link's awaking

She has no throne. Girls without thrones should not have knights, but hers won’t go. Princess Zelda – the girl who killed Calamity – would love to fade into legend, but Link’s bought a house, he’s fighting off monsters, and he’s selling giant horses to strangely familiar Gerudo men. She’ll never have any peace now. (ao3)  

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Cersei thought of all the King’s Hands that she had known through the years: Owen Merryweather, Jon Connington, Qarlton Chelsted, Jon Arryn, Eddard Stark, her brother Tyrion. & her father, Lord Tywin Lannister, her father most of all. All of them are burning now, she told herself, savoring the thought. They are dead & burning, every one, with all their plots & schemes & betrayals.

                       It is my day now. It is my castle & my kingdom. 

Rewritten, Chapter 4: The Gerudo Champion

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When Link woke in the morning, he was surprised how long he’d slept, but figured it was due to his lack of sleep the night before in Rito Village. He sat up slowly, muscles aching at having slept on a hot stone slab all night, and wondered if he’d have time for a dip in a hot spring before Zelda headed out.

“Oh, afternoon’, Link,” Daruk greeted him as he came in from outside. The light that shone through the door was brighter than Link anticipated, and he blinked in surprise.

“After- what?!” Link exclaimed, struggling to his feet, quickly sheathing the Master Sword, and throwing it over his back. “Is Zelda here?”

“The Princess? She left pretty early this morning. Heading for Gerudo,” Daruk said, looking at Link somewhat bewildered. “She said you - knew… was gunna meet you… oh.”

The realisation hit the Goron a bit late and he laughed in spite of himself. “Hah! She’s a clever one. Sorry, little guy… guess you better run after her, huh?”

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whilhelminaprince  asked:

Tell me a bedtime story about soft rhink, like comfort in the middle of the night when one of them wakes up scared

at seventeen, randl were still having sleepovers. they weren’t as giggly and nervous as they used to be, but they stayed up laughing all the same, fawning over one magazine or another. however, as high school drew closer and closer to its blissful end, they mostly just crashed, exhausted. tonight was one of those nights, the two of them at rhett’s house, with link on an air mattress beside rhett’s bed. link had fallen asleep about ten minutes after pasta, and rhett followed shortly thereafter. 

around one, link gasped awake and went tense. he panicked for a few quiet moments, wishing the last traces of the nightmare away, heart racing. he wanted to relax every tense muscle and fade back into a dreamless sleep, but his panicked heart called out for rhett instead, strain in his voice.

instantly, rhett slinked from his high bed and sat down beside link. he put his hand on link’s shoulder and asked in that ever-calming voice, “are you okay? what’s going on?” eyes so steady gray, skin a beautiful blue-gold against the dark night. link looked at him, blinked, and remembered he was home.

then link was back to being seven, not seventeen, when this same night happened over and over again. and every time, rhett was always right there, healing him, safe and present. it was this same boy - albeit, in a bigger body - who understood now that seventeen year-old link couldn’t say what was wrong, couldn’t recount the nightmare that’d so thankfully passed, couldn’t place the anxiety. but the panic was real, as was the fear in link’s eyes, and rhett knew just what to do. 

he kneeled into link’s mattress and took link in his arms, laying his head gently on his bosom. he put his right hand on link’s chest and reached over to turn on their camp lantern under his bed with his left. it glowed warm and yellow, whisking all the evil away like a perfect summer memory, as link settled against his friend. rhett put his chin on link’s head and spread his palm out over his chest as if to balance his frantic heartbeat. he pushed down gently with link’s slow breathing - inhale, exhale - until they both felt safe. 

today, neither of them can recall how long they sat there for sure, and while they regard it as well-earned lesson on comfort and intimacy, they also keep it between them like a treasured secret, and any mention of it earns the faintest guilty blush. 

kazziemuse  asked:

THANK YOU FOR YOUR BOTW FICS!! You are literally my drug rn. I'm shipping these nerds like, so hard. Can you do something on the lines of, post calamity... Zelda doesn't need as much protection now her power is awake, and Link feels he has no purpose. Zelda says she needs him by her side because she loves him, not for his protection. An idea I've been playing in my head for a while ;)

THANKS SO MUCH!! :) I’m glad! Yessss I really like this it’s cute, I can do that for sure.

