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pluto & where you transform/ find power

~Pluto is the last generational planet and has the slowest orbit around the signs. Therefore, while some common generational themes can be found in the sign placements, the house placement should be focused on more when it comes to interpreting the individual. Most people here have their Pluto in Scorpio or Sagittarius. Ruled by Scorpio, Pluto shows what changes/truths you seek, how and where you transform yourself, the thin veil between powerfulness and powerlessness. Plutonian change is not as societal as Uranus’ systematic dismantling, but rather more internal, ruthless and intensely reformative.

Pluto in signs (more generational):

Transforming in….

Aries ♈: … an urgent, driven, bold way. themes of asserting independence
Taurus ♉: … a steady, enduring, collected way. themes of materialism
Gemini ♊: … a versatile, adaptable, communicative way. themes of exposed information and ideas
Cancer ♋: … an emotional, protective, defensive way. themes of intracommunity changes
Leo ♌: … a dramatic, creative, optimistic way. themes of indulgence
Virgo ♍: … a critical, practical, analytical way. themes of precision and self-mastery
Libra ♎: … a diplomatic, peaceful, harmonious way. themes of justice and fairness
Scorpio ♏: … a secretive, deep, intense way. themes of obsession and research discoveries
Sagittarius ♐: … a freedom-seeking, idealistic, expansive way. themes of travel/exploration and higher learning
Capricorn ♑: … a pragmatic, calculated, measured way. themes of industrialism and businesses
Aquarius ♒: … an unconventional, original and detached way. themes of humanitarianism and elitism
Pisces ♓: … a transcendental, sacrificial, idealistic way. themes of spirituality and addiction

Pluto in the houses (more specific to the individual):

Power struggles in or transformation within/through….

1st 🏠: … the self and the lifestyle. / constant regeneration of outlook and maybe appearance, feelings of alienation are possible. you are perceptive, aware of and sensitive to power struggles in your life. you find yourself holding many secrets for you feel powerful possessing knowledge that no one else does. you therefore prefer to keep your life private and keep things under wraps. you come off as intense, mysterious and have a magnetic presence that others are fascinated by. you may find yourself drawn to psychology and investigative research… you love a complex challenge.

2nd 🏠: … your self-worth and the acquisition of resources. / you may find your possession and resources constantly taken or ‘stolen’ from you, or otherwise inconsistent. you are insecure about your value and may find yourself often worrying about financial stability. you are incredibly resourceful though, and just as capable of getting the finances you lost back.. obsessive about wealth and acquiring possessions, you put in much effort in achieving the stability you seek. you may find yourself constantly throwing things out to get new things… you experience a lot of fundamental changes in your values and principles, maybe even appearance. may have a strong, booming voice that is lower in pitch

3rd 🏠: … communication and thoughts. / inquisitive & curious, you are a deep, pensive thinker and have an incredible perceptive awareness and analytical appreciation of things. you find yourself fascinated by new topics and may be prone to obsessive thinking.. regardless, you have a need to be heard and you communicate in a powerful, intelligent way that makes people listen. your ideas have much depth and ruthless wisdom. learning is a transformative experience to you and you may find yourself an extremely knowledgeable/high-achieving student. linked to educational investigative research & linguistics

4th 🏠: … the childhood and the domestic life. / you may have experienced a intense/turbulent past or a childhood with controlling, authoritarian figures that made you feel powerless. you may have deeply repressed desires because of this or are reserved and secretive about your background as a result, developing much protective armouring.. now you feel a need to subtly be in control of family traditions/in control of your ‘inner circle’; a powerful head of house. you are intensely protective of the people you consider a part of that inner circle. you likely have an unusual domestic life. some with this placement experience a sudden change in homes, developing resourcefulness & resilience through changing environments.

5th 🏠: … self-expression and leisure. / you have a deep creativity and a strong, intense & dramatic manner of self expression. more inclined to take pleasure/leisurely activities and romance seriously. there a lot of shifts in the love life and you may find yourself swinging from extremes, going from intense and transformative relationships and lovers to none at all. capable of forming extremely strong bonds with children or being very protective of your own. you may take pleasure in gambling or occult interests. possessive or obsessive lover

6th 🏠: … jobs and helping others. / obsessive concern over health & hygiene. you are passionate about servicing/helping others and do this through transformative means, may gravitate to psychology or therapy-related jobs as well as “inside” jobs (associated with spies). intense workaholic, you take your duties and work seriously. you may preoccupy yourself with work or helping others so much that you neglect your own health, self destructive tendencies that affect health are common with this placement.

