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angrystonedginger  asked:

So do you condone the assaulting of random people for not supporting your beliefs?

Don’t get it twisted, son.

1) Antifascist “beliefs” boil down to this: that people should be able to exist and live their lives no matter their “race,” ethnicity, membership in a religious or linguistic minority, disabilities, gender or sexual orientation.

2) People who don’t support the right of other people to exist or live their lives if those other people are of a different “race,” ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation, are disabled, etc. = awful fucking people.  

3) We don’t police other anti-fascists and we trust anti-fascists to know how best to respond when people in their communities not only don’t “support” our “beliefs” but are actively organizing and perpetuating serious violence against those typically targeted by fascists.   By our count, bigots and fascists have murdered 18 people and seriously injured another thirty-five so far this year. 

We hear a lot of blubbering and gnashing of teeth over “anti-fascist violence” these days but the same whiners never have shit to say about the actual, serious violence being perpetrated by fascists - precisely the kind of serious violence anti-fascists have been putting themselves on the line to stop for the last eighty years or so.

meme for language lovers

1. What is your mother tongue?
2. What are the official languages of the country you live in?
3. Are there any minority languages in your country? Are you interested in them?
4. Are there any minority / extinct languages you are interested in?
5. How many languages can you speak and on what level?
6. When did you start learning your second language?
7. Is second language a mandatory subject in your country and how many hours per day do children learn it?
8. What do you think about immersion? Have you ever / would you like to try it?
9. How many languages are you learning at the moment {self-study counts} ?
10. What languages would you like to learn in the {near} future?
11. Do you prefer attending courses / classes or learning on your own? Why?
12. Is there a language you have just given up on although you really wanted to master it?
13. Is {are} there word{s} you just always misspell?
14. Do you have favourite words ?
15. What aspect{s} of langauge interests you?
16. What linguistic category interests you the most? {lexicology, semantics...}
17. Favourite language teacher?
18. What does your name mean and from what language does it come from?
19. Native speaker or not, as a teacher?
20. In case you are planning to have children, would you like to raise them bilingual {multilingual}? Or in another case, what do you think about teaching such young children languages?
21. Do you think that one day we will speak only English?
22. What is the hardest langauge to learn in your opinion?
23. Favourite foreign name{s}?

Have you ever thought of a Supercat West Wing au, where Cat is still Cat Grant, CEO of CatCo World Wide Media. She’s going along with her life, kind of just coasting (I mean. Coasting for her), and she’s a bit bored with her life, but there’s not very much she can do to challenge herself at this point—she’s built her empire, she’s made her legacy. But she’s feeling a bit restless, the same restlessness that got her to this point, that drive to be more.

And then one day, someone from her war correspondent days walks into her office, one Hank Henshaw, who saved her life when she was just a rookie war correspondent who knew absolutely nothing, comes to see her. And he’s talking about this New England small time politician he wants her to go see, at some retirement center, and that’s it. He’s never called upon that debt, never used her for political or financial gain. Cat’s just thinking no way is she the real thing, at this point (especially without Sunny Danvers in her life), more than a bit jaded with humanity and pessimistic.

But the man who once saved her life is asking her for a favor, and it’s not power or money or a position of influence. It’s simply to go to this place in Middle of Nowhere, New Hampshire, and hear some imbecile speak. And this is what old friends do for someone who owes a life debt (and maybe she herself is just a little bit hopeful, just a little bit curious. This is someone who has Hank Henshaw’s faith. Henshaw might be the most honorable and decent man she knows—and for someone who’s life’s work is to ferret out secrets, who refuses to keep her head in the sand, that means something).

And then on the way, maybe she stops in New York to visit her old friend Lucy Lane, who’s working for gage whitney, making rich white guys even richer. Both stuck in their ruts, uninspired.

And Lucy tells her to come back if she sees the real thing. Cat gives a bit of a sarcastic laugh and asks her how the hell would she even know—and Lucy tells her she’s seen Cat excited before, truly excited. Lucy will just know.

(and maybe Cat did her background research on her way there—she was a journalist first. Foster child, with a life plagued by tragedy, adopted by one of the state’s oldest families. Some went to college on military scholarship, had a bit of a career as an artist after serving her 4 years of active duty. Single. Spotless record. Very few relationships, married to her work. Cousin’s a journalist, two tattoos, worked as a diplomat after the artistic stint, majored in art and political science, minor in linguistics. Licensed pilot. Polyglot. Sister of Alexandra “Alex” Danvers, former army medic and Surgeon General. Again, she’s Cat Grant—she does her homework)

So Cat goes to that retirement center and is just prepared to have some really mediocre chicken. She’s barely paying attention—she even has a crossword in front of her—even has it be paper, to prove a point that she’s not busy with a work email or something truly important on her phone Nope. It’s a crossword puzzle. And then there’s the question from the dairy farmer—why did she vote on the way she did on those milk subsidies? That hurt a lot of dairy farmers.

And then there’s just this pause before Kara goes, “Yeah. I screwed you on that one.” And Cat’s head just rockets up and she immediately stops what she’s doing because this is something Cat’s never seen. And she watches as this politician explain that the reason that she didn’t do something very politically advantageous—in a state where dairy farms are big, this small tiny state where those votes really do matter—was because she didn’t want children to go hungry. She wanted children to be able to buy milk.

What you are taught in every college political science class, every high school civics class, in every democratic society, the goal of every politician is to be reelected. And yet this is something that won’t score her any political points, will make her lose constituents—she didn’t offer justification, like oh I voted for this because they’d give us better grazing laws, or anything. This was flat out “I did it for starving children. Not for you.”

And just. She’s almost a little bit pissed because goddammit Hank was right, Cat is absolutely  hooked. She’s completely bamboozled and yeah like Josh she’s just in awed shock and she comes into Lucy Lane’s firm, dripping wet, hair a frizzy mess, outfit ruined,—and this is Cat fucking Grant, she never looks anything but pristine, not a hair out of place—just grinning. And Lucy just stops talking to the client about the deal that would have made her a partner, the culmination of her career and everything she’s been working for her entire adult life—and it’s one of the easiest decisions she’s ever made.

And then Winn, drunk off his ass because he thinks he’s going to get fired tonight because he told if she’s asked about her vote against the dairy farmers tonight she should, and only because it’s the easiest thing to remember, tell the truth.

And then Alex comes in and fires everyone but Winn—which Kara protests wildly at because Kara still doesn’t think that she’s actually going to get elected, that she’s just doing to keep her opponent honest and talk about some issues and be very comfortable conceding the race but Alex has been in politics, has plans for Kara and knows that they could go all the way to the White House, Hank as VP for anyone worried about having such a young woman as President, Alex as Chief of Staff. (and there’s a reason Alex has never planned on running for the White House and that’s a)she is horrible at any type of public speeches and b) Sierra Tuscon, drinks, and pills.)

And then Winn goes all the way to California to visit his old friend James (complete with the James falling into his pool scene with the sheer white shirt because I may be gay but I have eyes and EQUALITY). Winn lets James know that. Well. Yeah, you’re right kara’s never heard of you but Alex sure has. And yes, Kara Danvers is a good person. And that’s all it takes for James to pack up from his 500k a year job to the one that pays 600 a week.

And so now Kara has a team of Lucy Lane, Hank Henshaw, Alex Danvers, Winn Schott, James Olsen, and Cat Grant. And she’s worried now, because she was never supposed to win. She’s just there to make her speeches and keep her opponent honest because they may live in a time where a woman could be president and a black man can be VP—but a straight female president. Not a gay one. But Alex was right and they win and they’re off to the White House. So Kara keeps her secret, and hopes (prays) that no one finds out, because she’s been so very careful, not even Alex knows.

