Terna: Bisexual Nigerian-Liberian American

“My name is Terna.  I am a Nigerian-Liberian American, and I’m black.  I identify as black.  Preferred gender pronouns are she, her, and hers.  I identify as bisexual.  I use queer most of the time.  I use queer most of the time, but I think it is important to say bisexual. ”

- Terna (Bisexual Nigerian-Liberian American, She/Her )

Read the Full Interview with Terna: HERE

About Limit(less):
Limit(less) is a photography project by Mikael Owunna (@owning-my-truth) documenting the visual aesthetics and expression of LGBTQ African Immigrants (1st and 2nd generation) in diaspora. As LGBTQ Africans, we are constantly told that being LGBTQ is somehow “un-African,” and this rhetoric is a regular part of homophobic and transphobic discourse in African communities. This line of thinking, however, is patently false and exists an artifact of colonization of the African continent. Identities which would now be categorized as “LGBTQ” have always existed, and being LGBTQ does not make us “less” African.

Limit(less) explores how LGBTQ African immigrants navigate their identities and find ways to overcome the supposed “tension” between their LGBTQ and African identities through their visual aesthetics and expression. The project seeks to visually deconstruct the colonial binary that has been set up between LGBTQ and African identities, which erases the lives and experiences of LGBTQ Africans.  #LimitlessAfricans

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Brooke LaBrie

This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with and photograph Brooke! She’s an amazing model and photographer, her appreciation of the craft and technique is really inspiring and awe-inducing. We were only able to shoot for a brief time but I know we’ll reunite again soon :-) There’s one instant film image missing, currently don’t have a scanner to scan it in so I’ll make sure to update this when I do have it and give you a heads up…it’s one of my favorite images from the shoot. Enjoy!

shot on digital, 35mm, IMPOSSIBLE instant film.

(did you know Brooke is a gal of many talents and takes amazing photographs too? View them here!)

This is Matko.

He’s coming almost entirely as in this picture, with the exception of not having the saddle…I didn’t really like it and didn’t see myself ever using it. He’s going to be my first ever ball jointed doll, I’m really excited.

In her fullset on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This fullset is amazing. Trimmed in feathers and everything. Though I can’t figure out how you’re supposed to attach that cloak you can see the righthand background. It has hook-and-eye hooks, but I can’t find any cooresponding loops to attach them too. Promo pics show it coming off her back at the waist, but there’s no explicit attach points that I can find.

FA: OOAK Coconuts SUMOMO par Neko & Kao
Via Flickr :
Sumomo is a Coconuts model of Fairytales Treasures, cast currently only in arstist cast. It measures 29cm. This is an artist’s cast in pink skin glow in the dark and fullset. More information here: <a href=“;controller=product&amp;id_lang=1” rel=“nofollow”>…</a>


I’m reworking my collection so will be posting dolls for sale.

Doll Chateau Christina is recently arrived, so is brand new.  She is the fullset with factory faceup and body blushing, and comes with her horned helmet, eyes, blonde wig, dress, wire jewelry, ultrasuede bag, COA, and box.  She will also come with the harlequin bodysuit, which was the prototype sample for my bodysuit pattern for that size doll.  Message me here or on DOA if interested.  Here is her DOA listing.