link triforce

Drew this today 👋🏻🙇🏻📒🖍 pencil, paper and painted on pc. Man, Deku Tree 🌳🗿in BOTW? That’d be so coool!!! / Dibujé ésto hoy, papel, lápiz y pintado en pc. Deku Tree en BOTW?, sería increíble!! 🕸🕷🌳🗿🔺🔺🔺

Thank you so much @fresh-biscuits for commissioning me to make this sweet triforce design! :) I’m really happy with how it turned out!

She also said it was ok for me to put it up in my redbubble shop, so thank you so much for that as well. TwT

*Edit*- This was made as a tattoo design for her, and we would like to request that no one else use this as a design for their own tattoos. It important that this be unique for her. Thank you again! :)

so legend of zelda

look I know it’s 2am and this is gonna be my first post of the new year but hear me out

I just realized that people can’t really be upset at the loz series for being “sexist”, so to speak, “making the princess helpless and kidnapped” or something like that.

Because especially in the more recent games, Ganon really just wants Zelda for her triforce power..

so, if Link had been Prince of Hyrule, he probably would have been Ganon’s target instead of Zelda

because Ganon wasn’t targeting Zelda because she was a helpless princess, just that she had the triforce

and Zelda isn’t even a helpless princess
yes, she’s a princess, but in almost every game it’s proven that she can most definitely fend for herself in battle

twilight princess, she had a bow and arrow and snuck plans behind Ganon’s back
ocarina of time, she disguised herself and went into hiding to protect the triforce and herself
wind waker, she did the same thing but she was a freaking pirate, like, terror of the seas

Link could not function without Zelda and vice versa

so yeah

I’ve been drawing a lot of “Breath of the Wild” stuff lately, at this point I just want the game to come out!! ⛰🗻🌲🏹🐴🔺🔺🔺/ he estado dibujando mucho un montón de cosas de “Breath of the Wild” últimamente, a estas alturas sólo quiero que salga ya!!! 😖🖍