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Even MORE fanart of my favorite couples. Managed to squeeze in 11 this time!

credit to all the artists who drew these.

The Nature of Magic

Request:  I didn’t really have anything specific in mind for Shadow!Link but I would love jealous shadow link ❤ maybe she is helping out another guy with his injuries or advice or something and shadow!links gets super protective / possessive? Thanks sweetie
A/N: Apologies for how terribly late these requests are coming. I’ve been in a horrible slump, but I hope this is still good and maybe worth the wait? I’ll be working on the others shortly! Thank you very much for your patience. ♥
Warnings: Blood mention

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You’ve been with him since the beginning and he’s practically attuned to the magic that hums within your veins. A sense of familiarity and home that all he needs to do is close his eyes and wait for the tendrils of your magic to brush against his senses, and then he can follow it back to you. So when he closes his eyes and searches, it’s to his annoyance and frustration that you are not alone - no in fact you are in the presence of one of Ganon’s new pets. Another mage, one who practices different things than you did, so when you had learned of theirs you had asked them to teach you a bit of it. At first he hadn’t thought much of it, hone your magic so you could further everyone’s agenda, it was a win-win in every sense.

That is until the mage started to get friendly with you, and the only way to put it was that it made his blood boil. The sly glances and touches during practice, when you passed in the hall the mage would immediately take your attention away from him and soon you were no longer at his side. It irked him at first, not understanding why he was so frustrated at you for reaching out to learn new types of magic until it all clicked into place.

He was jealous.

With that revelation came a possessive nature and an attempt to keep you away from him. Menial errands back and forth that weren’t worth your time but kept you preoccupied and away from Ganon’s pet. He could sense your growing frustration with him and the tasks he gives you, the way your magic flares out in any angry spike when he asks you to do something far below your actual ability. Collecting things, cleaning things, your magic dripped with irritation and in the small space you shared it was almost suffocating. But he was doing it to keep you safe, the mage was new - wasn’t a creation of Ganon’s but someone who came willingly and pledging their loyalty. Link knew of loyalty, if there was anything that installed on him from his other half was that overflowing sense of it.

The mage had ulterior motives, maybe Ganon saw it or maybe he didn’t. Link didn’t particularly care one way or another, but when he saw the mage creeping along the hallways looking for you - he could see red slipping into  his already illuminated eyes.

“Have you seen-” The mage begins to ask but the unsheathing of the mock master sword against his throat stills him. The easy going expression immediately fading away and instead there’s irritation there, arrogance, and it makes the hand around his mock master blade all the tighter.

“That’s not very nice, what would [Name] think if she saw you doing this?”

“That I have my reasons.” There’s a sneer against the mage’s face and suddenly there’s a dark illuminating light filling up the room. Dark tendrils of the magic reaching out to grab Link who easily slips away from it. But the tendrils - the energy - that comes from them is far different from your own. It makes his skin crawl with disgust, like it was alive in some twisted manner - something grotesque. Had you been learning this magic? Had he been allowing this magic to taint your own? The stark contrast between the two was nauseating.

“Your friend is quite the magician, I was hoping to recruit her.” The mage speaks as he draws enough distance between them and Link can only scowl, twisting the blade in his hand before he presses against the cold tile of the dark castle - ready to put an end to the mage and its magic.

Something nudges against your conscious, a soft brush like a feather ghosting across your cheek has you jerking into an upright position. The books around and piled on your lap all collapsing onto the ground as your heart beats rapidly, a sensation of unease crawling through your skin - a familiar feeling that always accompanies a dreadful outcome.

You close your eyes, taking a deep breath as you allow your magic around the castle to move - vibrate within the walls. This was your home and you had left residue magic around every nook and cranny, and it’s only when you locate where Link is that you realize what the disturbing feeling is. The books on your lap are all tossed to the floor, scrambling to your feet as you dart out of the hallway and follow the lingering traces of your magic that pulse - leading you to the direction.

“Link!” You’re breathless when you get there, a hand over your chest and your magic reaches out to deflect the blade that would have severed your friends head. The mock master sword goes flying, landing straight up in the ground several feet away and the ruby eyes are on you - anger, disgust, betrayal and it hurts to see it but you’re also hurting. How could he do that?

“What are you doing?!” He’s volatile, angry, outraged and not thinking and so you shove your magic against him to throw him away from your friend who’s on the ground, clutching their wounded arm.

“Ah, [Name].” His voice is quiet as you rush to his side, drawing forth the residue magic to begin healing the gash inflicted on him. “I don’t know what came over him- I had asked where you were when he attacked me.”

You twisted your lips into a frown, trying to drown out his words as you continued to heal the wound. Watching the magic knit the skin back together and the blood disappear, your trembling fingers encased in his own when he could move his arm again. Pulling you both to your feet and he clutches your hands to his chest, a pitiful look on his face but there’s something off - the magic in the air ripples with each word and it feels sick.

“I had hoped to approach you in a less.. Direct manner but please, accompany me. Ganon- Link. You are worth more than what they could possibly give you as their lackey.”

The magic rippled, twisted and turned like it was angry and you knew it wasn’t coming from you and Link, your Link, didn’t possess that kind of control over magic. It came from one person, and the disgusting, nauseating feeling was the lies spilling from his mouth, and you are ready to decline - hope to ease the situation.

“Let her go.”

