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Tom’s Hut in Wienerwald

This simple house designed by Raumhochrosen is strongly related to its surroundings, it follows the outline of a dilapidated predecessor building and was drawn around a man and his passions. The hut can be opened to different views. Prefabricated from wood, everything necessary is located in a small space. A distinctive structural identity becomes a partner, a place of retreat, but also hospitality and personal development. Find, seek shelter, rest, nourish and find harmony. Then look out. Vision.

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Before we get to today’s page of Paranatural, there’s news from Twitter:

Alien Kid, or should I say Alien Girl has official pronouns! (Source)

I linked the rest of Zack’s tweet chain. He goes on to say that he plans on adding trans and non-binary characters into the comic, he just hadn’t wanted to promise it too far ahead of time. Webcomic Time is glacially slow, even for comics with regular updates, so I’d say that’s fair.

  • IGN: The 100 is a dark, serious show, so let's end on a silly note. If you could describe the rest of Season 4 in emojis, which would you choose?
  • Bob Morley: My emoji vocabulary is pretty limited to, like the smiling poop and the rainbow and a unicorn or something. So if I have to pick between those three, maybe a rainbow? I'm hoping that there's some gold at the end of it for them.

My latest post was linked from a couple of big blogs and news sources, apparently copying from each other, with the quote/summary:

Slate Star Codex: “The problem is that there’s some weird tribe of fact-immune troglodytes out there, going around refusing vaccines and voting for Brexit, and the rest of us have to figure out what to do about them.“


That’s the opposite of my argument. I’m using it as a straw man in order to knock it down. I don’t understand how people could quote that and then attribute it to me with no further explanation. This happens every time I try to deal with a controversy responsibly. People take the most inflammatory thing in the post, even if it’s the opposite of what I believe, and try to convince everyone it’s my opinion. I don’t know if this is some sort of passive-aggressive campaign against me, or some sort of terrible law of media dynamics, but it’s so annoying.


Have we mentioned its a big episode tomorrow? 😌 Babies and #Coitusversary!!! 😃

#JimParsons and #MayimBialk are very aware things are changing. (As well as the rest of the cast.)

Click link in @jimparsons_source bio to watch the full BTS clip of tomorrow nights episode.
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So with sssvilans blog being terminated, temporarily I hope, let’s take a moment to reflect on a couple things:

  • whether or not this is the reason her blog was terminated, stop using Tumblr as your main blog source if you’re going to use adf*ly when sharing your cc. Leave a link to your other blog, where ever that may be, and link the ad shorteners there, not here. for everyone’s well being. 
  • although we were all highly appreciative of Lana’s kindness in searching for and reblogging pretty much all the cc this community has to offer, it was not her job, so please keep this in mind when she returns. She is a human like the rest of us. She rebloggs out of kindness. Not because she is obligated to.
  • There are other cc find blogs you can use/follow in the interim. Yes, Lana was pretty much the only one for all of the games (TS2, TS3, & TS4) but there are others out there, others that work just as hard to keep the cc flowing. Since I’m currently playing TS4, two of my favorites are @dopecherryblossomheart & @love4sims4. Let’s show these ladies some love because they deserve it. Sorry if you’re a TS3 player following me, because I have no suggestions as to what blogs you should check out.
  • And last but not least, although going through the tags is almost always going to give you results you don’t want to see, because some simmers just don’t know better, and/or some choose not to follow the proper tagging “rules”, you can always search the proper cc tags to assist in your hunt.

It’s a sad, sad day ya’ll. But life is not over. We can get through this.


Steampunk Orrery Jewelry

I set myself a challenge last year to make an orrery (model of the solar system) to fit under a glass dome that is under an inch wide.  There is a pile of rejects on my desk - it took a long time to find the right supplies and construction. The “planets” are half beads resting on a vintage hairspring.  They needed to be very light so they didn’t drag the spring down.  I would love to have found copper tone half beads for Mars and Jupiter but I couldn’t source any.  Saturn does have her ring!  

I must stress - nothing moves on this pendant.  It is a static representation not a true mechanical orrery.  One day I would love to create tiny moving ones.  It is sealed under the glass to keep it pristine.  

