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An unnecessarily deep analysis of the string motif in Kimi no Na wa

I really need to write about this.

Written on the spot. Some research might be nice but aint nobody got time for that. Also I’ve only watched it once so my memory might be dodgy.

Please note this is primarily an analysis for my own personal enjoyment, not a review. Also the views in it are purely my thoughts and opinions


Kimi no na wa is a friggin amazing movie. Beautiful artwork and solid characters aside my favourite thing about the movie is its brilliant storytelling. And I am going to deconstruct it through the string motif rn because I feel like it.

The plot for Kimi no Na wa is basically the red string of fate, but reimagined and extrapolated in a very creative way. The red string of fate connects two individuals and brings them together romantically but here it is not only geographical boundaries that are transcended, but time itself. String itself takes on multiple meanings within the context of the film. This is summed up best by Mitsuha’s grandmother’s quote, which I cbf looking for rn. Rather than string, though, the emphasis is on the term “musubi"結び. The term we use for knotting thread also means connecting/linking/binding. You can also use it to refer to tying up your hair or fastening something. It also means the end. This (conveniently) flexible term is the basis for the whole story and you see this in almost every aspect of the movie.

The start of the movie is a bunch of events told in a pretty confusing layout. In addition to the main characters swapping bodies, some of the events aren’t even in chronological order. This was evidently intentional, not only for dramatic purposes but I believe also for structural reasons.

The film is set out like a bunch of loose threads starting with seemingly unrelated events: There’s a rare comet appearing in the sky; Mitsuha and Yotsuha make kuchikamizake; Mitsuha and Taki swap bodies…But as the film progresses, just like the weaving of individual strands to make a cord, the pieces start to come together. I think the moment this truly becomes evident is right after Taki drinks the kuchikamizake. This is also the moment Taki and Mitsuha’s worlds truly intertwine.

Mitsuha making kuchikamizake binds a part of her soul to the sake. Mitsuha and Taki swapping bodies are a spiritual connection. This act binds their timelines together. The foundations of human relations, most notably love, is also based on the same concept. The film takes the motif of string and layers it through the connections of multiple events through musubi.

But what I feel truly makes this film brilliant from a storytelling perspective is the creativity employed in extrapolating this motif, especially in regards to the comet and the hairstyles. 

The way I see it there are actually only two things that connected Mitsuha and Taki before the body swap. One is the comet. Three years ago Taki witnessed the comet that killed Mitsuha with his own eyes. The other is Mitsuha’s hair cord which is something like a time paradox. Mitsuha went to Tokyo to meet with Taki three years before he knew her. She hands him the cord in her hair and dies the next day but Taki kept her cord wrapped around his wrist for three years.

I’m going to start with the comet which is actually quite a complex symbol. I think everyone will interpret it differently so here’s my personal take.

My initial impression of the comet was something like a shooting star, because it granted Mitsuha’s wish to be reborn as a "handsome Tokyo boy”. Before watching the movie I thought the body swapping would be a miracle only possible while the comet was visible. When Taki and his senpai went to the Nostalgia exhibition at the museum on their date, they saw an aged photo of Itomori. That was my hint that Mitsuha was from the past. I didn’t expect them to be only three years apart though. I thought they would be a literal lifetime apart but then romance would have been near impossible without some bs miracle. Suffice to say, there was no miracle. Instead there was a goddamn tragedy.

The film’s explanation for the body swapping was that it was all to prevent this one disaster. Tbh that sounds a bit too far fetched for me. Instead I like the interpretation of the comet as an extension of the string motif.

When Taki learns the truth he attempts to turn back time by drinking the kuchikamizake. What follows is my favourite scene in the whole movie and it starts with a wall painting of the comet turning into a piece of string. With the visual connection I could then see the metaphorical connection. The comet is another form of binding the two main characters. The comet is closely tied to Mitsuha’s ‘world’ but Taki also witnessed the comet the day she died. Thus their worlds were connected. From a romantic standpoint the comet allowed two individuals to transcend time to be together (red string of fate parallel). But by killing Mitsuha the comet also destroyed the relationship it brought about. I think we can connect this to how the town of Itomori was made from a comet a thousand years ago but another comet ends up destroying the town and killing Mitsuha. Because of this I personally also think the comet represents time. Destroying what is created is basically time itself. Time is musubi. (Additionally, by overcoming the comet i.e. saving the town, the main characters overcome time and can finally be together, because Mitsuha’s lifespan is extended. You can see this as another take on the red string of fate.)

