linguistic purist

IM LAUGHING THIS POOR DUDE hes a professor at a university in linguistics and in a video just had to say “for linguist purists out there i am actually well aware of the nitty gritty of linguists, i don’t need to the corrections, there’s a difference between leaving things out and summarising and this is summarising”

this poor guy

what has he seen

After leaving the control room, Tarn began his usual post-launch inspection. All four of his subordinates were on board as ordered, he assumed, but he felt the need to check that everything was in order, simply through force of habit. 

He’d just left Kaon and Tesarus at the bridge, so the obvious next step was to find Helex and Vos, then to check the equipment. As he made his way through the ship, however, he noticed that Helex’s usual haunts were empty. All of them. He’d passed by the labs a few moments ago, noting Vos’ presence, but when Helex’s quarters also proved to be empty, he made his way back to the labs, stopping just inside the door.

“Vos. Helex is missing–have you seen him?”