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Short Fiction Weekly Challenge

Time for a new prompt from the Short Fiction Weekly Challenge, tumblr edition.  Let it spark your imagination.  Any character, any fandom, any original world.   Reblogs welcome!

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This week’s SFWC prompt:

Week of January 20, 2017

Lone Wolf - Our characters rely on companions, but sometimes they have to do something by themselves. It could be a classic “come alone” challenge, something they need to prove to themselves, or maybe the transport only seats one. Maybe they’re the only one capable. Regardless, they’ve only themselves to rely on. Their skills and experience alone. How do they fare?

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This week’s featured previous prompts are:

Japes, Satire, and Parody: Beings of every kind tell jokes, often about each other.  What about your character?  Do they delight in mocking those who desperately deserve it?  Maybe they’ve been the butt of someone else’s spoof.  Or perhaps they just enjoy seeing authority taken down a few pegs.  This week, have a little fun at the expense of your character, their friends, or enemies.

Love Letters and Secret Valentines - How do our characters stay in touch with the ones they love when they are far apart? Did they write romantic messages while they were courting? Has a new companion stumbled on some cherished correspondence with an old flame? Perhaps they never worked up the courage to express their feelings except in unsent letters or anonymous notes. In a romantic mood, what would your character write and to whom? Prompt courtesy of @alaurin101.

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Yulinkllen Prison AU

- Link is a prison guard, Kanda committed murder, and Allen went to prison for the murder

- The victim was Neah, who murdered Mana years ago and was stalking and threatening Allen

- Allen claimed responsibility for the murder because Kanda’s criminal history put him at risk for the death penalty

- Allen was sentenced to life in prison

- Link is, at first, extremely wary of Allen, being fully aware of his crimes, and is even more alarmed that Allen is so nice

- But then he starts to notice that things aren’t adding up

- Because Allen always says hello and speaks to every side of every argument and is the ultimate mediator, but he’s also the first to end each and every budding fight with as few people hurt as possible

- And he always looks so happy just when Link stops to talk, and he has many stories about his friends and none of them seem especially suspicious

- Kanda, meanwhile, is trying to scrape together enough proof that he did it and not Allen, wtf, Allen

- And he tends to snap and snipe at Link whenever he gets the chance, because he’s very suspicious of how Allen is being treated

- And he ferries messages from Lenalee and Lavi and Cross and visits more regularly than any of them

- While Allen is just ‘this is my life now’ and is actively trying to make friends with the guard who is reliably around his area, even if it’s not working very well

- Until Link overhears something that finally tips him off and he then confronts Kanda about it (because Allen will lie and lie and Link knows this)

- And Kanda threatens him angrily but also more or less tells the truth

- And explains exactly why he did it and Link finds himself hating Neah almost as much as Kanda does and is horrified at himself for it

- He is now as conflicted as he’s ever been and he does not appreciate it

- Because Allen Should Not be in prison but Kanda doesn’t deserve death for what he did

- But there’s not enough proof for any of this

- Why does Link believe them

Córeczko! Ależ ty wypiękniałaś.

I don’t know how common this knowledge is, but I haven’t come across anything about it on tumblr yet, so I’m gonna talk about the iconic scene when Ciri goes back to Kaer Morhen – specifically when she reunites with Yennefer. My Polish is poor, but I know enough to know this:

Though Yennefer’s second sentence is pretty much the same as in the English audio (“you’ve grown beautiful”), “córeczko” translates to “daughter” in English, and in English (and all other versions I’ve seen so far), Yennefer does not say it at all. It’s just a little funny when Geralt has directly called Ciri his daughter in-game but not in the books, and Yennefer calls Ciri her daughter in the books but not in-game. Also slightly relevant: Ciri calls Yennefer “mother” etc in the books, but never “father” to Geralt.

And yeah, I am aware that this is the game, and I don’t wanna come across as a “read the books!!1!!1!” person. But the games are a continuation of the books, and one of the strongest and most important relationships is the bond between Ciri and Yennefer. A child was the one thing Yennefer wanted most and it would have been nice to help establish their relationship just a little bit more in the game this way.

I’m not sure how game!Yennefer comes across to the average person if they didn’t know her connection to Ciri. Do they know she’s just a mom trying to find her daughter? that she’ll do anything to find Ciri because she’s that important to her? that she’s more complex than just some raging bitch??

I’m guessing they couldn’t get away with removing it in the Polish version, or if they didn’t want to in the first place, why did translators remove it in English/other translations? They kept “little sis” (siostrzyczko) for Triss, though. If they wanted to remove one affectionate familial word, couldn’t they remove them both?

So yeah, it’s one word. But it’s an important word.

We’re ready to move and groove!

concept: isak getting a message from even that has a link to the short film that he made, about how they met and how they got to know each other, and how even fell in love with him. even talks about why it frightened him, why he ruined it, and how it has a sad end now, like every epic romance does

(except then isak’s telling him if even’s the director of this movie how does he want it to end, and then even shows up at his door)

Lemony Snicket author Daniel Handler gets ‘dirty’ with new novel about teenage sexuality (Jan 5, 2017)

All the Dirty Parts follows Cole, a sex-obsessed high school student, whose exploits develop into a reputation he’s not quite sure he likes. At the same time, something exciting starts buzzing between Cole and his best friend, and he meets a new person called Grisaille. Intrigued? So are we.

Here’s a peek at the opening sentence: “Let me put it this way: This is how much I think about sex. Draw a number line, with zero is you never think about sex and ten is, it’s all you think about, and while you are drawing the line, I am thinking about sex.”

All the Dirty Parts will be released on August 29, 2017.

Head over to the link for a short interview with Handler on where he got the idea for the novel, writing honestly about sexuality in young men, whether to worry about a young readership, and more.

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