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  • Villager: Oh great healer. Thank you for tending to the wounded.
  • Mipha: It is a pleasure to be of assistance. I must go now.
  • Villager: Your fellow champions are lucky to have you.
  • Mipha: ...
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Zelda: Mipha! Link fell down a cliff trying to get Rushrooms!
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: Revali flew into my lightning.
  • Revali: YOU SHOT ME DOWN!
  • ~~~~~
  • Zelda: Link tried to surf down the hill and crashed into a Stone Talus! Again!
  • ~~~~~
  • Daruk: I overcooked the rockloaf and my tooth chipped.
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: Link's sword attracted my lightning.
  • ~~~~~
  • Revali: A tree hit me.
  • Mipha: You mean you hit a tree?
  • ~~~~~
  • Urbosa: WE NEED HEALING!
  • Revali: WE NEED HEALING!
  • Link: *Dead again*
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Mipha: ...It is my duty for all of Hyrule.
In the Dark

Rating: T (just for a kiss and references to ‘’that month’’)

Warnings: Fluffy? but not OOC; I actually made up a whole plot to justify the characters’ behavior. (that I didn’t write because the day when I’ll write a novel length story is yet to come)

It is a cold, bitter December night, not the anniversary of that dreadful night but unpleasant all the same. Ciel’s treacherous mind wanders back to similarly cold nights spent behind cold iron bars and the soft silkiness of his duvet starts to feel more and more like the harsh bile and spittle-covered wooden floor of a rotting cage. He can’t sleep.

“Sebastian,” he hears himself murmur into the cold night. “Come here.”

Mere moments later, the onyx-swathed form of his butler comes into sight. He can barely make out the silhouette, faintly illuminated only by the violet glow emanating from his right eye. He knows Sebastian is there but he still has to consciously fight the urge to crawl out and cling to him, to demand countless reassurances that he is not back there, that he can’t be hurt anymore.

“Yes, my lord?” The butler asks, in a deeper, much more feral voice than usual.

“Lie with me,” Ciel commands.

Unlike usual, Sebastian doesn’t stall, doesn’t suggest a cup of honeyed warm milk as a suitable replacement to his presence, doesn’t lie stiffly above the covers. Instead, he pushes them back after deftly removing his own clothing and settles under them, pulling Ciel against his shirt-clad chest in a gesture that’s almost warm, if it weren’t so fiercely possessive.

“Tell me a story,” Ciel demands, hands clutching at the other’s shirt so ferociously he might just tear the cloth off.

“Oh,” an amused sound of surprise escapes the butler. “And what kind of story would the young master prefer?” he inquires, rubbing soothing circles along the boy’s back.

“Tell me a tale of ravenous demons and greedy humans with nothing but their soul left.”

Sebastian complies. “Once upon a time,” he starts, “there was a small child who was faced with much undue suffering. He prayed to the heavens for salvation, but the lord paid him no heed. In his last moments, just before his life was ended by the mindless cruelty so ubiquitous in humans, he managed to find enough strength to save himself.”

“And then?” Ciel prompts, comfortably nuzzling against his impending death.

“Then he met a demon, a demon so entranced by the beauty of the child’s unwavering persistence, by the sheer, raw strength of his will that he formed a contract with the boy, promising him his service and unending loyalty until the child fulfilled his ultimate desire,” Sebastian says, leaning closer to brush soft lips against Ciel’s brow.

“That's… a highly sanitized version,” Ciel remarks with a bitter laugh.

“Well, we wouldn’t want to spook the young master, now would we?” Sebastian replies with a chuckle, smoothing errant locks behind Ciel’s ear.

“…It was always so dark, back then. It makes me forget sometimes—”

“No one will ever hurt you again, young master, not for as long as I am here.” Sebastian interrupts with a harsh growl. “I would slaughter them all over again, were it possible.”

Something, maybe the way Sebastian’s gaze flashes red while he speaks the words, maybe the fact Sebastian can’t lie to him either way, maybe just whatever small part of childish naivety that month didn’t rob him of, makes Ciel believe him completely.

“You wouldn’t have a meal if it weren’t for them.” Ciel states plainly, wistfully running a hand along Sebastian’s jaw.

“True enough, but you are so much more than a simple meal, my young lord.”

“Is that so?” Ciel questions with an impish grin. “What am I then, Sebastian?”

