If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
—  Nelson Mandela

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salve! volui congregare mittendos nuntios in aliis linguis sed scio linguam Latinam solum. plerumque interpretor ex Latina in Anglicum igitur sunt plurimi errata in hoc nuntio. tamen cupivi dicere tibi tuam fabulam optimam esse. tantum admiror tuum scriptionem atque es mirabilis femina. perge esse amabilia. (Hello this is in Latin bc it's the only language I learn (incredibly useless, I know). I can send a translation if you want but it'll have to be on another ask bc I talk too much lmao ^_^)

ohmygosh it’s SO COOL that you know latin!! as a history nerd, i am very jealous 💜 i’d love a translation!!

shuffle meme!

Put a playlist on shuffle, on whatever medium, post 10 songs from your playlist (without skipping) and then tag 10 people.

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1. Summertime– Ray Barretto

2. Wet The Day– The Album Leaf

3. Trio No.9 in E flat, WoO 38: I. Allegro Moderato– Beethoven

4. Loquebantur Variis Linguis– Thomas Tallis

5. Memories– Ryan Stewart

6.  Wiener Tanzweise (Viennese Dance Tune)– Ferruccio Busoni

7.  Nerevar Rising–  Jeremy Soule (Elder Scolls Morrowind OST)

8.  Adagio–  Secret Garden

9.  Aquarius– Charles Earland

10. Once Upon A December– Emile Pandolfi

(it’s my writing playlist, so it’s all instrumental)

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Latin Vocabulary for Hobbies

I feel another area of vocabulary that often gets neglected when studying Classical languages is hobbies, yet if your intention is to be conversationally fluent they are incredibly important to be able to discuss! Here below are a few popular hobbies but of course it’s an incomplete list. If you have a hobby not mentioned, feel free to send me an ask! John C. Traupman’s Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency also has really nice compilation of hobbies in his chapter “Leisure Activities”, I used it on occasion for my own list, in fact!

As always questions, comments, or suggestions are most welcome!

avocamentum -i hobby

interrete navigo [1] I surf the web

linguis studeo [2] I study languages N.B. the dative is used with objects of the verb studere, think ‘I dedicate myself to ____’ to remember!

> linguae Graecae studeo [2] I study Ancient Greek

> linguae Latinae studeo [2] I study Latin

> linguis classicis studeo [2] I study classical languages

libros lego [3] I read books

> ephemerides lego [3] I read magazines

> acta diurna lego [3] I read the newspaper, N.B. though acta diurna is singular in meaning, it is always plural in form. Words like these are called pluralia tanta.

pelliculas specto [1] I watch movies

> series cinematographicas specto [1] I watch TV shows

> ludos specto [1] I watch sports

  • pediludium -i soccer, football

  • basipila -ae baseball

  • harpastum -i rugbee

  • harpastum -i Americanum -i American football

  • lusor -oris player

pilam iaceo [1] I throw the ball

cuamicīs meīs salto [1] I dance with my friends

in culinā coquo [3] I cook in the kitchen

in areā ludo, lusi, lusum [3] I play in the yard

in hortō laboro [1] I work in the garden

epistolas  ad amicos scribo [3] I write letters to friends

chartulis lusoriis ludo [3] I play cards

> chartula -ae lusoria -ae playing card

musicae ausculto [1] I listen to music, N.B. ausculto takes the dative, thanks to Diaphanus for pointing this out!

> musica -ae classica -ae classical music

> musica -ae barocca -ae baroque music

> musica -ae vulgaris -is pop music, also popularis -is

> musica -ae hodierna -ae modern music

carmen compono [3] I compose a song

textum acū pingo [3] I embroider fabric, N.B. the acū is a necessary part of this phrase meaning ‘by means of a needle’

picturam pingo [3] I paint a picture

fabulas fautorias scribo [3] I write fanfics

> fautoritas -atis fandom

> fautor -oris, fautrix -icis fan

> liber -i book

res colligo [3] to collect things

vestem texo [3] I knit a piece of clothing

birotam guberno [1] I ride my bike, (lit. I drive my bike)

