Catch Huan with all 37 of her grandchildren in her lap.
“Where’s the Empress Dowager?”
Finally happy, that’s where she fucking is.


|| She hadn’t seen her older sister since returning to the palace, and now that Hongyan and Lingxi were turning 1, she wanted to introduce Ruyi to her children. She had ordered her servants to clean Yongshou Palace from top to bottom for her arrival, but it’s mistress was still nervous, and the teasing of Noble Consort Jing did little to ease her anxiety.

“ All this walking, you’ll tire yourself out before Ruyi even enters the palace. Then who will she have to talk to?”

She paced the length of the side hall and only stopped when her companion spoke. Her cheeks flushed and she finally sat, though her nails tapped against the table impatiently. “ You tease, but I’m worried. I haven’t seen her in so long. What if she doesn’t come?”

She had been separated from her blood sister and her family for so long. Ruyi had been her sole comfort. Now she was finally able to see her again. She wanted everything to be perfect.