7th 🏠: … partnerships and your interactions with others. / you are prone to having/gravitating to extreme and intense relationships - that’s where your passion is most apparent. destructive, obsessive, possessive lover/attracts destructive, obsessive, possessive partners (romantic or otherwise). similarly, may be controlling or attract controlling partners. you have good investigative skills and an ability to uncover secrets from others. you look for intimacy and depth in your interactions. you may be a lone wolf or have a dramatic social life. you’re reserved and private about your relationships because you hold their transformative powers dear.

8th 🏠: … your legacy and your intimate relationships. / you may have obsessive or compulsive tendencies and desires. capable of extreme regeneration and powerful inner transformation. passionate sexuality or strong intimate needs. you have a perceptive, psychic sensitivity and awareness. you are also capable of high self-control and discipline - empowers you and ignites you due to the potency of your powerful desires that you once thought were out of control. you don’t take things at face value which is why this placement is strongly associated with psychology, healing and investigative research; you look beyond the surface, aren’t afraid to dig deep or get your hands dirty. you’re resourceful, measured and calculated. resilient and not easily scared off, you can overcome extreme or adverse situations. you do have a tendency to expose hidden matters within yourself and others though, which may land you in trouble…

9th 🏠: … your beliefs and spiritual exploration. / you may be extremely religious or deeply attracted to spirituality or philosophy. expansion is fascinating to you and you have a strong drive to explore new horizons/pursue higher learning. if you do manage to pursue this, you might find yourself adept at or drawn to subjects that ‘uncover’ and expose hidden or secret matters, or subjects that have depth and insight on ‘taboo’/untalked about matters like life and death. you are unafraid of new or unfamiliar experiences, in fact you find them quite empowering. you are likely interested in exploring places that have a lot of history, depth or obscure legends in them. this placement is linked to archaeology, criminology, teaching & medicine.

10th 🏠: … the public image and the career. / you project a powerful, intense persona and come off as intimidating to others. your aspirations are high and you are ruthlessly ambitious. you have a magnetic presence that demands recognition and works hard for it… you look for powerful/high authority positions and likely aspire to be the boss. you are sensitive to power struggles in the workplace and are calculated in approaching such situations… sometimes you attract such opposition and challenges from others, for the public perception of you is controversial and divided. you can be self-serving and greedy but you are capable of incredible resourcefulness in your climb to the​ top. observant, very perceptive and may have a natural affinity with subjects that require insightful depth like psychology and (surprise) astrology. good investigative skills; you probe beyond the surface. celebrities with this placement can be very controlling of their public image. linked to career crises and you find power in overcoming them

11th 🏠: … the community and your circle of friends. / you are loyal and protective of your friends, capable of forming intense & deep bonds but you like to have power over them and tend to be lone wolf due to your controlling nature & seeming unapproachable. regardless, you are incredibly perceptive of changes in your environment and you find communities and friendships incredibly transforming. you like to change/manipulate group dynamics. you also have very fixed and potentially extreme ideals and views that may attract opposition from others - no matter, your persuasive skills are subtle but powerful. you may find power in forming friendships in outlandish, unusual places..

12th 🏠: … the subconscious and your solitude. / you face deep internal transformations in your alone time - a rich, and intense inner life that you may be inclined to keep hidden. repressed violent urges may manifest in your dreams. there’s a lot about yourself you may be unaware of that you will only learn through deep introspection and contemplation. you find great power behind the scenes and are inclined to isolate yourself from the ‘spotlight’/confining chains of society. you are pensive, secretive and incredibly layered. be careful of your suppressed rage - you can be unaware of how angry you are and it comes up in volcanic outbursts..

