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remember when theme makers would use fake links so your inattentive ass actually had to pay attention to what the page was saying for once


this is called the absolute navigation page bc it is ABSOLUTE. actually i intended for it to be a lot cuter but i got lazy and impatient. anyway, the reason it’s absolute is because it’s an about page, a links page, and an ask page all in one, but it looks super simple and clean. so basically you don’t need a ton of links on your blog, you can just link to this one page with everything on it. i didn’t set up a preview page because it’s not necessary. the code is also super simple to edit, just read through it, and if you still can’t figure it out you can ask just about anyone on tumblr with a bit of html know-how and they can help you.

to use it just copy one of these codes

B&W version code // pink version code

then go to and scroll down to where you can add a new page to your blog. in the page settings select the custom html option, and then paste the code. then edit it as much as you like and fill it with all your tags and links and your life story.

     hey, hunter here. you may know me as the idiot behind @copycaat and/or @nedzuita, but this is a reboot of my naruto oc KITA MORIKO, who is supremely genuine, kind, and funny, and will undoubtedly fuck you up. physically, emotionally. follow for bad puns, lesbians, and an all around wholesome and good time !! thank you for your consideration, like/rb to save a life. rules.


Theme #25: Blue Ridge Mountains


This theme has a lot of ridiculously cool features, including pop-up post notification and auto-fill post columns. It’s an all-in-one theme, featuring a message, about, and links tab.

This theme is inspired by “Blue Ridge Mountains” by Fleet Foxes.

Please like or reblog if you use this theme!

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I’ve thought so long about how to properly end my official time with this blog, especially since my last post was a Valentines Day one and that’s not very… finale-like.
I was worried, because while I knew I was going to do be dead for months either way, I really wanted to have a proper finish point, something I can look back on.

The journal, guys. Journal 3.
The journal is full of inspiring things, frankly, I’m in love with it. And it made me raise from the dead one last time, no- sev’ral timez! That’s right, I’m crappily drawing out more than one thing. This is not the last post. I think… I think there’s one more. It’s the least I could do, after such a journal, after such a journey with this blog. 

So, prepare for a lot of Journal-3-insider jokes or references!
Have you noticed that on the page in the first half of the book where Ford says he’s a sucker for Jelly Beans, he trashtalks toffee peanuts in the same breath?
Have you noticed that when Dipper describes at the end of the book how everyone exposed Finale Stan to things he knew very well, he mentions that Stan’s favorite foods are bacon…and toffee peanuts?

Needless to say, this dumb idea was INCREDIBLY fun to draw. Seriously, it was a blast!

Just this one time I encourage you to delete my caption, as this post doubles as my place to lengthily say all these things important to this blog, and me. The pictures… can stand on their own, haha.

Housekeeping: Blog Reorganization

We’re splitting this blog into three (3) blogs to hopefully better manage the sheer volume of asks we get. The blogs are:

  • new-xkit-extension: The current blog. It won’t be going anywhere, but this blog will be reserved for update announcements, Staff-broke-things-again announcements, and other super official stuff. The askbox will be left open, but we ask that you refrain from sending asks here unless you absolutely must.
  • new-xkit-support: This is where we will be moving support questions. Future asks about broken shit should be directed to this blog, but there’s no need to resend anything you’ve sent to new-xkit-extension; we’ll be moving asks over ourselves (look for a super cool future xinbox update).
  • new-xkit-discussion: Basically a misc. blog. This is where we’ll be interacting more casually with users, and we plan on hosting polls/surveys about future updates and such here as well. If you want to ask a question not related to broken shit, send it here.

Just to keep everything sane, you can send questions about the blog structure to new-xkit-extension, or reply to this post.

I know none of us is ready for this episode, and that’s all the more reason for us to tag party it up! The jam-boree pun was also completely necessary. :D

This week, the general consensus seemed to be jam, paper planes, overalls, sticks, bon bons, mourning attire, and halloween costumes (and hope!!). Y'all, these lists are getting a little ridiculously long lmfao <333

Feel free to take part in any or all of these things, including past weeks’ themes! Here are the options so far:

  • Halloween costumes: Look at us, being all topical! Bonus points if you’re dressed as a vamp or a witch, but that’s not required, of course. And keep an eye out for TVD rehash business on twitter, apparently they’re doing something with/for fans who watch while wearing costumes (maybe they’ll notice our tag parties now!)
  • Mourning attire: Alas poor Bamon in the AU, we needed ye to last at least 18 more episodes.
  • Bon Bons: Sweets for the sweet! :D
  • Sticks: Careful where you wave that thing, or whose butt you’re… poking. There’s really no way to describe this that doesn’t sound completely inappropriate, is there? THE IAN FACTOR.
  • Overalls: One strap off… just like Bonnie, of course!
  • Paper Planes: Hope you’ve been practicing like Damon, it’s not always as easy as it looks.
  • Jam: TRIPLE BONUS POINTS if you take a selfie eating it with your bare hands!!!
  • Monopoly Money: STEAL FROM THE BANK*!! (Bad form, Damon!) *The Monopoly bank… pls don’t go all Butch Cassidy on us.
  • Candles: The universal symbol of Bamon hope and incoming Bonnie badassery. I KNOW you’ve got some lying around!
  • Pork Rinds: Damon might say “Eww,” but who was hoarding the bag by the end of the episode? And Julie Plec even made them a hashtag for us.
  • Eggs: Scrambled, smothered, poached, fried, hard-boiled, or just viciously smashed in their carton a la Damon Salvatore? Whatever you want! (But maybe not the last one. Please, think of the eggs.)
  • Aviators: Bonnie grabbed a pair for herself and one for Damon, so grab one for yourself too!
  • Cuddles: To pay homage to Bonnie’s beloved, fuzzy childhood friend, grab your own teddy bear, or any other stuffed animal worthy of a good snuggle.
  • Crosswords: Hopefully no invisible intruders will be filling yours out for you!
  • Plaid: Break out the flannel again! “On Thursdays, we wear plaid.”
  • Pancakes: Because who would turn down a good opportunity to have breakfast for dinner?
  • COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF ALCOHOL: This goes without saying. (also: non-alcohol, if you prefer!)

By the end of the season, this thing is going to be so long, lmfao.

Be sure to tag your posts with bamon tag party so everyone can see! You can also tag with the week’s theme if you want.


Yesssssssss I finally changed my theme and skfgjhskgjhsdg.. I love it so much it’s my favvv I’ve had so far.