scaccis ludo [3] I play checkers

if big hero 6 had a gag reel, part 3
  • Fred: *offscreen* W-what the--I can't open up the suit! Okay! Which of you put superglue on my suit again?!
  • ------
  • Baymax: *tries his rocket fist; an explosion happens and he is sent flying backwards while his fist falls to the ground* Oh no.
  • -----
  • Abigail: Well, we all invited them here. Might as well give them a show. And I don't mean the one we usually put on when we're in bed. *blinks* Wait, what--
  • Callaghan: ...Damn it, Krei, were you sneaking things into Abby's script again?
  • Krei: *whistles*
  • -----
  • Hiro: Let's get you back onto your charging station--
  • *as he places Baymax on it, a power outage happens*
  • Hiro: ...Well, this shoot's postponed until later, then.
  • Baymax: Baaaaby hairy--baaaaaby hairyyyyyy.....
  • -----
  • Wasabi: I spilled wasabi on my shirt one time, people. One--time! *punches door, but it quickly swings back and smacks him hard on his face*
  • Fred: *offscreen, holding back laughter* How's about a new nickname, then? Involving doors this time?
  • -----
  • *after shooting*
  • Krei: *sitting by Abigail's stretcher* Too bad we don't have a makeout scene, huh, Abby?
  • Callaghan: *offscreen* Not on my watch, creep.
  • Abby: It's a PG-13 film, Krei; do you want Disney to have their first animated film that's rated R?
  • -----
  • Hiro: Baymax, destroy. *pulls away chip and throws it away*
  • Baymax: *optics go red, then turns into flashing strobe lights as rave music plays from his chest*
  • Everyone: ...
  • Gogo: Y'know, the only thing missing is if his rocket fist shoots out confetti--
  • Baymax: *shoots out confetti from his fist*
  • Gogo: ...okay then.
  • -----
  • Hiro: *is reading a comic book with a questionable cover that Fred gave him*
  • Fred: *pops up* That's-- *gasps, snatches it away from him* YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO SEE THAT!
  • Hiro: Not my fault you just snatched whatever comic you could find!
  • Tadashi: *offscreen, actually on the director's chair* Fred, I'm gonna kill you for that.
  • ------
  • Gogo: *throws a disc towards Yokai, it decaptitates what is now revealed as a test dummy dressed up as Yokai*
  • Yokai: *standing beside Gogo* Good thing that wasn't me.
  • Gogo: Nah, I think your skull's thick enough to withstand the blow.
  • Yokai: I don't know whether to be flattered by that...
  • ------
  • Gogo: *in the middle of driving the car away from Yokai when the car slows down, grinding to a halt, while Yokai himself stops going after them, confused* What the...
  • Wasabi: Oh...I thought I had this thing refilled before we started shooting...
  • ------
  • Hiro: *reaches for the nursing chip in Baymax's armored fist when the hand closes on his* Wh-wha-what-- *tries pulling it out, but is stuck*
  • Tadashi: *offscreen, laughing his head off, holding a remote that controls the armored fist* Got you good there, didn't you, bro?
  • ------
  • Fred: *in his suit, tries to run, but is stuck* Seriously?! You guys put superglue on the suit again?!
  • Wasabi: *snickers while stuffing the tube of superglue away in his pocket*
  • ------
  • *The group are in the destroyed portal room, and Hiro heads for the control station, and notices the giant screen with the Silent Sparrow logo on it. He presses a button and a video of Krei and Abby in a bedroom plays instead.*
  • Baymax: Oh no.
  • Honey: Oh my god--
  • Fred: *instinctively covers Hiro's eyes*
  • Wasabi: I'm pretty sure this isn't in the script...
  • Gogo: Are you kidding me...?
  • Krei: *offscreen* Oh, sorry! I was downloading my files to my hard drive there.
  • Callaghan and Abby: *offscreen* Seriously, Krei?
  • ------
  • *the tenth take of the scene*
  • Tadashi: Welcome to nerd school, nerd.
  • Hiro: *bursts into laughter*
  • Tadashi: What the heck, Hiro, why are you laughing this time?
  • Hiro: *snorts* I-I just remembered how you made that same face with Gogo, trying to flirt with her, and--
  • Tadashi: *smacks him upside the head* Bonehead.
  • ------
  • Hiro: Megabot, destroy.
  • Megabot: *his face switches to a trollface*
  • ------
  • Yokai: *gestures for the microbots to throw Wasabi away, but the microbots stay in place* What the...
  • Wasabi: *holds up a tube of superglue* Who knew these worked on microbots too?
  • ------
  • Tadashi: This is Tadashi Hamada, and is the 29th test.
  • Baymax: *starts playing dubstep*
  • Tadashi: *steps back and starts breakdancing to hell, but then crashing into his toolbox, then staggers to his feet* Good thing this isn't going to be shown in the film...
  • ------
  • Krei: *backstage, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts* Why can't they make my character wear this every time? I mean, other executives do this; have you seen that Lasseter guy?
  • ------
  • Baymax: *waddles out of Tadashi's side of the room, then over to Hiro, waving his hand* Hola. Soy Baymax. Su compañero de la salud personal.
  • Hiro: H-hey-- *blinks* Did Tadashi include a multilanguage feature in you too?
  • Baymax: Instructus sum cum lv ut interpellatio linguis omnium corporis erant. (I am equipped with fifty different languages to suit everyone's personal needs.)
  • Tadashi: *offscreen* Whoops, I forgot to turn that off, sorry...
  • ------
  • Baymax: My hands are equipped with defibrillators. Clear. *the defibs crackle and explode*
  • Hiro: *genuinely terrified* NOW I REALLY DON'T WANT DEFIBS ON ME--
  • ------
  • Tadashi: *in the 84th test video* That's all for now. I am satisfied with my care. *video stops*
  • Hiro: *tearfully reaches out to hold the screen, but then the screen flickers*
  • Tadashi: Hey, knucklehead. Getting better at crying, are we? *waves at the camera* Don't worry, this is a live feed; I'm far from dead, okay?
  • Hiro: *chuckles* That he is, yeah.

