Steal Her Outfit: Formal attire in summer for the Empress Dowager of Qing Dynasty (From top to bottom, left to right)

鳳冠(Fengguan; Phoenix Crown)

朝珠(Chaozhu; Court Beads)

領約(lingyue; neck dress)

 金約 (Jinyue; golden neck dress)

彩悅(Caiyue; colored beads)

耳飾(Ershi; ear decoration)

朝服(Chaofu; Court Uniform)

朝褂(Chaogua; Court vet)

朝裙 (Chaoqun; Court Dress)

*note that the character 朝 (Chao) appears a lot, it means Court. The term 朝代 (dynasty), shares the same character with many of these items!

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I wanted to share this illustration I made for an assignment where we were given the option to do a creative piece based on the course material. I rarely get to do any kind of art stuff for school, so yes I’m going to blab a bit about this!

I had two main sources of inspiration: old Shanghai advertisements (bottom center and right), and Ruan Lingyu (bottom left)’s character from the movie New Women (1935). Shanghai’s print and entertainment industries were quickly commercializing in the 30s, China was still trying to come up with a modern national identity for itself following the May 4th movement, and these factors combined meant that there was a strong push for Shanghai women in particular to embody a specific kind of urban lifestyle. With this project, I was trying to point at the contradiction between the pursuit of modern life and the enormous economic pressure placed on women struggling with poverty in a capitalizing culture. This is the exact struggle faced by the character in the movie (and a similar struggle continues for many people today). If you’re interested in this sort of thing and you wouldn’t mind watching a silent black-and-white Chinese film with a leftist lean, I highly recommend looking New Women up on youtube!

I got Vice’s head as a free gift when I ordered my third doll, Sidda and he sat in a box for so long that I just said screw it and bought a secondhand Resinsoul body for just $45. It was missing the s-hooks, one of the hands was damaged and the neck had a sloppy mod, but I was able to order new hands for just $10 (Resinsoul threw in a full set of hooks for free) and sanded his neck smooth again, then added a mobility mod to his thighs and restrung him. Now be poses beautifully and is quite the cutie, if I dare say so. :)

Not including shipping, I was able to put one of my dearest characters into resin form for just $55.

He might not be everyone’s favorite aesthetic, but here he is, a totally legit doll at an amazingly affordable price. And he’s even that much more special to me because he’s the only one there will ever be in the entire world.


FOR SALE. Dikadoll Lingyue. Included: Doll, faceup (can be removed at request of buyer), original box w/ manual (optional), red acrylic eyes, extra posing hands and choice of ONE wig (options pictured). 

Asking 130$. That includes Priority mail shipping in the USA. Please note me if interested.