linked it to my personal tumblr though

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hello! just noticed you were answering- though it was probably like an anctual 5 years ago- and thought i'd tell you something dramatic.. i have your tumblr link saved as an icon on my desktop. is that weird? maybe a bit stalker-y? idk but i hope you take it as a sign of love and not omg get this person away from me block n report.

omfg that’s hilarious and awesome and i do take it as a sign of love lol

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1. selfie

I’ll just link you to these selfies I posted I long time ago why not

2. what would you name your future kids?

hoseok jr, lil hobs, and carrie

12. what is something you want right now?

cuddles tbh

46. what my last text message says

“I just hate vandy” lmaoo

51. starsign


55. tumblr friends

@warof-hormone @itsokaythough @humingyayyy @jin-oppa @dibidibidismynameisjhope @jeonnseagull  @btsins​ (even though we don’t chat too much I love this person)  @saltyrap @troyler-4-life

58. description of my best friend answered 

59. why i joined tumblr 

I can’t remember why I originally joined but I think it was to be a part of the percy jackson fandom lmaoo.

I made this blog so I could sin

send me numbers!!

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I know one INTJ irl, several online and I have a close relative who is INTJ (the cousin I sometimes talk trash about on here lol).
 I have one Tumblr friend who is INTJ, but she’s not as much into MBTI as she used to, so I won’t link to her current blog. I’m a regular visitor of @aloofheroine, @touchedbytheangel, @petrichorals, @maaarine though I don’t know them personally.
The only INTJ I know irl, aside from my cousin, is an acquaintance of my sister. I can’t say we have any significant exchange. The INTJs I met online were very interesting to talk to, though we never went deeper than a simple exchange of opinions. My cousin is a mix of interesting, cute and irritating.
My first impression of INTJs is usually “pretentious” (with very young or immature ones) or “intimidating” (with more mature types). They seem to have very high standards for everything, from “serious” skills to more superficial domains like appearance. Since I’m naturally sloppy and lazy, I can’t get over the idea that I represent what they hate, so acting naturally around them is a problem; I tend to close off unless I don’t know them well as people.
Positives I associate with INTJs: 1) They’re never boring. They always seem to have interesting things to say, whatever the subject, and they approach things from a naturally different angle so I have a lot to analyze. It often happens that ideas stay on the back of my mind until an xNTJ says them aloud. 2) They are serious and reliable; though they are creative, they don’t seem to suffer from inconsistence, writer’s block or vapidness. I admire that. 3) Many of them have a strong moral undercurrent I find sincere and moving, much like some Fi-doms, and they’re often social nonconformists, which in my opinion is mostly a pro and not a con.
The negatives I associate with INTJs are probably linked to the notorious Fi/Fe clash. I often find them too abrasive and direct, strange as it seems (as an INTP I’m often abrasive myself, but I rarely do it on purpose, while they seem to use it as a weapon). As I said, I’m intimidated by their standards and work ethic; plus sometimes I get the impression they unconsciously use forms of the argumentum ab auctoritate and act as guardians of the canon (whatever the canon) which imho is irritating. Not all INTJs do that though.
I’d like to have an INTJ as a study buddy; now that I’ve acquired a modicum of work method and perseverance, I think I could work well with them in an academical context. I’m convinced it would take away the philistine part of studying, the “do the bare minimum to pass the test” part.

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Did you make a post about Jughead and his canon past relationships in the comics? I've been looking around on here for it and I'm pretty sure you only posted it yesterday but I can't find it? Am I thinking of a different blog?

(( OOC : Tumblr deleted from this blog I guess??? Idk it’s not on Katie’s anymore either. It’s still on my personal though, Here’s the LINK ))

in all seriousness though, if someone tries to find a way to tell you it’s wrong to question anything they say, or anything their friends say, or anything some post they’re linking to says — whether that justification is “personal testimony is accepted as solid evidence in every court of law!” or “me presenting these tumblr posts as indisputable fact is just like doing a type of serious ethnographic research with a fancy name!” or “this person has x identity so not uncritically accepting whatever they say is oppressive!” — they are NOT giving you reason to trust them. trustworthy people won’t tell you to take their word or anyone’s word as gospel. they won’t use this kind of manipulation to shut down critical examination. because they know that everyone is fallible and that their claims are only worth anything if they can stand up to scrutiny.


So quick update. The owner of the page that stole my photos has blocked me from there page. Also even though you guys are reporting what’s happening Facebook claims that its not agianst there guidelines for this person/spam bot to steal my photos from my tumblr post. By I just want to say thank you to everyone who has shared my post and reported the person who stole my pics. Thanks for supporting me guys! Heres a link to the facebook post.