These are all my own interpretations, for more posts like this please follow @jupiteronic

Careers & Astrology (Part 2)

Part one here || Artist version here

- Sun in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo, or Scorpio
- Mercury in Aries, Capricorn, or Scorpio
- Mars in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, or Gemini
- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Scorpio Ascendant
- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, or Scorpio Midheaven
- 5th/6th/11th house cusp in Aries, Sagittarius, or Scorpio
- Mars in the first, fifth, or tenth house
- Sun in the first or fifth house
- Moon, Mercury, Ascendant, or Midheaven in aspect to Mars or Pluto
- Mars in positive aspect to Pluto
- Sun, Mars or Pluto dominance
- Mercury dominance (sometimes, if the chart supports it)
- Fire dominance
- First house stellium

- Sun in Taurus, Virgo, Libra (possibly Capricorn or Gemini as well)
- Moon in Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, or Pisces
- Mercury in Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Gemini, or Capricorn
- Venus in Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, or Gemini
- Jupiter in Cancer, Virgo, or Taurus
- Second, fifth, or sixth cusp in Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, or Libra
- Ascendant or Midheaven in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, or Libra
- Sun or Mercury in aspect to the moon, Jupiter, or Venus
- Moon, Venus, or possibly Jupiter in the first, second, or tenth house
- Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Pisces, or Virgo dominance (mainly the first three)
- Moon or Venus dominance (possibly Jupiter as well)
- Second (or sometimes sixth) house stellium

- Sun in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and possibly Gemini or Taurus
- Moon in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini
- Mercury in Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, or Capricorn
- Mars in Virgo or Capricorn
- Jupiter in Cancer, Virgo, or Aquarius
- Ascendant or Midheaven in Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, or Taurus
- Prominent Virgo energy overall (could be Virgo itself, could be a combination of earth & Mercury dominance, could be a number of things as long as the result is a careful nature & aptitude for care-taking/healing/repairing)
- Saturn or Mercury in aspect to the moon or sun
- Saturn, moon, or Mercury in aspect to the Ascendant or Midheaven
- Saturn, Mercury, moon, or Mars in the sixth house
- Virgo/Cancer/Capricorn/Pisces dominance (mainly the first two)
- Mercury and/or Saturn dominance
- Sixth house stellium
(Also see the placements I wrote down for scientists in the first installment of this post series, linked above!)

- Sun in Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, or Scorpio
- Moon in Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, or Scorpio
- Mercury in Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Gemini
- Mars in Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, or Libra
- Jupiter in Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Cancer, or Libra
- Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, or possibly Scorpio
- ASC/MC in Aries, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Virgo, or Libra
- Sun, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn in the first, tenth, or eleventh house
- Pluto in positive aspect to Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn
- Mars in positive aspect to Sun, Moon, Jupiter, or Saturn
- Saturn in positive aspect to Sun, Moon, or Jupiter
- Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra dominance
- Sun, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn dominance
- Eleventh house dominance/stellium

- Sun in Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, or Libra
- Moon in Virgo or Gemini
- Mercury in Virgo, Gemini, or Capricorn
- Venus in Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, or Libra
- ASC/MC in Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, or Libra
- Second or eleventh house in Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, or Libra
- Mercury or Venus in the first, second, tenth, or eleventh house
- Mercury/Venus in positive aspect to Sun/Moon/ASC/MC/Jupiter/Saturn
- Saturn in positive aspect to Sun/Moon/ASC/MC
- Virgo, Gemini, or Capricorn dominance/stellium
- Second or eleventh house stellium/dominance

Have suggestions for careers you would like to be included in the next Careers & Astrology posts? Let me know!

Gem location influences personality

So by now a lot of people have noted that gem locations and gem personalities are linked. Below I’ve compiled a list of how a gem’s personality is linked to their gem placement. This may lead us to predict traits of certain gems before we get to know them.

Forehead (Pearl and Peridot): Forehead gems seem to more intellectually-oriented and both Pearl and Peridot show symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

Eye (Eyeball/Rubeye, various monsters): The one eyepatch gem we’ve seen was grim and mysterious. Both are classical personality traits of “the grizzled veteran”

Nose (Jasper): The only nose gem we’ve seen, Jasper, is both literally and figuratively “Hard Nosed”

Collar (Yellow and Blue Pearl): The collar, in the sense of a dog collar, symbolizes a lack of self-possession or ownership. The two gems with collar gems we’ve seen are both pearls, a slave caste who both appear loyal to and fearful of their masters.

Chest (Amethyst, Yellow and Blue Diamond, Doc, Bismuth [citation needed]): Chest gems are emotional and quickly angered, with their gem located right over their heart.

Navel (Rose, Steven, Navy): Navel gems tend to be significantly more sensitive and feminine than normal. Understandable given that the navel, the scar left behind by the umbilical cord, is symbolic of a maternal connection and feminine influence

Back (Lapis Lazuli): The one back gem we’ve seen, Lapis Lazuli is unable to leave the past behind her and it always looking back at what she’s left behind

Left Bicep (Army): A sign of brute strength. Army was noticeably more quiet and muscular befitting the strong, silent type.

