LaMP Teaches You a Foreign Language via Movie and YouTube Subtitles

Windows/Web: LaMP, or Lingual Media Player, is a neat program for learning a new language through watching videos—one of the best ways to become more efficient in a foreign language. The program displays foreign language subtitles for any film you load into the media player or videos you select from YouTube.

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10 More Words That You'€™ve Probably Been Misusing

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article titled 10 Words You'€™ve Probably Been Misusing that a very surprising number of you seemed to enjoy. Because you can only write so much in an Internet article before people get distracted, I had to limit the original piece to a mere ten words. Luckily, today is a new day, and this is a new post, so behold! Ten MORE words. 

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12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms

English has changed a lot in the last several hundred years, and there are many words once used that we would no longer recognize today. There are some old words, however, that are nearly obsolete, but we still recognize because they were lucky enough to get stuck in set phrases that have lasted across the centuries. Here are 12 lucky words that survived by getting fossilized in idioms.

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Can These Cute Flashcards Make Learning Chinese a Snap? | Wired Design |

ShaoLan Hsueh believes the Chinese language can work like Lego bricks, and created a visual system for mastering the basics.

I’m a visual learner and this makes me very happy. ^_^ 

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Which Grammar Mistakes Will Keep You From Getting A Good Job?

You don’t realize it, but you’re both a grammar snob and a grammar slob. Sure, you roll your eyes at those fools who use language more sloppily than you do, but you also get annoyed at those uptight prudes who judge you for being sloppy with your own punctuation.

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Q: Is it possible to sound like a native speaker?

A: Practice, practice, practice!