link watches sherlock


While I was waiting for you downstairs, I stashed a few of the sensors around the place, just to keep the problem fresh in your mind.

sherlock crew: [films series 4]

people: [take photos of filming and post them online]

fandom: [sees what’s in the photos and generally flips out]

me: [sees a very specific thing in the photos]

me: yeah, okay, i am going to consider this the crew’s official endorsement of the way i watch this show

Benedict Cumberbatch’s face is like a curse or something at first he looks just normal or maybe even slightly unattractive but the longer you look at him the more attractive he gets and by the time you’re done watching whatever it is that he’s in you just kinda want to pet him and stroke his cheekbones.

I think the reason I put off watching Sherlock for so long is the fear that all the people I know who are already in the fandom will feel like they have to educate me or be like “OMG JUST WAIT IT GETS WORSE/BETTER LOLOLOOOOLOL I KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS THAN YOU DO LOL IVE BEEN IN THE FANDOM LONGER OMG UR SO LUCKY YOU HAVENT BEEN WAITING AS LONG AS WE HAVE FOR SEASON THREE”

and ive just tried so hard to avoid anyone like that in any fandom because its so juvenile and who the fuck cares and why cant we all just like things and not turn it into a competition even if its a friendly one and i just

On another note ive made bestie a very happy person and shes been a very awesome already-in-the-fandom friend that never wants me to stop liveblogging(texting?) her yesss