The portrait

Golden rays peaked through the curtains as daybreak arrived. Lanfan stretched lazily, a yawn overtaking her as her urge to wake up was suppressed once more. She was a light sleeper, but accompanying his Highness to see the lanterns last night was more than tiring. Being the most powerful man in this country caused much unwanted attention, and it was her job to protect her young master at all costs. 

Slipping off the bed, she tip-toed her way to the washroom as the marble floor was icy cold. Jumping into the hot shower was one of the most relaxing moments of her day. Even though it was her day off today (she doesn’t know why), she couldn’t help but be concerned over the safety of her Waka. Even though the guards by his Highness’s side were personally trained by herself, she still held her doubts. 

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LingFan headcannon 01

I’ve always seen Lan Fan as older than her Prince - maybe two years or so. We know that, when they’re first introduced, Ling is only fifteen, so I cannot really imagine Lan Fan being any younger than that, especially seeing what she can do.

With her being older, you get a different perspective on their relationship… I see them as having a sort of younger brother-older sister dynamic, at least to begin with, which obviously is the root for Lan Fan’s desire to protect her young Lord (“young” because she’s older than him?) - a relationship initially based on her feelings of duty to look after someone younger than herself. And then I see their relationship developing as he becomes older and matures (whilst she stays, predominantly the same), and she notices this, and starts realizing that she likes him more than a friend blah blah blah

I like the idea of younger!Ling being able to tease his older guard and get away with it ahahaha