Full offense but Link acts like he wouldn’t die for Rhett but he chose his college degree and his job according to what Rhett was doing and then quit that job and risked his financial security (Link Neal, who set his thermostat at 58°F because he can’t stand the thought of wasting money) because Rhett had an idea…

Link Neal acts like he doesn’t love with his whole heart and soul but he’s going to bake you a cake despite being a disaster in the kitchen. He’s going to contact some random on the internet to make you a customised poster of your favourite superhero… 

1940s Claire and Jamie Part 4

Sparks are about to fly.. Frank lovers(if you are out there), you may want to turn away, I’m not kind to him. 

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 can be found linked to their respective numbers.

    A figure sat elbows on knees, on the from steps of Mrs. Baird’s Bed and Breakfast. My heart leapt. Jamie. The sound of the car and the slamming of doors caused his ruddy, gloriously red head to look up from his fidgeting hands. Lines creased across his forehead in deep contemplative thought, his eyes were squinted in determination and his mouth set in a hard line—preparing for conflict.
    Composing myself, I willed my legs to walk slowly and not run at full speed into his arms as they ached to do. My true test of self control was now, in front of Frank I did not want to show weakness. My face was the only part I decidedly could not compose, a smile lit up my being, my eyes bright with unshed tears for seeing the one person I desperately craved, and my mouth curved into a full beaming smile that could not be taken away. My calm center and personal ray of sunshine was here.
    Jamie’s tall form unfolded from the stairs, towering over myself and Frank; a well worn piece of paper peaked out of the his front right pocket, his hand twitched every so often tapping the rumpled corner as if to assure himself it was still there. His brooding gaze fell on Frank, his frown etched even deeper with an emotion and thought I could not distinguish; when his gave rested on me, I saw the tension ease from his body and a faint smile curve in his eyes and on his lips.
    “Who the bloody hell are you?” Frank bellowed at Jamie, catching the soft exchange between us.
    “That, sir, is really none of your concern.” Jamie’s bold statement rumbled out, full of the thick Scottish burr I dreamed of night and day.
    “From the way you are looking at my wife, I’d say it is my concern. Now, tell me who the bloody hell you are or am I going to have to resort to more…drastic measures?” The glare on Frank’s face told me he knew exactly who Jamie was, name or not, he knew this was the man who held my heart.
    “Frank, is this reaction to a man sitting outside Mrs. Baird’s really all that necessary?” I tried to make peace. Fire, storms, and rage will be present soon; right now was not the time or place.
    Frank’s face stayed in a contortion of rage and challenge towards Jamie. I begged Jamie to look at me, to see the reasons in my eyes why I did not want the fight to be here and now. Two men, two hearts I have held, and one I long to hold on forever, stood toe to toe, glowering in a testosterone fueled silent duel. More than once I noticed both Jamie and Frank’s hands twitch towards me, as if to say ‘she’s mine.’
    “Claire, why don’t you go inside while I deal with this,” he waved his hand over Jamie, “this Scottish scum.”
    I bristled at that comment. “Scottish scum? Why the devil would you call him that? You don’t even know him!”
    “Oh, but you do, do you?” The ire and glare turned to me, “I’m sure you know all about this Scottish scum; his name, his age, his cock size! Is he better than me, Claire? Is that why you can’t take lust-filled eyes off of him, his cock is larger and better than mine?” Frank dropped the luggage he was carrying and swiped a hand over his head, causing his hat to fall mercilessly to the ground; emitting a laugh that sounded more like a war cry he turned away.
    “Here I thought I was the one who had to atone for sins outside the marital bed, and here you are eye-fucking this man before my very eyes! Is this the home wrecker who has caused the strife between us?”
    His words hit me like a slap to the face. The sins he had to atone for, he was the one who was unfaithful, not I. I kept a distance between Jamie and myself to not break the sanctity of marriage; the looks I may be giving Jamie were ones of love, but not one of an adulteress.
    “Ah, young Mr. Fraser! So nice to see ye again.” A short, grey man with rounded glasses came up from the high street to us. Looking at the still boiling testosterone fight the man looked at Jamie, to me, to Frank, and back at Jamie quizzically. “Did I come at a wrong time?”
    “No, Mr. Gowan, ye dinna come at the wrong time. Did ye, by chance, bring the papers I spoke of?”
   “Papers? Oh, aye,” clearing his throat and pulling out a manilla envelope from his bag, “Yes I did. Here ye are. I still need a few signatures, perhaps we could go inside this fine establishment and see if we may get some tea to discuss things over?”
   Smiling, Jamie clapped his free hand on Mr. Gowan’s shoulder and looked to me, the anger and unease never leaving his eyes; a slight nod told me all I needed to know. Mr. Gowan was the solicitor Jamie procured and I needed to follow his lead.
    “Mistress,” Jamie made a formal nod and a less impressive jerk towards Frank, “sir, if ye two dinna mind, I have business to attend to.”
    Frank let out a snort fitting of an angry horse, “As if you would care if I minded at all you Scottish whore’s son!”
    “Frank!” I admonished, “Leave Mr. Fraser be. He has—”
    “I will not be reprimanded by the likes of you. Go inside and find our room.” Shaking his head he looked at Jamie then me one last time, “Better yet, get out of my sight, both of you.”
    The shock on Mr. Gowan’s face was comical to say the least; I had to stifle a laugh, even being treated like the bottom of Frank’s shoe, I could not help the sparks of joy bubbling inside.
    “Gentlemen, I hope you don’t mind and don’t take this as impertinent, but tea sounds wonderful right now, might I accompany you?”
    The little solicitor looked to Jamie in question, seeing the smile forming on the young man’s face the older man nodded. “Such beauty will be welcomed with honor, Mistress. It is I that hopes, we are no too crude and unworthy of your presence.” The little old man smiled and did a flourishing courtly bow, that looked like it belonged in the halls of court from the days of old instead of on the cobbled streets of Inverness.
    Mr. Gowan’s elbow was extended out and I took it, laughing at his uncommon flourishes.
   “Perhaps, we shall find better tea and biscuits suitable for a lady such as yourself farther down the road?”
    Nodding I said, “Lead the way, Mr. Gowan.”
   Walking only a few paces from the steps of Mrs. Baird’s Bed and Breakfast, Mr. Gowan on my left, and Jamie following behind, I was ready to leave and never return to Frank’s side.
   “Claire, you can’t actually be serious leaving with these men?”
   Jamie spun around, smirking all the while putting Frank in his place.“Was it no you, just a second ago demanding her to get out of yer sight? Here she is doin’ as ye said and ye object? I dinna think it works that way when the lady chooses to leave, she may go wherever she pleases.”
    “Mr. Fraser, do not worry yourself over him, he is not worth it. Please, come.” Setting my luggage down, I extended my hand towards Jamie, hoping he’d take the bait.
    Looking down and smiling, Jamie walked over to me and clasped my hand firmly in his, picking up my luggage in the other, “Aye, ye will be much better company.”
    My soul and heart felt complete with Jamie’s hand in mine walking down the street where we will be signing the papers for the divorce as divorcee and witness. Soon we will be together fully, legally, forever.

