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ayy any tips for shaping a more masculine/gender neutral body when crossplaying? I crossplay for most of my characters but I have problems with still looking like a female bleh esp in legs and booty, but also just trying to get my torso into a more square-ish shape ahh i hope you dont mind answering this! ((p.s. i really admire you as a cosplayer wowza youre so good yeh))

Thank you! I’ve actually been meaning to make this for a while, so I suppose now’s a good time.

Crossplay is all about the silhouette. Here’s my process for getting a male silhouette.


Here’s a roughly what my natural silhouette looks like. Notice that my hips are quite narrow, so these techniques may not be as successful if you have wider hips.


When picking what pants to wear for crossplay, I usually go two to three sizes bigger. (Keep in mind that these are usually women’s skinny jeans, since I can find my size easier. A better way would be to just buy the right size in men’s jeans, but I can never find a pair that fit.) This hides the curves of my thighs and makes my calves look more even with my thighs - basically giving me a more straight leg. I always wear the pants at the widest part of my hips.

I always make sure there’s plenty of room in the crotch for obvious reasons. I don’t usually pack, but that’s always an option if I ever wear pants that are really tight in the crotch.


Smaller feet are a feminine trait, so I also try to buy bigger, clunkier shoes. Combat boots work really well for this. If the shoes are regular sneakers, I will sometimes also buy a size or two too big for the shoes.


I often wear padding on my shoulders after I put on my binder (or a muscle shirt similar to this [x] which is expensive but you can always make something similar at home). Broad shoulders are a more masculine trait. I sometimes do chest padding to give the illusion of pecs. This works for me because I have a small chest to begin with, so the padding helps make me look filled out.

For the actual shirt, I try to wear a straight shirt that won’t cling to my waist/chest. If I want something form fitting, slim fit shirt are still pretty good at hiding any curves [x].

So yeah that’s pretty much all that I do to make my silhouette look masculine. Also keep in mind that makeup is almost as important as the silhouette.

Also posing is really important! I always try to pose like the pic below, with my hips turned away from the camera, so that my shoulders look ridiculously broad and my hips narrow. Camera angles are like magic, just practice in the mirror.


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