Throwing Snow - Linguis [Houndstooth] (by Houndstooth)

Cur saepe sicci parva rura Nomenti
Laremque villae sordidum petam, quaeris?
Nec cogitandi, Sparse, nec quiescendi
In urbe locus est pauperi. Negant vitam
Ludi magistri mane, nocte pistores,
Aerariorum marculi die toto;
Hinc otiosus sordidam quatit mensam
Neroniana nummularius massa,
Illinc balucis malleator Hispanae
Tritum nitenti fuste verberat saxum;
Nec turba cessat entheata Bellonae,
Nec fasciato naufragus loquax trunco,
A matre doctus nec rogare Iudaeus,
Nec sulphuratae lippus institor mercis.
Numerare pigri damna quis potest somni?
Dicet quot aera verberent manus urbis,
Cum secta Colcho Luna vapulat rhombo.
Tu, Sparse, nescis ista, nec potes scire,
Petilianis delicatus in regnis,
Cui plana summos despicit domus montes,
Et rus in urbe est vinitorque Romanus
Nec in Falerno colle maior autumnus,
Intraque limen latus essedo cursus,
Et in profundo somnus et quies nullis
Offensa linguis, nec dies nisi admissus.
Nos transeuntis nisus excitat turbae,
Et ad cubile Roma. Taedio fessis
Dormire quotiens libuit, imus ad villam.

