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For those who missed the FFXV VA live stream, this includes most of the clips in one video. Ty to JadeYuLing  for compiling everything! Also, here is a Google spreadsheet with links to more clips, VA and fan tweets etc. Please go check it out for more fun live stream things :) 

once again, wished they would team up together and fight the last boss annddd THEY DID NOT…….

Overwatch Characters Native Language Masterpost

(Edit: Added Sombra)
In case you missed them or just want a quick way to access them all, here are links to the Overwatch cast speaking their native languages!

Winston (Joke disclaimer)

I couldn’t put my game in Egyptian Arabic for Phara, Hindi for Symmetra, nor Swedish for Torbjörn :C

So if you have a copy of the game in these languages and a way to record their lines, please feel free to add links to this post!

nicrt  asked:

Hello! May I ask if you know if there's a recorded video of the VA twitch stream? Or if you have one yourself and will upload it? Thanks!

Hi! I’m afraid there probably isn’t going to be a full stream to download as the guys forgot to record it at the start :/  So all we have are mainly clips that people managed to get. 

But, here is a Google spreadsheet (not mine) with links to more clips, VA and fan tweets etc. It’s pretty comprehensive and updated, so please go check it out for more fun live stream things :)

(I’m getting a lot of new msgs asking similar things, I’m sorry but I don’t have the full download. Don’t feel too bad though, the guys did say they want to do another one so I’m sure we’ll get to enjoy a second live stream again soon!)

Quiero que Link coma del pan de Ghibli con el queso derretido. Ya que Link va a cocinar quiero pan, y pizza. ¡¡¡¡Sólo quiero Masaaaaa!!!!

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Link to Naruto's VA saying that her least favourite character is Hinata?

I didn’t save the link, anyone? it’s a group interview with several VA, Itachi’s VA was there too. 


Hello! I’m excited to introduce to you LoZVoices!

What is it? A Group of amateur, non-profit fan Voice Actors, trying to bring your favourite Legend Of Zelda characters to life.

Our plan is to add voice to your favourite Zelda webcomics, fanfic, fanart, sections of the manga, answer asks, cover songs and maybe even our own original content.

Auditions for characters will be open very soon, as well as auditions for script/song writers, editors and artists!!!!

I’m  happy to answer all your questions and don’t forget to follow for updates on the planning and for the official start of auditions!!!

It’s dangerous to go alone so please spread the word and follow so together we can make this work!

Note all the artwork is official LoZ art.

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Au where yamaguchi has a beautiful singing voice and tsukishima can beatbox and can make a tune out of literally anything and just imagine the musical fluff and singing together when the gym is empty. Oh my god don't get me started if they ever get caught by the team !

Ok but it’s like canon Yama has a nice voice??? I mean I don’t have a link, but Yamaguchi’s VA is a really great singer??? And Kei beat-boxing. I’m down. The team would flip if they witnessed this, they would die most definitely. 

Happy Birthday @kushinauzumaki

Happy birthday to the girl who spends her money after an hour of getting it. I mean this year, she got her birthday money and spun around and spent it on Twilight Princess. What’s wrong with her.

But in all seriousness, she told me “Hey Melissa. Did you know that Lyon and Link have the same VA?” In which I responded, “So Jimmy Kudo is Link?!” But then she said, “No you hellacious shit. Only in the Japanese VAs are the same.” So with tears in my eyes, I drew this for her.

Thursday, October 22nd, at 6pm, at the Virginia Historical Society (428 North Boulevard, Richmond VA), there will be a free event on the 1959-1964 closing of Prince Edward County Public Schools. The schools were closed so that the leadership at the time would not have to undertake desegregation. 

There will be a screening of the twenty-minute trailer for the new documentary “They Closed Our Schools,” Kristen Green will be signing copies of her book “Something Must be Done About Prince Edward County,” and several former students will speak and share their stories on the student strike, the school closings, and the legacy of Prince Edward County, Virginia.

Free, open to the public, light refreshments will be served.