Mitsuha is metaphorically and spiritually saved by a string. I think it is important that in the timeline where she dies she is not wearing the cord in her hair, because she gave it away to Taki who she met in Tokyo the day before and who does not remember her. Her cut hair has multiple meanings. Originally I thought it was a sign of her giving up on Taki because he went on the date with his senpai (Tessie associates haircuts to breakups and I do too, at least in anime). Then I realised she cut it after she went to meet Taki and found out he didnt recognise her. While the “breakup” haircut interpretation still stands, ultimately I think she feels betrayed which is why she gives up the one thing she believes in, her connection to him, represented by the cord. This also becomes linked to her name, which she shouts at him as she leaves the train after throwing him the cord. If I were to continue with the red string anecdote, this is where the string is cut, fate abandons the couple and Mitsuha dies.

But it is the same string that saves her. Because Taki kept it for three years and it is how he remembers her even if he doesnt know her name. Once he learns she dies everything from her diary entries on his phone to her name in his memories disappears. But the cord doesn’t. And he passes this cord to short hair Mitsuha when they finally meet at twilight.

I’m going to digress for a bit to explain why I find this scene so important. The only time Mitsuha does not have the cord in her hair is when she is sleeping, performing the ceremony, the first time she swaps bodies with Taki, and of course right before she dies. The cord is a very obvious symbol of musubi. I also think the fact it changes form throughout the film is important. At the start when Mitsuha wears it she always puts her hair in a complicated bun with the cord in it. When she swaps bodies with Taki who cant make complicated hairstyles he changes the form of the cord by wearing it in a ponytail (though initially he did not wear it at all and made Mitsuha looked “possessed”). The hairstyle was an instant way to tell who was in Mitsuha’s body, and also became a representation of their relationship.

The cord starts to change forms drastically when the pair’s relationship takes a nosedive the day before Mitsuha dies. She takes it out of her hair and the cord changes from a hairtie to a wristband/bracelet. The form of “musubi” changes, from “doing up one’s hair” to a spiritual connection between the two. This is one way Mitsuha manages to live on, because just like the kuchikamizake, the cord is a part of her soul now.

Taki returns Mizuha’s cord when they finally meet. She has cut her hair but wears the cord as a hair decoration anyway. The red string is restored and its changed form represents a new step in their relationship. Throughout the film Taki and Mitsuha have had to compromise on each others’ lifestyles. Mitsuha’s new appearance seems to be a culmination of this: the boyish haircut coupled with the hair cord. She also gains Taki’s courage, seen when she confronts her father in a very similar way Taki did in her body previously. (Taki also experiences a similar change but it is not as pronounced. As far as I know he just got “kinder”.) This is musubi because their two souls have actually intertwined. From a romance perspective, I guess this is how couples change each other for the better.

And what happens after is classic red string of fate. Interestingly Mitsuha’s final hairstyle is a half ponytail. Analysing any farther would actually be overkill though so I’m just going to leave it as a design choice.

I don’t think I’ve conveyed even one tenth of what I actually wanted to say about the film. It’s so rich in symbolism just analysing it in my head was a ton of fun. Best film I’ve ever watched in my life. Definitely want to watch it again.

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Heya.. I'm a trans guy and I wanted some advice on binding with asthma.. I am getting a binder from GC2B and the measurements say I'm an XS but I have asthma and I'm prone to chest infections and stuff, so I was wondering if it would be better to go a size up? Thank you !!

Lee says:

I think going up a size would be a good idea, yeah. I measured myself as a M but found that an L was more comfortable and still just as effective, and it’s probably better to go a size up if you have any breathing issues.

Oasis Abandon

(Available on AO3)
Pairing: Link/Zelda (BOTW post-game)
Words: ~2350
Summary: Link and Zelda attend a Gerudo wedding at the Southern Oasis, complete with the appropriate Gerudo garb. Taking the evening to enjoy each others companionship, they share stories, sneak a little wine, and give in to abandon..
Notes: Requested by the lovely @aliceknowstime. TY to @honestground for beta-ing :)

The note is written in a crisp and prim hand, the ink a rich earthy brown and the parchment smelling of cinnamon and spice.

Champion. Princess, it reads. For your aid in protecting Vah Naboris, Chief Riju invites you to attend the wedding of her advisor, Perda, to be held at the Southern Oasis. You will attend as the Chief’s honoured guests. Please find the appropriate Gerudo attire enclosed. Buliara.

Link takes a moment to process the note. Wedding? Gerudo attire? He eyes the large parcel sitting on the table with some reservation. Their trip to Gerudo Desert was meant to be routine; meet with Lady Riju, check on Vah Naboris, maybe race a sand-seal or two. Link checks the date of the wedding and sees that it won’t interfere with their work, and, his curiosity getting the better of him, unravels the fine twine that secures the parcel.

