link and hylia

Hair (Sidlink Oneshot)

Sidon is fascinated by Link’s hair, given that zora’s lack it and he’s never been in close contact with a hylian before.

Request: “Have you done a fluffy calm Sidlink moment like Sidon being utterly enthralled with brushing Link’s hair or smth because Zora don’t have hair at all and ‘It’s so silky, Link! I’ve seen a few Hylians with longer hair, but never had the opportunity to touch it! It’s so different from animal fur.’ ficlet? (I haven’t had the chance to read all of the sidlink ones yet sorry I’m workin on it though)” Requested by @kikuriki-kikuriki

Pairing: Sidlink (sidon x link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: G

Word count:

Warnings: PDA

They had escaped the sudden downpour of rain a little too late, both soaking wet. Naturally, this didn’t mean much for Sidon, but Link was drenched to the bone. Despite how uncomfortable he must have felt, he was laughing. He tried to wipe off his clothes a little, but it was hopeless. Link pulled his hair tie out, curling his hands around the damp blond strands in hopes of wringing the water out. As Sidon watched him, he became fascinated with it.

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Home (Sidlink oneshot)

Here’s some more sidlink. This one is really short and fluffy but oh well.

Pairing: Sidlink (prince sidon x link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: G

Word Count: 689 (Wow this one is really short sorry.)

Warnings: PDA

Most people just looked at Link strangely whenever he talked about ‘home.’ Out of all the places he had discovered during his travels, why would the Zora Domain be the one he considered ‘home’?

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  • Hylians: How do we protect ourselves from Ganon?
  • Hylians: How 'bout we build legions of horrifying autonomous spider robots with lasers?
  • Hylians: Yeah that sounds great! Can't go wrong with that!
Sapphire (Sidlink Oneshot)

Some more sidlink fluff! Requested by @touhouemblem​

Request: “Sidlink and Zora sapphire like how Ruto did to Link in OoT.”
Pairing: Sidlink (Prince Sidon x Link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: G

Word Count: 691

Warnings: PDA

Sidon rolled the ancient sapphire back and forth in his hand nervously. With the countless generations it had passed through, Sidon was surprised that it didn’t seem to show any signs of damage. He brushed his thumb back and forth across the smooth, blue stone, letting himself get lost in thought. Currently, he was waiting for Link to return from his travels and visit the domain once more. With any luck on Sidon’s part, the hero would be here to stay next time.

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A Bathhouse in Hyrule

“Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.”

- Pablo Picasso

Notwithstanding the somewhat facetious quote above, bathing has always proved a persistent and critical element of health in many of the world’s longest-standing civilizations, evidenced by bathhouses from the Japanese onsen to the Roman thermae. Bathing is the servant of Cleanliness, and has always taken various cultural forms, adopting different rituals and serving different functions. Bathing can be done out of necessity - the simple need to become clean, so as to be free from dirt, dust, and disease - but it can also take on a sacred aspect, often serving in purification rituals and ablutions in many religions, from Islam to Shinto. In the Hyrule of Twilight Princess, there is also evidence of an ancient bathhouse, though whether it was created for respite and pleasure or for ceremony and spirituality is as yet undetermined.

Behind an unassuming rock facade on a path leading to Zora’s Domain from North Hyrule Field is a small series of chambers hollowed into a cave. It consists of five small rooms - three main chambers, an antechamber, and a far room - arranged on a single axis. The rooms, when divided horizontally from the very center, are laid-out symmetrically, with the three baths in the three central chambers. And these are not truly separate chambers, as the walls which divide them do not actually make contact with the cave above, creating open, individual spaces under one large ceiling.

