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Last two commissions for @zoe-nirvana! And again, sort of doubles as a gift for @atopfourthwall, since the jokes are courtesy of his TSSM episode review. I was allowed to pick one of the jokes, and well

I couldn’t pass up JJJ drawing in crayon.

Thanks for commissioning me!

Atop the Fourth Wall: Current Storyline Endgame Options

Golden Ending: Linkara’s friends, 90s Kid included, find out exactly what’s wrong with Linkara that’s making him act like this, and succeed in fighting/saving him, and he is super duper sorry

Neutral Ending: Linkara has to fight whatever’s wrongs with him alone and is overcome with Super Despair, but gets better

Bad End: “No, Linkara. You are the demons.” And then Linkara was Lord Vyce 2.0- This time with more Eldritch horror!

True End: Linkara comes to a moral realization when he breaks his final rule and says the Fuck word

Never been much an artist, but that doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t try and improve doing something that you enjoy. The moment in this most recent atopthefourthwall strikes true to one of my favorite cliche loves with villain redemptions. Lord Vyce is an amazing antagonist, but for me he’s even cooler to see him now forcibly aligned with the other heroes of the Comic Review Show. I don’t draw much, and I don’t seem to post much either. But first time for everything I guess. @atopfourthwall


a real mystery. seriously do we need another morality check on this dude

(linkara i swear if you don’t resolve some of this bullhockey BEFORE october I’m taking back the birthday present I sent last year)