Not everyone was happy with [Captain America]. This may surprise some people, but before America entered World War II there was actually a strong pro-Nazi sentiment in the United States. So much so that Simon and Kirby [Cap’s creators] received death threats and mail disparaging them in their creation, not helped by the fact that the two were also Jewish.
In fact, a pro-Nazi group called ‘The German-American Bund’ once marched in front of Timely’s offices [one of Marvel Comics predecessors]. The two called in the police for protection, and they sure as hell got it!
As it turned out, then mayor of New York, Fiorello LaGuardia, was a fan of Captain America and actually called them up to tell them “You boys over there are doin’ a good job. The city of New York will see that no harm will come to you.”
—  Linkara’s introduction to his review of Captain America Comics #1

Well, the comic book cover trio is finally done! This time around I went after my beloved EC comics style featuring Moarte, Chester A. Bum, Fat Grandma, and a very pissed off Cinema Snob.

So… anyone want to write a script for these?


Halloween Specials! A while ago I did some comic covers starring the That Guy With The Glasses gang, and I just had to cook up a few more!
 I went into full EC comics mode, imitating the styles of some of the artists (rather poorly) and emulating (rather shamelessly) some classic EC covers. (And yes, that is Stephen King and the Leprechaun chasing the Critic and the Snob).

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Just because something is made for children doesn’t mean it still can’t be sophisticated. Just because it’s meant for little kids does not mean it can’t be well written. And just because it’s about people in spandex (and yes, it is spandex) punching robots does not mean it can’t also emotionally move you.

Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug on Power Rangers

Amen, brother.