And if Kara thinks that Cat Grant is witty and fierce and determined and witty and sarcastic and absolutely radiant? Well, she’ll keep that to herself.

got7 as fratboys: jaebum

a/n: ok so here’s the first one!!!!! it turned out waaaaay bigger than I expected but I hope y'all cope with me and read it all bc I think it’s worth it. as I said it, there’s a nsfw part at the end so skip it if you’re not comfortable with that. and please, hit me up with feedback!!!!!!!! those are very important so yeah


⇒ im jaebum: president

  • major: linguistics 
  • minor: philosophy 
  • ok so starting off with mr president himself: im jaebum!!!
  • ofc he was gonna be the president pls
  • so he majors in linguistics bc he wanted to do something different??? and like wanted to know the origins of words and its impacts etc etc LIKE DEEP STUFF
  • and he minors in philosophy bc well DEEP and he actually likes it a lot and he’s really good at it
  • you might think the guys don’t really respect him as a president but BITCH when jaebum is being serious they respect the hell out of him
  • he is the only one besides jinyoung that can actually put the place in order
  • a really good president???? like the university claims he’s an example even tho GOT had some complains in the past bc of it’s wild parties
  • he has this mysterious bad boy vibe all around him
  • but deep down he’s actually a softie
  • loves LOVES lOvEs his cat - her name is nora and she is the most precious thing to him
  • he wants to get more cats but he’s scared the guys will accidentally hurt them???? but getting more cats is totally on his plans
  • everyone on campus knows him - not just bc of GOT but well bc he’s that type of person that you just know who he is
  • he’s a MAJOR photography enthusiast
  • as you can see his instagram is totally aesthetic and with nice pictures
  • looks fucking good with a camera on his hands
  • actually looks fucking good doing anything
  • he’s also very passionate about music
  • like I told you he’s into deep stuff and he finds music quite deep
  • he’s actually a really good singer - youngjae said so himself
  • he also helps youngjae with his songs sometimes
  • they’re actually planning on recording jaebum a mixtape bc SURPRISE he’s really good at writing songs
  • has his earphones with him the whole time and don’t you dare touch them unless he offers to show you what he’s listening
  • yugyeom touched it without invitation once and well… it didn’t have a happy ending
  • his ipod is filled with pop punk songs and also rnb
  • reads a lot but not in public - no one actually knows why
  • maybe it has something to do with him wanting to keep this bad boy image around campus
  • has good grades bc he’s one of those people who are naturally smart and intelligent
  • he skips classes quite often
  • and when the guys wanna do it??? NO NO YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS TO CLASS
  • bambam tried to argue once that “why can you skip classes and I can’t????”
  • jaebum dead ass played the president card and bambam just lowered his head and went to class
  • he usually skips it when he’s way too hangover or he didn’t get a good night of sleep
  • has some trouble sleeping at night sometimes so you’ll often find him taking short naps at his classes
  • when he’s at parties he’s very lowkey unless he’s REALLY drunk
  • then he turns into the most extra person on the planet?????
  • he once went down the stairs with nothing but wipped cream on his Parts™ bc he lost a bet he made when he was drunk
  • no need to say the girls went NUTS
  • talking about girls…. they all want him
  • they all wanna know what’s his deal like is he really intimidating is he a bad boy etc etc
  • he didn’t use to hook up a lot
  • actually he kinda fell in love with this one person but it didn’t end well
  • he got hurt and since then he only has sporadic one night stands and they are with girls from other universities so he won’t have to see them often
  • no one talks about this girl episode tho
  • actually he doesn’t actually talk about his problems openly at all
  • when he’s too bothered he goes to jinyoung bc they go way back and are truly best friends
  • jinyoung just gets him and isn’t scared to tell him when he’s wrong
  • BUT he has everything written down on his notebook: his lyrics, his feelings and everything that goes on his mind
  • it is black and it says “people I want to punch in the face” in the cover
  • he thought about putting a picture of nora but decided against it bc it was “too soft”
  • he carries this notebook with him at ALL TIMES like truly 24/07
  • and he doesn’t like anyone touching it in fact it is his most private thing and no one can read it
  • jinyoung almost read it once and jaebum caught him
  • jaebum didn’t speak to him for a few weeks and shit got serious but they got over it after jinyoung begged for his forgiveness for like 15 days straight
  • he goes to the same cafe every morning ever since his first year
  • everyone there knows him and his order
  • he usually stays there for quite a while just scribbling things on his notebook and drinking coffee
  • he likes his coffee dark and bitter and he says it’s just like his soul
  • no one buys this analogy tho
  • you must be wondering where do you fit in this
  • well you’re quite of a coffee enthusiast yourself and you love to go around on campus and discover new cafes etc
  • one day after your children’s psychology class you were wondering around campus near the philosophy building and there was this small cafe with a cat by the window and you thought oh cute
  • so you decided to come in and order your traditional caramel macchiato
  • from that day on you started going there almost every day
  • a few weeks later you noticed this handsome mysterious guy writing down on his notebook and you couldn’t stop looking???? and then you realized he was there everyday too
  • you sort of wanted to talk to him but he’s too intimidating
  • one day one of your friends went there with you and he told you about im jaebum and how everyone knows him and how intimidating he must be
  • so then you kinda dropped the idea of talking to him until
  • well one day he left the cafe in a huge rush babbling something about forgetting a test and he ended up leaving his notebook on his table
  • you decided to pick it up and save for him so you could give it back the next day
  • and so on the next day you’re drinking your coffee and he arrives and as soon as he sits you go there with the notebook in hands but things don’t go that well
  • “hm hey so you forgot this here yesterday and I-” “oh my god what are you doing with my notebook” “calm down greg I just picked it up for you bc you forgot it on the table” “DID YOU READ IT?” “no???” “tell me the truth did you read it” “I said I didn’t” “just give me my fucking notebook I’m leaving”
  • you stood there with this confused look but then you got mad???
  • “well here’s your fucking notebook. I didn’t read it. I wouldn’t invade your privacy like that. I just kept it bc I also come here everyday and I thought well I’ll be nice and save it so I can give him back tomorrow. I would’ve left it on the table if I knew you were gonna be this rude. here it is. have a nice day”
  • and you left bc you were angry????? who does he think he is????
  • so from that day on you kinda changed the time you used to go to the cafe bc you didn’t wanna see him
  • fast forward a few days and a friend from your children’s psychology class - choi youngjae himself - invites you to a party his frat is organizing and you decide to go like why not
  • then you remember im jaebum is the president of the frat
  • but then you think OH SCREW IT I’m going and I’m gonna have a good time
  • so you’re there and a few drinks have settled in already. you’re not drunk you’re just a bit tipsy and joyful
  • you finally see youngjae so you go there to say hi and you two start talking
  • then you notice that jaebum is coming your way and you can’t not roll your eyes
  • “you know her youngjae?” “yeah jae. she’s in one of my classes. wait you two know each other?” “unfortunately. jaebum was an asshole to me a few days ago so excuse me I have to go”
  • and youngjae is giving jaebum this look that says wtf did you do dude go apologize
  • jaebum rolls his eyes but he goes after you and he calls you “cafe girl”
  • you turn and you’re not in the mood so
  • “what do you want jaebum?” “I wanna know your name so I can apologize properly”
  • you debate on just leaving but you tell him your name and he just stares at you
  • “are you actually saying something or can I just leave?” “hm no! don’t leave.. I just.. I’m sorry. I was an asshole. I shouldn’t have acted like that, you know, like a stupid rude asshole.” “yup you shouldn’t” “so I’m really sorry. and grateful that you kept my notebook. it’s really important to me and very personal so that’s why I acted like that.” “ok noted” “can I get you a drink to earn your apology and then we can talk like two normal people?”
  • you thought about saying no. you did. but he had the prettiest and most genuine smile across his face and you couldn’t deny
  • and then you two talk all night long and you find out he’s actually a really nice and cool guy with a great talk
  • so it’s late and you have to go home and he offers to walk you to your dorm and you tell him there’s no need but he insists and you let him
  • you two keep on talking and walking and he grabs your hand and when you look at him he has the cutest smile and that makes you wanna kiss his face but you don’t
  • you get to your dorm and you two exchange numbers and as soon as your inside your room you get a text
  • [01:35] jaebum: I really wanted to kiss you tonight. but I’ll take you on a proper date before that. are you free tomorrow?
  • so from that day on you two start hanging out and getting to know each other and going on dates and cute cafes and holding hands across campus and kissing under trees like this huge walking cliche
  • at first girls kept staring at you like they were surprised that THE im jaebum has a girl
  • and it was funny bc he walked with his arm around you like you were the most precious thing on the campus and the girls also looked kinda jealous
  • he allowed you to read something on his notebook once: it was a bunch of scribbled notes about you and it was so sweet and loving and then he asked you to be his girlfriend so BOOM you two were official
  • the guys start teasing the hell out of him because WOW you’ve turned jaebum into this huge ball of fluff
  • he’s really this soft dork whenever your around and that’s really cute
  • you two have this ritual of going to That cafe every morning and when one of you can’t make it the other one picks up coffee for the go
  • you had to be approved by nora in order for this relationship to work and sometimes he regrets it bc he swears you and nora like each other more than you two like him
  • it took him a while to open up to you but he did eventually
  • he makes you cds in a very old fashion way every month with songs he wants to show you or that make him think of you
  • and you give him this list with book recommendations so you can discuss later
  • you spend a lot of time at the frat helping him out with his president duties
  • he walks you to his classes
  • loves LOVES seeing you in his jackets or with the frat’s shirt
  • takes a lot of pictures of you - really, a lot. you’re having dinner? his camera is up. you’re putting make up? his camera is up. you’re sitting on the couch? his camera is up. like literally he has a ton of pics of you in his camera roll
  • you can keep him in check when he’s too nervous or too stressed and that’s great
  • he’s a bit jealous sometimes but he’s getting better
  • sex is a very important thing for him bc he belives that sex is a way to express love
  • like honestly he is very very sexy and he basically exhales sex so
  • usually he’s a dom and into rough sex
  • but there are some days when he just wants to appreciate you so he goes in deep for passionate sex and those days are amazing
  • sex is always very intense and intimate
  • not much into trying new things but will do it for you
  • never steps over your boundaries when it comes to sex (actually over anything but especially in bed) and you trust him a lot so
  • has a huge oral kink and also likes hair pulling
  • doesn’t care about doing it when the guys are around the dorm
  • overall he’s not the typical frat boy and a very soft person and you two became the bossy royalty couple and everyone loves you two
To use sign language, to embrace it in non-signing public spaces, one must sometimes push against ideas of having committed a gross indiscretion. These notions, I confess, haunted my relationship with my body for years after my childhood friend told me not to point. How obvious signing was, how indiscreet in the “conventional” sense: what I was pointing at, my lively facial expressions, my sense of physical restraint! I was already shy as a child, reluctant to put myself on display. So for a while I felt embarrassed, but then learned not to be. This happened out of necessity, out of self-acceptance and, frankly, joy in my own signing body, but for other nonnative signers it happens out of choice. As several other hearing friends have told me since, when they sign with me in public they feel rather conspicuous. “Should I do this?” they ask me. “Is it too much?”