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Hi! 😊 first thing I wanted to say was I think its amazing how many people you've helped with this blog and that I think you're amazing 😊 secondly, I just wanted to know if you know how to safely bind with sports bras or just bind in general when you're bigger chested? I've tried binding today and I don't really know if uts the best way too so I wanted to ask to see, thank you in advance and for everything you do!! 😊

Honestly I’ve had a lot of success with Victoria Secret’s sports bras and high impact under armor sports bras they bind great and I have a C size chest.

Here is a link on binding with a bigger chest. Also @flavntstreetwear makes great binders for bigger chested people.


Ren says:

An anon asked for clarification on the first sports bra binding tutorial - they didn’t understand what I meant by moving the hem, so here’s (hopefully) some clarification!

Warning: exposed skin and me looking at the camera. Also you can see my face in this one, you’re welcome

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My Avengers Masterpost...


I’m Waking Up (To Ash and Dust) (link):

(Teen - Bucky/Tony - 4.7k)

The pain is all-encompassing. It’s all he can think about. It’s all he feels. It’s all he breathes. It’s all he lives. Like a barbed net, its sharpness swallows him whole, over and over and over. Tony’s mind tries to hide, tries to save itself, but the pain finds him even then. It burns away at his resistance until all he is crumbles, until he’s nothing but ash and dust.

–Contains artwork from @hello-shellhead​ (seriously, her art is gorgeous)

O Holy Night (link):

(Explicit - Bucky/Tony - 3.8k)

It all screamed festive and gaiety and just that bit too much as it grated down Bucky’s nerves, and he had to make an escape.

Maximum Bet (link):

(Explicit - Sam/Bucky - 2.7k)

Eventually, Bucky’s down to his last two chips, and he has to admit that he’s awful at poker. He pushes the chips towards Sam for a tip and knows he has to give up his seat.

Pegging from the Heart (link):

(Explicit - Natasha/Tony/Bucky - 8.8k)

Tony thought they were joking. After all, he was in love with… He loved… The point was, though, which would it be? The blue pill or the red pill?

Don’t Make It Weird (link):

(Explicit - Sam/Bucky - 1.4k)

Sam’s the one that asked for this and he’s telling Bucky not to make it weird? Weird.

The Tie That Binds (link):

(Mature - established Rhodey/Sam - Bucky/Rhodey/Sam - 3.8k)

Rhodey is a rock, steady and reliable. Tony Stark has been his best friend-turned-brother for decades, so nothing surprises him anymore.

Until it does.

It’s Fine (link):

 (Teen - Rhodey/Sam - 1.4k)

Like he said, though, it’s a bad beat

Avengers Drabbles - Chapter 9 (link):

(Mature - established Tony/Pepper - Tony/Pepper/Jarvis(suit) - 1k)

There’s a memory hidden deep inside Vision’s memory banks.

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Where do you get binders from

Lee says:

Buy a pre-paid gift card to order it online from a website like GC2B, and have it sent to a friend’s house or to the post office and pick it up there.

More links on binding:


Exclusive Interview by Nagano-san which was broadcasted just a while ago.

This is an exclusive interview done immediately after he returns to Japan. Hanyu Yuzuru senshu has continue to win in the World competitions, what is the secret to this power? What should be noted here, are a few of the words that brought Hanyu senshu running till here. His strengths, his weaknesses and the secret to how he has overcome adverse situations has been gathered.