Palm of Right Hand (Sapphire): The palm is symbolic of love (holding hands) as well as taking matters into one’s own hands, and the right is associated with strength and influence (regarding her title) “doing the right thing” as sapphire did when she gave up her title for the gem who protected her

Palm Of The Left Hand (Ruby): The Left on the other hand is associated with counterculture and subversive behavior, such as Ruby breaking the taboo of mixed-gem fusion

Back of Left Thigh (Leggy/Nuby): The one gem we met with a leg gem was overly cautious and easily frightened. The gem placement may symbolize a desire to turn tail and run away

EDIT: I should probably mention something else:

Gem location symbolism does’t apply to most fusions, but the few it does apply to all have a singular trait in common: They lost themselves in the fusion

Both Hands: Garnet takes matters into her own hands and lets her fists do the talking

Both Hands and Chest: Sugilite is combines strength with emotion to get wanton violence 

Back and Nose: Loss and wrath combine in Malachite to create a creature consumed by a desire for revenge against Steven

Okay, wow, that’s a big info dump, but what exactly do we do with this information?

The same thing we do every night Pinky; Speculate about children’s cartoons

Good afternoon, folks, and welcome to today’s Eurovision statistical map, the last of the year! I had thought of making my final map one more bit of analysis about this year’s contest, but felt that would be better to keep for next year. Instead, I thought the nicest way to finish off and celebrate a season full of interaction with other lovers of the ESC would be to tackle one of the number of map requests I’ve been sent (I’m working on the others too, they just mostly require a lot more time of rewatching performances.)

This map looks at the average place every country who has taken part from 2008-2017 received across the past decade. Whilst 2008 may seem like a curious choice of epoch, it makes a lot of sense - 2007 was the end of an era in Eurovision, and 2008 was the dawn of a new one. 2007 was a bloodbath for the pre-93 countries often considered “Western” - out of the countries who had to qualify, only Sweden and Ireland passed through to the finals. Huge success for post-93 “Eastern” countries meant that the highest ranked “Western” nation was the hosts, Finland, in a less than glorious 17th place.

This led to some drastic sea changes in 2008 - in my book, not so fairly. Had the west triumphed over the east in similar manner, I doubt there’d be such an appetite for change. The non-automatic qualifiers were split for the first time into two semi finals - not a bad idea in itself, because the semi-finals did have a marathon feel that made for uncomfortable workday evening viewing - but perhaps more significant than that as a change was the introduction of pots, theoretically based on voting record, to try to break up the fabled blocs. Instead of putting through the top 10 from each semi through, the “back-up juries” got to choose one non-qualifier to save - the most famous to benefit from this being Sweden’s Charlotte Nilsson. They went one further in 2009, by bringing back the juries, which would change Eurovision’s trajectory forever - in my eyes, not always in the most positive way.

The big winners of this era with the highest average placings are names that you would expect - Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, who continued to place strongly even after the introduction of juries which led others to slip - alongside the perennial beneficiary of the largest national hype machine in Europe, Sweden, and the country that has perhaps come closest to challenging it and Russia, Italy. Also recently making their way into the group is the juries’ object of desire, Australia. They all have an extraördinary average placing of between 5th and 10th - followed hot on the heels by Armenia, who’ve only failed to qualify once, and Turkey and Bosnia, despite the former’s pigheaded withdrawal and the latter’s pecuniary-issues and near disappearance - and two countries, Greece and Romania, which had always qualified before their trip and DQ, respectively, last year.

The countries in gold “only” have averages of 15 - 19.9, but this belies the fact that they are almost always in the final and often do well. All the Big 5 except for Italy are in this category thanks to their perma-qualification - alongside them, on their own merit, are Norway and Denmark, despite both of their stars having fallen in recent years, Hungary with its massive streak and Serbia with only two non-qualifications in ten years. Georgia is also in this group despite a more mixed qualification rate - when it gets to the final, however, it often does respectably enough to boost their average.

The orange group, finishing in 20 - 24.9 place on average, are very touch and go. They are countries who have an on-off qualification record, like Lithuania and Estonia; who went through a long slump of non-qualifications but have emerged from it, like Israël, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, or countries who struggled to qualify but whose score is elevated by a win or a very good couple of scores, like Austria and Portugal or Bulgaria. Most of Western Europe, except for Ireland, Switzerland and the microstates, find themselves in this or the gold group.