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i feel safe in the five a.m. light [x]

link awakes. panic curls in his belly, heartbeat chasing the lingering fear of an untraceable nightmare. there’s sweat under his tailbone, in his armpits, and at the back of his knees, and as he forces himself to breathe slow, a cool breeze sweeps in through the open dorm room window and prickles his heated skin.

he counts ten big breaths before rolling over, heavy body gently rousing as the mattress gives beneath him. he blinks open his eyes now, weary and blurry, and focuses on the clock atop the drawer. its square, green numbers hum back at him - 4:58 in the morning. he waits for a moment, hoping to catch the switch of a new minute, but doesn’t. instead, link groans and sits up, pulling his knees to his chest, and stares blankly at the jacket draped over the back of his desk chair.

rhett sleeps quietly beside him, weighty and soundless. the warmth of his long body hovers inches above his skin, and link knows if he were to put a palm on the upturned expanse of his belly, he’d soak up his friend’s ability of a peaceful sleep. he keeps his hands at his knees, though, and instead studies rhett’s face. his handsome features lay slack in sleep, not even the barest hint of a worried crease between his brows. he is, as always, a masterpiece. 

he’s here now, in link’s bed, because the night before, link had been anxious. as it often can be, link’s brain was struggling to overwork itself on nothing but the strain of a long day, and everything was threatening to snap. so link had called rhett over, knowing his presence and the sound of his voice would calm him. it had, sending link right off to sleep, but apparently, rhett had followed. that happens sometimes, when rhett’s worn himself out from talking and doesn’t feel the need to walk the three steps to his own bed. link doesn’t mind, though.

link admires the sweet blond lace of rhett’s lashes before turning away, suddenly bashful. he observes the room around him, awash in the low silver glow of a morning not yet risen. the dim light is still and grounding, and a few bold songbirds chirp from their perches outside. another whisk of wind comes through, this time kissing link’s cheeks and neck, and tempers him. his heartbeat has calmed now and continues to slow as he counts every poster or photograph on his bedroom walls - there are twenty-three. 

next to him, rhett shifts. link remembers the cool, level tone of his voice the night before and the familiar touch of a hand on his thigh, and how it took only rhett’s simple existence to bring link down to earth. yes, it’s not a stretch to say that rhett always makes link feel safe, as it’s been since that very first year. with rhett beside him, link can take on the world, every anxious moment of it.

link feels blessed for that, for rhett. silently, he thanks god for the boy in his bed.

and the boy, it seems, hears him. rhett rolls over, throwing one long arm out behind link and over the bed. if link had been sleeping, rhett’s arm would have fallen ‘cross his chest, and judging by the way rhett squirms and groans now, sleepy smile on his young face, link thinks he might have soon played rhett’s teddy bear. rhett shuffles closer to the spot link would have been, and link suddenly feels very warm.

with rhett here, his nightmares are gone, be them waking life or no. with rhett here, link knows he’s not alone, he’s loved, and he will always be protected. with rhett here, link feels safe in the early morning light.

smiling now, link shoves rhett over and lays back down. rhett wiggles closer, and link turns his head to check the bedside clock. a few soft rays of golden sunlight fall through the open window as link catches the impossible frame between this moment and that one. 

notjustdaladiesluvleo  asked:

"You were humming" , zelink, post skyward sword?

Oh my god, this is perfect!!

Zelda sighed, a pleasantly cool breeze sweeping over her skin. She curled in closer to Link’s side, his strong and steady heartbeat thrumming under her ear. He pulled their shared blanket up so it covered them better, then went back to gazing at the stars, running his hand through her hair lazily.

This kind of thing happened a lot nowadays. Several months had passed since Demise’s –well, demise. The building process was slow. Link, Zelda, and a few others were working hard every day to make the surface habitable for the Skyloftians, but that wasn’t an easy task. And nearly every night, the nightmares came. Link often woke up to Zelda shaking him gently, tear tracks staining her cheeks.

It wasn’t easy to forget the feeling of your soul being ripped away from your body.

Of course, without a word, he’d lift up his blanket and let her cuddle up to him, hugging her and soothing her until she fell asleep. He didn’t tell her, but he had recurring nightmares as well. It was nice to have physical reassurance that they’d both survived. That everything was okay now.

They were currently on Skyloft, restocking their supplies and taking a short, well-deserved break. That night, Zelda shuffled into Link’s room quietly, sniffling along the way. Link was already awake. He suggested that they could use some fresh air; with that, he rolled up a spare pallet, grabbed her hand, and led her outside. It was a cool summer night and the stars were incredible. Link called his bird and they flew up to the outstretched hands of the goddess statue, unrolling the pallet and lying down.

It was a really good call on Link’s part. Zelda felt her body relaxing as soon as the blanket was spread over them.

As they lay there, Link started to hum quietly. His voice rumbled deep in his chest and reverberated throughout her body, jumping all over his vocal range in a slow, calming melody. Zelda felt her eyes drooping.

