At night, she calls him. 

At first he was afraid- what a sad, eerie melody. But it was all too familiar, too. Where had he heard that voice?

It took him a while to realize that her song was a prayer. 

He does not know who she is 

But she knows him, and he knows that.

At night, he rides with no fears. 


Like, I understand that in Breath of the Wild that you can optionally port in a wolf companion that is Wolf Link from Twilight Princess. I get that might be canon-optional, but I mean that’s like… like… if you take that to it’s in-universe extreme and this is the same timeline as Twilight Princess… then fucking TP Link literally did just go turn into some kind of goddamn magical immortal wolf and has been chillin in the fuckin woods for 100 years or some shit. That’s crazy. Also: I accept this as the only true ending of Twilight Princess now. Link turning into a giant wolf and just wandering into the forest. Fuck this Hero of Hyrule thing. I’m a dog now. Fuck off.