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Hello! For the Daddy!Logan&Laura prompt, could you please do one of Laura innocently using her claws for something (in a way only a child would - like chasing a butterly or something; I could even imagine her pouncing, aww) and Logan looking on, reluctantly amused/fond...? Please? Thank you! ^_^

                               The Claws that Bind Us     

Link to FFN  and debating if I should create and add this all to Ao3…                           

                                          Sunday Mornings

From the centuries that had passed since his childhood, Logan had to give some credit to Canada’s preservation of the land he knew so well. Much of the wilderness was still thick with towering trees and the various lakes and rivers that wore their waters into the rock of the mountains were crystal clear and often encrusted with ice during the winter months. There were very few things Logan considered to be grateful for, and this was one of them.

Since relocating back to the Northwest Territories with Laura in tow, he’d purchased a cabin from a couple who used it previously as a vacation home. It cost a reasonable chunk of money he had originally set aside for his and Charles’s boat, but now as a caretaker to his own child, her needs were more important than his own. He needed to get her assimilated to normal life and perhaps, when she was much older, they could buy one for their own leisurely pleasure.

Within a month of settling down, Logan managed to get hired by a lumber company. The work was tedious and the hours sometimes long, but it paid well enough to support his and Laura’s needs. And, of course, when he got her registered to start school (a choice that took weeks for him to mull over) it gave him something to do.

Thankfully, unless called to do so, he was off most weekends. Given this spare time, he and Laura spent growing to understand and build a relationship that was very much needed. They did, after all, have to fill in the gaps for the years they missed. And so every Sunday, the morning to be exact, they would go down to the big lake that sat between their home and a half mile of forest. A decent but not overly tiring walk.

On this particular morning, Logan watched from his place on the lake edge, sitting on a foldout chair as it was more forgiving on his back than resting on the ground. His gaze was set on the young girl who knelled on a rock, hands pressed against the stone as she remained completely silent. Her concentration and unwavering determination was so evident, the old mutant couldn’t help the small smile that appeared on his face.

Then, without any warning, she lunged forward with a clawed hand swiping underneath the dark water seemingly struggling for a moment before pulling it out with a triumphant cry. There, attached to her two claws twitching, was a large trout. It spasmed weakly leaving Logan to believe that the girl’s attack already left it dead and its movements were mere nerve impulses.

“I got one!” She grinned, waving her fist with the fish still well attached in the air.

“Careful,” Logan warned. “You’re gonna lose it if you swing it around like that.”

Most parents would have bought their child a fishing pole to use whilst trying to catch fish. But Logan was no normal parent and Laura far from what many would consider a normal child. Still, her innocence and amusement that followed many her age, was still very much present. It was, to say the least, rather amusing to watch the young mutant use her powers to accomplish tasks most would take a different route to complete.

“Is it good?” She asked, holding the now still fish towards her father.

“Come over here and let me see,” he motioned, leaning forward as the girl hurried over to him. It was a rather large fish, considering Laura’s size and current abilities while learning the full extent of her powers. “It’ll work.”

Sunday nights were unofficially declared fish nights with Laura catching the meal and Logan preparing it. He was quite versed in the task of descaling and deboning such things that he most likely would put a successful chef to shame–preparation wise of course.

“C’mon,” he said, taking a moment to push himself up. “Let’s get going and take it home. I forgot the cooler and I don’t want it to start going bad.”

Laura nodded before reaching for Logan’s hand with her free one while making sure their soon to be meal was well attached to the metal talons of her other. Together they walked back through the woods, the lake growing further and further behind them.


Here’s the second part of my bookbinding adventures! ahaha. Seriously, there a loooooot of other different types of binding/sewing we were taught (we worked with coptic stitch japanese stitch, japanese stab stitch y diente de perro (no idea what’s the translation of this one either sorry)) And I was gonna show them to y'all but I gotta go do some homework im sorry u guyssss see u later (●´□`)♡

You know, when Kanda comes back, and if he hasn’t found “the truth” he needs, he might attack the 14th again, threatening to kill him. Only that Link will be protecting the 14th.