Too much: To me these words succinctly articulate the taboos that can linger about bodily expressiveness. Hearing culture presents us with ideals of speaking with good elocution, restraint and self-control. Now, I admit, I see these ideals as visually impoverished, inaccessible and uninteresting: They produce spaces full of immobile talking heads, disembodied sound and visual inattentiveness. Those qualities become the optical equivalent of speaking in a monotone. As much as I also enjoy spoken words, allowing my body to speak for itself feels, simply, more real. Even if that means signing is sometimes read as a visual spectacle.

Rachel Kolb, “The Deaf Body in Public Space” 

The New York Times, September 28, 2016

{Special} College!AU Hyungwon
  • major: linguistics 
  • minor: german 
  • sports: considered doing basketball for a bit but…..
  • clubs: on campus book club (more like gossip club), sometimes he writes critiques for the uni journal, co-founded nap club which is Exactly what it sounds like, works w/the german club to help out transfers 
  • the most annoying thing about being a linguistics major for hyungwon is when people ask him what the HELL linguistics even means 
  • and when hyungwon’s like “it is the scientific study of language” people seem to look at him like he’s out of his mind
  • but hyungwon loves language, ever since he picked up his first book, and since then he grew an overwhelming fondness to classic literature and authors like hermann hesse and thomas mann 
  • so hyungwon decided to learn german
  • german & korean ??? seems like it shouldn’t mix at all but the fact that not many people study it makes it in-demand when it comes to translators and TAs in the language so hyungwon easily finds an internship with the government where he works alongside the german translator for the prime minister
  • and it’s like a really upscale position and a rare opportunity but it’s funny because hyungwon treats it so casually, but because of his looks, everyone there is like he’s not the dongsaeng,,,,he’s too,,,,,,too,,,,,chic
  • hyungwon is really outspoken in his classes like you’d think there isn’t much to talk about in a phonology class or a syntax class but hyungwon is the student that always raises his questions and isn’t even afraid to get into an argument with a teacher if he has a different understanding of the readings
  • and he’s been like that since he was a freshman and everyone in his major looks up to him because like WOW he’s never nervous all his presentations and ideas are always so clear and to the point
  • as for german class, hyungwon can get really frustrated with it
  • because learning a language so different from his own sometimes gets him all riled up
  • and he’ll only speak german for like three days so when wonho, his roommate, tries to ask him if there’s any food left in the mini-fridge hyungwon is just like “ich bin beschäftigt, ich kann gerade nicht reden*” and wonho is like “….did you just curse me out or what???”
  • but hyungwon works hard like people at his internship and in school think this knowledge comes easily to him but they don’t see him sitting up till 4 am at his desk recopying notes and listening to german conversation recordings
  • and yeah he might look cool and unapproachable as he’s sitting in the campus cafe,  reading a book titled “Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages”, and sipping an americano but 
  • he’s actually just a suffering college meme like the rest of his friends 
  • i.e. hyungwon cheering jooheon on when he said he’d salt kihyuns gummy worms when kihyun wasn’t looking or when he fell asleep standing up in the line at mcdonalds with wonho OR when he saved 126 photos of pepe the frog because minhyuk once compared him to the meme and now hyungwon can’t get over it
  • so as much as he model walks his way into intermediate german or down the halls of the government building he works at………like in his free time hyungwon’s napping in mismatched pajamas or laying upside down off the couch in his dorm watching dramas for 5 hours straight
  • long story short; looks cool but isn’t actually cool on the inside
  • and you know hyungwon since middle school you two grew up in the same neighborhood and have been friends ever since
  • granted there was that one fight back in high school you two had but that you Never Speak Of but anyway
  • you know hyungwon better than most people and so his balmain jacket, lemaire sweater, acne studio sneakers, and SL glasses don’t scare you away
  • instead you sneak up on him as he’s sitting in the library and ruffle the top of his hair like whATS UP bro and hyungwon’s like wh Y do you always do this it took me 45 minutes to comb my hair and you’re like ‘because when you’re sitting it’s the only time i can reach the top of your head’ and hyungwons like rolling his eyes like you’re so short
  • and you’re like NO YOU ARE THE TOO TALL ONE SHRINK and by this time everyones looking at you and you have to slink down into the seat across him and hyungwon’s like seriously you’re so loud and you’re like pfft whatever
  • and you guys have this dynamic that’s playfully teasing since you know it has been years that you’ve known each other it’s just comfortable
  • and you’re close to minhyuk and wonho too so it’s like you four are your own lil group with inside jokes and funny kakao talk chats 
  • so as you pull out your own notes hyungwon keeps writing and it’s just you know……..normal
  • until kihyun appears three minutes later, slapping down his stuff on the table and almost making you fall off your chair
  • and he’s like HYUNGWON SHES HERE
  • and you’re like ???? and hyungwon is like “who-”
  • and kihyun is jumping up and down more excited than ever and he’s like hyungWON HOW COULD You F O R G E T 
  • and hyungwon gets up and hes about to put his hands on kihyuns shoulders to stop him from bouncing around when suddenly someone else appears and everyone in the library turns to look because
  • the girl that walks up to hyungwon is gracefully tall with curly brown hair and glowing tan skin 
  • and kihyun hops over to you and he’s like “doesn’t she look like a model????” 
  • and hyungwon smiles and the girl introduces herself in stumbling korean as a transfer named agatha 
  • hyungwon’s voice turns warm and he says something about showing her around and after that the two start speaking in german
  • and you watch until you feel kihyun pat your back and say “don’t those two look great together? two models, really. we gotta make sure hyungwon doesn’t leave us for germany for good now - amiright?”
  • but you don’t really know what to say like  you’re not…’re not jealous it’s just weird because hyungwon never told you about this. usually he tells you about the transfers that come to work with him but he’s never mentioned this agatha person
  • but you don’t let it get to you, you shake it off and roll your eyes and tell kihyun that he needs to stop being so dramatic
  • and you gather your things and decide to just go and kihyun shakes his head and you don’t hear him but he’s like ‘….maybe this will finally make one of them confess’
  • and a couple of days later you run into hyungwon and agatha and for some reason you try to duck and hide but hyungwon sees you and waves you over
  • and he’s like “hey, you haven’t met agatha but she’s her from germany to study korean and ballet -” and in your head you’re like no wonder she’s so gorgeous and thin she’s a ballerina ho W WI ll i eV  E R stack up
  • but the other part of your brain is like: um hello no we aren’t jealous shut up and be nice to the girl you don’t even know her
  • and so you smile and introduce yourself back and hyungwon is like “actually, can you do me a favor?” and you’re weary like no i wont tell shownu you got food poisoning again so you can avoid his cooking but hyungwon’s like nO i have to go to my internship but agatha needs to find the language department can you take her????
  • and you’re like sure,,,?? and hyungwon gives you a lazy little smile and wait. did your heart just - it did. it. totally did
  • your heart just skipped for hyungwon. chAE HYUNGWON 
  • and hyungwon, completely oblivious, turns to agatha and is like “ill see you later, tell me if my friend does anything dumb” and you’re like heY ExcuSE m E and hyungwon just peaces out
  • and you’re standing there looking at him from afar and huffing like where does he get off saying you’ll do something dumb
  • but then agatha is like “is the language department over there?” and you’re like right i need to help this girl out
  • and so you walk her over and ask her a bit about herself and she’s really nice and sweet that in some ways you feel even more worse because obviously she’s so great and …………..hyungwon gets to spend an entire week with her
  • finally you guys get to the right department and agatha thanks you but before you leave she asks you how well you know hyungwon and you’re like um i guess pretty well?? we’ve been friends for some time and she smiles and she’s like “do you know if he’s seeing anyone?”
  • and you’re like …………………………………………..
  • well you’re like frozen because thinking back to it you and hyungwon barely ever talk about like………like as long as you’ve known each other neither you nor hyungwon has ever brought up your relationships or crushes with each other
  • which only know you’re starting to realize is kinda weird because like you went to middle school with him. high school. and now even college and you’ve never like heard him bring up a significant other
  • which is a shock considering how much minhyuk is always talking about romance and how many people have come up to you when you hang out and ask hyungwon or wonho or any of the boys really for their numbers 
  • and you must have been silent for a bit because agatha asks you if maybe she mispronounced something but you’re just like no no no it’s just….i don’t know im sorry
  • and she’s like “oh, i thought you might because you and hyungwon are close” and you’re like sorry,,,,,i …….
  • and you don’t really feel comfortable talking about anymore so you make up some quick excuse about running late for a club and basically make a dash across campus 
  • that night you get some texts in the group chat but you don’t open it and it gets the point where hyungwon even texts you outside of the chat to see what’s wrong but for some reason you can’t bring yourself to answer
  • and like ok maybe you’re being a little dramatic but it’s just weird ….romance never got between you and him but maybe in the back of your head you always knew hyungwon was good looking on a whole different level…..
  • like you were destined to only be his friend
  • AND THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OK until you found yourself looking through your old photos where he’s standing with his hand casually around your shoulder ……. or where he’s doing some funny face……or when he’s not even the main focus of the photo but still
  • you can’t take your eyes of him
  • you /like/ him and……….you’d never admitted it to yourself until now
  • so when you wake up you tell yourself that no. you have to get over hyungwon. and you know just the way the do it
  • it’s lunch and you’re sitting beside minhyuk who said he’d be studying but fell asleep and across is wonho playing on his phone and hyungwon reading another thick, intimidating looking book of his
  • and you clear your throat and you go “does anyone …… does anyone know someone whose free this friday?”
  • suddenly all three boys are looking at you like ????? what
  • and you bite your lip but keep your composure and you’re like “i got free tickets to this movie and,,,,idk do you guys know anyone who’d wanna go with me……..c’mon minhyuk you like playing matchmaker”
  • minhyuk, whose wide awake now, is just a gaping fish and he’s like um U M i mean…………um……… friends with mark maybe he…um i know taehyung a bit…..
  • and wonho’s like “do you want a boy or girl or does it not matter?”
  • and hyungwon. hyungwon is silent
  • and for the first time you actually feel awkward around your best friends until suddenly like out of thin air appears………kihyun
  • and with a grin he’s like “i heard you had tickets to a movie, how about you take me?”
  • and you don’t see it but hyungwons fist clenches a bit over the edges of his book
  • and tbh you don’t like the smug grin on kihyun’s face, but your heads spinning and before you know it you’re nodding and reaching into you bag to hand him a ticket
  • and kihyun winks your way and ruffles your hair telling you he promises he won’t be late
  • and when he dashes off you turn and wonho and minhyuk both go into a fit of whistles and minhyuk gives your shoulder a little shove and they’re both like ‘ooOOOOO kih YU N~~~~~’
  • but hyungwon just shuts his book, mumbles “das ist zu viel” under his breath and gets up
  • wonho asks him what he says but hyungwon says he needs to go to catch the bus to his internship. wonho shrugs and turns back to you but in the back of your mind you know that….hyungwon doesn’t have his internship today