    At the corner bakery the solicitor who’s name I had come to find as Ned, went to order the tea and biscuits while Jamie and I found a table to discreetly discuss the legal actions that were to be taken.
    “God, mo nighean donn, it’s so good to finally see and touch ye. Receiving your letter—” Bending his head to touch my hand, his voice filled with emotion and broke. “Shhh, Jamie, I’m here.”
    “Aye, but ye must know, receiving that letter filled my soul with fire and life all the while breaking my heart. I called upon Ned as soon as I had put the letter down. To know and now see how poorly he was treating you… I canna fathom how hard it has been on ye. Please, after today, dinna go back to him. Come back with me.”
    “Jamie, I—”
    “Here we are, one steaming pot of oolong and a plate of toffy almond sandies. Now, let’s get down to business shall we? Mrs. Randall, I ken ye want to divorce and now it is easier to make happen but not as easy as a flick of the wrist.”
    “Please call me Claire, Mr. Gowan.”
    “Aye, Claire, here is the petition for divorce. I’ll need ye to look it over and sign and initial where applicable, Jamie here will need to do the same as witness. I saw the way your husband was treating ye, has ever gotten violent?”
    “Frank is a cheat and a hot head, but he has never risen a hand to me.”
    Jamie’s shoulders seemed to deflate in relief when he heard my response.
    “You said he is a cheat? Is this something we can prove?”
    Nodding and setting my tea cup down I told Ned all that I knew. The names of the seven women Frank had cheated on me with during the war, and the handful I knew of from the past few months. Ned’s gray head bobbed with each name and explanation of wrongdoing, scribbling on a pad in front of him; building my case against Frank and hopefully, what will win my independence.
     At the end of my grueling retelling of the last years of my marriage Ned gathered up papers smiling from ear to ear. “Well Mistress, I believe with this information and petition I will be submitting to the courts tomorrow—I can submit these here as long as you were married in the United Kingdom, where were you married Claire?”
    “A small town not too far from here actually.”
    “Scotland! Ye married in Scotland?” Jamie gaped like a fish.
    Nodding I turned back to my tea waiting to hear what step I needed to take next.
    “Perfect! Simply, marvelous! I will be able to have more sway since ye married here, now I need you to go back to your husband.” Jamie stood up with a clatter of his chair and mouth open as if he were to say something, but Ned simply held up a hand to him and waved for him to sit back down. “If he does anything to hurt you, you call me at once and then the police if he is violent. I’ll set up a safe haven for ye here in Inverness, I have a few friends scattered about that would take ye in without it looking suspicious. As much as the lad here would like to harbor your safety it wouldna be wise, since he is the witness, and from what I can tell of the two of ye, who ye mean to leave your husband for.”
    Jamie’s face went red in embarrassment; I knew he wanted me to stay with him, but I had to agree with Ned on this, it would not look right to go straight to him before the divorce was even enacted. Grabbing his hand I told Ned I would, and asked if he would escort me back to Mrs. Barid’s. As much as I longed for Jamie to be the one to escort me, the last thing I needed was him to get into a fight with Frank.
    “Jamie, please look at me.” Reluctantly the blue eyes I loved met mine. “You do know that I love you and I do not want you harmed. If staying away while near Frank or where we could be seen without another or in a group, that could potentially harm our chances, I will do it. I want to be with you, but we have to be patient and wait for this to go through. I don’t want to give Frank any kind of leg up.”
    “Aye, aye you are right, mo nighean donn, of course. It doesna mean I like it, but I’ll do as ye ask. Can we at least meet with Ned, or someone? I believe I’ll go crazy if I canna see ye with ye this close.”
    Tears were pricking at my eyes, “Yes, I believe I’ll be going crazy as well with this closeness and not being able to see you.”
    Holding on to Jamie’s hand for dear life I dreaded the moment Ned was to break us up.
   “Come along, Claire. Let’s get ye back and soon ye will be reunited with young Jamie here.”

