Switch Link and Sidon are matchy!!

We didn’t get any Original Link and Sidon shoots on my camera, me and Sidon’s miraculous friend David took our pictures and I can’t wait to see them!

Please do not tag as shipping! The cosplayers are related and don’t make it weird!!

Thank you Shannon for the pictures!

myself as Link from Breath of the Wild

@the–lord–protector as Prince Sidon

Link has seen a couple of Battles! 

This was taken behind the scenes at KawaiiCon, after Our openingshow :D
RIP my costume tho… Looks like I’ll be making a New one! XD; 


“It’s all my fault…”

Part 1 of our Zelda cosplay comparison series, one of our favorite scenes from Breath of the Wild! This game means a lot to us, we’ll be posting more Zelda soon and hope you guys are all doing well!!

Part 2 is here.

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so many cosplayers do the first and last thing, so I thought I would show what my first link cosplay looked like. I kinda just went to a thrift store and bought what I could find, and the other picture I took about a week ago. I have changed a lot.


Link Cosplay - Breath of the Wild !
Photos taken by
Photos taken at Alborak Stables !