Those pictures are not that relevant for today’s event. Today is the biggest day for “Linggo Ng Wika”! As I have always expected, it turned out great… but not as smooth as unicorn hair. I was part of the Induction… remember? I am a student government officer? I was also part of the Quiz Bee, I am part of a sing and dance performance of the officers, and most especially, I play one of the biggest roles in our class’s tribal dance. :D

The day was practically all about running, I run here, I run there. During the induction, one of my greatest mentors(Ma’am Weng) has delivered quite an emotional speech. I miss her so much, by the way, I have yet to wear my tribal clothing so as soon as the induction was over, I zoomed in to the back and changed clothes… it was just like a fashion show. :| I wore a scarf diagonally across my body with leaves attached to it, and black shorts that are literally 5 inches short with leaves attached into it as well… I was practically naked. Right after changing, my whole class ran towards the backstage and did our thing. It was epic! I was getting numerous compliments about wearing that costume and they were all calling me a sexy beast me gusta. Thank you Lord! After that, I ran back and changed to my uniform again for the sing and dance performance… after the performance, I got my reviewer to prepare for my Quiz Bee…

It was as fast as that! The reason why I wasn’t on my blog yesterday is because as soon as I got home, I slept from dusk to dawn… literally. That was my first time, and oddly speaking, it wasn’t very much enough for me. I left my reviewer at school since I was so tired and I knew, once again, I need to rely on faith. I did great on the Quiz Bee, I went 4th, I was a point away from the 3rd placer, I usually win so I’m quite disappointed for a moment there, but it was all worth it. :D

Then, we watched a documentary abut Filipino culture and its beauty. Our heritage our beautiful! it amazed me! I want to travel all around my country, badly. I also had much more empathy to those who are less fortunate. The rest is history. :)

By the way, that snotty-looking picture of me that epically failed is inspired by the pictures of Filipinos from back in the day. Hahahahahahaah. I just took those pictures for display…

Oh well. :D

I know I look like a wet cat, but as I’ve mentioned, it is scorching out here. ~.~”