The three groups below that typically do not qualify. In the red group (25 - 29.9 average placing), we see four nations who have come to be the weakest link in their area, placement-wise: Ireland in Northwestern Europe, Finland in the Nordics, Latvia in the Baltics, and Belarus of the non-Baltic former USSR. We also see Cyprus and a number of Balkan states whose qualification rates have suffered since the semi-finals and reïntroduction of juries.

The shades of purple are countries whose average rank is 30 or worse - that is to say, countries that not only usually fail to qualify, but also don’t even marginally fail to do so. Alongside the microstates, we have the curiosity of countries surrounded by a number of others, who, nonetheless, are short on friends in the contest: Switzerland, Czechia and Slovakia. Check out the full table below!

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Steven Universe Double Theory: The Diamonds' Powers Relate to their Gem Placements & The Corruption Cure

Okay, so I saw a post that briefly mentioned that Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond’s powers affect the emotions and bodies of gems respectively. And that got me thinking… what if the diamonds’ powers are related to their gem placement? Having delved into the Diamonds’ powers, I then started to have an idea about corruption, how it worked and how it could be cured… More detail is below the cut.

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Mercury in Gemini ✨

Mercury is crowned in Gemini. Here, he proudly weaves long ribbons of air with strings made of brilliant ideas, tying people together with airy links. People with this placement are blessed with Mercury’s ability to be always receiving and distributing information, and so expressing oneself and listening to other people’s stories is experienced as an intimate need. Ribbons of thoughts flutter in turbulent mental currents, producing a mind that can barely contain its own complexity.

Mercury’s jewels are made of concepts, so people with this placement tend to be curious and witty, always trying to absorb different kinds of knowledge through studying and interacting with others. Much like when in Aries, Mercury in Gemini has a quick mind and is able to express his ideas readily. However, in Gemini, Mercury finds that the air is clear, allowing him to move around freely in his own domains, and thus people with Mercury in Gemini tend to speak fast, but coherently; ideas present themselves with a transparent brilliance, convincing other people that the speaker is knowledgeable and intelligent. Mercury’s blessings also favour the reception of ideas: learning and memorizing could be easy tasks, as well as executing many different activities at once. Mercury’s flying high, using his versatile mind to manipulate windy rivers all around, where ideas are born.

Character Placements
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Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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  • Cogsworth 
  • Mrs. Potts
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Fifty Shades of Grey



Avatar (TLA, LOK)

Mars in the 8th; "you are turned on by power, and you're powerful when turned on."

you express intense desires which are often pulled into dangerous areas. your urges well up from some quite deep and desperate place. this can be expressed in certain ways - sex, wheeling and dealing, dangerous activities, or anything that makes you feel close to the edge, in touch with the core of life. the occult, the astral plane and any site of power exercises a pull on you, as you deeply desire to get in touch with forces greater than yourself…

the 8th house is ‘tagged’ with words such as crisis, trauma, losses and death. much more importantly, the 8th house also deals with the psychological baggage we bring from the past into our love life. it also concerns the dark side of love: marital troubles of all kinds, like violence, sexual exploitation and difficult family relationships.. problems that stay behind closed doors. 

you’re often battling the more dangerous elements of life. you’re forced to survive. your anger, however, gets repressed, but mars cannot be kept down forever, and will eventually explode. mars acts out of its darkest impulses when placed in this house, if not controlled, even self-destructive energies may surface. this placement is linked to our unconscious and all the emotions that have been buried deep inside. there’s a certain need of exploring human nature and transformations, so you can help others healing and letting go. part of the purpose of mars in the 8th is to discover its power to guide others and help them discover their own strength. 

