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whenever Dan says depreciating instead of deprecating i lose 5 years off of my lifespan

i was going to post about this too bc it annoys the shit out of me, but then i did some research and apparently if youre like the biggest linguistic purist, “self depreciating” is technically right because “depreciating” is the older word and “deprecating” is literally a made up word that evolved from depreciating because it has fewer syllables and is easier to say. nowadays “deprecating” is definitely the version that is widely accepted as “correct” because it’s just the commonly used word in the present day, but if you want to be etymologically accurate then “depreciating” is technically correct too :/ even tho it sounds idiotic :/ language is confusing and completely constructed and i wish i could curb all of my instincts to be a prick about it lol 

“Music lover, classical scholar, and mass murderer.”

Let’s think about this description of Tarn here a little. It leads to some interesting points (not only linked to his character). And excuse this long post - but sometimes there is a sentence in MTMTE that needs further exploration.

First the music lover:
That seems to be an obvious thing with Tarn. He is introduced to us in his murderous business to use music while the victims of the D.J.D. get tortured, and to play music just until the moment he went in for the kill.

Then his statement to Fulcrum - “Come out an face the music!” At first it sounds a little bit odd or funny but then it is logical when compared to Tarn. I think, that he is well known for his faible for music by his fellow Decepticons. And equally feared - because when you hear Tarn playing his music it normaly isn’t a good sign for the listener. 

Furthermore, it seems a save bet to assume that Tarn himself listens a lot to music. There is that scene where he is contacting the Scavengers in the Symbol Ship. Krok: “… I’ve been combing the upper frequencies … an I swear I can hear music …” And then Tarn appears. Music is some kind of trademark related to Tarn’s character.

But what kind of music may Tarn prefer? That is up to our imgination right know until we have further proof how we can define cybertronian music in general. We can only speculate how it may sound.

There is the famous Empyrean Suite. Compared to our human definition a suite is a set of instrumental pieces in a given oder in different (dance) modes. Suites had there high times in the Renaissance and the Baroque. So we may assume that the Empyrean Suite is a piece of music from Cybertrons more distant past. But how does it sound?

Sure, we have seen some performances related to music - the best (and funniest) example here is Cyclonus singing his songs of the good old times much to the horror of his crew mates. 

What we surely can say: the tastes of music change - just like our human tastes. Otherwise the reaction to the singing would be different. Only Tailgate can enjoy it no wonder given his age - for the others it seems to be an awefull noise (or something worse).

Then we have Jazz playing a kind of bass. How does it sound? I like to think that it has a resemblance to our contemporary bass instrument(s) - but with a much wider range of tones and frequencies. 

I can see a lot of instruments on Cybertron similiar to ours but also unique and different, enhanced and modified over the millenia.

Why not asume that Transformers not only hear far better than we do and thus can grab very high/low tones, but that they also can see music (not so uncommon) and feel the sounds (also not so uncommon) in a variety so wide that it would overwhelm our tiny senses.

That leads us somehow back to Tarn and his voice falling into step of the listeners spark and thus destroying it with sound.  But that aside -  I like to think of his tastes as “high” in the meaning of enjoying/prefering classical music (whatever that means on Cybertron) over the mass tastes; he himself says that his music is fine.

Well, here comes the classical scholar into play. What makes Tarn a classical scholar? We have no information about his past so far that can confirm this - but we have the statement as shown in the picture above: “Vos is something of a linguistic purist. He only speaks the Primal Vernacular - what you Philistines call Old Cybertronian.”

Let’s take a step back here to grasb the meaning. Tarn accuses Black Shadow to be a Philistine.  What does that mean? There are some definitions of the term given the historical context.

First a Philistine was someone without a higher education/universitary background, then the term got a judging meaning:  a Philistine was despised as anti-intellectual - ignorant of the deeper meanings of arts or culture; narrow minded and based in the material world. Later on it was/is used as a synonym for Bourgeois (Spießbürger). All definitions is common that a Philistine lacks education and intellectual activity/culture. 

Imho with that statement Tarn shows his contempt about the ignorance of certain mechs for the arts, culture and - especially in this context - spirituality.  I think one can read the term “Primal Vernacular” in two ways: primal as in “first” and primal as in related to Primus himself and thus being a devine thing. 

I also think that Tarn sees the Primal Vernacular from am asthetic point of view. It is an art to speak and understand it. Tarn surely can do it - that may be some kind of proof that he is indeed a classical scholar. He certainly has some kind of higher education given his mannerisms as far as we have witnessed them. 

But he is also not above (ugly) kiling - and here comes the mass murderer. We do not know how many mechs fell as Tarn’s victims. Since when is he the head of the D.J.D.? How many defectet Decepticons can be hunted in a certain time? How many Autobots or neutral beeings stood in the way? There must have been a lot - or there must have been some huge incidents to qualify as mass murder.

It is somehow disturbing to think that an educated, cultured being has this second face (sic!) but otherwise there are so many real live examples that those who should know better are the worst.

I really hope that MTMTE will give us as a deeper look on Tarn - before writing him of. He is a very interesting character precisely because we know so little.

After leaving the control room, Tarn began his usual post-launch inspection. All four of his subordinates were on board as ordered, he assumed, but he felt the need to check that everything was in order, simply through force of habit. 

He’d just left Kaon and Tesarus at the bridge, so the obvious next step was to find Helex and Vos, then to check the equipment. As he made his way through the ship, however, he noticed that Helex’s usual haunts were empty. All of them. He’d passed by the labs a few moments ago, noting Vos’ presence, but when Helex’s quarters also proved to be empty, he made his way back to the labs, stopping just inside the door.

“Vos. Helex is missing–have you seen him?”

IM LAUGHING THIS POOR DUDE hes a professor at a university in linguistics and in a video just had to say “for linguist purists out there i am actually well aware of the nitty gritty of linguists, i don’t need to the corrections, there’s a difference between leaving things out and summarising and this is summarising”

this poor guy

what has he seen