Part 21 of “A Tale of Two Rulers“, aka, my random shippy Zelgan comic.

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OK, real talk for a second.

Stuff like this, (and don’t be sassy, I’m not talking about walking up one day to find a triforce bit glowing in your hand and realizing that you’re Ganondorf) Actually happens. Environmental disaster, wars, starvation, and disease ALL take lives that could have been full of love and accomplishment. The very young and old are particularly veurnerable.

BUT we don’t just have to sit around and feel bad. We can do at least a little bit to help by donating to charities like Doctors Without Borders.

So while I’ve got you all on this feels train wreck, I’m going to make you an offer.

  • To the first 3 people that contact me (via my email lorillustration@gmail.com ), and say that they’re going to donate 50$ or more to Doctors Without Borders  and then, (after I let them know if all the slots have been filled or not), show me a screen cap of their donation receipt, I will mail you a free, signed, Art Print from my “A Tale of Two Rulers” comic, (this one here.) PLUS a quick 2x3 inch graphite portrait of Ganondorf, hand-drawn by me.

I’m paying the shipping on this, and since i’m poor as hell I can only afford to send out stuff within the USA or Canada.


OK. Real talk over now. Back to fun talk now.

Let’s move on to this week’s open question for you all to hypothesize/be sassy about for this week, so here goes!

I need some cheering up. What’s some funny/sweet “getting to know you” moments that you think Ganondorf and Zelda might encounter at the early stages of their marriage?

(Same old reminder: this is just for fun and I love both silly or serious ideas. I’ll post a few on my page and respond to all that I can. (And again, if you send me a note as an anon, I can’t respond privately, so just keep in mind that, that limits my options as far as a response goes.) :)

High fives and Love! :D

Peggy Lee’s War With Disney Over ‘Lady and the Tramp’
The story of how pop star Peggy Lee took on one of the world's most powerful entertainment companies -- and won.

“Not too long after its 1955 bow, Lady and the Tramp became Disney’s biggest box office hit since 1937′s phenomenal Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

But the film’s most significant contribution to history may possibly be found elsewhere: entertainment contract law.

Lee was vindicated. She proved Disney, and its army of lawyers, could be beaten. ‘I’m not being a saint, saying I don’t want the money — I want it,’ Lee told the NY Times. 'I think it’s shameful that artists can’t share financially from the success of their work. That’s the only way we can make our living.’”


100 Years of South Indian Heroines