The song reached what seemed like an end and she spoke up softly. “What is that?”

“What is what?” he replied, still entranced by the stars.

She lifted her head to look at him and he met her gaze. “You were humming.”

“Oh,” he said, somewhat embarrassed. He laid his head back down. “The first part is a lullaby my mom used to sing to me.”

Zelda rested her head on his chest again. “Are there words that go along with it?”

He frowned in concentration. “…There were. But I have no idea what they are.”

Zelda yawned. He was really warm. “What about the second part?”

His shoulder twitched underneath her, as if he tried to shrug. “Just something I made up.”

“It’s really nice,” she whispered, barely able to keep her eyes open at this point. “You should write it down. Give it a name.” He didn’t respond and went back to stroking her hair in a gentle rhythm. A tidal wave of peacefulness swept over her body and her mind went blank. Just before she felt sleep take her, he started humming again.

Her breathing had evened out by the time he finished the song. He glanced down at her a chuckled quietly. Name it, huh? An idea popped into his head and he smiled at how perfect it was.

Zelda’s Lullaby. Yeah, that would work.


“he’s beautiful”

               “He’s beautiful,” he says.

               “Beautiful?” the other man replies.

               “Yeah. He’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t you ever look at him and think that he’s prettier than any girl, prettier than…than anything?”

               “Ah, no, I think that’s probably just…”

               “Doesn’t matter. I think so, man, and yanno what? I can’t even tell him. I can’t let him catch me starin’, and I can’t touch him like I wanna. Do you have any idea how hard it is to want to touch him so badly and know that I can’t? It would ruin everything if I tried. If he knew…if he thought for a second that I wanted him that way…he would hate me. He would…he would never speak to me again. It’s not normal, man, wantin’ your best friend like that. But he makes it so hard. He…”

               “Did you ever think that he might want you back?”

               Rhett pauses, thinking of each and every time Link touched him and his fingers lingered a touch too long. All the times the two of them stayed up late, squished together in the same bed, staring at the ceiling and talking about the future. The adventures they had in the middle of the night, the trouble they got into together. The way Link’s eyes sparkled every time Rhett made him laugh. But all it takes to help him remember the truth is the way Link wouldn’t speak to him for days after the last time he pulled the I’m dead move. “No. No, never. You know where we are, don’t you? Where we grew up? The way I feel is gonna send me straight to hell. You really think he’d be willing to go there with me?”

               “Yes.” Gregg is sincere, somber, when following the affirmation, he meets Rhett’s eyes. “For you, he would. He’d follow you anywhere.”

               “Even to…?”

               “Even straight to hell.”

               Rhett is still awake when Link comes back from the library at two in the morning. Instead of doing what he wants, instead of touching, speaking, telling the truth, fear keeps him immobile. Link crawls into his own bed and Rhett stays in his.

               He loves Link, in more ways than he should, and he knows that Gregg is probably right. Link would follow Rhett even if it meant being damned. And Rhett lies awake, resolute, making up his mind.

               He loves Link, in more ways than he should, but he will never condemn Link to the same fate as him. He will never allow Link the same damnation.

               Link shifts in his bed and makes a small, sleepy noise that cuts Rhett to the bone. And as the night wears on, Rhett faces hell alone.

good morning my mythical beauties!! here is some rhink for you ❤︎

link texting rhett monday before work “can i pick you up early?” to which rhett, of course, says yes and rushes to get ready quickly. when link shows up, it’s barely eight in the morning, and even though rhett is still a little bit sleepy, link looks awake in the sense that he’s got something on his mind, crease in his brow.

rhett gets in the passenger side, lays a hand on link’s shoulder, and asks, “what’s up?”

link shakes his head and puts the car in drive. ignoring the question, he goes right into plans for episodes they’d film that day. “i was thinking we could change the experiment segment a bit…”

rhett plays along as they drive, knowing that whatever link’s withholding, he’ll tell him all in good time. rhett looks out the passenger seat window and thinks it’s nice to be on the streets this early in the morning, as the sunlight is a different color - softer, more silver. they roll through LA slowly, including their usual coffee stop, yet when link misses the turnoff for work, rhett asks him again.

