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Hot take: Sometimes instead of saying “oh my goodness”, JJ says “By Tesla’s Coils!”

Haha, JJ has the most unique exclamations out of the group! 

“Good golly!” “Jumpin’ Jiminy!” “Holy horsefeathers!” “Crumbs and crackers!” “Sugar and spice!” “Snakes’ sakes!” 

I’m sure I can add that to the list XD

Please, please, please whenever you see a person who can’t speak English do not criticise them because of this. Look, learning English for a non-Indo-European language speaker, is hard. Think of Korean, Vietnamese, African, Japanese, Turkish, Thai, Chinese and Arabic people and the others. It’s no like a German native learning French, or an English native learning Spanish. Think of a completely different structure, strange vowels, and foreign idioms. Think of a massive amount of cultural diversity, think of us. So, please, whenever you see someone whose native is a minority language, but speaks English anyway, appreciate them. Tell them this is an amazing success and try to help them to get better. Please.

Disaffected means you’re unhappy with the status quo.

Disenchanted means you’re disappointed by something you once admired.

Disenfranchised means you’ve been denied the right to vote.

I realise these are very similar words, but it’s important to keep them straight; no matter how bummed out you are about Bethesda’s latest shenanigans, nobody is stopping you from participating in the political process on account of being a Fallout fan!

I love discovering etymological links between languages, like today I was talking to someone about how a circumflex in French indicates a lost s after the vowel and they were like “so même used to be mesme then?” And I was like “WAAAAH THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE BECAUSE IT’S MISMO IN SPANISH THIS IS SO EXCITING” and this is probably why I don’t have friends

How sciences test things, a summary:

Hypothesis/Idea: *exists*

Social: I guess??

Linguistics: *rocking and muttering to itself silently in the corner*

Biology: poke!!!

Chemistry: *fucks up* yep. that was plan

Medicine: *plans to poke but gets stuck in bureaucracy*

Engineering: *transcended into another realm of existence*

History: filed into “conspiracy theories”

Geography: uh, check?

Physics: drop it, probably dONT pop it

Anthropology: I mean it’s still far from the most insane thing I’ve heard today.

Computer: “;”

Astronomy: can we name it after a food??

Statistics: *fax noises intensify*



Math:…….. ¿No?