The pendant is 1 ½ inches high and 1 inch wide.  The brass faceted cut cable link chain has a fixed drop of 13 inches long (from the pendant to the clasp) for a total length of 26 inches.  It has a lobster claw clasp.

I’m selling this in my Etsy store


Source: 【OVERLORD】  LOG.1 by 惡道GAZARI
Full resolution:

But yeah though, things I’d like to happen in Voltron:

  • When the team gets split up, Shiro ends up on Earth, which puts him in some pretty hot water, and the arriving cavalry is… Mom Holt. Shiro is a family friend, and he’s also the only link left to the rest of her family. And so we have an allegiance consisting of Shiro and a very impassioned middle-aged engineer who has had it up to here with people not telling her what’s going on as more of her family disappears. Mom Holt turns out to be the source of 90% of Pidge’s desire to fight everything. 

  • The whole “owning who you are makes you a better paladin” that was attached to Pidge telling the truth to the other paladins despite being afraid that it’d make them think less of Pidge making a comeback attached to the Galra Keith theory. 

  • Lance running into Keith while Keith is in Galra form and identifying him by that one cheer that was suggested and his particular response (”I say vol and you say” “vol…tron?”) which results in immediately “DUDE, KEITH, WHY ARE YOU PURPLE” met by “Was that a test? Did you actually not recognize me? We’ve been living together for a month! I look mostly the same!” being yelled at almost the same time. Because they’re huge nerds and they bond by yelling at each other I guess.

  • More of Shay. Also the idea that the Galra are having an incredibly difficult time trying to do anything with the newly-revitalized Balmera because now that it’s got some spit and vinegar in it, soldiers don’t really want to set foot on it since the Balmera has definitely developed a taste for Galra robots. The Balmera and its populace have both pretty much learned how to fight at the same time and they’re successfully maintaining a terrifying standoff. 

  • Exploration of the Galra as a complex culture who probably has a fair number of its populace who are really not down with what Zarkon is doing but mostly kept quiet out of Zarkon’s established procedure for dealing with insubordination. Environments where you see grunt-level Galra soldiers who have mastered the art of caring stealthily- keeping an eye out for peers, subordinates, prisoners- and not getting caught and dismissed or executed for “weakness”. 

  • On the topic of friendly Galra: please give Keith an irreverent, ancient druid mentor who teaches him how to alien magic. Just. Creaky, boisterous old lady full of weird, outdated-feeling alien-isms and her motivation for teaching him is like 33% “get wrecked, Haggar”. Weird Space Grandma to offset Coran’s Weird Space Uncle. She takes a terrific shine to Allura the first time they interact.

How do you explain the bloom of the Greek street art (if you think this actually exists)? Many foreign blogs describe it as an artistic enrichment and others as vandalism. Which is your opinion on this matter?

Street art has bloomed and public space art has bloomed in the Western world. In the rest of the world the notion of the private and public space is just arbitrary. Sometimes it is vandalism and others not but if the art doesn’t provoke then it is not “tasteful” art. Serge Gainsbourg, who once was also a painter, used to say that if what you create is something that even your mother likes then you need to try harder.

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Twenty-four Hours Isn’t Nearly Enough

DISCLAIMER: I did not write this. The source is linked below :) Enjoy!


Mid-August weather wasn’t bad. But when it was almost midnight and the air still felt like you were breathing in liquid, then it was a problem.

Hauling a backpack over your tired shoulders, you waited for Jongin to pack up the rest of his things, his limbs slower than usual and skin sticky from the humidity in the practice room. Both of you had sweat soaking through your thin tank tops, and your sweatpants had long been shed for the shorts underneath. Jongin straightened up before slinging his bag over a lean shoulder and wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

Cringing your nose, you swat at said arm weakly, trying to loosen his suddenly strong grip. “Kim Jongin! Stop that, you feel gross.” Giving up trying to get him off of you, you tie up your hair into a loose ponytail at the top of your head. “Plus, I smell.”

“Like sex.” He replies breezily, ducking as you try to hit him by swinging your backpack around.