  • at 8 pm u get the text from kihyun that he’ll meet you outside in front of the college’s library. you feel bad  and consider texting him to cancel the plans but the movie isn’t even like a rom-com it’s some random title you picked and plus it’d be a waste to just throw away the money you spent so you try to pick a cuter outfit but in the end you end up late, rushing across the quad with your hair still slightly messy and notes from one of your classes scrawled on your arm
  • but once you get to the library,,,,,there’s no one there 
  • and you frown and call out kihyun’s name because c’mon don’t hide and play childish jokes like this
  • but ,,,, kihyun doesn’t appear
  • and then your phone rings and you pick it up expecting it to be kihyun with some lame excuse and you’re like “just tell me where you are kih-”
  • but then you hear hyungwons voice and he’s surprised like “kihyuns not there yet?” 
  • and you kind of freeze because why is he calling you all of a sudden?? but you’re like “n-no, do you need something?”
  • and hyungwon sighs on the other end and he’s like “no, i was just….worried” 
  • once again your test tightens but you try to ignore it and ask him why he has no reason to be and the other line is silent for a bit until he says that you just seemed weird… and when kihyun invited himself along with you…..hyungwon just stops there and sighs again 
  • and then your phone lights up against your ear and you look at it to see a text from kihyun’s number with thirty crying emojis and a ‘im sorry i can’t make it tonight’ text and you’re about to hang up so you can text back angrily but the next thing you see is the text:
  • ‘i know you didn’t want it to be me. ask hyungwon to go with you.’
  • and in your head it clicks, kihyun knew all along. he must have even predicted hyungwon would call you
  • and you’re quiet for so long until hyungwon’s voice asking if you’re still there is on the other a line
  • and you take in a breath before asking hyungwon if he wants to maybe……….go with you instead
  • and im not saying hyungwon runs over to you, because we all know about his inclination to doing the least amount of physical activity ever, but that’s exactly what he does
  • he gets to the library five minutes later huffing with his hands on his knees
  • and you’re about to make some joke but he beats you to it, pointing at your arm covered in reminders from class and messy hair and he’s like “seriously? you were going to go on a date looking like that?” 
  • and for a moment it’s as if everything is back to normal and you threaten to kick his shin and hyungwon laughs and you’re like let’s go we’re gonna be late
  • and at the movies hyungwon pays for your snacks and only complains the usual amount and you guys try ur luck at the crane games outside the theater and make fun of minhyuk’s snapchat story as the commercials play
  • and when finally the lights dim and the movie starts you finally realize that right now you’re technically on a date with hyungwon
  • your best friend
  • but as warm as you get for a moment, you remember agatha’s pretty face and how smart and handsome hyungwon is
  • and when you turn to see his profile illuminated by the lights from the screen you can’t help but just get sad again because ,……date? what a joke you guys are just doing what you always do….you’re just hanging out
  • and once it’s over, hyungwon is saying something about how bad the script is and you two are walking and laughing couples are passing by and all of a sudden you feel someone grab your hand in theres
  • and when you look down, hyungwon is lacing his fingers with yours and you stare at your hands and then up at him and hyungwon takes a step closer and then another until he’s so close your bodies are practically touching and he leans down
  • and for a second all you can see are his lips and when they move hyungwon says, “im glad it was me with you today and not anyone else.”
  • and your mind starts to interpret that one million different ways but your body just picks one and then moves you so your pressing your mouth to his
  • and hyungwons hand lets go of yours so his arms can wrap around you lazily
  • and it’s a gentle, slow first kiss but it’s made better by the fact that you can tell that it’s a hyungwon kind of kiss and his smile against your forehead when he pulls away makes you feel like you’re dreaming
  • until he whispers against your skin that he’s been waiting since fucking high school to do that
  • and that’s how you two finally - FINALLY - express how you feel
  • and as you’re going back to campus hyungwon stops and he’s like “i need to tell you something” and you’re like oh no. is this already the end what is happening
  • and hyungwon bites back his lip and he’s like “don’t be mad, but kihyun told me about how you think i like agatha.” and your eyes widen and you’re like hOW DID HE KNOW WH A  T i n EVEr sA Id Th AT TO  HIM and your cheeks turn red with embarrassment
  • but hyungwon just chuckles and puts a hand around your waist to pull you over and he’s like
  • “when he told me i thought he was joking because honestly, no one compares to you for me. like i literally can’t see anyone else but you - it’s kind of annoying at times.”
  • you hit him playfully on the arm and hyungwon just buries his nose in your hair and he’s like “kihyun told me, and then when you asked to go out with someone all of a sudden i thought it was over, that you had really……given up on me…..but then that rascal kihyun comes over and i knew he was planning something….”
  • you pull back and narrow your eyes like “wait - are you saying tonight was a set up????????????”
  • and hyungwon shrugs and looks away like he doesn’t know what you’re talking about but you’re like oh my GOD you conspired with kihyun
  • and hyungwon’s like don’t blame me!!! i thought you were seriously gonna move on without me,,,,,and date kihyun,…..
  • and youre like oh my god and hyungwon’s like ok ok ok at least we’re here together now - that’s good enough right?
  • and you huff but also like,,,how can you resist this tall memes smile
  • and so you just tell him to make it up to you by buying you lunch and he just grins and leans down to litter your neck in sloppy kisses and he’s like “are these not enough?” and you’re giggling but also like hyungwon,,,please,,,,,,
  • when you come into the cafe holding hands the next day minhyuk damn near spills his coffee over himself and runs over to demand and explanation
  • and you wanna say something but hyungwon just kisses the top of your head and is like “wenn du ihn/sie" anschaust, kille ich dich” and pulls you along
  • and minhyuk is like WHAT
  • agatha from like her seat at a table somewhere: “he said that if you look at his significant other, he’ll end you”
  • speaking of agatha she thinks you and hyungwon are so cute and tbh she’s so adorable at one point you’re like hyungwon i might break up with you and run away to germany with her,,,,,, and hyungwons like ha ha ha don’t or ill tell her in german that you’re toxic or something
  • but now that you two are dating like you still tease each other like before
  • except now you tease each other while cuddling and/or making out
  • and every time you’re like “you look dumb” hyungwon’s like “you look dumb too” and then you both laugh and kiss each other and literally everyone is like awwwwww except for jooheon who’s just like ??? yall just call each other dumb and then proceeded to kiss What Kind of Millenial Romance….
  • when it’s just the two of you though, hyungwon always makes you clear your lap so he can lay his head on it and read
  • and you play with his hair or do your own homework while he lays there
  • and sometimes you have to like pull his ear cuz he’ll doze off and you’re like c’mon focus buddy
  • your dorm ends up being filled with books that hyungwon leaves lying around when he comes over
  • and your roommates like “i didn’t know you were studying german?” one day and you’re like im not and she’s holding up like the advance textbook for german language and you roll your eyes because right my boyfriend left that here
  • you try on hyungwons expensive (but always too big) clothing and he’ll be like ‘that jacket cost 5k’ while sitting on his bed watching and you’re like ‘why it’s so ugly’ and hyungwon shrugs like ‘it’s fashion’
  • sometimes you’ll go to meet him after his internship and when he comes out you wave and he’ll purposely pretend to look around and not see you because he’s tall and you’re always like hyUNGWON and he’s like “i hear a voice but where is it coming from,,,,,,”
  • the funny thing about this is you two are joking around like this and hyungwon’s coworkers are watching from the windows like,,,,,,,hyungwon??? has a dorky side???? that boy with his perfect face is actually………..cute????
  • and yes yes he is he’s esp cute when he hasn’t had his morning coffee and keeps falling asleep with his head in the crook of your neck
  • and when he talks against your collar it tickles and you have to try and wake him up and he refuses until you literally get him his iced americano and put the straw to his lips
  • hyungwon once tells you that one of the prettiest words he’s ever heard in the language is actually your name and you get all blushy like what no,,,,and he’s like “im a linguistics major, trust me when i say your name is just so pleasent to say…”
  • and whenever he gets out-of-nowhere romantic like that you fret and say a corny joke but hyungwon just pulls you over so you’re ontop of him and gives you those slow kisses of his
  • and you wanna be like hEY but ……… he always smells good and his lips are always so soft how would you even say no
  • hyungwon and you go shopping together and you’re like watching him pick good outfit after good outfit and you’re like ….how….does he do it
  • like you pick something and hyungwon’s like shaking his head
  • and soon enough he’s shopping for you
  • but it’s worth it because when he picks something out and yall go out on a date to like a bookstore or a new art exhibit everyone does a double take because you two look GOOD
  • power couple amiright 
  • people always ask how it feels to be dating a male model and you’re like he’s not,,,,,but,,,,,,you’re right he should be
  • that and you also can’t help but laugh because these people think hyungwon is so chic and cool when last night you literally wheeled him around in one of those grocery carts in the parking lot of the school
  • it was funny because his long legs hung out of the cart and you were sure they were gonna touch the floor at some point
  • but that corny, playful side is just for you and hyungwons close friends
  • there’s a time where hyungwon starts refreshing his memory for a big german test he’s going to have and he’s going over the words for the body, like the translations 
  • and he pulls you by the wrist and points to your eyes and then nose and then lips and he’s reading them off in german but somehow………
  • his mouth trails over the curve of your neck and he starts whispering the words against your skin
  • and like im not saying that you guys are alone in his dorm, wonho’s gone on one of his study abroads, the windows are dark and it’s raining ever so slightly outside and hyungwon’s big warm hands work their way up your shirt
  • and no way am i saying that he lifts you up to sit on his hips and before you know it he isn’t speaking in german or korean or whatever he’s just listening to the sounds you’re making and yeah
  • you all know where im totally going with this ok
  • waking up in the morning and helping hyungwon find his glasses, sitting up in the sheets with him and brushing his bangs from his face, kissing his pretty more puffy than ever lips ^^
  • sometimes you’ll sit in between his legs and the two of you will look at those old photos from the past and embarrassingly confess that you guys have been into each other for way longer than expected
  • and hyungwon might bring up that time where he felt really bad about not asking you to prom
  • and you’ll tell him how sad you were when you guys got split up for different math classes that one year
  • and then you’ll laugh about it because you’re here with each other now
  • hyungwon makes you join nap club and when you’re like “what do we do?” when you show up in the room to find all the tables moved to the sides and a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor
  • hyungwon just wraps you up in a hug, pulls a blanket over you two and he’s like “we. Nap.”
  • every time you guys walk past kihyun he does the finger guns at you and you’re literally like hyungwon hold me back i want to fight him 
  • reading your paper outloud to hyungwon after you guys make out and order pizza and he offers critique and you wanna be like gOd why is he so smart and always right but you just settle for rolling your eyes and hyungwon grins because he’s like “ill take that as a you agree that im right” and you’re like dont make me shove this slice of pizza in your mouth
  • one night as you’re falling asleep in hyungwon’s arms, he says “du bist die wichtigste Person für mich auf der ganzen Welt”
  • in the morning you try to memorize it and put it into google translate but it doesn’t work, instead you find someone else whose taking german and they’re like “oh! it means you’re the most important person to me in the world”

