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new witch here! i think i'm ready to start my grimoire. any tips?

ooh, congratulations! :-) ⭐️ there’s an endless amount of things to try putting in your grimoire/book of shadows. some things that come to mind include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

- a personalized cover (optional - if you’re using a physical journal and wish to be more discreet, just try picking one with a favorite color or a pretty design. if you do wish to decorate, consider adding a pretty drawn or printed image on your cover that speaks to you - a pentagram, moon, animal, your initials, a flower, etc. :-) also think of stickers, using a glitter pen, or making a homemade cover from a paper bag or construction paper. get creative)!

- a basic guideline of your own personal rules, or a description of your practice (leave enough room to add to this later if you wish! write a bullet list or paragraph of the rules you wish to follow, what type of witch you are, and how you want your practice to benefit you in the long run. if you wish, also feel free to copy down the Wiccan Rede!)

- pages filled with tips and lists (herbs and their correspondences, star charts, astrology info, tarot spread layouts, moon phases, a sabbat chart, ritual and spell ideas… literally anything you can think of. if you’re using a physical journal, don’t be afraid to print out some of these things that may be just too long to write out!) ~

- some space for you to write down anything you wish (a “spiritual diary,” if you will. you can fill these pages with tarot readings and what you’ve learned from them, how a spell worked or didn’t work, a spiritual experience you may have had, how you plan to further your practice and be a better witch… etc. the possibilities are endless! this is your sacred space for venting and learning.)

- decoration + personalization! press flowers, draw pictures, glue or tape photos and ideas, add glitter or stickers… really make it your own. you are completely free to collage the heck out of your grimoire, or keep is as neat and tidy as you please. ☺️🙏🏻

hope this helps! sorry it was so long hehe. i also advise checking out this link - it’s super useful for figuring out what kind of grimoire you want to have + tons of other tips. blessed be! )O( ✨

Things I'm Gonna Do When I Have Enough Money For A Trip To America

- Organize a meet-up with my amazing online friends (that includes you) so that they’ll become my irl friends

- Go to Starbucks and write a list of how different it may be from Gloria Jeans

- Get an American phone number so whilst I’m in America I’ll be able to text and call my online buddies

- Love being in the same timezone as (some of) y'all

- Literally not leave you alone because I’ll finally have a chance to see you

- Try not to worry if this list is creepy

- Bring little gifts for everyone like Vegemite and lamington recipes and badges

- Probably just write everyone a card to show my love for them

- Try and learn all the states’ names (and where the ones where my buddies live are on the map)

- Catch a subway (right to your door haha– wow this is a stereotypical idea of what America’s like)

- Try to sneak into someone’s school to see what on earth cafeterias are

- Become one with the USA by imitating everyone’s accents

- Try to make my online friends laugh by my accent (and ultimately fail by annoying them)

- Wonder where all the grass is in the city

- Be amazed that some of my friends live in an American suburb and “Wait, so America isn’t just one entire city?” and have you all laugh at me :D

- Take so many photos everyone will be looking at me so weirdly but I won’t care because I’ll have photos of the people I love!! (including you, obviously :D)


- Be amazed that [insert movie] is already out for you guys and just bug everyone to see the movie again and again because “Nobody back home has seen THIS!!”

- Call you up one afternoon and just say “Halp, I don’t know how to tip.. ;-; Come quickly, the waitress is looking at me weirdly..”

- Use intricate Aussie slang so people won’t know what I’m talking about when I say stuff like “Sheila”

- SAY TO SOMEONE “Hey, have you seen my sheila? She was here a minute ago” IF YOU EVER HAVE TO RUN OFF AND DO SOMETHING (nearly put SOMEONE 0.0)

- Learn all of the coffee orders of mai friends

- Make a decorated copy of this list to give to you a few years from now when anons are nice and give you links to flower shops in your region and maybe an online gift card so you can get yourself something nice and–


- Make an American Name™ because no-one can pronounce my name (I’ll probably just say my nickname’s il)
- Play a board game with you and Flagelise

- Wonder how I’ll be able to be with all my American friends at once when they’re smeared all across the country

