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If you have a Sims 4 post DON’T TAG IT SIMS 3!!!

If you have a Sims 2 post DON’T TAG IT SIMS 3!!!

Same goes for all combos! I’m tired of seeing 2 and 4 stuff in the 3 tag!


Come on people!!!!!!!

Okay So I was watching jack’s Video “i’m Sick!” and The ending buttons with links to videos didn’t come up right away, so I paused it. It looked like this!!! Am I the only one who thinks those things back there look like bottles?? Like ANTI-SEPTIC bottles???? And the video had the Anti bit from the panel and we were theorizing that Anti was telling us to take out our cameras and stuff to spread the word right?? So was this Anti showing everyone who didn’t see the panel the Anti moment and has us spread it more?? Was he using this video as a way of showing that we shouldn’t take little notice of this? Is this a clue???

I know Jack saw your theory yesterday but I’m gonna publish this anyway!

BUTYEAH they do look like bottles, don’t they? Some people are gonna say that its not but hey…you never know, Anti/Jack/Robin are VERY smart dudes who think about every detail.

And it might be?? I’m not sure bc this was a big thing and we probably won’t be seeing Mr. Attention Whore for a while…I hope so, though!


Working on sleeve cuffs today! These are for my 1890′s dress (which i’ve nicknamed the pumpkin gown because of the color). Once again I copied a pattern from 59 Authentic turn of the Century Patterns* and altered it to fit my arm.

It’s amazing how much more mobility a two piece sleeve pattern gives, even though it’s significantly tighter than sleeves i’ve made in the past.  I tend to use symmetrical rectangular patterns for sleeves since they are easier to draft, but this has worked out much better.

To allow them to be really tight I added closures into one seam. Instead of hiding the closures I chose to make them visible, but pretty to look at. I’m using bias cut strips that were sewn into tubes and formed into loops and small buttons that I covered with matching fabric.

The same closures will be used down the back of the bodice and skirt.
Jordan Hewson, the daughter of U2's Bono, just made it easier to donate to causes online
Jordan Hewson founded Speakable to make taking action quicker and easier.
By Avery Hartmans

Jordan Hewson founded her company on one premise: Millennials aren’t taking action on the issues they care about because the process is difficult, confusing, and time-consuming.

So Hewson created Speakable, a company that uses technology to make civic engagement more accessible. Since 2015, Speakable has been working on its first product, the Action Button, which goes live Thursday.

The Action Button links publishers to NGOs and nonprofits like Amnesty International and Planned Parenthood, and has been in beta testing with Huffington Post until now. Starting today, the Action Button will go live on articles on Huffington Post, Vice, and the Guardian.

Here’s how it works:

  • On articles pertaining to issues that a reader could take action on — like getting girls an education in third-world countries, or the Syrian refugee crisis — the Action Button will appear at the bottom of the page
  • The button is powered by an algorithm that matches vetted NGOs with a relevant article
  • Readers can choose one of three ways to take action, like taking a poll, signing a petition, or donating to a cause
  • The options don’t require readers to leave the page, even if they choose the donate option

As a wise man once said at the Golden Globes… “That’s really, really, fuckin’ brilliant!”

Friendly reminder that I’m selling custom-sewn patches like these with a base price of only $5 for 8 words :)

I love love love making these custom because everyone always asks for something inspiring or funny and it’s honestly really cool to be able to make something I know will be so meaningful. Drop me a line if you’re interested in one or check out the Etsy link (green price button) on this post!