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Your human Sidon is so cute! He has so many freckles and I just wanna kiss every single one of them! And I just wanna play with his long hair all the time!

ME TOO HHH I want to draw him more tbh he’s just as fun as drawing regular sharky Sidon because I love drawing big guys with long hair. 

Conventions don’t happen as often as I’d like here, and this year I’ll be missing my fave because one of my faves is on the other side of the globe. So tbt Fan Expo TO a couple years ago where we were very sleepy “amies de DYAD.”

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I'm not autistic, but I suffer from a sensory disorder- and when I receive too much stimulation, I tend to pick at my skin. It hurts, but it's a stim right at my fingertips, pun intended. Do you know any good silent classroom fidgets? Anything easy to hold in your hand during crowded, loud, bright passing periods? Thank you so much!!

Sweet anon (and everyone, actually), you never, never have to explain that you’re not autistic here. Never. This is a space for all neurodivergent folk and people with any disability, illness or condition who might find stimming helpful for whatever reason. (If you think stimming helps you in some way, you count.) You’re all welcome here, all of you, and I’ll answer any questions you have as best I can. If you want to share your background, by all means, but never feel you have to. This is not an autistic-only or autistic-focused space. It’s a stimming space!

I’ll be honest: this is something I struggle with as well. So I’m trying to find replacement stims for when I feel the need to pick, too.

If you want to go for stealth stims, kneadable erasers. (Art supply stores, office supply stores. I got mine from Officeworks, brand name Faber Castel. I’ve also seen Mont Marte ones in dollar shops and scented ones at Daiso.) You don’t have to explain this to anyone and you can pull, stretch, twist and pick it. Like putty but portable. They cost around $3.50 AUD here, so they’re not very expensive, either.

I also have the most amazing case eraser (Officeworks, $2 AUD) which I’ll photograph because I cannot describe it without an image:

[image description: a rounded plastic eraser module in three parts: a clear red plastic brush cover bearing the word “capsule”; a blue plastic base with a pale blue plastic brush attached to the bottom and a rounded raised thumb rest covered with raised dots with a white round eraser attached the top of the base; and a blue plastic cover for the eraser. Text “Milan” is printed on the cover.]

I have no idea if these are still available: I bought one on clearance, realised how fabulous it was, went back, found none. The brush makes a slight noise when you run a finger over it, but the cover feels like a worry stone and I mostly just run a fingertip over the thumb rest. Milan makes a lot of erasers with unusual covers, all of them pretty fidget-friendly, but this one is the best of the best. I wish I had more of them; they’d be in every bag I own.

Lastly, a chenille pencil case is stealth and super stimmy, and you might find poking/pulling at the chenille fronds offer you an alternative to picking.

As for non-stealth stims: squishies, small plushies, most stress balls (the stretchy squish ball, available from Stimtastic online or Lincraft here in Australia, is fabulous), balloon stress balls, a marble loop, a marble maze, a fluffy or tassel keychain, a worry stone or a prickle fidget are all absolutely silent.

The Hairy Tangle makes a very slight rubbery noise when you stretch the fronds. (People not me probably don’t even notice it.) No clicking, unlike any other Tangle I’ve handled. Plus you can pull/pick at the fronds! And it has no rubbery smell! It’s got texture and movement and offers several different ways to stim with it, so if you don’t mind obviously stimming, I’d recommend trying this one. It’s fabulous and I need to remember to use it more than I do.

Play-Doh is pretty quiet. I’ve noticed my putties and slimes tend to bubble and crackle, though (I’ve got some that bubble so much it’s like playing with never-ending bubble wrap) so I wouldn’t use them in a classroom.

Puffer creatures can be quiet, but mine make noise when I pull the fronds, so they’re probably only useful for poking or running your hands through the fronds. A tassel keychain should be better for absolutely-quiet stimming whilst offering something that can be picked and pulled, if you’re looking for a stim that fills that picking need. You can also attach it to a pencil case, so it’ll be fairly stealth as well!

(A simple alternative to this could be an embroidery thread friendship bracelet, the kind that ties in a knot around your wrist and leaves dangling threads, like a tassel. @threadytogo​ makes them in pride and fan themes!)

Other fidgets that might work, and are surely stealth enough, include fidget jewellery items like telephone cord bracelets and snake necklaces, especially if you want some back-up toys to wear in case you’re like me and lose/forget the toy you mean to bring to class. I don’t get quite the hand-holding fidget experience from some of these, though, so I’d probably have them as back-up fidgets.