N: Thank you for your hard work.
Y: Oh, I was surprised.
N: Congratulations to the first 4-peat win in Grand Prix Finals
Y: Thank you.
N: Here are the photos for the 4-peat wins. Do you think there is any parts that are different from the previous wins?
Y: Yes, I could do it without thinking about this successive win.
N: Oh really?
Y: I think perhaps the things that I challenge was too big. And because last seasons’ 3-peats was the first for Men Singles, I feel more nervous there. Because that was over, I think my thought was if it continues so far, what will it become.
N: That’s right. This is the short program this time, “Let’s Go Crazy”
Y: Yes. The face is crazy.
N: The pose is totally different from usual. A little bad feeling.
Y: It’s very bad feeling.
N: Did the atmosphere of the song make you conscious of creating the atmosphere?
Y: Yes. During choreography, it is a little more quiet and a little more cool, but it’s not cool when I start doing it. It’s so hard that I think is it alright.
N: Rock?
Y: Yes, it’s really rock and fun.
From 3:31
N: First is these words. “take a step forward and take a step forward”. There were actually wrote in one of the program and I was like “wow, these words are so Hanyu san”.
Y: After all I have the feeling that I do not wish to miss a step. Of course there are many things that fail, when practicing it seems like I will run away, and there are a lot of times when it is painful, just for the moment just this time I feel like going forward this season.
N: Are there times when Hanyu san will feel like the heart would break?
Y: There is. When I cannot do a jump, I sometimes will feel like giving up (despair).
N: How bad is the feeling during those times?
Y: Haha! Hmm.. how bad is the feeling? I think I do not want to do it very much. I will not quit. Because I think that is a start when I feel like quitting here. When I think of quitting, it is time to think that it is impossible anymore. I will do it with the feelings that if I can do a no mistake there, it will be cool.
N: That is one of the strengths, isn’t it? When the heart broke, when it became no good, it is hard to change the feeling that to “No! This is the start!”
Y: It is hard for me too. Basically I do not want to lose in the competition. I feel strongly that I want to do a good performance in the competition. That is the origin. The degree of my hating to lose, without that kind of thing, I think I could not have come so far.
Narration: “一進一進“ means when it’s no good, it is time to challenge. Because of that positive nature, he made a comment when he was a middle school student.
Young Yuzu: (goal is) Olympic Gold Medal
Y: I was saying to all around me. Since I was a child I thought that I could get a gold medal at the Olympic. Haha! Since I began skating.
N: It’s amazing!
N: “The most scary thing is what should I do if growth (development) stops” You think about this? This actually did not happened.
Y: When I was in my fourth year in junior school, my rink collapses (close down), I lost my home rink. There was a time when I totally cannot do any triple jumps. To me, that was the most painful. I really feel that growth (development) has stopped. However, It does not mean that growth (development) in the sense of limitation stops. I do not know how to grow (develop). There were times when I did not understand how to grow (develop).
N: At those times, do you get advice from people, or you think on your own?
Y: In the end I think that it is myself to break (that thought). In my case, I take the change to make it higher, towards a very high goal. Really, I don’t know if my fingertips will hang on or not. Jumping while not knowing if my fingertips will hang on or not and biting on the goal. I tried my best.
Narration: When growth (development) stops, whether your hand could reach or could not reach, place your goal at the limit.
Y: Should it be confidence, or should it be excessive self consciousness, haha!
N: To think of it now, that is different. When you did not understand how to grow (develop) when growth (development stops), you considerably chase after yourself (you considerably drive yourself up the wall).
N: Next is from Shuzo san’s interview.
Y: Hahaha!
N: Cliff edge (critical point of moment)! Yahoi (Yeah)!
Y: Yes.
*playback of Shuzo san’s interview
Narration: I love cliff edge is originally Matsuoka san’s words
Y: It’s full of cliff edges. At first, the rink collapsed (close down). And it reopen and I return. Then the earthquake happened and I lost it again. First of all, there is a cliff that the practice environment itself can’t be used.
N: Ah, other skaters probably will not have these experiences.
Y: I think no. Just being able to crawl from there, I do not think it’s quite easy. In this sense, I think it will be okay to be cornered.
N: You love cliff edge?
Y: I love it.
Narration: Enjoy even at the cliff edge. Adversity could be made into nourishment. But sometimes, he says weakness does show on his face. At that time, there are magic words to use.
N: While watching Hanyu san’s strength, as expected is this. Is this routine?
Y: There are many.
N: A thought. I think when I see it I understand what it is. This time is this.
Narration: “I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.” It’s the words right before performance.
Y: I did it this time too. I depend very much on this word this time in Finals. While it is nice to have confidence, after all, when it comes to competition, I just can’t feel confident, get anxious and unpleasant images will spring up. If you say it out from your mouth and listen to it from your ears, I think maybe the head will be able to have that illusion.
N: I see. Something like a spirit of words.
Y: Yes, I think there is spirit of words.
Narration: To overcome weakness, self convincing. And speaking of another routine before competition…
N: The thing that you always listen to before competition, is that the competition songs you are listening to?
Y: That’s not true. I’m singing it quite a lot.
N: Is that so?
Y: It’s lip synching but I sing various of songs.
N: I have the image that you were listening to the song for that time before the competition.
Y: When I get too used to listen to the music, when it is actual competition and the music comes out, there are times when I feel the same as I was listening to it on earphone. Though it depends on circumstances, there are times when I would get away from the music and only listen to it during competition.
Narration: Towards the new season, the new words are…
N: Lastly, what Hanyu san is looking forward to, please write the words.
Y: The true feelings as of now? (place the marker to his face) did I stain here? Ok? I stained it! I do this quite a lot. It’s ok…
N: Haha!
Y: I’m thinking a bit. I’m thinking a bit. What is good? Ok. Ok.
Y: Yes. “結ぶ“ (link/ties/bind)
N: Oh! What do you mean?
Y: It is including the meaning of my name. From the Finals to Nationals, firstly, of course that the growth and practice is linked to results. In other words, the 4 peat
could not be done without various ties. From now on, to treasure every single hour. Furthermore, I hope to be able to link with good results and to connect.
N: Actually after the interview, Hanyu san asked for the pen and wrote another sentence. “これから神る”. (神るis a new created word and it mean anything goes good, also means good in everything, in this sentence, it means from now on, to be good in everything) I’ve asked Hanyu san, aren’t you already good in everything, which he answered totally not good in everything.

