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Gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack!

I’m a big fan of Samurai Jack so i thought I draw him in a celebratory of the return of the final season of Samurai Jack!

It’s both a fan art and a commission piece that a friend of mine wanted me to draw! It was no problem and i had a lot of fun drawing this and I am looking forward to the new episodes of Samurai Jack. 

I loved how it turned out and so did my friend! I had a lot of fun doing the background and stuff!

I am so looking forward to the new episodes!

Oh and remember, I am doing commissions so if you want a commission from me to draw you something like this, go to this link and see how you can commission me and stuff! :D


EDIT: I forgot to actually put the link in the description on the word link so i fixed that mistake! Now you can click on it!

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…


The five times James gave Lily flowers and the two times he didn’t; or, How Lily Evans fell in love with James Potter.

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On her first Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts, Lily received lilies from five different people. She loved them because she knew her friends and that one boy from Hufflepuff had good intentions. She knew they thought it’d be cute to give Lily the flower she was named after. Everyone always thought it would be.

After going through it for so many years, Lily should have seen it coming and warned them. Perhaps she could have worn a sign around her neck starting a week prior that read: I do not like lilies.

But despite how unoriginal the flowers were, she carried them around proudly all day. They were beautiful after all. And she may have woken up too late to shower that morning so their sweet perfume was welcome.

That night she sprawled on her back on the floor by the fire with Mary and Marlene. They giggled about all the couples they had seen that day and the boy who had given Mary chocolates. Suddenly, James Potter’s face was looming above Lily’s.

“What on earth are you doing, Potter?” she exclaimed, bolting upright and nearly smacking her forehead against his. He muttered something incoherent before dropping a flower into her lap and bolting toward the boy’s dormitories.

“What was that about?” Marlene asked. Still lying down, she and Mary couldn’t see what James had given Lily.

“Nothing,” Lily said as she slipped the perfect pink peony into the billowy sleeve of her robes. How he knew her favorite flower was a mystery to her. But even more mysterious was the heat spreading across her face and the pounding of her heart. Stupid James had given her some sort of prank flower that made her feel sick. That had to be it. There was no other explanation.

Still. She kept the flower between the pages of one of her transfiguration books.

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[Prices listed as “$Half Body/$Full Body”]

Finally reopening commissions for the new year! Trying to keep things simple, this time around. I’ll start with 5 slots for now, and we’ll see how things go…

Message me if you have any questions! Reblogs are always appreciated~


Can’t/Won’t Do:
Explicit NSFW (porn, gore, fetishes, etc), realistic portraits or animals, detailed mecha or vehicles, abusive/racist/homophobic/etc content

Can do:
OCs, Fan Characters, Fanart, character design, mild blood/gore, non-sexual nudity, romance/shipping, stylized animals, and just about anything else!

Prices may vary depending on complexity/extras.
I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason.

To order, please email me at with a few references (visual preferred, but will also accept written), the size and type of commission you want, and a description of the commission itself.

All payment is done via Paypal Invoices. Note that the prices listed in this post are for personal-use commissions only. Email me if you’d like to discuss Commercial or Freelance work, instead.

hello and welcome to my mobile interactive version of my fic recs! despite not having the time to actually sit down and read stories, i still have a pretty large collection of fics i enjoyed over the past couple of years of being in the kpop community! please send all of the writers mentioned love + likes, and support them and their stories! ♡
+ i am also, apparently, an unreliable source when it comes to non-smut fics. i can’t help it.

! any incorrect links will definitely be fixed later :^))

last updated ☞ 05.02.17

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SPN-Sutra Master List!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated! This has been so much fun!

Below you will find a bunch of smut. Each author was given a sex position, and has written a one shot around that position with a pairing of their choice. Get your cold shower ready!

If you posted a fic and I somehow missed it, I AM SORRY! Please send me a link and I will fix it immediately. If you haven’t posted yet but want to, make sure you tag me, and I will update this master list as necessary.

Happy Smut Reading, y’all!!

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Pirate Radios and other radios the fandom doesn’t talk about

Pirate Radios:

The Pirate Radios are Murdoc’s transmissions from his seclusion on Plastic Beach. He spins some records, drinks a lot, and as Murdoc describes it, we get to watch him mentally disintegrate. 

Pirate Radio 1 (Part 1) (Part 2)
Pirate Radio 2 
Pirate Radio 3 (Part 1) (Part 2) 
Pirate Radio 4 feat. 2D!  
Pirate Radio 5 (The Fall Review) 

Spotify Radio Show: 

This show was to commemorate 10 years of Gorillaz! Murdoc is still drunken and manic per usual but may also be using drugs. Listen at your own risk. 
Radio 1 (Part 1) 
Radio 1 (Part 2) 
Radio 2
Radio 3