Standard stim toys like Tangles and puzzles all make some noise, and if you’re like me, that noise makes you feel self-conscious about making noise, even if it actually doesn’t bother anyone else.

If my followers have something in their collections they can attest is silent and suitable for our anon, please add them! I know a super common toy rec is a spinner ring, but I don’t own one myself and can’t confirm how completely silent they are when used gently/slowly. If someone can confirm, I’d be grateful.

I hope this gives you somewhere to begin!

Search Party (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

OMG WHY ARE YOUR PROMPTS SO CUTE???? Anyways can I have a Draco x reader one?? Like they’re in their 4th year or something, around GOF, and reader is a gryffindor but legit acts like a hufflepuff and looses her pet, but like her pet is a rabbit or turtle and Draco is just like “wtf you lost a ___ in the castle???” Thank you!!! Xx

“Hermione, Hermione, HERMIONE! Can you slow down, I’m sure Hagrid’s not going to yell at us if we’re five minutes late to class.” You said, trying to put in your robe as she dragged you out of your shared room and out towards the hall. You had both overslept, you were all up all night trying to come up with solution for the first task of the tournament…none of you wanted Harry to be BBQ’ed by a dragon. Even Draco helped, much to everyone’s surprised.

“Honestly, Y/N, we’re going to be more than five minutes late, we haven’t even left the castle yet! And we need to make it to the field!” just to calm the girl down, you begrudgingly started running besides her and much to her delight, you guys made it to the field in less than 3 minutes, just in time. Hagrid wasn’t even there yet.

“About time you showed up, I was beginning to think Herman kidnapped you.” A voice said from behind you, making you turn around, a finger waving in the air  already.

“Draco Malfoy, how many times do I have to tell you to stop it with the insults?” you reproached as the he gulped.

“Sorry Hermione…” he muttered as Hermione stifled her giggles with her hand, she bid the both of you goodbye as she spotted the rest of the golden trio.

“I swear love, you’re lucky I’m rather fond of you because never in a trillion years would I be apologizing to a Gryffindor.” He joked, grabbing your bag and linking his hand with yours.

“Well I’m sure you never thought you would be dating one as well.” You said pecking his lip while he rolled his eyes at you, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiled at you.

“Come on, Hagrid’s finally here and Potter is shooting daggers at me for keeping you away from the class.” He said as he led you towards the class, near Crabbe and Goyle and the Golden trio.

Care of Magical Creatures went on as usual, you chatted with Draco as you worked, trying your hardest to make him and the Golden trio friends. You can clearly remember when you told the trio that you and Draco were dating…

“Draco? As in Draco Malfoy?” Harry said, spitting out the pumpkin juice he had been drinking.

“OUR SWORN ENEMY?!” Ron yelled, as he stood up from his chair.

“Hm, that does explain why you lingered so much by the dungeons lately…” Hermione said softly, laughing at the scene in front of her, grabbing Ron’s arm and sitting him back down.

“I bet he hexed her! A love potion even!”

“Is he blackmailing you? Does he have Snape behind this plan of his? We could owl Sirius, or Remus even, they’re not afraid of Snape.” Harry asked, worried etched on his face as Ron’s frown deepened.

“There is no evil masterplan! We got paired up in Charms, after that we hung out more and one thing lead to another… I’m just letting you blokes know before anyone else.” You finished, blushing slightly. Harry was about to protest but Hermione cut him off.

“Would you two calm down? She’s perfectly capable of making her own choices, although I’m also trying to understand why, Y/N knows what she’s doing.” Hermione said, having enough of  Ron and Harry’s questioning about Draco’s intentions.

You chuckled at the memory as Draco nudge your side, pointing at how Ron managed to anger one of the Skrewts; Hermione was trying to soothe the angry Skrewt with food as Ron glared at it. Class was soon dismissed and you all headed towards the castle, you and Draco held hands as you walked, you could faintly hear Hermione telling the boys to stop glaring and to behave. You made a mental note to thank her later. Both the Slytherins and the Gryffindors had Potions after lunch so you all headed towards the dining hall. Since you had overslept, this was the first meal you were going to have today.

“I should’ve woken you up or something, but I doubt I would’ve been welcome ibro your common room.” Draco said as he laughed at the amount of food you had piled on your plate.

“Yeah, especially since the twins are still weary of you.” you joked back.

“I should be the one weary of them! Once Weasley told the whole Gryffindor dorm about us they pranked me nonstop for a week!”

