link to the original post in the source ok


Upper pic is the original post, lower pic is the post as I’ve seen at least 5 times in my dash these past days.

This is the reason deleting the OP’s comment is just plain disrespectful. This is probably one of the most interesting posts I’ve seen on Tumblr, and it got degraded to a talk about “bloo bloo boys don’t get it I hate my body :(”. Like seriously, the original post has absolutely no relation to self-consciousness, why would ANYONE see this post about the origins of a historical and mysterious art piece and think it’d be a good idea to delete the whole explanation and replace it such a terrible caption.

The worst part is that it seems this post is famous as a body-issue post instead of what it really is.

toiletpaperfandom asked:

hey! I LOVE your jss, so heres an idea: post some of the images single, for example connor "SHBOOOOM" with the crutched, or stef seing the ship sail in the distance and such. would give you more traction and I also would just love to reblog from the orig. source instead of reposting x)

Hey you guys are free to repost single shots if you link to the original I am A-OK with it!! XD