LIFE STYLE by Bruce Mau 


Ling Wei

I picked Bruce Mau as my design research study subject. ‘Life Style’ is one of the books that he had published. It includes all the design work that Bruce Mau had done. The book illustrated Mau’s intellectual approach to his design. Bruce is a very talented designer. This book describes the ideas of Mau’s design and the implementation of his idea in detailed. In addition, Mau used first person narrative in his writing, which add directness to his article. I can easily follow along Mau’s way of thinking during his entire design process.

‘Life Style’ were published three years after ‘S, M, L, XL’ – another good reading for designers that were written by Mau. Mau’s had been focusing on the contemporary relation between architect and graphic design. His previous book ‘S, M, L, XL’ revealed his area of study on architecture, while ‘Life Style’ scale down to design projects rather than buildings.

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