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Her room was a bright shade of pink and seemed to be drowning in toys and stuffed animals, most of which was also pink. The only thing that didn’t resemble the unnaturally bright shade was a small stuffed brown bear with a yellow bow tied around it’s neck that often sat on her bed – her very first gift from her parents from just after she was born. 

Kai leads his daughter to her bed and she flings herself onto it, quickly scrambling to get under the – pink – blankets. She tucks her brown bear into her side and looks up at him with her hands curled at her chin and her wide eyes patiently waiting for him to sit down and begin.

Bedtime stories with Tara. His favourite time of the day.

Kai balances himself on the edge of his daughter’s bed, wiggling a little to get comfortable and make her laugh, and asks kindly, “What story will I be telling tonight?”

“Can you tell me the story of the princess and the prince tonight, daddy?” Tara squeaks out in a small voice. Every night when she asks Kai for a story, she always does so in a tiny voice that he can barely hear. Kai had asked her once why she was so afraid to ask him to tell her a story, and she had replied that she was afraid he wouldn’t know the story and because of that she wouldn’t get to hear the story she wanted. The Emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth had then proceeded to spend every spare minute he had reading every children’s story he could get his hands on.

“Which princess and prince would that be, sweetie?”

Tara says a little more loudly than her previous sentence— and sounding very proud of herself— “I don’t think you will know this prince and princess because we learnt about them in school today!”

Kai visibly panics for a moment, but reins it in so he looks calm on the outside. He’s never not known a bedtime story for Tara, whether is be about dragons and knights and princesses locked in towers, or mermaids in underwater kingdoms, or even that really weird one about a girl who falls down a hole and into another world. He has always known the bedtime stories that she wants him to tell. But what happens if he doesn’t know this one? Will Tara stop wanting him to tell her bedtime stories?

It turns out that his worry is for nothing, because she answers, “Princess Selene and Prince Kaito!”

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a really detailed Stars Above headcannon

headcannon for the events right after Stars Above

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The Gang Sassing The Linhs

So an anon sent me a message, asking me to write a prompt where the whole gang totally kills Adri and Pearl with their sassiness. I responded, but the post somehow got deleted *sad face*. So I’m reposting it! Hope you enjoy!

“I don’t understand why you are inviting them, Cinder.” Kai sighed as Cinder paced back in forth in front of him. She’d been pacing for so long that Kai was beginning to sweat for her.

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I’ve been working on a multi-chapter fic based loosely off of Miraculous Ladybug. 

For those of you who don’t know what Miraculous Ladybug is (first off, where have you been??) it is a TV show where the two main characters fight crime under a secret identity that no one else knows. The two are a pair and do not know who the other is under the mask. The other could be attending the same school and the person not know it! 

Anyways, sorry for the sucky explanation (I’ll be posting a synopsis later). This will be a Kaider fic and Cinder will be our main character. She is a normal, cyborg girl by day and a crime fighting super hero who goes by the name The Mechanic at night. Cinder has a giant crush on the new kid in school, Kai, who’s very rich and such a sweetheart. The Mechanic’s partner in saving the city is named The Prince and he is sassy as hell and totally head over heels in love with The Mechanic. Only, Cinder doesn’t fancy The Prince because she is infatuated with Kai, who happens to be The Prince, only she doesn’t know that. 

It’s a complicated love story that features all our favorite ships and our not-so-favorite villains as The Mechanic and The Prince save New Beijing from the horrors that sweep the streets. 

If you are interested in this story, please tell me! The more people are interested in it the more likely I am to post it, and I really want to post it! 

Also, special thanks to @regolithheart for helping me story board this idea! You were such a great help!

Happy reading Lunartics!
UNMASKED-- Chapter 1, a Lunar Chronicles + Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Cinder and Kai are both super heroes, protecting the city by night and being normal, awkward high school students. Neither one of them knows each other without the masks. Will Cinder and Kai's identities be kept secret? Or will they be unmasked?

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