French Phrases!

some phrases I’ve encountered while reading French news articles!!

l’année dernière - last year (”lehnEE dehnier”)

chaque semaine - every week

au plus vite - ASAP

apris ses fonctions - took office

au lieu de - instead of, rather than

beaucoup trop de temps - far too much time

plus facile à dire qu’à faire - easier said than done

toute nouvelle - whole new

bon sens - common sense

en fait - in fact

la vie humaine - human life

vous l’avez dit - as you said

au moins - at least

Kik Language Study Groups Master post

Hey! The kik study groups have really taken off. linguisticnerd and I are both very excited about the progress. Thank you so much! That said, here is a master post that will be updated regarding the group names and available lists!

General - #tumblrlanguages

Spanish - #tumblrespanol

French - #tumblrfrancais

German - #tumblrdeutsch

Portuguese - #tumblrportugues

Italian - #tumblritaliano

Russian - #tumblrrusskiy

Chinese - #tumblrzhongwen

Korean - #tumblrhangugin

Japanese - #tumblrnihongo

Lithuanian - #tumblrlietuviu

Polish - #tumblrpolski

Turkish - #tumblrturkce

American Sign Language - #tumblrasl

Please come join! We would love to help you. The groups are devoted toward helping others learn and grow their skills. Please do not worry if you consider yourself very new in the language, that is okay!

Politics & News Vocabulary in French

l’actualité - current events

crise économique - economic crisis

paix - peace

la guerre - war

cessez-le-feu - ceasefire

attentat - attack

territoire - territory

ressortissants - citizens, nationals

la mort - death

espoir - hope, prospect

étrangères - foreign

interdiction - ban, prohibition

resultat, issue - outcome

répercussions - implications, effects

meurtrier - deadly

témoignages - testimonies

décéder - to pass away

viser - to target

blesser - to injure, wound

combattre - to combat, fight

mourir de - to die of

faire le deuil - to grive, mourn

négocier - to negotiate

terminer - to complete, end, fihish

compromettre - to compromise, jeopardize

fragiliser - to weaken

Greek Present Tense: to have, to do, to see

present tense conjugations of three common verbs in Greek! also don’t forget that in the present tense for Greek “_ing” takes the same conjugations!

to have - έχω

  • i have, i’m having - έχ-ω
  • you have, you’re having - έχ-εις
  • he/she/it has, is having - έχ-ει
  • we have, we’re having - έχ-ουμε
  • y’all have, y’all are having - έχ-ετε
  • they have, they’re having - έχ-ουν

to do - κάνω

  • i do, i’m doing - κάν-ω
  • you do, you’re doing - κάν-εις
  • he/she does, is doing - κάν-ει
  • we do, are doing - κάν-ουμε
  • y’all do, are doing - κάν-ετε
  • they do, they’re doing - κάν-ουν

to see - βλέπω

  • i see - βλεπ-ω
  • you see - βλεπ-εις
  • he/she sees - βλεπ-ει
  • we see - βλεπ-ουμε
  • y’all see - βλεπ-ετε
  • they see - βλεπ-ουν