So Kanda and Link would argue and fight…

But to an outsider, it may very well look like… well…

Uh. Is this really the time for you two to be fighting over Allen Walker?”


So I’ve been working on this painting for that last 7 months and I’m really excited about how it turned out! It’s a Christmas present for my boyfriend…so they’re a bunch of his favorite video games (since that’s really all he does) but i really hope you all like it! I highlighted some of my favorite sections





Dark Souls




The Binding of Isaac

The Legend of Zelda

I hold him sitting alone
composing music
a year later, conquistador
you called me through a locked door
intimate fingers
striking through holes
working to bind
bending, linking
walking delicately backwards,
faith guiding his way
to burn me clean.


holy cccheese my inbox was flooded with questions about my notebook, people were asking where I bought it and the measures of the book, etc. And because I have little time, I’ll try and reply some of the things you’re curious about in this two photo posts.

About where I bought it….the thing is… I made my notebook. Last semester we had an elective on bookbinding and it was awesome. We made a lot of things and we were taught how to sew and bind a lot of different types of books-notebooks. You can read each description and details on the captions of the photos if you want!

The subject. (Closed RP with screwthewarandkill)

Zephere stands in a store waiting to see his order presented to him. People without magical abilities are common but a Faunus in that category was rare. Eventually a woman with disheveled ash black hair wearing what may as well have been a tattered sack as a dress. Her hands are bound before her and her ankles were bound with little more than a foot of rope between them. Her bindings linked by rope with a little slack to allow some movement. “Here you are sir, the only Faunus in Damnos without the gifts.”

Broadcast 11 Thoughts and Theories.

Alright guys. It’s been a month. I’ve missed this.

Anyway, this new broadcast is a distinct break from what we’ve seen so far. The voiceover seems to be directed at a specific person. I’ll get into who I think that may be in a sec. First, I want to talk about the identity of the masked man himself:

- Could this be Totheark? Is this the link that binds MH and CL44 together? The glitchy video is part of his signature… This may be a crap shoot, but it’s one that I’m taking.

- Whoever he is, it is safe to assume he is neither Birdwatcher or Walker, since the video title does not include those names this time. Yet it has to be someone we have seen before; earlier today, the Marble Hornets Twitter account updated and tweeted out, “did you think I was gone”

- Consider this: what if our masked friend is speaking directly to us, the audience? What if he knows all of us (or at least a good portion of us) watched MH in its entirety and followed Jay, Tim, and Alex’s story all the way through, bit by gritty bit? And think about what we as viewers have been doing so far with CL44- we’ve been flies on the wall, scanning the broadcasts, standing by as Birdwatcher has suffered?

- SUDDEN EPIPHANY: You guys will have to stay with me on this one, because it is downright crazy, but what if… what if this is Jay?

Think about it: Jay isn’t BW or Walker, but he is someone who has been “gone,” at least to us. The tweet isn’t necessarily confined to the events of CL44 and could be referencing MH. Remember, we watched Jay die. On camera. We watched him suffer. Is this some sort of revenge from beyond the grave?

Aaaaand that’s it for my ramblings on this broadcast! The wait was rough, but so, so worth it. Sleep tight, and remember:

W e a r e w a t c h i n g c l o s e l y


Victor Frankenstein in Every Episode | 1x03 “Resurrection”

“There is one thing you need to consider. When you transform a live, you’re making it anew. Whatever happens to that creature downstairs downstairs, we are responsible for it. It is our burden now. Every action builds another link that binds us to it. That chain is everlasting.”

Love is the crowning grace of humanity, the holiest right of the soul, the golden link which binds us to duty and truth, the redeeming principle that chiefly reconciles the heart to life, and is prophetic of eternal good.
—  Petrarch