There are so many other things apart from that I want to do, but I’ll be here all day at this rate

One thing I definitely won’t be doing because of some stupid anon (*glares at anon, wherever they are*) is this:

- Putting your flowers and card on a grave

I know that since school started the only time you ever really see me is on Tumblr but one day you won’t even need Insta or Skype or Tumblr or whatever to talk to me because I will be right next to you. Even if I only see you offline once, I will still love every minute of it


{aGH BUCKO, OR WHATEVER YOU FEEL SAFE BEING CALLED, NO STAHP I FEEL FEELINGS also like holy shit i almost cried at the “putting flowers and a card on your grave” thing like holy shit that hit me like stay alive reprise}

May Masterpost Challenge! 4/20 Masterposts

May Masterpost Challenge by @educatier, the goal is to make 20 Masterposts in May!

How To: Create Original Content

This is my post on how to create original content, and ideas for what exactly to create. I hope this helps!


  • Heading your content draws attention and gets your url out there. 
  • I use picmonkey to create mine, though some people use photoshop or other resources.
  • Generally, use one colour for a background, and one for text. You want the text to be read easily, so pick a text colour that can be read clearly with the colour of the background.
  • You can also use a pattern in the background to make the header less plain, or add symbols or pictures. 
  • My header is 1225 x 445, but you can play about with the sizing until you find what you like.


  • Make masterposts for different topics! When I make a masterpost, I like to make a long post from scratch, but lots of other people like posting a bunch of links organised under headers, which works too. 
  • A few ideas for masterposts are: organisation, motivating yourself to study, how to study, how to study for exams vs how to study throughout the course, studying when ill, time management, tips for college or Uni, tips for studying, and bullet journaling.
  • You can also make masterposts for resources - music playlists, stationery, printables, websites and textbooks, and youtube videos.


  • You can make printables for others to use - generally, these printables are blank study schedules, to-do lists, calendars, tables and notes.
  • Use one main font for titles and one easy to read font for smaller text. 
  • Decorate your printables! Add little flowers or decorate brackets.
  • Use different colours! Have one main colour (usually black) for text and lines, and another for smaller text and decorations.

Original resources:

  • Make posts explaining various concepts - for langblr, this refers to things like audio clips of you pronouncing certain words (especially if you’re a native speaker), posts explaining the usage of certain tenses, posts and tables for verb conjugations, vocab lists, posts explaining the use of plurals, gender, possession, etc. 


  • Photos of your notes or stationery are always popular - try matching colours in your photos, and maybe only have one or two colours of pens. You can use more, but personally I think it starts looking a bit messy with more colours. (That’s totally personal opinion, though!)
  • Generally, making the headers bigger and decorating your notes a bit looks good - just make sure you aren’t decorating your notes when you should be studying!
  • Photos of study schedules, desks, books and hot drinks, or bullet journals are also popular. 

Other Advice:

  • Be nice! If there’s a mistake in your notes or post and someone points it out, be graceful and thank them for helping! Generally they aren’t doing it to be mean - the point of studyblr is to learn, and you can’t learn without making mistakes. 
  • If someone corrects one of your posts, edit the original post to add “corrected by @____”.
  • Tag your posts so that others can find them.
  • Tag other blogs in your posts - mutuals if it’s something you think they might find useful or interesting, and some of the more popular blogs to get your post out there!
  • If someone helped you with your post, give them credit! Just a line saying “thanks to @____ for helping with this post!” is sufficient, and it’s nice to be credited for your work!
  • If someone says they found your post helpful, thank them and wish them luck with their studying. It’s just a nice thing to do. 

Other original content posts: 

this post by @obsidianstudy

My Masterposts:

How to: study effectively

How to: start a studyblr

How to: study multiple languages at once

How to: study with a mental illness

How to: start learning a language

How to: practice with native speakers

Danish grammar basics

If there’s anything you think I should add, or you have another example, please let me know! I hope this helps someone!

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How would Seventeen react to seeing you walk down the isle on your wedding day?