“You gotta hand it to them, they snuck into the Slytherin common room just to mess with your shampoo, green looked good on you babe.” You said, laughing as you grabbed another roll of bread.

“Yeah, yeah, hurry up now, love, I don’t want Granger to scold me if we both show up late to Potions.” He said, grabbing two cookies and wrapping them up in napkin before stuffing them inside his robes. You bid his friends goodbye, Crabbe and Goyle waved back as Pansy glared at you, she wasn’t fond of how you would sit down and eat at the Slytherin table instead of your own house table but after Draco told her off the first time, she keeps her comments to herself and just glares.

Since it was a Friday, Potions was your last class of the day, and much to Snape’s annoyance, no one but Hermione was paying attention. Even though it felt like forever, class was finally over.

“Can you believe? Finally a Friday where neither team has practice! I just need to go drop off my bag and change, then we can go to the lake.” You said as Draco walked you towards the Gryffindor common room.
“I need to do the same, meet you out here in 15 minutes?” He asked, you nodded as you grabbed your bag from his awaiting hand, you kissed him softly and bid him off. You entered the common room, seeing Harry, Ron and Hermione already sprawled out near the fire.
“Hey Y/N! Are you up for a game of wizard chess?” Harry called out.
“I’m sorry Harry, Draco and I are going to the lake, he swears he can get the giant squid to do tricks like a puppy.” You said laughing.
“Alright, rain check then?”
“Absolutely!” You shouted as you ran up the stairs and towards the girls dorms.
“They’re cute together.” Hermione said as she watched you run up the stairs.
“A little too cute.” Ron grumbled.
“Come on Ronald, she brings the best out of him. Draco and his goons have been more civil towards us ever since they started dating and you know.” Hermione said, defiantly.
“She’s right, as much as I hate to admit it…and he treats her right.” Harry added.
Ron was about to say something when you came running down the stairs, a worried and frantic look etched on your face.
“GUYS! GUYS!” You screamed as you skipped the last two steps, almost tripping on your way down, luckily Harry caught you as he was already making his way towards you.
“Y/N, What’s wrong?” He asked as Hermione and Ron made their way to you.
“He’s gone!” You cried out, your eyes glistening with tears.
“Who’s gone? Who’s he?” Harry’ asked.

“Speedy is gone! He’s not in his tank!”
“Are you sure he’s not there?” Hermione asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.
“Yes I’m sure! He’s a turtle, he’s always in his tank and as I finished changing I went to check on him and he wasn’t there.” You replied, a few tears making their way down your cheeks.
“Isn’t he in a tank…full of water? On top of your desk? With a cover?” Ron asked, cautiously, not wanting to make you cry even more.
“Yes he is, well was! But he’s not there! Now are you going to help me look for him or not?” You said, glaring at Ron as he raised his hands in surrender. Harry and Hermione started moving the furniture around the room, you quickly took out your wand and whispered Lumos, and searched under the countless bookcases.
You heard the portrait hole open but didn’t think much of it, you were much too worried about your turtle.
“Thanks Longbottom, but I see her, don’t know what she’s doing but I’ve found her. Thanks again for letting mein.” You bumped your head in the shelf as you stood up quickly, hearing Draco’s voice. You immediately ran to him.
“Hey, hey, what’s wrong, love? Are you hurt?” Draco asked, voice laced with concern as he saw you crying. His eyes scanned you over for any sign of injuries.
“Speedy’s missing! I was in such a rush to get ready this morning that I must’ve forgotten to close his tank cover after I fed him. He must’ve climbed out because of the new plant I got him…I should’ve listened to Hermione, that plant was far too tall for his tank.” You ranted as the tears rolled down your face.
“YN…you lost a turtle, in the castle?” Draco asked confused but he couldn’t bear to you in distressed so instead questioning you he comforted you.

“It’s going to be okay, love, we’re going to find him.” He answered, kissing your forehead and wiping your tears. You nodded, smiling weakly at him. You and Hermione searched the girl’s dorm as the boys did the same in their perspective dorms. After two hours you all regrouped in the common room and began searching every nook and cranny.

“Love it’s almost dinner time, do you want to go down and grab a quick bite to eat and then look for him?” Draco said, you were both crawling around the floor, looking for Speedy.

“I’m not hungry.” You mumbled, sadly.
“Speedy wouldn’t want you to get sick, you need to eat something.”
“I just can’t believe he’s missing, Dumbledore trusted me to be responsible enough to take care of a turtle, oh Merlin what is McGonagall going to say? Why didn’t I get a cat instead…”
“Just last week you had a full out argument with Granger about how Speedy was much cuter than Crookshanks.” Draco said, making you smile.
“You know I was right, he’s the cutest pet in the castle.” You said, laughingly softly at the memory.