“You are mine,” Sebastian says, as if stating a simple fact. He presses a kiss to the tip of his nose, “Mine to taint,” another to the corner of Ciel’s mouth, “mine to break,” yet another to the opposite corner, “and mine to care for, if I so choose.” Finally, he kisses the boy full on the mouth, feels the impossibly soft lips, and delights in the eager, albeit somewhat clumsily inexperienced, response he gets.

Just like every other touch Sebastian gives him on nights when the past refuses to stay buried beneath thick layers of maggot-infested dirt, the kiss helps him, grounds him, tells him that he still here, still alive. That—and not some base urge intensified by his pubescent mind—is why he responds eagerly, letting Sebastian thrust his tongue past his lips and explore the warmth inside.

They yearn for decidedly different things, the boy and the demon bound to him, but, at least to Ciel, the hunger in Sebastian’s eyes resembles his own need for something solid to clutch to more than ever. He understands, Ciel thinks, astounded. He knows, that’s why he…

“Stupid demon,” Ciel says the minute Sebastian’s mouth leaves his own, but, even to his own ears, it sounds much more like an endearment than an admonishment. And for once, he finds he doesn’t mind at all…

The butler doesn’t answer, simply looks at the boy some more.

“…thank you, Sebastian.”

“Am I to assume the young master is unwell?” Sebastian asks, pressing the back of his hand to Ciel’s brow.

“No, I feel quite well, as a matter of fact.” Ciel responds, a look of bewilderment settling on his countenance.

“I apologise, then, young master, but since you went as far as to openly display gratitude…”

“Bastard,” Ciel grouses.

“I humbly beg your pardon, my lord.” Sebastian chuckles, going back to rubbing mindless patterns along Ciel’s back.

After a spell, Ciel speaks again. “I don’t fear it, you know.”

Sebastian’s hands still. “Don’t fear what, young master?”

“The day you’ll take my soul.”

“Young master…”

“You wanted to, I could sense it.”

“I would never—”

Ciel reaches out, putting a hand where Sebastian’s heart resides. “I know,” he assures. “I know, Sebastian, don’t worry. And if anything, I’m glad that’s how my life will end.”

Sebastian smiles, and clasps Ciel’s hand. “I made a much better choice than I could’ve ever hoped for, all those years ago.”

“You saved me, all those years ago.”

Sebastian’s hand moves to softly caress the lid of Ciel’s right eye. “Not many would regard it as salvation, little one.”

“Not many would cling to a demon for comfort.” Ciel retorts with a mild flush that the demon can see clearly in spite of the dark.


And so, in the dark, framed by eerie shadows, in the arms of a ravenous beast, Ciel Phantomhive sleeps soundly.

… … … … … …

A/N: I really like this one.

If you want me to write a story for you, just send me an ask. (Nothing sexually explicit, though.)

are you a LINK? It's more likely than you think

1. LINKS are reckless, “they jump off giant cliffs to fight enemies 10 times their size!”
2. LINKS are Bi and REALLY like fish, “sexy fish boyfriends and girlfriends”
3. LINKS don’t speak unless their life depends on it “are they mute?”
4. LINKS aren’t virgins, “one or tow big thicc ladies have drag them underwater… if you get what i mean ;D”
5. LINKS are cute, “just look at them they’re so KAWAII <3”
6. LINKS are attractive “everyone wants to fuck them GUARANTEED”
7. LINKS have no table manners “they munch munch and crunch their food”
8. LINKS are prolly bottoms, “ok maybe not but come on they look the part”
9. LINKS don’t follow gender norms and have a very unique sense of fashion, “that Gerudo outfit and those earrings look so fab”

if you are a LINK or you know LINK, I believe in you -flexes and shoots a shiny smile-

The Lips of Attraction

Lips are considered to be one of the most sexual parts of the body (mostly due to their gentle curves and soft colour mirroring other, more intensely sexual body parts). As such, lips are able to display many signs linking to attraction. These signs will vary from person to person, but I will cover some of the most frequent signals that I observe daily. The soft and slight parting of the lips is common in attraction, yet must not be confused with a wider part which may indicate that the individual wishes to speak. To get a better read on this sign, watch the eyes. When people feel attraction or sensual desire it is common, especially when their lips are slightly parted, for their eyes to not only dilate, but to be attracted to your (or who ever they are interested in) lips. Take note of the wetness of the lips, as many people I have observed keep their lips moist and soft in these situations; but do realise that there are many other factors playing into many of these signs. Keep in mind the context when making deductions, as you may see someone trying to keep their lips moist due to cold-dry weather. If the context is not considered, then there is a large chance your deductions will be faulty. 