There’s the glow of the master sword against the side of his throat, and the hands around yours tighten enough to make you flinch. Make your own magic cry out in pain - enough that Link could pick up on it and he did. Seeing red as his sword immediately pulled back, faster than the eye could follow as it came back around to severe his head and you closed your own eyes and flinched away as much as you could. Expecting a spray of blood, of something from his severed head but instead there is only the comfort of familiar hands on your waist, setting you down gently several feet away from the collapsing body.

“What-” You’re confused, pressing into Link enough to see the body on the ground is nothing more than a doll - a mannequin for the puppet master.

The hands around your waist immediately let go, the dark look on his face has you shrinking and glancing away from him. Hoping he wouldn’t be too angry with you but knowing that he had every right to be - the soft tendrils of your magic reaching out against his skin to test the waters. Your eyes clench when he moves, gritting your teeth and awaiting something - you didn’t know what. Link had never hit you, or hurt you before and you weren’t sure what to expect.

You had never made him this angry as he was now.

But there was no blow, slap to the face or wrist, instead there’s a soft pressure on the back of your neck that startles you forward. His forehead pressing against yours with both of his eyes closed,

“You are mine.”


I haven’t posted for a while but I have good reason for that. I was making this beauty for someone. Made completely out of construction paper and maybe some tears.


Haaaa well that got away from me and can no longer be reasonably called a “doodle.”

Eee, thank you!  I’m really glad to hear I’ve been an inspiration! :D

I have written some, but for various reasons I’ve only posted one fic.

As far as their reunion, I have a hard time committing to just one scenario, because there are so many different ways it could go, and I want to explore all the possibilities, you know?  But, well, after Monday’s super-sad headcanon, I wanted to draw something happy, so here’s a best-case scenario.

Okay!  @sinnomatic, this is what I meant by “the infamous Twitter art.”

Basically, this sketch was done by Akira Himekawa and posted to their Twitter account, making it at least semi-official?  Semi-canon?

It’s… well, it’s pretty fanservice-y.  There’s Vio’s hand on Shadow’s waist, for start, but recently I noticed something else:

I’m fairly sure that’s Shadow’s knee, visible under Vio’s right arm.  Previously, I had thought Shadow was kneeling next to Vio in the picture, but if I’m right about that being his knee, Vio is pretty much leaning against his leg.  I blocked out the basic shapes in color to make it a little more clear.

At the absolute least, I think that the authors were aware of the potential for this ship.  I believe the case could be made that they shipped it themselves.

105ttt  asked:

Vio and Shadow

The ship is my: OTP.  My first real ship, the ship I will go down with.  There’s a reason my tag for them is #first and forever otp

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Like icecreamcadetjay said about the same couple, this is mostly an extrapolation of what their relationship would be like after the events of the manga, after they’ve grown and matured some.  Because obviously their relationship wasn’t healthy during the Fire Temple time period - Vio was lying through his teeth and plotting against Shadow, and Shadow was, well, trying to take over the world - but AUs where they meet again after the end of the manga, have a chance to forgive and grow and rebuild trust… those are really important to me.

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

Like I mentioned in the last one, I think Vio would be somewhat unsure about the idea of kids.  Shadow, when he’s an adult, would probably kind of want to raise a kid, but also kind of secretly doubt himself and his ability as a parent.

Whether or not they adopted kids of their own, though, they’d be totally awesome basically-uncles to any kids Green, Red, or Blue might have.  Shadow’d probably spoil his nieces and nephews rotten.  The others just have to accept that whenever Vio and Shadow babysit, the kid’s going to end up with an expanded vocabulary - it’s just a toss-up over whether the new words will be complicated and academic (Vio) or foul-mouthed (Shadow).

General Opinion:

These two mean so much to me.  It’s hard to even articulate why, I just…

[Um… warning, from here on out it’s mostly stream-of-consciousness gushing.  My apologies.]

They’re such good compliments of each other - like the way Shadow’s main motivation is frustration about not being acknowledged or seen, and Vio is frustrated at his teammates for not understanding or listening to him.

I’ve mentioned before on my art blog that I headcanon them both as asexual, and I wrote a bit about my feelings on the subject there, but… the thought of Shadow not being sexually attracted to people and not knowing why, and probably figuring it was just another thing that made him different, wrong, broken, but then meeting Vio and learning that not only are there other people like him, but Vio is like him, too, and ace ships are really important to me okay

Shadow’s such a lovestruck puppy around Vio, it’s adorable.  I actually counted once - in terms of panels of sustained, affectionate, physical contact, Shadow is the cuddliest Link - even more so than Red.  (This may be because Shadow’s most frequent target (Vio) doesn’t push him away, while Red’s (Blue) does, but still, they’d be neck-and-neck regardless.)

And for Vio’s part, I think he’s really glad to have someone to talk to, someone who will listen, someone who can and will follow his thought processes.  Shadow may not be book-smart, but he is cleverI’ve got a sketch of them in… one of my various sketchbooks, IDK which one, captioned with “finally, someone who speaks English.”  Y’know, the quote from the Avengers movie?  Because I think that’s kind of the way Vio feels about Shadow.  They make a really good team, and Hyrule’s lucky Vio never turned evil for real, ‘cause the two of them would have been ruling the kingdom in no time if he had.

Basically these two dorks have taken over my life and I can’t go an hour without thinking about this manga and if anyone asks, I’ll be lying on the ground in a puddle of feels.