Translation by Jessie Kok

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hello! not a very complex question here; i'm 13, ftm, recently came out to my supportive parents (yay~) and we're thinking about getting a binder soon. they say that they won't let me get any type of surgery until i'm 16 or 18, which i understand, especially for top surgery since the stubborn boobers might grow back. but my only concern is the time - will 3-to-5 years of binding have any effects, or will i generally be okay if i make sure that the size is right and i'm careful and such? thx♡

Tobias says:

If you get on testosterone or a puberty blocker, your breasts will not grow back after top surgery, because female puberty will not resume. So you could physically get top surgery at a young age, without fear of The Return of the Boobs *cue horror music*. However, many places actually won’t operate on you until you are 16-18 anyway, so it is good that you’re willing to wait. But anyway, here is a list of top surgeons who use informed consent, many of whom operate on minors with parental consent. Just in case you can use it. :)

As for the binding, yes, binding will have effects. But there are safe ways to bind, which will greatly reduce the amount of negative effects that you’ll see. Any of the binder brands on this post are safe to bind with on a regular basis. To get the most out of your binding experience with the least amount of negative effects, it is also very important that you do not bind every day, and only bind for about 8-10 hours every day. Unfortunately, even safe binding takes a toll on your body. This study of transgender people binding might give you a better idea of the common effects, which can include soreness, increased acne, and breast sagging. However, many of the people surveyed in this study had unsafe binding methods, which does skew the results a bit to the unsafe and unfavorable effects side. By binding safely, (Only binding with a real binder for 8-10 hours a day, not exercising in your binder, and listening to your body), you will avoid the worst effects. This is a link that has a lot of information about binding. Binding safety is about halfway down the page. If it helps, look at this chart of how to avoid unpleasant effects of binding:

If you follow the guidelines for binding safely, you should avoid most of these effects, and shouldn’t suffer any severe or serious effects. Mostly the only effect that people really notice from binding safely over a long period of time is breast sagging, which will obviously be fixed when you get top surgery anyway. Effects are more common depending on how large your breasts are. So if you’re small chested, you won’t notice as many effects as someone who has a larger chest.

If you do ever get hurt though, take a break from binding for a few days until you feel better, and if you still have concerns, see a doctor. 

Here is a link to our binding alternatives tag, which might help you feel less dysphoric during your non-binding days. 

I do want to add though, that if your parents are willing to let you get a binder, I highly encourage it more than alternative binding methods, because they flatten you better, and in my opinion, hurt less than sports bra binding. It is possible to be safe while binding your chest, even if you do it for 3-5 years, and I hope I didn’t make it seem otherwise. As long as you make sure you have the right size, and you don’t do anything stupid in your binder, like running a mile or something, you’ll be fine. :) 

Finally, here are some last resources that might be of use to you and your family!

What are puberty blockers? [1] Are they safe? [2]  Why puberty blockers are important. [3] Youtube videos about young trans kids on puberty blockers [4] [5]

Testosterone [1] What changes does T cause? [2]  Why is Testosterone important? [3] [4] Videos of trans men before and after on T [5] [6] [7]

Top surgery is the surgical removal of breast tissue to give a transgender man a male chest. What are the types? [1]  Before and after pictures [2] List of surgeons [3] Pros and cons of each method [4] Videos about top surgery [keyhole] [double incision] [periareaolar]

Resources for parents [1] Videos [2] [3]

Hope this helps, anon!

Fractal Point: Chapter One

{Dark Obi AU//Obitine fic}

Summary:  Following the death of Anakin Skywalker, a grieving Obi-Wan had turned.  He had turned for guidance, for purpose.  He had turned, in the only way he’d ever known how; he had turned to his lineage.  He had turned to Count Dooku… and eventually, to the Dark Side. 

He’d avoided Satine after that, ashamed of what he was, even as he took care to make sure she was safe.  But when his new Master begins to fear that old feelings are conflicting with new purpose, everything suddenly changes, and he is forced to act lest she be destroyed.  To save her, though, he must face her once again…

//chapter one under cut//

     Obi-Wan Kenobi stared out the viewport window of his personal shuttle, deep in meditation.  The Unifying Force swirled and ebbed in his vision, stretching out into the stars beyond, weaving past and future alike into its universal fabric.  Out and below, the planet of Mandalore glistened like fresh-fallen snow, a fractal point of memory long divided by conflict.  

