Link Cosplay - Breath of the Wild !
Photos taken by
Photos taken at Alborak Stables !


So! Again I’m sorry I was gone for so long!
Here is my traveler’s sheild for Breath of the Wild! The shield is made of pink/purple insulation foam, cut with a foam factory wire foam cutter.
I traced the two circles and cut them out, and pushed the inside circle partway down to create the heightened effect of the shields rim
Then I added a half foam ball and coated in all in wood glue because otherwise the foam would dissolve when painted.
After that dried I covered it all in resin, I actually used a 2 part resin made for casting jewelry. It’s made to be used inside so it really has no chemical smell at all. It also spreads easily and is lightweight. Then I painted the base coat, traced the design from a still of the game, painted it and added a matte clear coat!
Since the back is uneven I smoothed it out with lightweight clay and painted it brown. Straps will be added so I can hold the shield and put it on my back.