link roll

French Toast Sausage Roll-Ups

Ingredients & Measurements:

  • 8-10 White or Wheat Sandwich Bread
  • 8-10 Sausage Links
  • 3 Eggs
  • ½ cup Milk
  • 3 tbsp Sugar
  • ½ tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 1 tsp Flour


Slice off the crusts on the bread. Use a rolling on to flatten each piece of bread. Place a sausage link on the front edge of the bread. Roll up tightly, like a taquito. Preheat skillet over medium heat, make sure to grease well with butter. Add eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and flour together in shallow dish. Dip sausage roll ups into the mixture, rolling gently coat all sides, and place in skillet. Cook for a few minutes, turning gently as you go until they are golden brown. Serve with syrup. Enjoy!

So I was just sitting around and thinkin’ about Shane (as you do) when I thought of something, and turned it into something more. I just have a lot of feelings my dudes, I gotta let them out.

When the farmer needs to be cheered the heck-a-rooney up (bachelors only):

Alex - He will scoop you up in his arms, hold and squeeze you for as long as you need. When you’re feeling a little better, he’ll drag you (and doggo if you’d like) out for some fresh air on a walk to the beach and, if sunny, a refreshing dip in the sea. How can you be sad when the man you love is grinning widely as he playfully splashes you, and howling with laughter as you move drenched hair out of your eyes, pretending to be mad before you do the same to him? You can’t.

Elliott - He will whisper sweet nothings in your ear, reminding you how special you are, how amazing and important you are, and, of course, how beautiful and/or handsome you are. The more he continues, the less serious and more ridiculous the compliments get. He won’t stop until you’re blushing furiously, laughing and begging him to stop.

Harvey - He will be a little unsure the first time he sees you like this, but quickly snaps out of his hesitation to help you. This man will sit you down, and immediately start rubbing your back, relaxing your muscles and relieving tension. He’ll also sneak in some neck, shoulder and back kisses as his hands do the work. He’s there to listen if you need to let it all out, he would never complain, he hates the thought of you bottling everything up inside. 

Sam - He will hold you as you rest in his arms, and softly sing to you. Eventually, when you’re feeling better, he will be sat on the bed, back against the headboard, and you between his legs, with his chin on your shoulder as you play guitar together, his hands over yours, plucking the strings together. If it’s a more low-key sadness, he’d probably show you dumb memes he finds funny, or he’d send you this

Sebastian - “hey wanna see this cat video?” … but if the sadness is beyond cat videos, he will do his best to comfort you, despite feeling a little awkward, unsure of how to handle your emotions, he does his best, listening to everything you need to say. He might even take you out on his motorbike, taking a spontaneous trip to just about anywhere. The sharp and familiar wind flowing through your hair as you two sped down the road is enough to ease your troubles.

Shane - He would either lay in bed with you, your head on his chest whilst he lazily draws circles and traces the small details/marks/scars on your body he loves so much. Or he would carry you to the chicken coop and childishly play around with you, giving the chickens voices and telling stories about them. “This one time, Mr. Cluck-a-thon escaped the pen and robbed a bank, no lie”.

Over the past few years, Rebecca Sugar has learned to steer a very large spaceship. Five seasons in, Steven Universe, her Cartoon Network show – the channel’s first created by a woman – is enormously popular with both kids and their parents, attracting a vast, fierce fandom. (It’s frequently at or near the top of the various rankings on Tumblr’s Fandometrics page, and has a large following all across social media platforms.)

The series is consistently lauded for its emotional intelligence, its musical numbers (including songs sung by Estelle and Patti LuPone, who Sugar wooed with roses), its nuanced character development, and especially its insistent queerness – one major character is the literal and metaphorical embodiment of a lesbian relationship, and almost no one in its central family is related by blood.

With her mop of black hair, indefatigable smile and seemingly boundless energy (she’ll turn 30 in July), it’s not hard to see Sugar in her creation. But series protagonist Steven – a relentlessly kind, goofy boy at the center of a millennia-old galactic war between the Earthbound Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl) and the parasitic Gem Homeworld – has a lot less going on in his life than his creator.

Steven Universe isn’t just a TV show: It’s a sprawling, many-tentacled property that includes comics, an upcoming console video game, a just-released soundtrack album, a New York Times best-selling children’s book and merchandise recreating most of Steven’s clothes. Most of these run through Sugar personally in some capacity – she wrote The Answer (the children’s book), made editing passes on the companion volume Steven Universe’s Guide to the Crystal Gems, oversaw the tracklisting and remixing for the album, and contributed dialogue and artistic guidance to the game, Save the Light.

The scope of her job both excites Sugar and, occasionally, pains her. “When I don’t have time to be really involved, it’s definitely strange to see something come into existence and know that I…” She cuts herself off. “But it’s hard to stay away.” Letting anything go is difficult for Sugar, whose life and relationships, in a sense, are the show.

Steven is something of a tribute to Rebecca’s brother Steven Sugar, a background designer on the show. The show’s exploration of romantic relationships (particularly in the character of Garnet, the living embodiment of a romantic relationship) is informed by her own with long-term partner Ian Jones-Quartey, a former executive producer on Steven Universe and the creator and showrunner for upcoming Cartoon Network series OK K.O!. “My time with them is trapped inside the show,” Sugar says. “That’s what makes it special.”

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