          Once, he knew, he had looked upon this very place with a different set of eyes; younger eyes, bluer eyes, happier eyes unburdened with the harsh realities of war.  He had been so naïve, then.  So willingly blind… How strange it was, he thought, that he could still see their light despite the darkness that had fallen over him… that they had remained so much the same even after everything had changed!  It was true, he realized, that some stars must have been born since then; that others, like himself, had been overcome by darkness.  Such was the nature of finite life, he knew, even for the brightest of stars.  But although they shifted, and faded, and formed anew, they always formed the same pattern - that of the dark and the light, locked in their eternal dance.  And always, time is there to connect them, bringing history back to the place where it began… The endless cycle of renewal and destruction, of beginnings and endings and life and death.  And so, he supposes, it makes sense that he has found himself back here again after so long, even if it is just to destroy his old self one last, final time.  

       Obi-Wan’s thoughts were interrupted by the beeping of the holoprojector, its blue light drawing his gaze from the planet below.  Usually, a call from his Master would be nothing to be concerned about - his relations with Tyranus had always been civil enough, and his performance left little to be desired.  But today, he felt a certain apprehension as he strode to the projector pad, an uneasiness that he could not shake from his mind despite his considerable discipline.  Still, he had been the Count’s apprentice long enough to know that he must not reveal his doubts.  Dooku was perceptive when it came to such matters, and being a master of manipulation himself, he was difficult to deceive.

          As Obi-Wan activated the projector, he was careful to keep his head bowed, a few wayward strands of auburn falling into his gaze.  The traditional gesture was one of respect, but today it gave him a few more precious moments to school his face into the proper obedience and calm before addressing Tyranus more directly.

         "Ah, Ben.“  His old codename slid off his master’s tongue with a flourish, a simple memory embellished with more meaning than it should have held.  Surely he couldn’t know… or did he?  Was this intentional, meant to rattle him?  "I trust you have something to report.”  One elegant white eyebrow raised expectantly beneath the dark folds of Tyranus’ robe, serving both inquisition and judgement.  But what that judgement might be…

          “I do, Master.  The faction here that calls itself Deathwatch has been most cooperative, but they are a young movement, and hardly so bold as they claim…”  Kenobi stroked his beard thoughtfully, wondering how he should proceed.  I don’t want him to think continued involvement here is worth it.  But how to convince him… “I do not think that there is enough resistance here to turn events to our liking.  Perhaps a planet with a weaker neutral stance would…”

          “No… I sense that Mandalore is the key.  A planet with such a violent past is sure to harbor dormant resentment, which will work to our favor.  Remember, Kenobi, that I wish to be directly involved as little as possible…  Appearances are most important if we are to rally more neutral systems to our cause.”  His master’s dark eyes narrowed dangerously, and Obi-Wan knew that he was bordering ever closer to the invisible line that had thus far remained unbroken.  But still, he had to try, because her life depended on it.

         "No government here lasts long, Master… I fear that even if we are successful, eventually we may have to intervene to keep it in our grasp.  Surely…“

         "Mandalore may take some effort to obtain.  However, if the Duchess Satine falls, it will go a long way in aiding our cause. Without her leadership, the Council of Neutral Systems will quickly crumble, and more and more worlds will become ripe for our taking.”  Dooku’s hologram flickered, then steadied again, the stars shining brightly through his transparent image.  And her name, spoken so easily, so damningly from his master’s lips, traveling through space and time to haunt him once more… A shiver ran down Kenobi’s spine, threatening to overtake his steely composure, but he soon clamped down on the impulse, and the memories were as quickly gone as they had occurred.

          “But Master…” Obi-Wan protested, only to be cut short once more by Dooku’s holoimage.

          “Do not forget, my apprentice, that Sidious’ plot depends upon the current balance.”  The old man’s voice was a clear reprimand, but he was not angry - at least not yet, Obi-Wan mused.  In fact, he sounded tired, Kenobi realized, and not just of their conversation; today was one of those rare instances where Obi-Wan could actually see the Count’s age, where the façade between them crumbled and the almost grandfatherly bond that existed between them became evident.  Days like these, one saw an old man, and the youngest of his legacy, bonded by the whisper of a ghost, shared memory thick with sorrow.  Qui-Gon.  They never spoke of him; and yet he was there, always, the binding link between them…

          “If we are able to shift the war in our favor, Sidious will become more vulnerable - and that is when we will strike. Remember why you joined me, Obi-Wan…”  Dooku’s voice was softer now, and Obi-Wan knew that he was thinking it, too.  Qui-Gon.  "…together, we can end this terrible war and seek justice for those lives he has destroyed.“

            “Yes, Master,” Kenobi answered, almost apologetically, “I will be more mindful.”  But surely, there must be another way.  I cannot destroy her…

             "See to it that they are unaware of our influence in this matter.  I want no complications when it comes time to recruit more systems to our cause,“ Dooku reminded him, the stony façade returning in full force, “And keep in contact.  I expect full updates on your progress.”  As the hologram flickered out at last, Kenobi found himself releasing a breath he wasn’t even aware he had been holding - this whole ordeal had him deeply unsettled, and he still wasn’t entirely sure why.  Some of it, of course, had to do with her, but there was something else, too, something elusive…  He would have to meditate on it later.  For now, he would do his duty.

