Finally finished this piece for cutiesaturday!! This has been sitting in my files and the back of my head forever?! Link to the Past is my favorite LoZ game - and as such, pink/magenta haired Link is always my fav too <3


Short animated trailer I made to go with the Zelda x Ghibli posters I did a while ago. Will post some of the BG paintings I did for this at some point-

I animated this to a section of an amazing piano piece by Kyle Landry 


 The Chaos continues.

Welcome to the Links and the Link’s au, where everything’s still made up and the canon still doesn’t matter.

More Loz from me~!

Pt. 1

(please do not edit/repost my work to othersites without permission! Seriously just ask it takes like 2 seconds;;))

Its dangerous to go alone…

This is one of the prints that were available at Anime North that I forgot to upload. Had a lot of fun incorporating all of the Links. Can you recognize them all?


I’m gonna run a Zelda themed LOTFP game. So I made some easy to reference class sheets for character creation. Obv I don’t own the rights to anything Nintendo related and this is purely a work of fan art that is making me 0 money. 

The colors on these got kind of fucked, but I think it actually adds to the old school game manual vibe.

There’s some hacked apart LOTFP rules included on these but I can’t really say that I care if that bothers you :P

Also LTTP Zora are way cooler looking than OOT.

Good? Good.