“You’re a pervert, Kai.” The stage name rolls off of your tongue easily, and you say it with only a slight tang of bitterness left over. You’re getting better at that.

Every since his debut, there’s been increasingly less time for you two to do this, ‘this’ being dancing until your limbs are about to fall off. It was a common occurrence when the both of you were trainees, but now almost two years since EXO’s debut, you barely even see each other anymore. That being said, it wasn’t like you were just sitting around being idle, either.

The past few years you had been acting as backup dancers for BoA and for SM Town Live. However within the past year your schedule had even full of recordings, dance practices, and trying out different concepts.

SM has finally set a tentative debut date for you.

They wanted you to follow in the footsteps of BoA, a sunbae you had worked with and become close to, but it also meant the difficult career of a solo artist.

His hands cup your face as you two stop just outside of the infamous cloud practive room. “Hey, you thinking about December?” Jongin asks, tenderly pushing sweat soaked hairs from your face. “You know, when you debut we can finally be seen together. You won’t be SM’s super secret mystery anymore, and that means we can go public wit–”

“No,” you reply automatically. “We can’t, Jongin. Your fans, they’d be heartbroken and it wouldn’t be good publicity for any of us.” He’s tried to bring this subject up a handful of times, more since you were given a deadline. Every time you tell him no, but you’ve been childhood sweethearts, he refuses to let you go, and Kim Jongin has always been stubborn.

You read the look on his face easily, and predicting the oncoming argument, you grab his hand and pull him into an empty conference room, keeping the lights turned off. The large windows let in enough lights from the street so that it only takes a few seconds before your eyes adjust. Jongin stares at you in the dark, eyes fierce and mouth set. It hurts you whenever there’s a disagreement, but this topic is something you’re not willing to bend to him.

Without thinking, you lock the door and drop your things. Crossing your arms, you lean against the closest wall, shaking your head, but steeling your shoulders. “This is not up for compromise. I’m just thinking about what’s best for the both of us.”

He steps closer, until he has to tilt his head down to make eye contact with you, Jongin’s body radiating heat and larger figure almost covering your’s. “Fuck that. You think too much about the business side of things.” Slamming his elbow against the wall near your head, his fist clenches as he gets even closer. “We’re people too, you know.”

His words are true, but there’s just too much at stake. All of the hard work he’s poured into his career…you don’t want to ruin that for him. And though he insists he would give it up for you, you don’t want to take that chance. “Jongin. I said no.”

Looking up, your eyes catch each other’s, his cast in his own shadow, while your’s are slightly illuminated by the light coming in through the windows. Bringing your hands up to the back of his head, you thread your fingers in his sweaty hair, massaging it just the way he likes, hoping it will calm him down.

But the turn of his lips makes it obvious it doesn’t.

“Why. Not.” His question comes out through lips that are frowning, and eyes that are angry. He presses a leg inbetween your’s, and Jongin’s other hand comes up to mimic your action, threading his long fingers into your locks. “I’m not compromising, either.” It’s a statement, and you want to slap him because of his sheer gall. Jongin is entirely too close right now, and you’re both still in the SM building.

Before you can even try to sort this out, he kisses you. It’s not sweet, or gentle, and your teeth clash at the initial contact, but it’s filled with passion and fervor. The hand in your hair starts to pull, tilting your head upwards so he has the advantage over you, and you lock your hands behind his neck, pulling on him as he supports your tired body.

Suddenly, like some switch has been turned on, Jongin uses the hand on the wall to lift you upwards so that the only thing keeping you up is his body. Wrapping your legs around his waist, you feel him through the thin fabric of his sweatpants, and already you’re both sweating due to the heat, the workout previously, and each other.

You reach down between you two, and just as he starts the nipping, you rub his groin, causing him to break the kiss and pant against your shoulder.

“No. ___-ah.” It’s commanded in a rough whisper, as he starts to fiddle with the elastic of your shorts. Jongin lets you on the floor for only a second as he yanks your shorts down, only leaving the thin lace of your underwear. Your shirt is discarded as fast as all your other clothing, and as he’s still on his knees, you pull his tank top up and over his head. Jongin stands, and you run your nails down the expanse of his chest, leaving temporary red marks.