“You ask why I often seek my little farm of dry Nomentum and the humble home of my estate? There is not a place in the city, Sparsus, for a poor man to think or find quiet. They deny life: the school teachers in the morning, the bakers at night, the hammers of the metal workers throughout the entire day; here the idle money changer strikes Neronian metal against a dirty table; there a hammerer of Spanish gold strikes a worn out rock with a shining cudgel; and the divinely inspired throng of the goddess Bellona does not cease, nor does the chatty shipwrecked sailor with his body covered in bandages, nor does the Jewish boy taught by his mother to beg, nor the blear-eyed peddler of sulphur goods. Who is able to account for the loss of truly sluggish sleep!? The poor man will relate how many hands in the city may strike the bronze when the Moon, having been eclipsed, reverberates with a Colchian reveling. You, Sparsus, are ignorant of these things; and you are not able to know of them: living in luxury in your Petilian realm, whose level villa overlooks the highest mountains; it is the country in the city; and a Roman vine-dresser––a yield not to be found greater on a Falernian hill––and within your dwelling an extensive track for two-wheeled chariots; and in a deep sleep and quiet having been disturbed by no tongues; and no daylight unless admitted. The pushing of the passing crowd wakes me, and all of Rome is at my bedside! Whenever, with worn out weariness, it is pleasing to sleep, I go to my estate.“

– Martial 12.57

Anonymous said:what if Bill’s vioce randomly started getting deeper and Dipper freaks out and blushes anytime Bill says anything. Bill figuring out that it flusters Dipper keep whispering in his ear at the most inappropriate times. and it gets even worse when Bill starts using other languages “Stop it.”  Dipper whispered harshly, color rising to his cheeks.  Bill have him a curious look. “What?  I am not doing anything.” “Stop talking.”  He hissed. That was… odd…  Pine Tree didn’t normally have a problem with him talking.  "Did I say somethi-.“ "Just stop!”  Dipper climbed off the sofa and headed for the kitchen.  Bill studied him carefully.  Oh… he smirked. Later in the gift shop he slid up beside the teen as he swept.  "Almost done?“  He made sure to drop his voice low- his tone seductive.  "I have plans for you.”  He smirked as Pine Tree blushed beautifully. “Shut up there are costumers.” “Well finish up soon and meet me upstairs.”  He cooed sweetly and Dipper clutched the broom handle harder. “Bill I finished work.”  He called as he came into their room.  No demon. “In the work room Pine Tree.  Going to teach you some new magic.”  Oh god his voice!  How was he doing that?!  Dipper groaned and headed for the work room. Bill greeted him with a smile.  "Come here Pine Tree- I have a chant for you to learn.“   Dipper moved to his side to look over the book he was holding.  He struggled over the chant.   "No no like this: Nympha Somnii, Regina Maeve! Portam Aperiens ad Se Nos Alliciat!”  Dipper let out a whimper causing Bill to pause at the second half of the incantation. “Problem Pine Tree?” “No!"  "Do I need to use a truth spell?”  He smirked. “Damn it stop talking!  What did you do to your voice?  Its…” “Sexy?”  Dipper turned cherry red.  "Et cum videris linguis magis placet.  Bonum ergo tot scio. Possem est hodie-* “  His teasing was cut off by his Pine Tree grabbing him for a hungry kiss.  Oh yes- he would enjoy this…

*Translation: ‘You seem to like it even more when I speak in other languages.  Good thing I know so many.  I could keep this-’

Et apparuérunt illis dispertítæ linguæ tamquam ignis, sedítque supra síngulos eórum: et repléti sunt omnes Spíritu Sancto, et coepérunt loqui váriis linguis, prout Spíritus Sanctus dabat éloqui illis.

And there appeared to them parted tongues as of fire, which settled upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy spirit and began to speak in foreign tongues, even as the Holy Spirit prompted them to speak.


Folk names: Lapis linguis, lapis lingua

Energy: receptive

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Powers: Psychism, dreams, divination, healing

Magical uses: Azurite, a beautiful, deep blue stone, has long been utilized in magic to increase psychic powers. Place the stone beneath the pillow for prophetic dreams. Hold or wear an azurite when divining the future. 

A simple divinatory spell: Place a piece of azurite between two white candles in a darkened room. Light the candles. Hold the azurite in your hand until it is warm, emptying your mind of thought.

Close your eyes until you feel the azurite’s soft, slow energies touching your hand. Thus open your eyes and gaze at the stone until answers or messages come through.

Azurite is also used in healing magic. 

(All information retrieved from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic)