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Hi darling Sera :) So I noticed you mentioned that Jared and Jensen ping your gaydar and I was just wondering if you had a few (hundred) examples? They do occasionally ping my gaydar now that I'm a tinhat but they didn't really before (but that means absolutely nothing because mine is like permanently broken). I just want lots of uber-gay J2 pics and gifs, okay? You caught me.

Hello, sweetheart!

Oh my. I should probably start by telling you that the first time I watched a con, I was very shocked with Jared in particular. I thought “This guy is straight?! Huh?” Jensen pings for me too, but in a different way - I think it’s more in connection to his behaviour around Jared and not as much when he’s alone. I think I started picking up the signals from Jensen when I realized that he and Jared are an item. But let’s begin!

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JFC, ding-a-ling-a-ping!

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I mean.. *taps the meter gently* Don’t go breaking on me right now.

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Oh hell. *shakes the meter*

Look, if you fall down a stair because your “bestie” is so gorgeous, I’m gonna count it as a massive PING.

Staaaahhhppp! *fiddles with the meter, trying to fix it* *shouts “PING!”*

RUN! My meter is about to explode! *ducks under the table*

No but really. He just… rides that chair and gives Jensen that look. Yes yes, a very fun joke (especially if you’re wearing a buttplug), thank you Jared.

I hope this is gay enough for you! There’s more where these came from, but I’m rather useless without my meter. The electronic “Ping!”-sound is so much nicer to listen to than my voice manually shouting it. I hope your week starts out great, sweetheart!