FOR SALE. Dikadoll Lingyue. Included: Doll, faceup (can be removed at request of buyer), original box w/ manual (optional), red acrylic eyes, extra posing hands and choice of ONE wig (options pictured). 

Asking 130$. That includes Priority mail shipping in the USA. Please note me if interested.

Dreams of China–The October issue of #L’OfficielChina features dreamy haute couture looks from the fall collections of Armani Prive, #JeanPaulGaultier #HauteCouture and #Chanel Haute Couture. Model #LingYue wears the stunning heavily embroidered designs in these images captured by #MichelleDuXuan . #AyFujita worked on makeup with hair by #MihaOshima while set designer #AudreyMalecot provided the dramatic backdrops.

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Spy Photos Exposing Southeast Lingyue’s New Model

30 Aug, 2011-

Judging from the spy photos, a Lingyue automobile with minor modification in appearance is carrying out a road test, and will be launched under the name of XX version of Lingyue without incident.

External image

Launching a new model by adopting sticking-plaster solutions has already become a common tactic used by domestic automobile manufacturers to improve competitiveness of current models and maintain market awareness. According to the picture, aside from the minor modification to the front of the New Lingyue, no alternations were made to the model’s rear and its drivetrain.

Late-Writing Bar Applicant Denied Admission (For Now)

The Ohio Supreme Court has denied admission to an applicant who was found to have twice written after time was called on the bar examination. Lingyu Jia of Columbus, Ohio, is a 2013 graduate of the Case Western Reserve University…
[1602.02755] Star Formation in Luminous Quasars at 2<z<3

[ Authors ]
Kathryn Harris, Duncan Farrah, Bernhard Schulz, Evanthia Hatziminaoglou, Marco Viero, Nick Anderson, Matthieu Bethermin, Scott Chapman, David L. Clements, Asantha Cooray, Andreas Efstathiou, Anne Feltre, Peter Hurley, Eduardo Ibar, Mark Lacy, Sebastian Oliver, Mathew J. Page, Ismael Perez-Fournon, Sara M. Petty, Lura K. Pitchford, Dimitra Rigopoulou, Douglas Scott, Myrto Symeonidis, Joaquin Vieira, Lingyu Wang
[ Abstract ]
We investigate the relation between star formation rates ($\dot{M}_{s}$) and AGN properties in optically selected type 1 quasars at $2<z<3$ using data from Herschel and the SDSS. We find that $\dot{\rm{M}}_s$ remains approximately constant with redshift, at $300\pm100~\rm{M}_{\odot}$yr$^{-1}$. Conversely, $\dot{\rm{M}}_s$ increases with AGN luminosity, up to a maximum of $\sim600~\rm{M}_{\odot}$yr$^{-1}$, and with CIV FWHM. In context with previous results, this is consistent with a relation between $\dot{\rm{M}}_s$ and black hole accretion rate ($\dot{\rm{M}}_{bh}$) existing in only parts of the $z-\dot{\rm{M}}_{s}-\dot{\rm{M}}_{bh}$ plane, dependent on the free gas fraction, the trigger for activity, and the processes that may quench star formation. The relations between $\dot{\rm{M}}_s$ and both AGN luminosity and CIV FWHM are consistent with star formation rates in quasars scaling with black hole mass, though we cannot rule out a separate relation with black hole accretion rate. Star formation rates are observed to decline with increasing CIV equivalent width. This decline can be partially explained via the Baldwin effect, but may have an additional contribution from one or more of three factors; $M_i$ is not a linear tracer of L$_{2500}$, the Baldwin effect changes form at high AGN luminosities, and high CIV EW values signpost a change in the relation between $\dot{\rm{M}}_s$ and $\dot{\rm{M}}_{bh}$. Finally, there is no strong relation between $\dot{\rm{M}}_s$ and Eddington ratio, or the asymmetry of the CIV line. The former suggests that star formation rates do not scale with how efficiently the black hole is accreting, while the latter is consistent with CIV asymmetries arising from orientation effects.