ALRIGHT ELLA SINCE I GUESS I’M SUCH A  BIG NAME FANDOM BULLY ,   I’M GONNA BE THE ONE TO MAKE THE   CALL OUT POST !!!   are we ready guys ?   this one is gonna be a doozy .   hold on to your seats ,   because  @LEGILLIMENCYY  is definitely a  stealer ,   and i’m sick of the way she has treated my good friend  ally ,   as well as others on this stupid fucking website .

i had made  a smaller post  about this last night for my followers ,   but since this problem has  continued  to escalate ,   ella has given me  no other choice .   we are here now ,   in this  toxicity  called  call out culture .   i’m normally not a fan of it ,   but this time i had to speak up .   ally is my  friend ,   a long time friend at that .   and when you fuck with her ,   you fuck with me .

so let’s start at the  beginning ,   shall we ?   the basis of everything you’ve  stolen ?   i say your   theme insp.  is as good a place to start as any :

i just …   wow .   that is …   that is some  damn good   inspiration  you stole there ,  huh ?   ripped off practically her entire edited agirlingrey code ,   right down to the  font styles and link placements .   i can’t even give you ps credit because even your bg image looks extremely similar to ally’s .   so i guess  kudos  to you for knowing how to steal other people’s codes .

but you didn’t  stop  there ,   did you ?   no ,   of course not !   why  would you ?   you were already stealing her code ,   why not go ahead and steal some of her  headcanon’s  too ?

wow dude .   just wow .   did you even  rewrite  it ?   or just  copy / paste ?   and yes ,   please make sure to look at the  hovered dates  on each :   ally’s is from  6 months ago ,   while ella’s  copied version  dates back less than a week to even  HOURS  at least .   you even stole her  tag name ,   which is pretty  sad .

and then ,   when you were finally called out on your stealing ,   you  BLOCKED  ally for calmly trying to talk to you ,   for  ASKING  you to take down  HER  content .   it was only after  i and a few others  started sending messages that you  BLOCKED US AS WELL ,   and then  messaged  ally with the most   insincere ,   bullshit excuse ever heard ever up to date :

i see  a lot  of things  wrong  with this ,   so let’s just name them off ,   shall we ?   1 .    and none of us  –  with the exception of oc blogs  –  actually created these characters so to claim any kind of originality to anything is honestly bull.          i just …   what ?   what kind of  fresh hell  is this ?   that is like ,   the  shittiest excuse  ever made up ,   like ever .   that’s like a  7 year old  who knows they did wrong trying to  back track  and get out of the blame .   i just want you to know ,   that every writer is laughing right now .   we are all laughing ,   because that is honestly the  stupidest  thing i have ever fucking read in my entire life .

2 .    but since you and your little group of friends are all worked up about it i’ll delete my headcanons and kind of start my blog over.          fuck ,   i would  love  to stop you right there ,   but there’s  so much more  i need to get to .   um .   ally’s friend group  ISN’T  little .   there are  loads  of people on this site that have her back ,   and  love  her for being the person she is ,   not the   fake sickly sweet  bitch you think she is .   oh ,   and  yes  ella ,   i have the screenshot  of that ask ,   too !   you know ,   the one you  deleted ?   let’s post that too ,   huh ?

oh wow ,   and look at all those  vague posts  there too ;   newsflash ,   ella :   that anon on the right ,   the one who called you worthless ?   that wasn’t ally .   ally doesn’t stalk your blog .   i think you kind of have that  backwards  huh ?   considering all your headcanon posts are hers from what ,   6 months back ?   i think that seems a little  stalkerish ,   hmm ?

but i digress ,   getting back to your  shitty excuse of an apology :   3 .    but whatever. i’ll  [ delete ? ]  my headcanons and start fresh …          so …   they’re  not  technically yours ,   considering you weren’t the one who thought of them .   and if you were going to  delete  them ,   why are they  still  on your blog ?   why did you lie ?

listen ella ,   none of us wanted it come to this ,   but  you made this .   you did this to yourself .   not only did you steal ally’s things and take extreme inspiration from her ,   but you lied about it ,   and dragged her name through the proverbial mud ,   and i  for fucking one  will not  take that sitting down .   so take down your stolen headcanons ,   make a theme that isn’t based off of someone else’s ,   and come up with your own goddamn things ,   or face my wrath .   the next time i see this happening with you ,   i  will report you to tumblr for  theft  and  harassment .   what you’ve done is  childish ,   it’s  pathetic  and  immature  and  unbecoming .   i’m  not  sorry to drag your ass through the fucking dirt like you did ally and present you to the public :   a dirty fucking thief with the attitude to match .

get off your goddamn high horse .   no one here accepts the shit that you’re pulling ,   so there’s no need for your shitty self entitlement ,   k ?   k .

anonymous asked:

is venus conj neptune like venus in pisces? because i relate to venus in pisces so much

Not really;

Sign = traits
Planets = what is happening
Houses = where it is happening
Aspect = a link

To say a placement is similar to or like another when they have different aggregates making them up isn’t always that accurate


I’m gonna be gone until the weekend, so I finished this quickly so I don’t miss the deadline.