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college! bf jihoon

[a/n: this is greatly inspired by many others i have read i am simply putting my own spin on jihoon as your college bf! mostly inspired by the talented @jungnoir this is also being edited as i go so pls forgve me for any typos!;;


- so Jihoon has always had ambition, he’s is always looking for inspiration and passionate may as well be his middle name 

- he’s quite introverted despite his group of friends attempting to bring himself out of his shell but he loves them nonetheless 

- they have a close bond and he’s grateful to have them especially at the start of the new school year 

- when it came to picking a major it was no question that this guy was going to pick music [minoring in linguistics, we love an educated man] and he was sure this was going to be difficult but he felt as though it was worth it 

- he likes to dress casually so when it comes to his very first day he picks ripped blue jeans and an oversized sweater and he feels confident [blond! Jihoon reigns supreme]

- Mingyu meets him at a nearby coffee shop, bouncing on the balls his feet clearly excited for the new year. jihoon can’t help but smile at his friend’s enthusiasm, wishing he felt just as energetic at 9 in the morning 

- the shop is crowded however and they struggle to find a table with room for them to sit down and talk

- Mingyu spots a table right at the back, next to a taken table where someone  is sat alone, and jihoon didn’t think anything of this at first 

- Mingyu being Mingyu takes his cue to leave and rushes up to grab the drinks meaning Jihoon is left to sit by himself, glancing around him 

- naturally his eyes wonder over to the person seated to his left, maybe two metres away and he’s @ shocked because this person is cute !!! he bites his lip as they take a sip of their coffee, fingers returning the keyboard in front of them

- he finds himself daydreaming about this person, what’s their name, their major, favourite brand of shampoo…

- …UnTIL Mingyu arrives, smashing down the tray of drinks [how did they not spill???] and snaps him out of his thoughts, babbling “This place is so cool did you see the guy with the tattoos??!” 