Thanks to @legobiwan, who inspired me to post this (admittedly sort-of self-indulgent) fic here on tumblr dot com… at least I know of one person who enjoys these two as much as I do ;)

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What about trans guy!Link, like difficulties with becoming a knight and stuff. And he passes so well that he has to tell Zelda that he wasn't born biologically male. Maybe the other champions as well... i dunno

Trans guy!Link

•link telling her parents she is a boy from a young age and they immediately address link with he/him pronouns
•link’s father bragging to his friends about how proud he is of his son and is ready to fight anyone that so much as thinks of negative comments or hate
•link’s mother making him special foods and medicine when he gets hurt from training with a binder so he can be accepted to be a knight
•when he is zelda’s appointed knight the only people that know he is trans are his parents because he has passed so well even from a young age that no one would even think to question
•when traveling with Zelda one day she intrudes on link as he is binding and not understanding until link gives a very flustered explanation and apology for deceiving the princess
•Zelda swears to never tell a soul and tells him that nothing will change between them link feels ten times more comfortable around Zelda after that
•after the champions become friends they slowly learn more and more about link
•urbosa somehow knows all along but never comments until link tells her and she tells him to keep up the good work
•revali is sore for a day or too but only because he couldn’t tell but then respects link even more although he won’t say that
•mipha is embarrassed and basically has a crisis because how did she not see that but after she calms down she compliments link
•daruk bear hugs link and vows to protect this precious cinnamon roll at all costs
Ok so I may have gotten carried away with this oops'v’ thank you sm for asking for this though!! I love getting asks !!

Don’t Deny It- Poe x Reader x Hux Part One

“You can’t do this to her!”

His voice was angry, full of rage, but anyone could hear the cracks of sadness and fear.

“On the contrary, I do not believe I am doing anything to her. She agreed to this mission,” the General replied, continuing to work. “I believe this is about you.”

Poe stopped following her, frowning. “I love her, General.”

Leia softened. “I know you do. But she has to go on this mission- it’s beyond my control, Poe.”

Poe paused. “We- we were going to get married.”

“Are,” she corrected. “You are going to get married. She will be back before you know it.”

Poe scowled one more time, nodded, and left for his quarters with Y/N.

“Before I know it,” he repeated softly, closing his eyes briefly before continuing on his way.

He sincerely doubted that was true.

She stood up on her tip-toes and kissed him, wrapping her arms loosely around his neck. As their lips separated, they did not. His arms found their way around her waist, and their foreheads met in an embrace.

“I love you,” he whispered, looking into her eyes. She nodded.

“I love you too,” she replied, smiling reassuringly and kissing him again.

As they were forced to part, he touched her shoulder.

“Stay safe, Y/L/N.”

She grinned and saluted him. “Sure thing, Dameron.”

With one last quick kiss, she turned and entered the ship. For a long while after the ship departed, and he had waved and put on a smile, he stood there, staring after her, until kind hands led him away.

“Hurry up,” the cold voice commanded. “the First Order has no time for recruits to slow us down.”

“Yes ma'am,” Y/N replied, quickening her pace.

After a month aboard the Finalizer, the young woman had somewhat grown used to her surroundings. Life was harder, full of more stress and more hard work, and of course, she was always in a panic, but it was all worth it when she sent a transmission full of information back to the Resistance. Then she knew her hard work was not for nothing.

Somewhere behind her, she heard the click of shoes. She knew instantly who it was- General Hux. She forced herself to continue to stare at the data, her fingers expertly organizing it. She heard the low hum of voices, his deep tone and the lighter yet crueler voice of some soldier. As it got quiet, she felt the icy eyes bear in on her back. She knew there would be consequences if she were to turn around, and so she continued her work. Eventually, the imaginary pressure on her back lifted, and she heard the click again, although this time the sound was being led farther and farther away.

 Y/N wasn’t sure how she had managed to get a promotion so quickly, but General Leia was pleased, and that was all she needed to know. Although her contact with the General was limited, each moment of it was a bit of warmth in her cold life. However, what really killed her was the lack of communication with Poe. She knew it would be too risky, she knew he wouldn’t want her to get hurt because of it, but she couldn’t help it. She missed Poe, and loved him.

