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So a friend and I, who are both neurodivergent, were discussing what diagnosis we thought Jason might have if he'd ever agree to get help, which he probably won't. PTSD seems given, but she also thinks he has shown bipolar or borderline symptoms whereas I see traces of depression and anxiety in his behavior. Your thoughts?

Hey, friend! Hm, I definitely think he has PTSD, I kinda feel like that’s a given; I currently cant add links cuz my computer is acting up, but there are a couple posts floating around tumblr about the bipolar symptoms Jason shows and they’re very interesting, but I personally see traces of depression and anxiety more so than the bipolar…

So TLDR: I personally see PTSD, depression, and anxiety, though bipolar is still very plausible

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name: yea my name here is Ash but irl it’s Chris
nicknames: technically Ash, but my loser calls me Chrisy
star sign: Gemini
height: like 5′5″
hogwarts house: hufflepuff
favourite colour: blue but purples pretty cool too
favourite animal: maaaybe foxes? sharks and mice are great too though
time right now: 10:40pm
cat or dog person: i love the smol puppers
favourite fictional character: maaaaaybe reigen arataka/zetto/yuri katsuki? asher writzmann and toby bennet from monster boy are close runners up tho
favourite singer/band: dude no fuckin clue if its not too gay to say my favourite singer is link
dream job: voice actor
when was the blog created: when i was like 13?
what made you decide to make a tumblr?: i got encouraged by frey
why did you pick your url: dumb jokes based on a tumblr post i saw about spiderman

hey man im the worst so im gonna tag @vhscassette @midnightsdarkangel @beastmeast @valkai and @06hannah12

in all seriousness though, if someone tries to find a way to tell you it’s wrong to question anything they say, or anything their friends say, or anything some post they’re linking to says — whether that justification is “personal testimony is accepted as solid evidence in every court of law!” or “me presenting these tumblr posts as indisputable fact is just like doing a type of serious ethnographic research with a fancy name!” or “this person has x identity so not uncritically accepting whatever they say is oppressive!” — they are NOT giving you reason to trust them. trustworthy people won’t tell you to take their word or anyone’s word as gospel. they won’t use this kind of manipulation to shut down critical examination. because they know that everyone is fallible and that their claims are only worth anything if they can stand up to scrutiny.

Sick Days 10

Hiya :) It’s no problem you reblogged my day 9 to your personal blog. I think you may have done that with my day 10 I just posted though too. Unless you just liked it :) Here’s the link:

Title: Blizzard
Fandom: Yuri!! on Ice
Main Character: Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov
Warnings: none (unless coughing bothers you)

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So quick update. The owner of the page that stole my photos has blocked me from there page. Also even though you guys are reporting what’s happening Facebook claims that its not agianst there guidelines for this person/spam bot to steal my photos from my tumblr post. By I just want to say thank you to everyone who has shared my post and reported the person who stole my pics. Thanks for supporting me guys! Heres a link to the facebook post.