Much of the cave has been left in a natural state, and a constructed shell has been built within its space. Low, flat walls with protruding arches, lintels, and pillars extend to all five rooms, separating the baths from the stark cave walls, giving it a distinctly man-made environment under an organic roof. Rough masonry of oddly-fitted stones creates the corner piers and parts of the wall, while other areas are covered by a carved arabesque or screen. Other pieces of stonework are decorated with an opus reticulatum theme of green and pink tiles, which give off the distinct feel of a bathhouse; they seem an incredibly modern element when compared to rather traditional design of this building. The screens, done in a diamond-and cross pattern, often carry the crest of the Royal Family as seen at Snowpeak, and many of the alcoves (designated by the gentle arches above them) are hung with a tapestry bearing the royal symbol of Hyrule: the Wingcrest. Weapons are hung upon the walls, much the same as at Snowpeak, creating a clear cultural connection between the two far-flung structures.

With its clear connections to both lowland Hylian architecture and to the mansion at Snowpeak, this bathhouse might seem rather straightforward. But, then one notices the gates which separate each room from the others. They are Zoran gates, of the same design as those found within the Lakebed Temple, with their curvilinear forging, aquatic themes, and nautical coloration. At first, this may seem puzzling, but, in reality, it makes perfect sense. Twilight Princess, as has been noted several times, displays an incredible depth of cosmopolitanism and trade relations; because of the location of this bathhouse in Lanayru Province, given its proximity both to Hyrule Castle and to Zora’s Domain, and given the close relations between the royal families of Hyrule and the Zora, that the Zora should have had a hand in the construction of this water-dependent building is completely logical. The Zora, with their river, give the land its life and nourishment, and they likely created the water-channeling devices which made this bathhouse function. Architecturally, their legacy is bound up in this space alongside Hylian tradition, which gives us a magnificent look at cultural dispersion and connections within Hyrule - and in a place that was likely meant only as a simple puzzle.

I suppose the remaining question is: what happened to this place? It is readily apparent that these baths have seen no visitors for many years, as the entrance was closed off with a massive boulder. And, any cursory inspection of the interior must take note of the old frost and ice upon the walls. The baths themselves have frozen solid, creating mirrored pools of an unknown depth. There are many spots for torches upon the walls, and we can easily imagine steaming baths, the warm vapors rising overhead and filling the cave ceiling, slowly dripping back down to the floor in an endless cycle. The freeze could have been a side-effect of the icing-over of Zora’s Domain, or it could have happened after the cave was sealed - the fires slowly dying and giving way to the creeping ice. We could speculate for hours about the nature and history of this bathhouse, which would likely come to naught, or we could simply enjoy it for what it is: a symbol of relaxation, purity, and cultural synthesis.

Morning (Sidlink Oneshot)

Mornings had different meanings to Link, depending on where he was at in his journey.

Pairing: Sidlink (Sidon x Link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild.

Rating: G

Word Count: 735.

Warnings: PDA

When Link had first awoken in the shrine of resurrection, all he could feel was confusion. Where was he? Why was he here? Why couldn’t he remember anything? Confusion quickly turned into fear as he learned of the daunting path stretched out ahead of him.

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Lake Hylia, latest painting in the Zelda Open World Series. 

I couldn’t wait to finish this one because it’s one of my favourite locations in Hyrule to explore. Went for a painterly feel for this one and experimented with the cool colours. Always wanted to paint this location and my interpretation of it, it was such a delight!


Not Alone (with bonus fluff at the end)

Breath of the Wild from a certain Point of View

Zelink… but not what you’re expecting.

Badly written fluff at the end (I’ll admit it, but I’ll feel no shame in it)

Word Count: 2900

Goddess Hylia saw all that happened within Hyrule, and even beyond the borders into the smaller, but no less important, kingdoms of the world. She allowed privacy within the mind and paid no attention to personal affairs, but generally nothing significant escaped her eye.

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Well, It’s been quite a while, but finally I can say that I’m back. Hello everyone, I hope that you have been well!

So… BotW seems like an awesome game, ever since the trailer release I have felt a lot like drawing fanarts of it, so i’ll probably post a lot about it (i’m even thinking of doing a 30 day drawing challenge of Zelink and BotW to be able to keep the drawing habit, I’ll see how things go to chose the day to start it. I hope to be able to do it soon!)
I hope you like this! this was a sketch done and painted in physics, and then finished at home.