Now the white people who are mad at Beyoncé channeling the black panthers today is expected, we knew that was happening. But you melanin-filled individuals who are just finding a reason to be mad at an unapologetically black woman, y'all need to get off of it. It’s honestly like she can’t win with y'all because y'all always find a reason to be mad at her. When she went to the march for Trayvon during the Zimmerman trial y'all accused her of trying to steal attention from the seriousness of Trayvon’s death. So she slid to the background, stopped going to marches, but donated millions of dollars to BlackLivesMatter, and was bailing out damn near all of the protesters during the Baltimore Uprising, and then y'all got mad that she was just throwing money and not using her celebrity to bring light to the issues. So now she releases the blackest song in history and performs at the Superbowl, the most viewed television moment of every year, with the black panthers as her backup dancers, fist in the damn air. She’s using her celebrity in a very public way to support blackness, and now y'all saying she just doing it for publicity? She’s been here the whole time and y'all been attacking every effort she makes.

In case you black Beyoncé haters have forgotten, Beyoncé actually is black. She didn’t decide to be black this year. She didn’t just let Blue grow her fro this year, it’s been like that. There’s no reason to think Bey is lying about liking her babies fro or her husband’s big ass nose. Y'all are delusional, and you’re so dedicated to hating Beyoncé that y'all will always find a reason no matter what she does.

I love that she did this. And I’m side eyeing everybody who doesn’t. If you don’t like the song sonically, that’s fine. But to shit on the message is Stacy Dash as hell.