good news! it’s been confirmed that 2016 kcon la will be livestreaming throughout the weekend - starting tomorrow via the official livestream. (just click on the linked to be taken there.) as said above: sadly, the stream will only be available to viewers in canada, mexico and the united states. other rules that may apply are listed in the banner above. shinee will be headlining the first night concert tomorrow, which will begin at roughly 7pm pst. considering that they are the headliner they will be the last performer. for those in the areas that streaming will be avaliable: in order to stream, you either need to register an account with the website or log in using a facebook page! a link to this stream will be reposted tomorrow closer to the actual start time!

FIRST OFF, you can find the link to my gofundme page in my bio on my blog!! Okay so the minimum of money to donate is $5. Let’s put it this way. For anyone who donates even just the minimum $5 , I am a tarot card reader. I have some psychic abilities and I like to read tarot cards. Either you can donate just to donate, or you can donate and ALSO contact me for a tarot card reading on any topic and I’ll try my best to help you. Im not good at “predicting” things psychically. Like timing and what not, but I LOVE to give guidance through reading my cards for anyone. SO I can give you spiritual or otherwise any guidance you’d like. So the offer is up, psychic readings for $5 donations on my gofundme. 😇. The email to contact me after you donate $5 is : , so email me and recieve a psychic reading via email💓 PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST THIS!!!!!!!!!!!. #psychic
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1- ily so muuuch 2- may i ask, how do you do like a post that has it's custom url, it doesn't pop up in your home page neither.. like your bio tab, how did you do it? what post option is that? i hope i made myself clear lol :D

You will need to go to your blogs url, click “edit theme”, navigate all the way to the bottom of the side panel that will appear, and click “add a page.” Now you will see the words “Standard Layout” and an arrow pointing down beside it. Click on that arrow and select “Redirect” from the drop down that will appear. 

Now, beside that box, in faint gray wording, you will see “show a link to this page.” Type the name that you want  the page to be called, there. You will also see a switch beside it that will allow you to toggle this feature on and off. Click that switch and it should turn blue (indicating that you will now have a link on your blog). 

Below this, you will see two fields. One with your url already inside of it and the other which says “Redirect to (and then your url)” 

In the first box, after the slash ( / ) you will type in whatever you want  the url of this new page to be called. For instance, I have a page on my blog that is for my selfies so in this field it reads: “”

In the last field, you just need to copy and paste your original url. So for me it would be “” and then insert a slash ( / ) and now type the word “Tagged/” (typed exactly like that with the slash) and then after that slash you will type whatever hashtag you want. Any post with this hashtag will appear on this page. For me, I typed “” and now all of my selfies will appear on its own page for anyone to see :)

Thats all! I hope I was of some help and thanks for all of your kind words babe!

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Do you have anything on what healthy and unhealthy friendships typically look like? I'm having some gut feelings about a friend but I'm not sure if they're just feelings or something more. and I'm tired of ending up abused by friends I truly care about. I can't cut this person off either, I care too much and would have no one I could be close to

If you search “toxic friendships” you should be able to find some resources there (personally I think the term toxic friendships minimises the seriousness of abuse from friends but I use it as its a term people are generally familiar with). There may also be some links on the resources page. Hope this helps!
Pulchra Tenebris Comic (Pg.36+37) - Solas/Lavellan
Master Tenebris Comic Archive This comic series is based on my Dragon Age: Inquisition story Pulchra Tenebris, a post-game novel-esque s...

Master Tenebris Comic Archive  

This comic series is based on my Dragon Age: Inquisition story Pulchra Tenebris, a post-game novel-esque story that features Solas/Lavellan as the main pairing. This story is currently being revised and reposted, so this is turning out to be a little bit of a sneak peek of possible future events ;)

If you like this, please reblog and help spread the Solavellan love <3 Thank you for all your support!

WARNING: DO NOT use this art without permission. If you share it online, please link back to this page.

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how did you set up your page like how it is? with all the different pages and links? it amazing!!!

Thank you so much! It means a lot because I’m not gonna lie it took me about twelve hours to get everything right. Firstly I started with this wonderful theme. I then added the sidebar parts by myself (I did IT, which had a little bit of coding, for three years at school so I’m not an expert but I was able to remember enough). Then I added the updates tab (credit in the updates tab) and then I added a few pages using custom layout not standard (all of the credits are in the pages somewhere) 

And then twelve hours later here we are! If you want to use some of the pages go ahead! And also I know this wasn’t very detailed so if you want to now more I’d be happy to help (although some parts might take me a while because I got stuck several times myself and had to do a lot of trial and error). But please don’t be afraid to ask for more! 

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Hi! I am so sorry to bother you, I know you're really busy, but I just changed my icon to one from your page because I saw it and fell in love with it's amazingness, and I was wondering how to properly credit you? Like do I add a link to your page next to my askbox, or in my bio, or just write it into my description?

no credit necessary! I’m probably gonna be putting out a post with the icons I’ve made so far really soon and if you could reblog that I would appreciate it :) I’m glad you like the icon!!!

Page 42. In which Goat Mom runs like a coward and cries as the human walks right past her, on a mission perhaps? 

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Fuji OS link page by softwaring

preview theme code 

I’ve gotten a lot of request for a link page that matches my fiji os theme so I thought why not make it. This is a page theme meaning you’ll have to have basic html knowledge to edit it. I’ve put a ton of directions in the coding though so it shouldn’t be too hard to edit!

features: a 450px wide link box that can hold as many links as you want, a 150px wide sticky note, and a dock bar that holds a dropdown menu. The link box and sticky note can both be dragged around the screen, and the link box can also be closed. 

So I finally managed to make a new Layout and I must say I quite like it


  • this includes 7 links for each category aka 35 links in total. You can add/remove links tho
  • sidebar picture is selective - use whichever you want as long as it’s not horizontal
  • I don’t have a lot to say, but please keep credit
  • Like this post if you are using it, considering using it, or simply like it :)

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