I thought of a new question for my fellow Sherlock fans, where was Sherlock born? Now the obvious answer would be London, both Mycroft and he live there and they seemed to be accustomed to the culture. But what makes me wonder is when the Holmes parents came over from Oklahoma in the end of the Empty Hearse, they mentioned all of their tourist destinations and how they couldn’t get into Parliament and how Mycroft was taking them to a matinee of Les Miserables. Obviously Sherlock wasn’t born in Oklahoma because Mycroft scoffed at their ‘line dancing’ and Sherlock wouldve had some sort of accent or American lingo. What makes me wonder is if Sherlock and Mycroft weren’t born in London maybe on the outskirts of England? Maybe they were drawn to London because Mycroft was ‘the British Government’? Did Mycroft move over to London when Sherlock was just a child, was Sherlock raised by Mycroft and that’s how Mycroft’s whole heartless aspect of life was pressed on Sherlock on childhood? Would the Holmes parents really allow both of their children to pretend they had no heart, pretend to be sociopaths? Is Sherlock so bitter about Redbeard because Mycroft put him down before he was sick, to force Sherlock to let go of things he loves? If Mycroft dies in the new season, (which is highly speculated since there was an ambulance out side of his house) was Sherlock waiting for Mycroft to die so that he could finally start to open his heart to john? Is Mycroft’s death the reason Sherlock went into a state of depression  (that beard…) Did John help him come to, did John finally admit his feelings to Sherlock and is that why Moffat hinted at a gay romance? so many questions!!!!! 

can everyone take a moment to consider what it would be like if the avengers got pokemon go:
  • the day of its release, natasha disappears for a full week and comes back at level 16, with nine different rare pokemon. nobody asks what she did
  • clint uses the vents to track pokemon around the tower, and often jumps down into bedrooms at random moments to catch one. sometimes he loses signal, and you can hear him yelling in frustration through the air vents
  • tony programs the suit to alert him when there’s a pokemon nearby so he can fly there instantly, and he does the same for rhodey. after three days of this, the rest of the avengers confront them and accuse them of cheating. (”you’re supposed to walk, tony.” “shut it steve you’re just jealous that i got the snorlax before you.”)
  • steve catches onto the game lingo surprisingly quick, despite never hearing of pokemon before. he hatches the most eggs.
  • one time on a run, sam and steve saw a jigglypuff appear on their grids. that was the only time sam managed to run faster than steve.
  • the game won’t count pietro’s steps when he runs fast, so he’s taken to figuring out where the pokemon is and directing wanda and vision (and sometimes clint) to it.
  • all the electric-type pokemon show up near thor, so hes become the target of many phones pointing at him. he often thinks theyre taking pictures of him so he smiles, no matter what hes doing.
  • bruce has a small army of eevees, despite rarely leaving the lab
  • when bucky is taken to the tower, its after the game’s release, so he’s startled when everyone drops what theyre doing and grabs their phones when someone yells “SQUIRTLE.” he thinks its code for something and starts keeping a list of the different pokemon names he hears. it takes three weeks for someone to correct him.
  • during a debrief, everyone’s phones vibrates, including fury’s. they all stare at him while he catches a clefairy.
  • the real civil war: tony is team valor and steve is team mystic. the tower is a gym, so they constantly battle over it. one morning, everyone wakes up to find that the gym is now a team instinct gym, with a 3000 CP gyrados guarding it, owned by a player with a russian username. tony and steve stop fighting over the gym. 

~ Lingoes : Translator, Dictionary & More ~

So, I don’t share programs and the like often, but I really think this one worth it if you’re a non native speaker.. And maybe also if you’re a native speaker actually !

For some time, I attempted to have Babylon working on my computer, but as maybe you already know if you tried it, Babylon is full of stuff which install themselves (such as their horrible toolbar) and which are almost impossible to get rid of to the point that a lot of antivirus consider Babylon as being a malware.
On top of this, Babylon isn’t a freeware and you need to pay a whole bunch of dictionaries as well as the program itself.

As Babylon, Lingoes is a translation software but it’s more than that.

~ Translator ~

The primary purpose of Lingoes is to translate, to do so you have to pick some of their dictionaries on their database and install them on your program. You can install more than one and make a priority order when it comes to use them.

None of the dictionary manage to translate the word you’re looking for ?
It’s ok, Lingoes also have a search function which will look for your word on different websites such as google translate, WordReference or even Urban Dictionary.
If the online translator you want isn’t in the list, you can also add it manually.

You need to translate a text and not a single word ?
Fine, just click on the translation tool and Lingoes will use the online translators for you.

~ Dictionary ~

If you don’t need a translator, you can as well use it as dictionary, but not only !
The big advantage of Lingoes is the huge amount of dictionaries you can install, thus, if you’re looking for a specific word, Lingoes can also give you the Thesaurus entries, some Synonyms & Antonyms, some translations in different languages, etc.

~ Integration ~

Lingoes is also able to translate a word just by using ctrl + right click. A small popup will appear with the selected dictionaries entries.

It’s possible to change the hotkey, the size of the pop up, where it appears, as well as which dictionaries will be used in it.

This works as well with a whole text you would like to translate.

~ Bonus ~

As if it wasn’t enough, Lingoes also have a ton of little tools which can be very useful and avoiding you to look for those over the web such as :
- Timezone Converter.
- International Dialing Codes.
- Currency Converter.
- Weights & Measures Converter.
- Irregular Verbs list.
- And so on..

Along with this, you can also install a text to speech add-on in case you might need to know how to pronounce some words.

I know I might look like being sent by Lingoes to sell their software, but I swear I’m not. It’s been 2 years now I’m using it daily and it’s such a blessing that I wish to share that with the people I know.
If you know some non native speakers who struggle to find a translator, don’t hesitate to tell them that Lingoes exists ♥ !


Chope! Magnets

We’ve added 2 new designs to our series of Chope! magnets, the “Tak Giu Peng 一杯!” & “炸蛋两粒!” (Comes with a bonus soy sauce & pepper magnet)

Now a total in 8 designs: 
• Yum Seng!
• Tak Giu Peng 一杯
• 炸蛋两粒
• Kopi 一杯!
• Teh Peng 包!
• 钓鱼一杯
• Kopi-o 包!
• Chope!

Available at our physical & online store.

types of fob blogs
  • the newbie:very kind, just looking for friends and fun. so much love. so many questions. so much passion for everything fob related
  • the aesthetique fan:mostly aesthetic posts. but when it's not an aesthetic post, it's probably news about fob with all caps in the tags
  • the sinner:sin blog. multiple theories about ships. most of their involved discourse is about top/bottom placements of band members.
  • the casual fan:just here to enjoy the music and members and some funny posts. pretty chill
  • the artist:completely drama free blog. chill person who is very kind and open to sharing tips for making art, a true blessing. everyone knows them. almost astral beings
  • the hype blog:they are often always talking in caps and using the popular Lingo™. kinda extra. not much drama makes it onto their blog. they are the hypemen of fob blogs. chaotic good. everyone generally likes them. very funny and very nice people
  • the Meme blogger:their text posts are iconique and they usually have many followers. can either be chaotic evil or chaotic neutral.
  • the senior blogger:tired. they've come this far, they won't back out. none of the drama is new to them. usually nice to all the newbies. they have some of the best info and stories. true neutral. chill people who just want some sleep
  • the semi fob blogger:you can't tell wether they are a fan blog or not. you're not going to ask
  • the editor:everyone knows them for their amazing edits. lots of followers and very friendly. u want to b them
  • the bitter blogger:they claim to have been been there since the beginning. their favorite record is tttyg. they want "old fall out boy back". they fill the tags with negativity. they make up their own rules about what makes you a real fan or not.

So, I don’t have the lingo down, yet. But, at least I have the attitude. You do, huh? Ohhh, yeah. When I was getting a locker for my backpack at the bus stop, there was this guy and he was just standing there, staring at me! And, instead of ignoring him, I just fixed him with a really withering stare. Now, that I’ve gotta see! …No.

Underrated Voltron Dynamics: Shiro and Coran
  • Coran is torn in between respecting the authority of the Black Paladin and recognizing that the Black Paladin is still much younger and less experienced than him. 
  • Also, like Allura, the Black Paladin keeps making reckless choices. Coran worries about them.
  • Shiro is still trying to figure out space, since his memories are a little unreliable. He asks Coran for help, and Coran is happy to provide lots of databanks, maps, and amusing anecdotes. 
  • Military jargon. Coran knows so much space lingo, and Shiro is kind of a military guy. Shiro picks up on Altean armed forces hand signals and code pretty quickly until he and Coran can have conversations that are ninety percent abbreviation. 
  • Coran knows what a shell shocked soldier looks like. He might not have the resources to help Shiro as much as he wants to, but he can still try his best. 
  • A few careful conversations later and he’s sending Shiro holo pamphlets about breathing exercises and inviting him to morning meditation. 
  • Coran regularly gets up in the middle of the night and walks around the castle, thinking about the Altea he lost and worrying about all the young people in his care. Sometimes he runs into Shiro and they watch the stars together.
Miss Fisher feature is written
More Miss Fisher? Producer explores a feature film and a 4th season co-production with Ireland.

Not sure if this has already been posted.  Similar to the article previously blogged this week, however I think this has more of a hopeful take on it, also a lot of the production lingo is explained for those who were not sure what it all meant.


Iratu and Azurai are rough and rowdy Demons who love to fight. They were childhood friends and are now in a gay relationship with each other.

Kieri and Buwaro are unbelievably innocent sweethearts. Kieri suffers from depression and PTSD as a result of abuse, and Buwaro grew up mostly on his own. They both appreciate each other’s gentleness and patience.

Like most Demons, Nikkei and Hakka have known each other for a long time. Hakka learned Sign Lingo in order to communicate with Nikkei, who is deaf. Hakka is usually quiet and grumpy, but lights up when she’s with her girlfriend.

The Demons Sahne and Lakritz were together before they met the Angel Kinako. Despite a rough start, the three have since forged a loving, trusting, polyamorous relationship.

Cliff and his wife Miranda both have adventurous pasts and love traveling the world together. Cliff can seem serious to the point of being cold, but he has a kind heart and is shy about intimacy. Miranda has no such reservations.