Was a bit of communication with one’s fiance too much to ask for?

Her new position aboard the Finalizer was one she was not too thrilled to take on: the personal secretary of General Hux. She had not yet spent a moment alone with the man, and she was certainly not looking forward to it. The way his blue eyes pierced her, as if he could see all of her secrets- it scared her.

Y/N knew her duty to the Resistance came first, so after sending off a few files to Leia, she summoned her courage and began the long stretch to Hux’s office. She reminded herself over and over that this was a good thing, that she now could bring so much more back home, but nothing could help. As her hand hesitated over the door of his office, she thought of Poe, how proud he would be of her, how nothing could hurt her because her loving fiance would always protect her. With that, she lifted her fist and knocked on the door.


Y/N gulped and entered the room.

“I’ll get that to you right away, sir,” Y/N replied, moving with ease throughout the large office. Hux smiled at his assistant, something rare that she treasured. After just a few days of working for the General, she had fallen into another rhythm. She had managed to convince herself her boss wasn’t so bad, he was simply doing what he thought was right. And he was kind to her, of course.

“Wait a moment, Y/N,” he called after her as she began to exit. Holding a datapad tightly in her arms, she turned to face him.

“Yes, sir?”

He strode over to her, allowing her only a few inches between them. “I’ve been meaning to speak to you..”

He leaned closer, and she took a step back, frowning. “Sir..”

“For a while now, I’ve noticed, the way you look at me..”

She shook her head frantically, her eyes widening. “No, sir!”

Hux offered a smile. “It’s alright, Y/N. I understand. And, quite honestly, I want you, too.”

I’m engaged. How easily the words should have slipped out. Instead, she stood there, looking deep into his icy eyes, wondering what could be.

She was against the wall now, his arms on either side of her head. She tried to speak, but only a stutter could come out.

“I feel it, too. The connection.”

Y/N was terrified, now. Because it was true. She could feel the link binding them together, connecting them. Did she love him?

“Sir,” she began, but he shushed her.

“YN, tell me now. Do you have feelings for me?”

She was lost in his eyes, in his hair and body. She felt herself falling for him, for his looks and personality and intelligence. How easy it would be to admit her feelings, to let him kiss her. And how hard it would be to tell him she was engaged, tell him she loved only one.

She took a deep breath. “I should deliver these papers.”

She slipped under his arm quickly and almost ran away, only relaxed when she was far away.

Was it possible? Did she have feelings for Hux?

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Tides Unknown - Chapter 1: it begins

A reincarnation AU that comes after Birthright canon. Xander is a sailor of Nohr that meets Corrin who longs for adventure, and is headstrong despite the situation. Together they’ll embark on the seas, meet both old and new allies, face their inner turmoils, and discover the link that binds them both.

Note: there are certain quirks that may be different from the original Fates verse, due to the Birthright having a lingering effect that will be explored in time.

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Here’s the second part of my bookbinding adventures! ahaha. Seriously, there a loooooot of other different types of binding/sewing we were taught (we worked with coptic stitch japanese stitch, japanese stab stitch y diente de perro (no idea what’s the translation of this one either sorry)) And I was gonna show them to y'all but I gotta go do some homework im sorry u guyssss see u later (●´□`)♡

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Blake stood over Weiss, Pyrrha, and Glynda, her blade still drawn and covered in blood. "Take them to the ship and remove their powers, then strip them and put them in cages. I want pictures of all of them, nude and covered in piss, so I can send them to Schnee. If one fights, let me know and I'll read them open," she commanded to her top lieutenants, pulling down her fly and relieving herself on the Schnee heiress with a content sigh.

Weiss spits as the golden fluid washed over her. Like the others her hands are bound behind her and linked to the binds on her ankles, she writhes as she tries to escape the taller woman’s piss. “Do you want their clothes wearable again my lady?” One of the lieutenants asks with a bow. Glynda growls through her gag and almost falls on her face.

You know, when Kanda comes back, and if he hasn’t found “the truth” he needs, he might attack the 14th again, threatening to kill him. Only that Link will be protecting the 14th.

So Kanda and Link would argue and fight…

But to an outsider, it may very well look like… well…

Uh. Is this really the time for you two to be fighting over Allen Walker?”

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Currently using sports bras to hide my chest, but I get super nervous about if my bra straps are showing. Any tips on how to fix this ?

Kii says:

Try a shirt on at home and try moving and jumping around a bit to see if the neckline of the shirt shifts to show your bra straps. If not, you’ll probably be fine!

Lee says:

You also should try to wear shirts with small collars, and maybe a sweatshirt over. And look at our Anxiety link!