linguists against humanity


I printed off a set of Linguists Against Humanity cards a little while back, and I’ve now played them twice, so here are some highlights! (Click to make the images legibly sized.) 

After some experimentation, we found that alternating the LAH cards one-to-one with regular Cards Against Humanity cards made for the funniest results and also helped stretch our smaller supply of LAH cards, so that’s my recommendation for other players. I may bring them to future conferences if anyone wants to play sometime! 

Check out linguistsagainsthumanity for more cards or to print your own. 


We have winners!

3rd place: “Instead of candy, the linguist gave out the OED to trick-or-treaters” by conversationswithautisticpeople and migolomaniac

2nd place: “Instead of candy, the linguist gave out unnecessarily violent passive voice example sentences to trick-or-treaters” by dukedirigible

1st place: “The scariest thing about linguistics is your long-suppressed inner prescriptivist” by dodgyboffin

Congratulations to all the winners!  And thanks to everyone who submitted – you guys are awesome!

Wishing you a linguistics-y Halloween,

The LAH Team


And the winners are……..

3rd place: “My partner tried to learn how to say ‘I love you’ in my favorite language, but instead they said ’Ash nazg durbatulûk’” by meaninglessmonicker and @loveandbadsonglyrics.

2nd place: “To a linguist, nothing says romance like singular they” by conversationswithautisticpeople.

1st place: “To a linguist, nothing says romance like transcribing the sounds your partner makes in the bedroom” by @notyour-manicpixiedreamgirl and isilmesse.

Congratulations to all and thanks a million to everyone who submitted!!  We’ll resume regular posting on Monday :)  Until then… keep being awesome.


The LAH Team