linguistics on yo' dash

glossophiliqueer-for-now  asked:

Now, I'll have you know I've run into you on the Tumblr playground many times, and I've often fallen for your URL's trap, only to find NO IRREGULAR VERBS. Really? A blog that follows the amazing deviance that are the linguistic accounts of verbs would be so awesome to have on my dash, and I have only been so lucky so as to have seen /none/ here. Despite my side-eyeing, I finally decided to follow, though begrudgingly. You should be ashamed. (you have a lovely blog, regardless!)

Aww, I’m so sorry to disappoint ! Here are some irregular verbs, in 5 different languages for your convenience:

  • to be
  • to do
  • etre
  • faire
  • aller
  • falloir
  • decir
  • conocer
  • saber
  • давaть
  • сказать
  • писать
  • essere
  • porre
  • chiedere
maybe I’ll start posting some more linguistic stuff again, since you asked so beautifully.  Cheers !

irrelevant gif, anyone ?