    Mrs. Baird’s looked more like an executioners block instead of the quaint bed and breakfast I’m sure it is. My stomach lurched with everything inside of me revolting and urging me to turn around and run full tilt back to Jamie. Taking a cleansing breath I focused on the positive, soon I will no longer have to trudge back to Frank’s side; soon I will no longer have to call myself Claire Randall; my life will change for the better, soon.
    “There you are, you adulteress whore!” Staggering from side to side, Frank held a bottle of an unknown alcohol taking a swig intermittently. “Have you been out with your Scottish pig? I’m sure you’re nice a loose, ready for another beating.”
    “Frank, how much have you been drinking? And to answer your question, no, I haven’t been whoring myself out to Mr. Fraser.”
    “Pft, as if you care about how much I’ve dra-a-ank. Tea does not take as long as you were gone.” He pointed an accusatory finger at me from the bottle. “Since you won’t own up to your whoring ways, I will. Gina! Won’t you join us?” Frank shouted towards the bathroom. A woman in nothing but a silk nightgown emerged from the bathroom, short black hair shiny and straight just kissing her shoulders, a cigarette perched between her fingers, and a lazy smile across her blood red lips.
    “Ah, Claire, meet Gina, she’s quite a good lay, better than you could ever hope to be.” Frank slung his arm around the girl and sloppily kissed her. Turning to me, he saw the look of shock etched across my face. Smirking at me he opened Gina’s robe and began to fondle her in front of me, “See how she reacts? How she’s responsive to my touch?” He slapped her breast then soothed it as the whore moaned. “Is your Scottish bastard as responsive, Claire? Is he?” Frank’s anger boiled, abandoning the girl he staggered over to me reeking of gin. “Is he better than I am?”
    “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never slept with him, I’ve never even kissed him. I was not the unfaithful one Frank, you are.” The rage in Frank’s eyes gave me pause for concern and made me rethink my statement, but I stand by it. The hand holding the bottle of gin raised and then struck me across the face, hard enough that my head whipped to the side and caused my eyes to water. Frank’s body swelled even more with rage, raising his hand to strike me again—I ducked. Not daring to look back, I fled from the room clutching my face making a beeline for the telephone in the lobby.
    The phone line rang and rang, dread filled my stomach like a lead ball, I did not know if he would answer.
     “Ned, he struck me. I need out of here. Please! Where is the safest place I can escape to?”
     “He struck you?” He sounded outraged and a voice in the background yelled and the sounds of items being thrown filled my ears. “Jamie. Lad! Stop! Claire, go back to the bakery and wait, Jamie the headstrong fool is on his way. He’ll bring ye back to my place, we’ll add more to the divorce and get a protection order for you.”
     Hanging up, I ran down the street to the bakery. When I arrived there, Jamie’s form was pacing outside the establishment, hands fervently running through his hair. I picked up speed and ran right into his chest. He let out an ‘oof’ but embraced me, running his hands over my sides then gently cupping my cheek, speaking in a language I could not understand.  
    “Please, take me away.” Looking into his eyes that were slowly filling with unshed tears, tears streaming down my own face I begged, “Jamie, please…”
    Kissing my forehead, then wiping the tears from my face he nodded and guided me to a car.

part 5

Dirty Little Secrets

The summary of our consent awareness efforts, is totally full of triggers.
I make a lot of personal comments, opinions are expressed, and there is an exploration of RAPE & VICTIM culture.  I don’t claim to be an expert, I’m just speaking from the heart and personal experience.

During consent awareness month there were three very important text posts made  and they are very optimistic and dark at the same time.  
We set up one post, THIS POST, to link up to them.  
If you feel emotionally charged and think you can handle
the conversations, check them out.

We can’t keep reposting them and screwing with our fans, but we don’t want the things we learned to fade away or get diminished.

This post is how we plan on keeping all the personal emotions and breakthroughs that a lot of us shared last month from becoming 
dirty little secrets.