“link, where are we going, exactly?” 

link keeps his eyes on the road as he says, “i need a minute.” he doesn’t speak again until they’re pulling into a secluded clearing in the woods overlooking the city. link unbuckles, rolls down both windows, and takes a sip of his coffee quietly. rhett follows, waiting for an answer. then, “okay, we’re here.”

eyes on the city scene before them, grounded in the early morning sounds of rousing wildlife, a fresh, woodsy scent, and link, solemn and silent beside him, rhett understands. as link drapes his left arm out the window and takes another drink, rhett knows what he’s done and why he’s done it.

sometimes, link’s overactive mind will keep running on fear far beyond what link likes it to. usually, by the time they get to work, he’s ready to go. he’s talked out any nightmares with rhett on the drive there, and coffee settles into his anxious bones like healing fuel, keeping him up and active yet steady as he works. he’s a fantastic business partner, but he’s not without his quirks. and this, right now, rhett knows, is one of them. rhett says nothing, his coffee a gentle warmth in his hands, and lets the quiet morning calm them both.

here and now, the distant city doesn’t seem so busy, and their lives don’t feel so fast. the shaded woods at either side tie them to the earth as they look out over the city, all gray patterns and shapes, smoky urban skyline. and the trees, with their roots holding firm, hold rhett and link with them, wind in their branches wispy as if whispering, slow down, friends, everything will be okay. rhett hears them, and he believes them. 

ten or so minutes roll on in comfortable silence, save for birdcalls and quiet city noise, as the two finish their coffee. they wait a little longer after that, each taking big, calming breaths and stretching out their arms to claim the extra time. when link finally turns to rhett, his eyes are clear of worry and so beautifully blue that rhett nearly loses his breath. however, it’s when link raises a hand to cup rhett’s cheek (which he has never done), perfect pink lips forming a silent thank you, does rhett truly forget to breathe. 

theunsocialranter  asked:

Hi! I loved the Urbosa and Daruk having a strength contest short you wrote, it made me laugh so hard. I was wondering if you could perhaps expand on what happened with Link and Zelda? (For all us Zelink shippers?

“Remember, absolutely no physical contact or compromising of…”

Link covered his mouth with his hand when he yawned and waddled over to the finish line. Zelda had been entertaining Urbosa and Daruk’s competitive streak for a long while now, and Link’s getting kind of tired of it. In fact, this was their 513th round. This was the final round and Link was pretty happy about it.

While Zelda continues to repeat the rules, Link takes a seat on a good-sized rock under the shade. He smiled to himself as his body began to cool, now out of the beating sun. He leaned back and relaxed his muscles, the world fading out of existence as he drifted into unconsciousness.

After what felt like fleeting seconds, Link awakes to Zelda grabbing and pinching his ear, pulling him up to a sitting position. “Link, you knucklehead!” She yells, an intense glare set on him. “You had one job!!”

Link grins bashfully and rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry, Princess. I’m just kinda tired.”

Zelda puffed her cheeks in frustration and crossed her arms, looking down to Link as she debated whether or not to let it slide this time. “Fine!” She turns on her heel and begins to walk back to the two Champions, but stops after a few steps. “You’re sleeping well at night, right?” She asks quietly.

Link smiles and gets to his feet. He threw an arm around her shoulders playfully and pinches her cheek with his latter hand. “Like a baby,” he starts. “Its just my routine nap time.”

She pushes him off, face flushed. Urbosa and Daruk look on as Zelda resumes barking insults and both sigh. “Ah, young love,” Urbosa laughs. 

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Goddess of Truth- A Wonder Woman Mix

A mix for the Amazing Amazon, warrior of truth, champion of women, leader of armies and goddess incarnate.

All female vocalists (except for her actual theme song partially but that couldn’t be helped).

Image is from JLA: League of One, a great Wondy one-shot!

1.  Wonder| Naughty Boy ft. EMELI SANDÉ//2. I Awake| Sarah Blasko//3 Warriors (Cover)|Victoria K. & Jacob//4. Wonder Woman| Lion Babe//5. On A Mission| Gabriella Cilmi/65. Boys Wanna Be Her (Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Retouch)| Peaches//7. Watershed| Vienna Teng//8. Don’t Mess With Me| Brody Dalle//9. The War| Jennie Abrahamson//10. Woman up (Dave Scalia Remix)| Charlene Kaye [ft. Kalae Nouveau]//11..Glory And Gore (Trap Remix)| Lorde//12. Suddenly I See| KT Tunstall//13. Valkyrie| Varien ft.  Laura Brehm//14. Alla This| Ani DiFranco//15.Wonder Woman (Cello Cover)| Tina Guo//16. Wonder Woman Theme (The Best Themysciran Symphony Dialogue Dance Mix)| TazDamianDevil   

Added on Playmoss: Apollo Justice’s Theme| Adrisaurus

Warriors (Cover) )|Victoria K. & Jacob

Wonder Woman (Cello Cover)| Tina Guo

Save The World! : A Wonder Woman Tribute (Nerdist Presents)| Chloe Bean, Ciara Renee, Myah Marie

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