- meanwhile Jihoon is left unable to concentrate because he is truly enamoured by this person despite knowing zero about this mysterious beauty 

- they don’t seem to notice Jihoon or Mingyu however and soon leaves, probably running off to some class and Jihoon decides to forget about them because his love struck feelings will never amount to anything 

- its about an hour later after f̶o̶u̶r̶  two chocolate brownies and 2 coffees each when they realise the should probably start walking to class if they don’t wanna be late 

- arriving on campus means Mingyu rushing off to his art history class without saying goodbye [don’t ask me why] and Jihoon entering his music theory class alone [we must protec]

- he takes a random seat near the back hoping to not draw attention to himself cos he just wants to get through his first lesson without making a fuss 

- he’s flipping through his notebook whilst he other students take their seats so he doesn’t take notice as people chat around him until a person sits directly in front of him 

- the lesson starts and the professor drones on about proper care of instruments as jihoon stares at the back of his classmates head and he’s like sure he’s seen that shade of y/h/c before [y/h/c = your hair color]

- and then you turn round, biting your lip nervously, trying to mentally muster the courage to talk to your classmate because your pencil had run away and you were in desperate need of writing tools, when you lock eyes with a blond haired guy behind you

- and it feels like the air has been knocked out of you because he was soooo pretty and honestly looked as dumbfounded as you felt 

- so Jihoon wants the ground to swallow him whole because neither of you were speaking and his mouth felt like it was incapable of forming actual words at this point 

“I-I um…pencil?” you whisper, glancing down at the floor as soon as the words left your lips. you were painfully shy but jihoon found this utterly adorable and smiled sheepishly as he handed you the pencil in his hand without saying a word 

- you take it from his hand slightly confused “Don’t you need this? It’s okay I can borro-” but he interrupts you by waving his hand to catch your attention. “it’s okay, I like giving pencils to pretty people,” 

- cue the cringe. he’s never said something so cheesy in all his life but when he he managed to look back at you he saw your cheeks were a rosy shade of pink and he decided that just this once, cheesy was the right away to go 

- so after a few weeks of back and forth shyness, cringe, flirting and Mingyu shouting at Jihoon to “man the fuck up” he decides that perhaps he should try making this official. he had truly never liked someone as much as he had liked you. whenever you were around it was like his smile was glued to his face, his laugh grew louder and his heart felt like it would give out at any moment 

- it was a Tuesday and Mingyu had decided that Jihoon should ask you to be his in the coffee shop where he first saw you and despite it being actually quite disgustingly soppy he agreed. Mingyu wasn’t going to give up anyway 

 jihoon: hi, wanna meet for coffee at The Bean House? - 10:03 

  you: sure! see you at 1? - 10:05

 jihoon: okay sure! x - 10:06

- Jihoon felt the added kiss was appropriate giving the circumstances 

- you always felt super giddy whenever Jihoon invited you to go out. you really liked him, more than you probably should since only knowing him for a number of weeks. you hoped it would lead to something more but you didn’t want to get your hopes up just yet 

- when it comes to asking you Jihoon is an absolute mess !!! he’s never been so nervous in all life and by the end his hands are trembling. you notice and reach over, taking his hands in both of yours. of course your answer is yes and you find your heart swelling at the sight of his grin 

- so you’ll find that Jihoon is a wonderful yet cringy boyfriend

- after making it official he seems to relax more around you and suddenly he won’t shut up !!! he makes the stupidest most outlandish jokes yet you love him more so because of it 

- You are like each others security blanket; you always know what to say to one another to make things better and for that, your relationship blossoms

- it finally comes to the time where he decides you should meet his friends and at first he’s wary that you might be scared off by their loud nature but you fit right in and he finds himself just watching you laugh and joke with them. his favourite people interacting with his baby 

- tHIS guy is a sucker for nicknames so you’ll never be short of catchy urls [they range from adorable to worryingly bad]

- he tells you he loves you before you can even get it out yourself and it comes out accidentally

- its like any other day and your around at the dorms, talking with the others when jihoon comes up behind you and hugs you tightly round your middle. “I love you baby,” he mumbles into your shoulder. At first you think that you’ve misheard because it was so quiet but when he stands upright and walks away bright red in the face, you realise you’d heard exactly right. 

- Its a few hours later whilst everyone’s settled in front of the TV that you shuffle over to your boyfriend, smiling when he arm reaches out to pull you closer.

“i love you Woozi,” you whisper, looking up at him. his eyes look down at you widening slightly before leaning down and kissing you softly on the lips. “Woozi?” he inquires, clearly amused by your choice of nickname. shrugging you lean in closer, wrapping your arms around his middle and nestling into his chest. “you have your nicknames, i have mine”. 

a/n: o my god so hi! I’ve written a few boyfriend aus before but this is not only my first college!bf au in this style, but my first ever seventeen au! (❛ ֊ ❛„) i hope this is good enough and i hope its fun to read! some details are not true to life and this is purely to make the au flow well and to make it enjoyable i guess; byebye! 


┐(´∀`)┌  Heh.

More College!AU (made by the awesome @cryssalia )with some more uh… Casey and Scriggins.

Since I had the headcanon that Casey’s Minor is Linguistics (and my voicecanon for him is actually Jonas Erik Altberg), I have him speaking Swedish… Also I had a friend from Sweden who didn’t like IKEA so… I made that to be Casey too lmao. 

Latecomers to linguistics

So a few weeks ago when I met up with David J. Peterson, I talked a bit about how I got into linguistics. He recommended I share my experiences on here to help people with the following concern:

I didn’t start studying linguistics till late in my undergraduate career. Is it still possible for me to go to grad school in linguistics? Yes, Absolutely.

I started my undergrad with a double major in political science and geographic information science, and I stuck with that for two and a half years. During that time, I ended up doing more and more reading on linguistics on my own time, and got progressively more interested in the field. So, the second semester of my junior year, I added on a linguistics minor. The linguistics minor consisted of five classes, four of which I took during my senior year.

I took a gap year to work and apply to grad school, and now here I am, having been accepted to a funded Ph.D. program in linguistics after only having taken five linguistics classes in my entire life. How is that possible?

Based on my experience, being a latecomer to linguistics shouldn’t be a major barrier to getting accepted to grad programs, as long as you:

  • Connect with your professors: This is so, so important. You typically need three letters of recommendation to apply to a graduate program, and those should normally come from your professors. When you’re in class, be sure to ask questions, answer questions, and participate in discussions. Go to their office hours. If you have the opportunity, tell them you’re thinking about grad school in linguistics and how you got interested in linguistics. Even if you only have a professor for one semester, they can still write you a great recommendation if they understand your enthusiasm for and dedication to the field.
  • Read, read, read: This is especially applies if you just have a linguistics minor, like I did. Your undergrad program will inevitably leave some stones unturned, so reading academic papers and books on linguistics topics may be essential to discovering what you want to research in grad school, and will help you understand the kind of work scholars are doing at the programs you apply to. When considering a program, go to its faculty members’ personal pages and read the papers they’ve posted there. Look them up on Google Scholar, too.
  • Research the schools you apply to: Different grad programs will focus on different subfields and have their own departmental cultures, and will consequently be looking for different kinds of students. Some will be open to students with non-linguistic backgrounds. Some will prefer students who’ve already gotten a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, and will often say this on their website. Email the department if you’re not sure. Ask questions. Consider: “Are me and this program a good fit for each other?” This doesn’t mean you can’t apply to programs that seem like a “long shot”, though. You never know - the outcome could be great!

All of this is really applicable to grad students of any background, whether you started out with linguistics during your first year of undergrad, or squeezed in a five-class minor the last semester of your senior year. But I think these three points are particularly relevant to linguistic late-starters who want to go to grad school in linguistics.

i’ve seen a lot of posts recently about the frogs’ majors and i really like the idea of chowder who is a linguistics major and languages minor.

  • he loves being able to talk to people in their first language and it shocks smh every time he breaks out into a new language
  • he’s fluent in english and mandarin and at a conversational level in about a dozen others. he’ll get excited late at night and add another language to his duolingo account and speed through the first 50% roughly
  • he loves learning about the development of languages and why we speak the way we do
  • he took a compsci coding class because dex was doing it and he wanted to study different coding languages and their development and syntax
  • he and Nursey love to gossip and talk about the team in arabic
  • once he spoke in shitty Yoruba to Ransom while he was having a bit ong a long day and Ransom almost burst into tears because he just wanted to call his mum and not think. he was slow and careful with chowder and helped him teach him more than just the basics and arabic loan words
  • he and Farmer first went on a date because they wanted to do a language swap where he taught her mandarin and she taught him spanish.
  • he’ll translate positive tumblr posts into as many languages as he can because ‘everyone deserves positivity guys!!’
  • he gets REALLY MAD about grammar elitism because it’s so classist, abelist and racist! and a little bit because he’d be more fluent in a few more languages if grammar wasn’t SO HARD
  • he’s also just a huge nerd about language aquistion but this post is getting too long for how tired i am. but like just imagine him playing with his nieces and screaming in the group text about them learning new words!

