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Watch the “Star Wars” Cast on Set for “Vanity Fair’s” Cover Shoot.

Seriously though, Reylo shippers are getting pissed off at people because they think incest is bad.

What the fuck.

Why is this happening.

I kid you not, this is an actual quote from a Reylo shipper: “You do know that in most countries you can marry your cousin right? This is legal. Why does it shock you? This is 2016 assholes!”

Another quote from the same person: “I find it very insulting to see comments about people being grossed out by 2 cousins being together.”


We’re being accused of being assholes because we say incest is bad…

And here I was thinking you couldn’t get any worse than a Stand With Warder.

Edit: Found another golden quote from them: “Many on tubmlr like to pretend they’re progressive and free-thinking, but “incest” as a taboo is definitely a product of Western culture and religion.”