S.Coups is the groom who would talk to his best man a lot and would probably continue doing so as you walk towards him. “See that gorgeous girl? She’s going to be my wife in a few minutes. Can you believe it?” He’d fidget a bit, checking if everything is alright and if he looks good in his suit. “Father-in-law is genuinely smiling at me, right? He’s not smiling while planning to murder me because I stole his girl, right?” 

Jeonghan would be prettier than you girl tbh is the kind of guy who shifts his foot while he watches you walk down the isle. He would sometimes quickly look down due to almost-uncontainable excitement, and he’d smile when he sees you getting nearer by the second. He would nod at your dad when their eyes meet, his expression carrying the promise that he would take care of you forever.

Joshua would mouth things like “You’re so beautiful” and “Wifey” as you walk down the isle, and he would grin or slightly laugh at your reactions. He’d stand straight with his hands in front, waiting for you to reach him and say your vows together. He’d take in your beauty while he waits, looking at how the dress looks perfectly on you and the perfectly arranged flowers on your hand. I think I want her to keep that gown during our honeymoon activities 

Jun would smooth his suit because he wants everything to be perfect for the best day of his life. A light blush would adorn his cheeks, and he’d smile with so much happiness, though he’ll try to act chic to hide his ever-growing excitement. In a few more seconds, she would be linking her arms to mine. In a few more minutes, she would say her vows. I would be hers, and she would be mine.

While he waits, Hoshi would make small talks to the people close to him but would spend most of his time looking at the flower decorations adorning the whole place, complimenting the ones who arranged them beautifully. The moment you enter and walk towards him, he would come up to the realization that “Wow, even with all these flowers she is still the most mesmerizing.”

Wonwoo would stand tall, his hands on his back. He’d smile proudly, patiently waiting for you to link your arm to his. He’d admire how your gown looks perfect on you and how pretty you look despite your face being covered by a veil. As you walk, thoughts about you and his future family would flood his mind, and he’d smile with such adoration in his eyes. 

Woozi would be tapping his foot (to the beat of the wedding song, maybe) because of both excitement and impatience. Okay so why is the bridal walk so long I want to be married to her NOW.. but actually everything feels so surreal so maybe she should take her time… but I want to hear her “I do”! His nervousness would be a bit obvious because he’d fidget and look down at times, but he would want to focus on you and you alone as you get nearer.

D.K. would smile so wide when you look at him as you walk. This is what he has been waiting for ever since you started dating, and he would feel so happy and excited to be married to someone like you. He’d probably do signals with his hands like a mini heart or the neo yeppeuda part in Pretty U. He knows that you’re feeling slightly nervous (as was he), so he’d try to distract you with these actions.

Mingyu would most likely mess up his hair unconsciously, and when he does realize it, he’d internally panic. Whoah whoah my hair I need to fix it quick she’s riGHT THERE LOOKING PERFECT, he’d think as he watches you walk down the isle. He’d try to play it cool and smile, but his nervousness would still seep through his expressions. He’s probably also the type to wink at you while you walk lol

The8 would smile at you and only you. His attention is solely yours even if his best man taps his back and comments on how lucky he is. He’d stand casually while he waits for you and would smile whenever your eyes meet. He would feel so happy about the whole wedding most likely because he has been dreaming of it for so long.

Seungkwan would try to keep his tears at bay as much as possible because wow, after all these years I get to marry her. Like the other guys, he would be wearing a proud smile, and it’d widen once he sees you look at him. He’d have a slightly unnoticeable blush on his cheeks and would look down, but would proceed to look at you and stand proudly. 

Vernon would repeatedly chant this is it this is it oh god this is it in his head once he sees you slowly approach him. He’d sneak a glance to his parents to see their proud looks, and then shift back to stare at you. He would be smiling with his mouth closed first, but when you smile at him, his pearly white teeth would come out when he smiles back. 

It would be very easy to tell that Dino is excited. His eyes would disappear due to the huge smile on his face, and one of his hands would be tightly gripping his other hand’s wrist. He’d exchange a silent conversation with you when your eyes meet, and you would definitely see his promise to eternally take care of you while doing so. His eyes would just be on you, especially when you reach him on the altar.

I hope they aren’t too short haha. Thank you for waiting and I hope y’all like it!