Revalink Drabble

(I’m not exactly Shakespeare but here you go, it’s also really short)

The tumbling sands of the desert shimmered blue with the glow of the moon overhead. The air sounded of tinkling laughter, light shining from a fortress in the rocks. Spiced rum flavoured the air with a warm aroma, the alcohol a rare find anywhere outside of these sands.

 The winds dusted along the wooden legs of the tall platform that loomed high above the jagged rocks and soft sand below, the aged wood creaking with the weight of its occupants. Undignified  laughter echoed off into the empty miles, filling the air with sweet sounds.

Originally it had been Urbosa’s idea to gather all the champions up for a get-together, claiming she was bored and they might as well bond with eachother. Revali had, of course, disagreed harshly when he realized Link would be coming, but when a princess shows up to your doorstep and demands it, the offer somehow becomes  hard to turn down.

Maybe it was Daruk talking up a volcano like he was selling it, or maybe it was the rum in his system, but when Link saw Revali slither out to the balconies, he had to follow. For such a hot head, Revali could appreciate a cool evening.

Revali shuddered with short bursts of giggles, placing one wing on his heart and wheezing hysterically. Link thumped him on the back with concern in his eyes, rubbing small circles in the rito’s back.

“That is easily the stupidest thing I have ever heard.” Revali chuckled, his shoulders still vibrating with contained giggles. Link flushed red with embarrassment, his ears the colour of Urbosa’s hair.

“It was just one time…” Link mumbled under his breath, blue eyes trailing away from the rito beside him. He bit his lip, fingernails biting into the wood. “You think they’d be more forgiving.”

“Nobody forgives anything, not really.” Revali stated, taking the waterskin between them and pouring some of the rum into his beak. Link’s slight movement caught his eye and Revali inhaled sharply as Link curled into himself, bringing his knees to his chest.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Revali breathed softly. “Everybody kisses somebody like that once. But then it’s over and you’re all good.” Link dipped his head.

“I don’t want it to be ‘all good’, Revali.” Link mumbled, his hand sliding until it touched Revali’s wing. “I like kissing people like you… It feels… Right.”

Revali felt his heart go into his throat. “I’m sure you don’t mean that, you’ve drank a lot, I’m attractive-”

Link slammed into Revali’s chest, wrapping his arms tight around his torso. There was a pause in the air, before Revali wrapped his wings around Link as well.

They fell asleep like that, under a blanket of stars.

  • My brain: Rhett. Rhett. RHETT.
  • Also my brain: *sees a gif of Link where he looks particularly attractive* Link. Link. LINK.
  • Also also my brain: *sees a gif of them together* Rhink. Rhink. RHINK.
Legend of Welp! #85

Ilia: Link, you’re conventionally attractive!

Link: Aw, shucks! Thank, Ilia!

Ilia: No, you don’t understand! Being the only conventionally hot guy in a small town is a sure sign that you’re destined for great deeds! I’m afraid that we’ll soon be dragged into a load of trouble if we’re not careful!

Link: Oh c’mon, Ilia! We’re just two commoners with peasant positions and jobs in the middle of the dung and hay filled sticks! What major events could possibly concern us?


Bulblin: I’m stealing your friends.

Midna: I’m telling you what to do now!

Zelda: I’m in need of your help!

Zant: Hello naughty children, it’s time for death!


anonymous asked:

Hi! I intend on writing a gray-ace character and I've been doing some research on asexuality but a lot of sites don't really define key terms like romantic attraction and sexual attraction or the difference between sexual desire and sexual attraction. Do you mind explaining? Or can you link me to any posts that go into depth?

This is the eternal issue when trying to explain asexuality and aromanticism to allo people. So far I’ve found a couple of good explanations for those various terms.

Sexual attraction vs. desire [TW: references to sexual assault]

Sexual attraction vs. desire (mostly for the chart–I haven’t watched the video)

Romantic attraction



Sex-averse vs sex-enjoying

A few things to keep in mind:

Romantic attraction is generally defined as the desire to be in a romantic relationship with someone (or to do romantic-coded things with them). That, of course, is very culture-specific; a romantic relationship or romantic-coded things won’t look the same in America as in, say, Japan, necessarily.