So happy to share that earlier this month I graduated from my undergrad institution with a B.S. in Cognitive Science with an emphasis in Linguistics and a minor in Language Studies (German). I graduated magna cum laude and with highest honors in the major.

In the fall I will be headed to graduate school for my MA in Speech Language Pathology. I plan to learn elementary Vietnamese and ASL and work predominately with first and second generation children in the public school setting. I’m so so so excited for all to come.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you recommend me any articles about minority or/and endangered languages? Thanks, and your blog is really lovely 💕

Hi :D

I usually read these kind of articles in Catalan, or sometimes in Spanish, since there’s quite a lot of material (in Catalan for obvious reasons, and in Spanish because it’s used by a lot of indigenous people from Latin America).

I can’t really think of any good articles about it in English right now. A good place to start would maybe be this article about minority languages in Europe, but also gives key points to understanding stateless nations and linguistic minority groups around the world. If you want something more general, maybe read Nations, States, and Stateless Nations from eurominority, which gives some useful definitions and examples from an objective point of view.

Maybe some of my followers want to recommend some good articles?

I will link some websites I read:

I hope you find this useful and sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.
Grad Student Blog Roll
If you want to take part in this, please send or submit your name (optional), pursued degree, subject, year and other degrees you may have.

It is finished! Behold, the grad students of tumblr! Let me know if I got any information wrong. I tried to double check as much as I could, but you know how it goes. 

Also, if anyone else wants to take part in this, please send or submit your name (optional), pursued degree, subject, year and other degrees you may have. 


➾ Katie

➾ Alicia

➾ Zach

➾ Lori

  • Blog: lionsgobrawrg
  • Degree: MA (Applying for PhD in Communications/Media, Technology & Society/Public History)
  • Subject: Communications
  • Other Degrees: BA, Anthropology (Focus: Archeology) with minor in Urban Public Health

➾ Ariel

  • Blog: ariel-sade
  • Degree: M.S, 2017
  • Subject: Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science
  • Other Degrees: B.S, Biology (minor in Chemistry)

➾ Katie

  • Blog: handsofhulk
  • Degree: Masters (1st year)
  • Subject: Marine Science (Marine Biochem)
  • Other Degrees: B.S, Zoology & Life Science Communication

➾ Madeleine

  • Blog: awstudying
  • Degree: Masters (1st year)
  • Subject: Speech-Language Pathology
  • Other Degrees: B.A, Speech, Language and Hearing Science (minor: Linguistics)

➾ Odette

  • Blog: qwertyscribbles
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Business Administration (Quantitative Methods for Business, Accounting & Human Behavior & Resource Management)
  • Other Degrees: BS, Agricultural Economics

➾ Rebecca

  • Blog: singlegradstudent
  • Degree: Masters (1st Year)
  • Subject: School Counseling
  • Other Degrees: BS, Psychology

➾ Christine

  • Blog: cferaday
  • Degree: Masters (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Communication & Culture

➾ Mina

  • Blog: minadreamsof
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Bioinformatics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry & Computer Science

➾ Danika

  • Blog: studynightatthemuseum
  • Degree: Masters, 2017
  • Subject: Museology (Museum Studies)
  • Other Degrees: BA, History, 2014

➾ Katie

  • Blog: katie-caffeinated
  • Degree: Masters (M.Ed.)
  • Subject: Higher Education & Administration
  • Other Degrees: BA, English Literature (minor in German Studies)

➾ Lisa

  • Blog: mllemouse
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Museum Studies
  • Other Degrees: BA, Visual Arts

➾ Patricia

  • Blog: frondiestudies
  • Degree: M.A., 2017
  • Subject: Music Performance
  • Other Degrees: BA, Music Performance

➾ Grace

  • Blog: dreadnoughtus
  • Degree: MFA., 2019 (1st Year)
  • Subject: Cinematic Production
  • Other Degrees: BA, Communications

➾ Blanka

  • Blog: black-lodge-gatekeeper
  • Degree: Masters (2nd Semester)
  • Subject: English Language & Literature + Czech Literature and Intercultural Communication (Adaption, Translation, Editorial Work)
  • Other Degrees: BA, English Language and Literature

➾ Elizabeth

  • Blog: seriousacademic
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Higher Education
  • Other Degrees: BA, Political Science and Theater

➾ Jin

  • Blog: jinstudies
  • Degree: MA (applying to PhD Programs)
  • Subject: Music
  • Other Degrees: BA, Music and English Literature

➾ Loryn

  • Blog: sacardia
  • Degree: MSc (Canadian Edu System)
  • Subject: Cardiovascular & Respiratory Sciences
  • Other Degrees: BSc, Biomedical Physiology & Certificate in Liberal Arts

➾ Katt

  • Blog: MA-in-crying
  • Degree: MA, 2018
  • Subject: English
  • Other Degrees: BA, English and Gender & Women’s Studies

➾ Cassie

  • Blog: thecassiegene
  • Degree: MSc (Graduated)
  • Subject: Genetic Counseling
  • Other Degrees: BS, Biology (minor in Chemistry & concentration in genetics)

➾ The Hell Kitten Letters

  • Blog: thehellkittenletters
  • Degree: M.A (2nd year)
  • Subject: Comparative Literature (Focus: Asian Literatures)
  • Other Degrees: B.A, English Literature

➾ etbrprincess

  • Blog: etbrprincess
  • Degree: Masters (Finishing Undergrad)
  • Subject: Molecular Biology

➾ omniscribe

  • Blog: omniscribe
  • Degree: Masters (1st Year)
  • Subject: English

➾ thepianobabs

  • Blog: thepianobabs
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Music (Collaborative Piano)

➾ Inconocible

  • Blog: inconocible
  • Degree: Masters, 2017 (Future: MLIS)
  • Subject: English (Future: Library/Information Science)
  • Other Degree: BA, English (Concentration: Technical Writing) & BA, Spanish

➾ Academia In The Arts

➾ Read-Write-Travel

  • Blog: read-write-travel
  • Degree: MA (Just Applied!)
  • Subject: European & Russian Studies (history, political science, languages, literature)
  • Other Degree: BA Honours

➾ mereswyne

  • Blog: mereswyne
  • Degree: MS (applying for PhD next fall!)
  • Subject: Microbial Ecology and Evolution / Bioinformatics
  • Other Degrees: BA, Integrative Biology

➾ unknownwind

  • Blog: unknownwind
  • Degree: Masters (applying for next year)
  • Subject: Public Policy and Administration
  • Other Degrees: Public Policy & Health Studies, 2016

➾ camchuckforever

  • Blog: camchuckforever
  • Subject: Literature, Creative Writing, Popular Fiction

PhD - Sciences & Engineering

➾ Krystal

  • Blog: caffeinatedcraziness
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry, minor in environmental science

➾ Paige

  • Blog: vancomycinandveganism
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Natural Products and Analytical Chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry, minor in mathematics

➾ Danielle

  • Blog: onetwothreemany
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Wildlife and Soundscape Ecology
  • Other Degrees: Masters

➾ Meg

  • Blog: thegeologist
  • Degree: PhD (Currently Applying)
  • Subject: Planetary Geology
  • Other Degrees: BS, Geology

➾ Lourdes

  • Blog: lifeandtimesofindigostarr
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Material Science and Engineering (Focus: Metallurgy)
  • Other Degrees: SB, Material Science and Engineering

➾ Ana

  • Blog: parttimebiologistfulltimeninja
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Biology (Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology & Metabolic Engineering)
  • Other Degrees: BSc, Biology

➾ Aly

➾ Melissa

  • Blog: ghostly-smoke
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Biochemistry
  • Other Degree: Biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology

➾ Marissa

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  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Social Neuroscience

➾ Carly/Carlo

➾ Natalie

  • Blog: smilesandvials
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Chemistry (Nanoparticles)
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry

➾ Colbie

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  • Degree: PhD (starting fall, 2016)
  • Subject: Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering
  • Other Degrees: BA, physics and biology

➾ Carly

➾ Kayla

  • Blog: EternalAcademic
  • Degree: PhD (5th Year)
  • Subject: MIcrobial Ecology
  • Other Degrees: BS, MIcrobiology

➾ MJ

  • Blog: mj-the-scientist
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Theoretical/inorganic chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BA, Chemistry with a minor in Math

➾ Ellin

  • Blog: labness
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  • Subject: Cancer Pharmacology
  • Other Degrees: MSci, Molecular and Cellular Biology

➾ K.T.

