8. Ice-White Kimono Coordination
  9. Polka-Dot Obi With Floral Furisode
  10. Butterfly Yukata