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I know I’m behind 2 weeks or so, I’m sorry~ Uni won’t let me breathe ‘till now that I’m finishing my semester, I promise to work hard on this thing and probably yall will get 3 pages this week if everything goes fine and if I don’t lose my motivation :3c so, wait for news and updates! probably you can see some wips on my twitter or snapchat~

honestly so many people here have anime icons and those “song lyric that leads to links page” mobile layouts i can’t tell you all apart and which of you guys are enemies in kin drama an


one of these things is not like the others. one of these things just isn’t the same.

My friend is hosting a voltron e-zine!
Click the google form below this if your interested in drawing anything voltron related!

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an ask. (I may be slow bc new mobile layout)


(Sorry its long,,,I was posting this from mobile.)

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Are you in any Miraculous Ladybug discord servers I could join?

i’m only in private ones with buddies but there are public ones floating around. last time someone asked this, someone suggested ml-network, and i know that project ml has a public one too [it’s via the meet us link on their desktop layout].

it also looks like you can find some thru google? [looks like there might be a reddit one(direct link to join) – oh hey that’s oreo’s :’D //shywave// maybe i will pop into that one haha…but i get overwhelmed on servers with more than 10 ppl honestly //sweat// edit: i joined it lmao]

Blog update

Just a quick bit of updating/cleanup here! From now on, I’m moving asks and submissions to my personal blog, Nonkeur. (I’ve updated the links on my blog accordingly, so they’ll take you to the correct blog.)

I’d like to organize my uploads a little better here in the future, and be able to reply to questions a little more freely, so shifting things to my personal is an easy way to do both! I’ll try to update the rest of the layout and links and all that later on too, this is just a first step towards a cleaner setup.

And for anyone who wasn’t aware of my personal blog before, feel free to check it out! I’m not terribly active lately, but I reblog stuff I like there, write more personal content, and of course chat with others. ^^

The American School System

There’s been a lot of posts lately about the way school works in the US so here’s a quick overview of how the high school I went to worked. Some of this stuff may seem crazy but I swear I’m not making it up. I’m going to put a couple anecdotes in here as well. There’s a LOT to go over so I’ll put a read more link below.

School Layout and Unexpected Staff

Let’s start off by going over how my school was layed out. Unlike most schools in my area, my school was designed after school shootings became more common. That’s reflected in the layout. The school is all under one roof and there are three different “wings” called A, B,and C halls that are connected by a main hall called the “Gallery”. 

Each section of the school, including the offices and stairwells, can be shut off from the rest of the school in case of an emergency, like a school shooting. On top of that each hall has these things called “pods” . They’re u-shaped side halls that, again, can be closed off from the main hall. 

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Guess who's a dork?

Me! I just realized the “personal blog” link on my layout is linked to THIS blog.

Because I can’t edit it from my phone, here’s my personal blog if any of you wanted it! It comes complete with vain selfies.

I’ll be sure to fix it when I get home!

Phillipa Soo Edits is back! 

I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m currently in the process of getting the blog back up and running - so bear with me whilst I work on the blog layout, add links, etc…

I will be looking for new members relatively soon, but I will make a post about that once the blog is back in full swing. I also have a new website/gallery dedicated to Pippa, which will be linked on the blog super soon, but I’m currently doing a massive gallery update and it’s kind of a mess so I want to hold out on that for a bit until it looks better and is full of HQ photos!

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to keep the blog as active as I can!


i know this is about not using these effects, but it’s kind of sold me on star-wipes.