You breathe your soul into your next kiss, surrendering everything to Jongin completely in this stolen time. The colour red blooms from behind your closed eyes, the color of the sun as it sets, the color of passon, devotion, and anger. Fingers come to flutter over his face, down strong cheekbones and lovely features, to rest on his shoulders as he once again lifts you up against the wall. A kiss to his shoulder turns into a bite as he starts to piston three fingers into you, not giving you any time to adjust.

He smirks at you, eyes moving over your features, memorizing every gasp you make and every flutter of your eyelashes. Your hips lift forward, legs still spread by his, and through your haze you realize that he still hasn’t taken off his pants.

This is remedied soon enough, as Jongin takes his hands out suddenly– you groan at the loss of the sensation– but quite suddenly he moved you down to your knees, loosening the elastic pull of the cotton before sliding the sweatpants down his hips. Just as you put your hands on the skin of his hips, he presses his erection to your mouth. Without pause you open your lips, and Jongin presses all of himself into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat.

Pinpricks of tears appear at the corner of your eyes as you try to suppress your gag reflex, but the action causes the muscles in your throat to contract, causing Jongin to throw his head back, a loud moan passing through his lips as he starts to fuck your mouth. With both hands in your hair, he thrusts quickly as you take his cock, slowly getting used to the rhythm of his movements.

Jongin starts to pull out of your mouth, but you stop, catching the base of his cock in your hand as you temporarily stop the brutal pace, using this time to make eye contact with him before licking a stripe up under his dick to the sensitive tip.

His eyes narrow, and squatting down so that you’re on the same level, the uses his thumb to wipe away some of the spit on your lips before forcing you onto your hands and knees. “No.” he says clearly, not giving you any leeway as he positions the dick against your entrance. Jongin grabs the fabric covering your center and tugs the soaked fabric to the side. “Spread your legs, love.” His command is clear, and there’s an edge to his voice.

Obeying, you start to do so, until a sharp pain blooms on your ass. The sound of flesh hitting flesh is sharp against the silence of the room as you turn your head, astounded at the sensation.

“Not fast enough, sweetheart” The term of endearment is strange upon his lips as he slaps the other side with the same amount of force. Quickly, you part your legs so that he can continue the way he wants.

Finally content, Jongin grabs your hair, tugging it into a ponytail of sorts. He tightens his grip of your hips, stilling your movements as he draws back only to surge forward to roughly impale you. You cry out in pleasure and surprise at the movement, trembling as he repeats the action, hands tight on you, making sure you stayed where you were as he slammed into you with long strokes.

Knees feeling raw as he continues to fuck you at his own pace until you can’t handle it anymore, trying to go against his strength and push back against his cock. This action is punished as Jongin lets go of your hair before slapping both his hands onto your ass, leaving red prints into your skin. Grabbing at your arms, he forces you to bend backwards, solely on your knees now, as he wraps one arm around your neck, and the other goes to your clitoris.

Your lover stills, wanting to see your reaction, as you buck your hips again and again, trying to bring back the delicious friction of his cock thrusting in and out of you, but because of your position, the action does nothing to ease your lust.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jongin whispers into your ear, voice low and full of amusement. “You love getting fucked from behind.” He draws his hips back before shoving upwards, hitting you deeper than before. “I love it, seeing you opened up for me.” Slowly increasing the speed, the room was littered with moans and gasps as the constant sound of flesh slapping wetly against flesh as your plentiful juices continue to run down your inner thighs.

Raising your hands to reach behind, you surrender completely into his mercy as you feel your orgasm slowly building in the pit of your stomach. Sensing that you were close, Jongin fucks you even harder than before, hips colliding, and every thrust bringing you closer, making your back bow with the intensity.

“Jongin, Jongin, Jongin,” His name is a mantra on your tongue as you start to see spots in your vision, the lights from outside all blending into one as you start to cum, the muscles in your pussy contracting in random spasms.

