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2,4,9,17 :)

2: Talk about your first kiss.
I had my first kiss when I was 16, I think, with a girl with whom I still have a thing going on! The town I went to high school in had this big gym close to the river, with a small skating rink and a basketball court and we had been hanging out on the big stone steps that people used as bleachers. Because there is a promenade along the river, it’s not a very isolated place and people walk by with kids and dogs all of the time, but it was a pretty hot spring afternoon, just after lunch, and nobody was around. This was the second time I had seen her and we were saying goodbye, standing in front of the gym and the courts. We hugged and when I was about to pull away, she moved her head towards mine and I realised what was about to happen and I freaked out and thought “omg she’s gonna know I’ve never kissed anyone before” and for some reason I kinda went “nooo…” very very softly - LUCKILY she ignored that and kissed me either way. When she stopped kissing me, I saw over her shoulder an old man who was looking at us and pretended like he was just walkig by and left, that made me giggle. I looked at her and said “thank you… bye” and turned around to walk away (unlike what this story shows, I swear I have since become very smooth). She had a central lip piercing and I could feel the sensation of something hard pressed against my lip even afterwards and I didn’t want it to go away, so I kept my mouth slightly open for like 20mins. I must have looked weird.

4: Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
Treating some people who loved me and cared about me as if they weren’t smart enough for me. One person in particular. I regret it, but I have grown a lot as a person since then. I think it’s been a consequence of being complimented and made to feel smart because of my accomplishments from a young age, my ego got too big for my own good and made me a bit of a dick. I like to think I have improved a lot since, but I know I still need to work on this.

9: Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.
The cartilage on my nose forms two tiny bumps that are only visible in certain specific positions and I find them quite cute. The softness of my hair.The shape of my shoulders, eyebrows and boobs. I also have really defined and strong calf muscles. 

17: Talk about someone you want to be friends with.
In real life, I’m very outgoing and forward, I can’t think of anyone who I would like to be my friend and who I have not befriended yet (or at least approached). If we’re talking Tumblr, whoever runs the italiansreclaimingitaly blog. It’s an amazing inititative and they seem to have an awareness of issues of my country that I, alas, don’t. I have learnt so much from that blog. Also, every single person in the language and linguistics community, seriously. If we’re talking celebrities/public figures, Nina Hartley because she’s a legend and every interview with her confirms how intelligent and interesting a person she must be. Just go and listen to her. Also, I think me and the HAIM sisters could be pals, but I don’t know how to elaborate on that, it’s just a feeling.

linguisticnerd  asked:


Fine haha.

1. My name is Paul!

2. I am 17 years old and live in Texas.

3. I currently want to go to college at Stanford to study linguistics.

4. I am single (all you single boys hmu :P)

5. I love doing yoga, and I am trying to get into running.


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