There are a lot of different flavors of gray-ace. I identify as gray-ace because I’m not particularly sure if I have/will feel sexual attraction, and so it’s an easy all-encompassing term for me. People may identify that way because they know they’ve felt it but do so rarely enough that they don’t identify as allo. People may identify that way because they only feel attraction in certain cirmcumstances.

All of this stuff is subjective. 

If the character is gray-ace because they sometimes feel sexual attraction, that will likely be directional in the same way that it is for allo people. That is to say that someone can be bi gray-ace or hetero gray-ace or gay gray-ace or pan gray-ace, etc. On the other hand, they might not think of it that way. I’m not sure what a general feeling among gray-ace people is about how they think about it.

A person being gray-ace does not determine whether they want to have sex. I’m fairly sex-repulsed, and I will almost definitely never have sex no matter if I feel attracted to the person. That is not the case for some other gray-aces.

You may notice that I haven’t given my own definition of sexual attraction here, and that the definition of romantic attraction I linked to isn’t particularly helpful, necessarily. To understand why, I suggest you read this post by Sciatrix about, among other things, the inherent difficulty of asking asexual people to define sexual attraction. It’s also a fantastic post.

anonymous asked:

Clara reacting to the Doctor traveling with Bill? Bonus points for her reaction to the pictures on the Doctor's desk and Ashildr not releasing her was a grandfather?

“So,” Clara leans against the doorframe, her arms folded as she looks over at him with a mischievous smile. “You’ve found a new one, then.”

“You make me sound like I’ve done something wrong,” the Doctor grouses, turning away from her and rearranging the pile of leather-bound books on his desk. “To be fair-”

“To be fair, you couldn’t remember me. I know,” she half smiles. “You kept your promise, that’s good. What’s she like?”

“Bill?” he shrugs, trying to look ambiguous. “Nice. Curious. Wanders off a lot.”



Clara blinks at him in consternation. “Sorry, how are those two linked?”

“Well, she sees attractive women and she… follows.”

Clara looks at him for a moment, unsure if he’s joking or not. When she realises he’s serious, she bursts into laughter, crossing the room to him and enveloping him in a hug he protests to only minimally. “Hey,” she chides, as she turns her face to the side to avoid getting her makeup on his hoodie. “Where’s your photo of me?”

“Oh,” the tips of his ears turn red as he pulls away, and he rubs the back of his neck. “Urm. Well. Now you’re here, I suppose I should…”

“Take my photo?” she asks, then looks coquettish. “Clothed? Or otherwise?”

He ponders the question for a moment. “Clothed,” he says seriously. “Bill might fall in love with you otherwise.”

(GIF by @dreameater1988)

  • <p> <b>Attractive person:</b> *is attractive*<p/><b>Me:</b> Wow, rude.<p/></p>

i’ll be very honest with you, i think the skyward sword manga works as a much better origin story for link than the game itself… don’t get me wrong i like the whole “normal kid basically ascends to godhood as his spirit becomes a main force against evil” thing but… its so much cooler to think that said kid already had the spirit of a badass ancient warrior sleeping within and all he had to do was awaken it. i just love red scarfy link is what i’m saying.

anonymous asked:

can you explain romantic attraction please? because i'm struggling to understand the difference between wanting a relationship and romantic relationship. are they the same thing? or is romantic relationship involving sex? when i think of the word relationship it's someone i can talk to and share things with, someone i have great adventures with but can also cuddle up on the couch watching tv with no conversation and have a good time. kind of like rizzoli & isles esque. not necessarily sex.

Wanting a relationship is exactly what you described, with the cuddling and adventures. What makes the relationship romantic is the presence of romantic feelings, which usually stem from romantic attraction. Sex is not what makes a relationship romantic. Sex is just an activity that people do which is not inherently romantic.

If you don’t want a romantic relationship, you might consider a queerplatonic relationship, which is a long term, committed relationship. The blog qpadvice can tell you more. I also have some links which may help you identify romantic attraction:

Aesthetic attraction is when you look at another person the way you’d look at this dress

Or this sunset

Or these necklaces

It’s simply an appreciation of beauty and there’s nothing sexual or romantic about it (though you can feel aesthetic attraction and sexual and/or romantic attraction simultaneously)

This is what asexual people usually mean when they talk about someone else being beautiful/pretty/good-looking/attractive.

(Links to original post for dress and necklaces)