Comparison of my favorite Cosplay

Wig by bakkacosplay (still selling mine, if you’re interested!) Photo by Florian M. Weber Photography
Wig by Wilkosplay (doesn’t taking YGO Comissions anymore)
Puzzle by Akira Cosplay&Props
Photo by Bibigraphy


“It’s all my fault…”

Part 1 of our Zelda cosplay comparison series, one of our favorite scenes from Breath of the Wild! This game means a lot to us, we’ll be posting more Zelda soon and hope you guys are all doing well!!

Part 2 is here.

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Link Cosplay - Breath of the Wild !
Photos taken by
Photos taken at Alborak Stables !


Cooking With Link [Breath of the Wild Live Action]

When you take a hit from a powerful enemy and have to consume six roast bass, nine apples, and a meat and mushroom skewer to replenish your hearts because that’s all you’ve got in your inventory.