The EXO member bites down into your shoulder, breaking the most superficial layer of skin and drawing a little blood as he pumps his cock faster, rushing towards his own release. You were shaking from head to toe, moaning and writing but he held you upright as he continued to pivot his hips, your body still responding to his movements.

Jongin only manages a few most thrusts before his body gave in, finishing in a broken rhythm as he spurted his cum.

There’s a moment of nothing, until Jongin pulls out of you, and sits his back against the wall, pulling you into him, back to his front. He clutches you to his chest before returning to the injury he inflicted on you, wiping the last remnants of blood away before pressing a tender kiss to the wound.

Sighing, content, you lean back into him, skin sticky with sex and sweat, and thoroughly exhausted. Muttering sweet nothings into your ear, Jongin continues to whisper promises and apologies until you stop him, turning your head and bringing your lips to his.

Tiredly, you trace his cheeks with a finger before starting to reach for your discarded clothing.

“We’ll talk about this. We’ll make it work.”

His answering kiss is full of smiles and possibilities, and you think that maybe compromises aren’t all that bad.

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Love yourself—accept yourself—forgive yourself—and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.

Leo F. Buscaglia (via OptimisticallyAstray)

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anonymous asked:

Hi wcif all the cc in november's room? Thank you :)

then the rest is most likely basegame?? like stuff that came when toddlers were patched but some links are direct others are the main sources. yw!

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is there a reference or list of some kind that has info on the X-23 kids ?? Like what their powers are or their names ? i might be interested in making a blog for one !


Hello anon & the more children the merrier! So currently, there are fifteen children in total, including Rictor (my smol). Currently, the only powers we know about the kids are: regeneration, electricity generation, telekinesis, seismic energy vibration, cold breath, plant manipulation and pyrokinesis. We don’t know what the rest can do but there are some names that are known (besides laura & rictor) : Gideon, Rebecca, Bobby, Joey, Charlotte, Delilah, and Jonah. Here’s a link of the only source I have ( x )


@sassymod asked for more info on how I put together Grievous’s cape, and I’ll start by saying most of it came down to luck. I’d like to thank the gods of estimation and rough measurements for the successful completion of this project.

I started by getting two shirts from Primark, red and black in the largest size I could get. This cost me a total of £5, possibly the cheapest source of fabric in the area. The fabric is also pretty thin so it doesn’t end up being too thick to fold around his form.

I used the pattern for a half circle skirt as the basis for the cape. The tutorial @freddiebee taught me from is linked here: I eyeballed the neck line once the rest was done as its really difficult to measure around the very inorganic neck of Grievous. I measured the circle to 42cm, including seam allowance, though that’s ended up a little short for my Grievous considering the modifications I’ve made.

I cut a 42x42cm quarter circle out of paper and placed it next to the side seam of the black shirt, cutting a half circle out of the fabric. I did the same with the red, but made it a little smaller to fit as the interior. I sewed in the pockets to the red fabric, which I’ll explain in a second, then folded the black around the red to create a hem and ran it through the sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch as the fabric was stretchy.

The pockets were 8x6cm sections, but I found it easier to hem them from a larger piece of fabric and then cut below the hem, as the piece seen above ended up too small to easily run through the sewing machine. After hemming the rectangles I sewed them into the red fabric (before attaching the red to the black, you don’t want the red thread showing through the back) with an angular w shape, down each side, along the bottom and down the middle, attaching it so the fabric bows out a little, with a 8x6cm piece taking up 7x6cm on the red fabric. In retrospect, the pockets were a little tall, so maybe a 8x5cm rectangle would be better.

That’s about it really, this is the first piece of sewing I’ve done in ages, so if I could end up with an alright looking result, then I’m sure you guys can as well. Good luck!

Is this a priceless Mike Hailwood RC166? Not quite: It’s a humble Honda GL200 built by @richrichieridegarage in Java, Indonesia. Genius.
The fabrication is off the scale, and we love the neat mechanical touches too — like the rear drum brake, sourced from a Vespa.
That makes it one of our Bikes Of The Week — see the rest via the link in our bio.
Spotted via @returnofthecaferacers | #honda #hondatiger #vintage #caferacer #mikehailwood #caferacerindonesia #bikeexif