After a few more minutes Harry, Ron and Hermione told you that they were going to go get some food but that they would search along the way, just in case if Speedy got out of the common room.
You nodded and went back to searching, you still had to look by the windows and under the staircases. You were heading towards the stairs when Draco yelled out your name.
“Y/N! I found him!” He said, running towards you, Speedy safely in his hands.
“Oh Speedy!” You said, taking him from Draco’s hand.
“That’s it, I’m taking that plant out, you must be hungry, come on let’s get you back home.” You gushed, Speedy only stared at you, unaware of the anguish he caused. You were about to tell Draco that you were going to your room to put him in his tank but he beat you to it.
“Go, he probably misses the water, I’ll wait here.” Draco said, smiling fondly at you, happy that you weren’t sad anymore.
You quickly nodded, already halfway up the stairs but then came running back down. Before he could ask if something was wrong, you cut him with a passionate kiss. After a few seconds you broke apart, both of you flushed, and smiling.

“Thank you.”

“Anything for you, love.”

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Ooh! For a BOTW Zelink request, maybe their first kiss?

Post end game.

They didn’t get much time to themselves while traveling. Though Calamity Ganon was finally gone, much of their kingdom was still left in disarray, and it would take time for it to return to its former glory. While most of their time was dedicated to visiting other villages and other parts of the kingdom, there were a few rare moments when Zelda and Link would get time to themselves.

They had been in the middle of making their way to Zora’s Domain to check up on Divine Beast Vah Ruta when they came across a meadow full of flowers, but what made Zelda stop was the sight of the rare and endangered Silent Princess. Only it wasn’t just one flower, it was a whole patch of them.

The princess audibly gasped, sliding off her horse to examine them further.

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A Hero This Time

When they realized he was a boy, the Gerudo panicked. It used to be that the birth of the Gerudo male was a time of happiness and celebration. The goddesses promise to them was still there. Then Ganondorf came. 

Even his mother wasn’t sure what to do, turning to their chief, chosen by Nabooru herself to lead them and keep the peace between the Gerudo and all other races of Hyrule. She held him for a long time before making her decision. 

“We’ll raise him to be humble,” she said, “No destined to be king. If he wants to lead, he must earn the right.” The Gerudo sighed in agreement. 

“He will grow up knowing he has to save even the smallest of us,” she said, “He will be raised to be a hero.”

And she gave him the name of one. 

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hi! sorry to add on to how many asks you already have. i was wondering if you knew of any heated or cooled stim toys? i can get super warm hands and i love the feeling of something cool against them (not freezing- closer to tap water/plastic) but when i hate how it feels once the toy warms up. + as it's v cold in aus rn im also suffering from super cold hands! (i dont have a microwave, so i cant heat things using one- but feel free to incl microwaveables for other stimmers who want heated toys!)

Hello, fellow cold Aussie!

I’ll break this answer up into two sections for easier reading.


The lack of microwaving access made this difficult at first, because most things that I know of that are stimmy and heatable are recommended for microwave use - generally heat bags and heat bag-containing plush toys. (See K-Mart’s range, as an example.) However, if you keep on reading, I found a surprising amount of options!

The first I found at my local Toyworld: Independence Studio’s Pocket Hotty!

They’re reusable heat bags designed for hand or pocket use. I don’t fully understand how they work, but the gist is that they contain a gel-containing sphere inside the hotty that you bend when you wish the hotty to heat. To reuse, one boils the hotty until the hardened gel inside softens. (There’s no instructions on the web listing, but there is on the packet, and I wish I’d thought to take a photo when I saw them in store.) I’ll note that this is a little intensive, in that when you’re done using them you’ll need to take them home and boil them to make them usable again, but for you, anon, I think this is easiest.

Styles: hot water bottle shaped | knit emoji cover | fantasy shapes | cats and dogs.

They’re available online on Howard’s Storage World ($7.95 AUD) and eBay ($9.95 AUD, free shipping). I’d also check toy, gift and dollar shops, especially those that tend to stock IS gift items and office toys.