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  • Subject: Molecular Biosciences
  • Other Degrees: BS, Biological Sciences

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  • Subject: Physics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Physics and Abstract Mathematics

➾ Lara

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  • Subject: Biological & Biomedical Sciences
  • Other Degrees: BS, Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (Minor: Biomedical Research)

➾ Chemislife

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➾ Science Sarcasm and Other Stuff

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  • Subject: Material Science

➾ Anon et al.

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  • Subject: Extragalactic Astrophysics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Physics

➾ Vegan Loves You

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  • Subject: Computationally-intensive biology
  • Other Degrees: Bachelors

➾ Neurodiversitysci

➾ Ethnically Ambiguous Vagabond

  • Blog: ethnically-ambiguous-vagabond
  • Degree: PhD, 2020
  • Subject: Gerontology (Aging and Health)
  • Other Degrees: MPH, Epidemiology, B.Sc, Biological Science (Focus: Health Studies)

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  • Other Degrees: BS, Forensic Science

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  • Subject: Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science (Immunometabolism)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Biology/Biochemistry with minor in Chemistry

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  • Other Degrees: BS, Biology

PhD - Humanities & Social Sciences

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  • Subject: French Medieval History

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  • Other Degrees: BA, Ancient World Studies & Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

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  • Blog: roadto-phd
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  • Subject: Cultural Anthropology (Politics of identity & memory in Native Hawaiians)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Cultural Anthropology, History & American Studies

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  • Other Degrees: Secondary School Teaching Degree (German Staatsexamen) in English, History, German

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  • Subject: International Relations - Counter terrorism Studies - concentrating more on Indo-African and Indo-European relations.
  • Other Degrees: Bachelor of Medicine in Psychiatry + Language Certs

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➾ Another Something The Same

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  • Other Degrees: BS, 2017 (soon!)
Coach!Sid Headcanons

I saw this picture of Sid which prompted me to write Coach!Sid headcanons

  • Sidney was a promising prospect
  • Projected to go #1 overall
  • The next Gretzky
  • Until a terrible fracture on his leg shattered his dreams
  • There was a lot of expectations from Canada and his family
  • He comes back to Cole Harbour and gets pitying looks from his family and community
  • So decides to enrol in University of Pittsburgh to major in history and minor in linguistics for a change of scenery
  • One day he saw a job opportunity for a coaching job for midget hockey.
  • He accepts it since he needs cash 
  • He just falls in love with hockey again
  • The kids love him
  • One time, one of the parents videotaped Sid teaching a drill to the kids which went viral 
  • The pens twitter noticed it and contacted Sid if they can film him with the Pens superstar Evgeni Malkin and they are also donating money
  • Sid is absolutely overjoyed
  • The kids get new equipment and a chance to share the ice with a famous hockey player
  • When Geno steps on the ice, he totally remembers Sid who his agent has been marvelling about since he was 14
  • But he also remembers hearing that his promising future ended because of a badly broken leg
  • The kids are jumping, excited by his presence
  • After they somewhat calm down, they get into drills
  • Geno’s charmed by Sid’s patience with the kids, firm but not stern
  • Sid notices Geno’s genuine enthusiasm with the kids
  • For the last 5 minutes, they play tag and it gets chaotic
  • Geno hangs off after the practice to talk to Sid privately
  • Sid was collecting pylons when Geno blurts, “I’m remember you.”
  • Sid didn’t hear him properly, he pauses to ask politely, “Sorry?”
  • “I remember Crosby. Future star. #1. Break leg,” his mouth in a frown.
  • He’s mourning and heartbroken for Sid
  • Sid purses his lips, “Well.. you know I still have hockey,” he gestures at the rink, “what’s done it’s done, right? I can’t go and change the past,” he shrugs.
  • Sid shifts awkwardly, self-conscious about his injury.
  • Geno lays a comforting hand on Sid. “Good coach. Kids love.”
  • Sid laughs bashfully, “they are great.”
  • They stare at each other for a while, unsure of what to say next
  • Finally, Sid breaks the silence, shakes Geno’s hand, “thanks for coming. The kids really appreciated it.”
  • After Geno gets off the ice, he asks Jen, “I come next time?”
  • Jen narrows her eyes, “for the kids or the coach?” 
  • Geno scratches his neck, ears reddening, “Both.”
  • Jen nods, “ok.”
  • For three months, he’s been helping out Sid, sometimes with cameras and sometimes without
  • Going to the rink has become one of the best parts about his day
  • He also starts to harbour a crush on Sid
  • His teammates notice his cheerful demeanour and chirp him about his new beau
  • Geno shrugs them off and smiles when he remembers a particular moment with Sid that happened last practice
  • Geno tells himself to don’t be a chicken and just ask him out for lunch
  • He finally does and Sid just lights up and shyly says that he was gonna ask him out but wasn’t sure if he was single and since he’s an NHL player
  • Geno’s teammates unceremoniously crash the practice and play with the kids one practice
  • They realize that Sid’s the reason why Geno’s always so happy
  • They analyse Sid to make sure that he’s good for Geno
  • Sid gets along really well with the French Canadians
  • He constantly putters Geno with history facts and helps him improve his shot by watching game tapes with him
  • Geno in return helps him out with the translation of Russian documents for Sid’s assignments and tells him Soviet history
  • He also calms Sid down when he’s stressed about exams

Hi! I started this blog a while ago but finally got around to joining the studyblr community and just wanted to make an introduction! This is my side blog and my main is monachopsistime so if I follow any of y’all it’ll show as that. I’m hoping to find people to study with/motivate me/be excited about pretty handwriting and school with.

School & Me:

-My name is Anita :)

-I’ll be starting university in Massachusetts this fall but I’m from the west coast so winters are gonna be fun?

-I’m going to be majoring in Cognitive Brain Sciences and maybe double majoring in International Relations (or minoring in linguistics and computer science, honestly idk)


-I love reading and would adore suggestions on books

-I bake and cook a lot so most of my pictures are accompanied by food

-I always make digital copies of my notes so if any one of you wants a copy just message me!

-Is it weird that I like to search up the etymology of certain words??

-I really love organizing things and my dream is to have a wonderfully prepared notebook and binder

-On that note, I’m trying to figure out the best organization method for class in college so I’ll probably be experimenting a lot with my style on here

Here are some of the lovely people I follow, they’re absolutely wonderful <3:

@lame-studies | @studyhardsleepharder | @avocadocollege | @etudiaire | @studygreys | @cypherstudys | @thisgirllovesmath | @seeking-psych | @elkstudies | @studytwice | @collegerefs | @irene-studies | @wendystudies

Symphony of Illumination [Spencer Reid Imagine]

*Requested* i love spencer reid imagines! if you wanna write anything about him, I’m game. I love angsty ones? Like ones where he breaks up with you and goes with Maeve and regrets it? or like ones where there’s just so much heart ache, y'know?

Author’s Note: This is low-key inspired by How I Met Your Mother and uses an outline from 7x12: “Symphony of Illumination”.

Request things!!! Masterlist

Originally posted by babyspencerreid

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new studyblr!

i got this idea from @lia-studies18 for an intro post to my studyblr~

like her, i’ve been a long time lurker to the studyblr community, reblogging posts to my main tumblr @firstprincessmeidaiyu. i tried to create a studyblr before but i was unmotivated. as i enter my last year of university, i feel motivated to share my school life and work life with the studyblr community!

about me

● my name is liz and i am 21 years old
● i am an english major with a concentration in professional writing & editing 
● i also have a minor in linguistics and am semi-fluent in italian (hello langblr community!)
● i am currently in a relationship with a wonderful advertising major and we will have been dating for 6 months come july 15th
● i am also president of my university’s english club

academic interests

● shakespeare & literature
● languages & learning them
● linguistics (especially phonology & morphology)

studyblr inspiration

● my studyblr inspirations are @emmastudies @studyign @blissfulstudies  @study-desk @studyingstudent

please reblog or like if you’re a studyblr or langblr so i can follow you (it will be from my primary tumblr tho)! 


Arbëreshë- The Arbëreshë are an ethnic and linguistic Albanian minority found in southern Italy. The Arbëreshë first arrived in Italy in the 15th century, fleeing the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans. While they integrated themselves into the Italian community, the Arbëreshë retained their native language and remained members of the Albanian Eastern Catholic ChurchFrancesco Crispi, one of the founding fathers of unified Italy and Prime Minister from 1888-1891 was an Arbëreshë from Sicily. Beginning in the 19th century, many Arbëreshë immigrated to the United States, with Americans of Arbëreshë descent including actor Regis Philbin and former Congressman Joseph J. DioGuardi