link's face is so pretty omg

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OMG! I love your new spooky icon!! Can you pretty, pretty please link some of the cc that they have on?? They look so cool!!! Thank you if you do!! :) ~E

Hi there, E!! :-)!! Thank you for the lovely compliment hehe 💖 I’m guessing you mean the spoopy stuff in particular? Let me know if you meant something else :~)

Rowan’s eyes can be found >here<, Rowan’s bloody lips can be found >here< and Nina’s face paint can be seen here >here<!!!!

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Hello! I was wondering if you had any thoughts on skyward swords links body type? I kind of pictured him slightly pudgy in the beginning of the game (i think pudgy is the right word..uh slightly squishy tummy? Sorry I'm bad with words) and firmed up by the end. (Sorry if this is a weird question)

this is actually the cutest question aaaaah yes good. you know it’s so funny that you say that because my girlfriend says the same thing. she basically told me she wants a lil chubby squishy Link and Sky is the obviously the best candidate bc he’s the cutest marshmallow. and it makes sense, I mean, yeah he was a knight-in-training so he would have to be pretty fit but he’s still a lazy teenager so between some hella puberty/remaining baby fat (the joys of being 17) and being real lax about exercise (I also have a headcanon that Sky is asthmatic which would only prompt him to further neglect exercise) and being generally chill about what he looks like anyway he was probably a little squishy uvu but yeah by the end of the game he would be toned up more for sure; he’d have gone through extensive physical training, he’d be more disciplined, a little older, and better at taking care of himself. his body is part of his weapon/survival arsenal, so he’d have to be conscientious about fitness. So he might slim down and harden up a bit is all. Link isn’t really one to get bulky, he has a real slender and lanky build, his body tones and firms but doesn’t get really muscly (Time does have them obvious pecs and thighs tho).

okay there’s the short answer, but I wanna give him a full-body rundown now so let’s see what I can find. 

I know it’s more due to the way the tunic is situated high above the belt but still I mean…

dat tummy!!!!!!!!!!!! 

he’s got some strong legs on him too, you can tell even though his pants are baggy. and his chest is pretty well defined (points to top right side in picture above - I spy a pec curve!) but in a lean and flat way (like Twi) - like he’s still got that lean, slightly-curvy-ness that the other Links have too, but it’s most obvious from the back rather than the front like you see with the others (especially with Time in his hips, and Twi in his full waistline which is like… \_/). 

I always got the squishy impression from seeing him in his Skyloft clothes, by the way, he just looks so soft. also he’s got a butt omg is this a trick of the angle

last couple things, gonna link visuals so this post doesn’t get too long. look at him from the side!! this boy has some skinny but strong-looking arms. and a really nice jawline. and he really does wear his tunic pretty high above his belt, doesn’t he? it looks so loose on him here. [x] he looks so flat and tiny when he lays down though awwww… ;u; [x] also, is it just me or does he look like he lost the baby fat in his face and his hair got longer by the end of the game?? [x

okay I’m done now dfkgjsdfskd thank you for the question!! it’s always fun scrutinizing this adorable baby boy.

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Are the wigs you get from wigisfashion good quality or like the cheap ones that come with Halloween costumes? (Sorry if this is in your faq, I'm on mobile so the link isn't working) Thank you in advance:)

THEY ARE NOTHING LIKE HALLOWEEN WIGS OMG no way… trust me i worked in a halloween store last october g od those things shouldn’t even be called wigs… the wigisfashion ones are actually REALLY nice. i have 3 of them, one being a lacefront, one short, and one long! they’re pretty inexpensive too, the only catch is the shipping price. but as long as you’re ordering more than just one it’s definitely worth it. i suggest doing a group order with a few people!