It did cross my mind that you can wrap a Tangle in a heat bag to warm it up, and the same will apply for any toy made out of ABS plastic, but my heat bags are all microwavable wheat bags, which is less useful. Don’t do this with anything that has metal parts, as that has a burning risk, but hard plastic - when done with a little caution - shouldn’t be a problem. I wrap fashion dolls in a heat bag to loosen their heads before removing them for customising, and I’ve never had a doll be so hot, even after leaving for ten minutes, that I can’t handle it in bare hands.


Cooling is a lot easier, since you can toss any gel bead ice pack into the fridge or freezer until it chills to the desired temperature. (This will take a little experimenting, mind.) I’ve got ones from Smash, which I bought from Coles at the start of year in the back-to-school sales.

IS also has a range of shaped cooler packs called Cool Its. The IS links give no information other than saying that they can be cooled or heated, but the eBay link below says that these are cooled via fridge or heated via immersion in hot water. They shouldn’t be boiled or used in a microwave.

Styles: fantasy | animals | emoji | cats and dogs | mermaids.

These I struggled to find online: “cool its” is not the best name for being uniquely searchable. Finally, I got an eBay listing: $8.99 AUD (free shipping). Otherwise, I’d check out the above offline stores for sources.

Additionally, on eBay, I found Boo Boo Buddies, and if you’re willing to tolerate the cutesy name and child focus, they do have fun designs. This listing has them for $5.95 AUD with $4.50 AUD shipping.

There’s also cheap listings for shaped gel cooler bags: this listing has a variety of shapes for $1.84 USD with free international shipping. I don’t know what the quality of these is - if they’re able to handle intensive squishing and pushing like that I give my Smash bags - but it’s worth a try.

You can put any ABS plastic toy into the fridge to chill it. In fact, I think most plastic toys could go into the fridge for cooling, although I don’t know how that might work for squishies, makeup sponges or puffer toys. I wouldn’t try it with wood or fabric because of the moisture inside the fridge, but plastic should work just fine.

I wouldn’t put anything that isn’t ABS or hard plastic in the freezer, and anything that has metal, wood or fabric components should never go in the freezer, just to be safe. (Especially metal, because of the risk of freezer burn and sticking.) Hard plastics, though, are fine. I know of toy collectors who put toys in the freezer to kill off bedbugs, and we’ve all got plastic storage containers in the freezer.

I hope, anon, this gives you some ideas. I’m very glad there’s turned out to be more options for you than I thought!

Is there anything I’ve forgotten, followers?

- Mod K.A.

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I'm USA based, so I don't know how far-reaching the craft store Michael's is, but I found a variety of slow-rising squishies for $1-3 dollars. It should be a fairly inexpensive stimulation for those on a budget who have access to this store!

Squishies! In an offline retailer!

I’ve said before, I think, how odd it is that squishies hadn’t made it to offline stores, since … well, they’re awesome. I am so glad, though, that there’s now a source for folks who can’t purchase online, even if only US folks. If one store starts, usually the rest follow, so I consider this a good sign for international folks as well.

I couldn’t find a listing on their website. However, while I was searching, I did find an amazing selection of stimmy keychains, silicone spinners ($5 USD) and rainbow 7-point spinners (also $5 USD). I’ve shown the silicone spinners below:

[image description: three tri-shaped rounded-end spinners made from silicone with white circular central caps. The top-most spinner is light pink with streaks of white, yellow and blue; the left-hand spinner is green with streaks of blue, yellow and turquoise, and the right-hand spinner is light blue with streaks of red and purple. All three have a mottled, marbled effect.]

Note: I wouldn’t recommend chewing on the silicone spinner. There’s no listing about safety information, meaning the silicone could contain BPA-containing dyes. This is for folks who like the tactile feel of silicone, not for folks who want to spin and chew.

Thank you so much for letting us know, @afrostycatblr!

- Mod K.A.
Creative Hand Knits by KnittingMagistra
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Summer sale! Prices on scarves have been marked down; plus, from now till the end of my summer vacation (August 8! It will go so quickly!) you can use the coupon code AESTAS17 for free shipping within the U.S. on any order over $20 in my Etsy shop! Pick up one of these Fenris dolls, or a Critical Role dice pouch, a scarf, or even a custom knit hat! Don’t see quite what you want? Message me about custom orders!

The Cellar

Skyward Sword Post-Game

Zelink (Zelda/Link)

Word Count: 2690

I’m not sure I know how to write Groose dialogue so I hope I got him right enough…

“I need to get stronger,” he muttered.

“What?” Zelda turned around. Her eyes were wet and red. “Why would you want to get stronger, Link? There’s no need!”

“I don’t want to, Zelda. I need to,” Link muttered.

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