My entry for the 7KPP Poster Design Contest~

This looks ridiculous as a photoset orz. I haven’t animated in centuries; I’m surprised I even remember how to frame this kind of stuff. Idk what even Tumblr’s post sizes are now tbh. The banners are 800px in width, so open them in a new window or something to see the shiny logo in action. It’s just plain old Photoshop animation though, so nothing fancy; my laptop can’t take After Effects with all the unfinished VNs and unwatched anime I have stored *sobs* 

Shoutout and a big thanks to zelcher for helping me brainstorm, and the original GUI designer whose designs I basically ripped off orz. I’ll be upping the character cards on a later date as well; I pretty much gave up doing typography for their quotes because some of them were unnecessarily long (I’m looking at you two, Ana and Zarad).

Preview of one of the character cards under the cut~

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hello~ so due to some unfortunate situations in my life i am in need of money and was hoping i can spread this on here.

i am doing custom stream overlay commissions for those who are interested/stream on twitch.

  1. i will do any champ/skin/character you would like (it doesn’t have to be league related as seen in the BMO example)
  2. i will add whatever you need to make it fit your stream best whether that be social media links, webcam placement or scrolling tickers (for music) etc etc

i price my commissions starting at $7 and go up accordingly to how complicated your request may be (BUT i am willing to negotiate pricing depending on what you wanted. just ask me~)

if you happen to be interested, please message me in my inbox here and we can discuss further details 

better quality image of examples here

even if you aren’t interested, spreading this will help me a lot ;u;

if you took the time to read this, thank you & have a wonderful day <3


Does Gem Placement Correlate With The Gem Meaning?

I was wondering whether the gem placement matches the gem meaning or if the gem placement is just random. So I researched all of our Crystal Gems and some others to prove my hypothesis. 

First I started with Pearl which is on her forehead and it was believed in early Chinese folklore that “Pearls are symbol of wisdom and believed they were formed within a dragon’s head.” so there’s two relations to the head with wisdom being the brain and obviously a dragon’s head is a head. But we also know that Pearls have their gem on the chest. So I researched the specific meaning of Blue Pearls and found that “The wearer will find love” which is linked with the heart in the chest! I couldn’t find a yellow pearl but the closest was champagne/gold which noted “Gold pearls represent courage and wealth” and to have courage you must have a strong heart - which is in the chest!

Then I researched Amethyst which we know hers is on her chest as well and found that “Emotionally, Amethyst is used in crystal healing to help heal personal losses and grief, bringing one gently past” and when people have grievance they are often described to have a heavy heart which the amethyst can help with and it just so happens Amethyst’s is on her chest.

Next up is Garnet and I know she has two gems as Ruby and Sapphire but I just looked up Garnet as the gem. So, I found that  “[Garnet] is said to be stabilizing in that it can bring order to chaos whether internal or external.” and I suppose Garnet does use her hands (which is were the gems are placed) by raising it to symbol stop and she is the team leader of the Crystal Gems so she does bring order a lot.

Then, there is Steven and for that I researched Rose Quartz because Steven has that gem inherited from his mother. So this I found that “It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort” this implies that it carries motherly love due to “Comfort” and “Tenderness” so it was on Steven’s mother’s stomach because that’s were babies grow. The healing also relates to his healing powers as a bit of trivia.

And now, because she is a member on the Crystal Gems I researched Peridot and found out that “It brings your mind, will and emotions into harmony and disperses fear.” and the mind relates to her gem placement which is on her forehead like Pearl. It doesn’t correlate to her personality though which is rather cowardly…

So in conclusion, I think that the creators made the gem’s placement specifically linked to the gem meaning.

Happy Holiday Update!

Greetings Cryatists!

First of all, thanks to everyone that applied for the additional programmer position that we posted on October. We weren’t able to officially announce it then but so everyone else knows, we’ve gotten Nathan Lindley as one of our new programmers due to his experience in Unity and especially the NGUI toolkit.

This update will be a trimmed down version of the backer-only update on the Cryamore Kickstarter because some content in the full update may be considered spoilers for the game. For the full update, you’ll have to be a backer and check the update page on Kickstarter.

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